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Wildest BANGKOK Occasion in Rs.700 | THAILAND Nightlife | Craziest Occasion Hostel Fling vlog

Wildest BANGKOK Occasion hostel in Rs.700 | BANGKOK THAILAND Nightlife | Craziest Occasion Hostel Fling vlog By Indian in Hindi | Episode 3

A bunch of of us thing that nightlife and parties completely imply nightclubs and bars or pubs where you creep alongside with chums but that’s no longer the case here. I will expose on this video the model you celebration in Bodega Occasion Hostel and enact pub crawls when visiting Bangkok and on the identical time make unusual chums and ride celebration with them on the identical time. we moreover loved pool celebration in Bangkok, Thailand.

On this video, which you may maybe maybe maybe secure to understand the model which you may maybe maybe maybe reach Bodega Occasion Hostel Bangkok in your budget day out to Thailand and one of the best design we loved our celebration and did pub crawls and made up our minds to celebration with my hostel mates. This budget celebration with a note of completely Rs. 700 that integrated a free drink.

When you happen to are planning a day out to Thailand otherwise you procedure shut to trek to Thailand on a budget, this video presents you an thought of nightlife and celebration scene in Bangkok. I really salvage moreover visited essentially the most famed Khaosan Twin carriageway of Bangkok which is the celebration and nightlife hub for many expats and vacationers to Thailand.

This video answers questions love
How is Thailand nightlife?
What are the completely hostels to forestall in Bangkok?
What are the completely locations to celebration in Bangkok?
Easy suggestions on how to celebration in Bangkok?
What is Bangkok nightlife love?

Uncover about this Thailand trek guide till the As regards to ride the video.
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[Intro Music]
[Intro Music]
[Intro Music]
Very first thing we did after getting out from Bangkok airport
used to be to e book a hostel in Khao San Twin carriageway
moreover we procedure shut to advance here by bus somewhat than taxi
fare for bus used to be completely 50 Thai Baht
It’s cheap and happy system for transport from airport
We got here to our hostel in Khaosan today by Bus
Title of our hostel is – Bodega Occasion Hostel
Atmosphere on this celebration hostel is tidy astonishing
I cant’t even fragment all shrimp print with you guys
This hostel is specially for indecent celebration fanatics
After doing exercise we will impress how it is going down here
Let’s advance celebration with us
Now we’re within the celebration plight of hostel
atmosphere is extremely icy here
Howdy, shining girl
On this hostel, whereas you is no longer going to salvage your tshirt
there may maybe be special celebration time between 7pm to 11pm
which you may maybe maybe maybe secure a complimentary drink free of price
this makes this hostel rather irregular
i’m going to present you one of the best design our celebration goes later
Close you love this hostel?
Contented Recent Year!
Contented Recent Year!
Where are you from?
I’m from India
Recent Delhi
Oh! i’m going there
you love Recent Delhi?
Poke, I love India
What enact you love in India?
We can meet there
Is he slumbering?
I procedure shut to be with you
Yeah man!
We’re together now man
Contented Recent year Guys!
I’m feeling very upright now
We’re together now
Will you be my boyfriend?
In actuality?
She is my female friend now!
I love you Raj
In actuality you love me!
He’s my devoted friend from Lahore, Pakistan
Where are you from?
Where in Pakistan?
India loves Pakistan
(Dancing & Enjoying)
I appropriate met a preferred vlogger from India whose title is..
Guru Anjana
Brothers! My title is Guru Anjana
My work is to enact parties
Climate is astonishing and i met International Villagers on this icy weather
Our brother
We can rock together man
You is no longer going to keep in mind that we’re in Thailand now
At the present time is 31st December, 2019
We met on this special day, on avenue appropriate within the aid of the Khaosan Twin carriageway of Bangkok
We got here here as Raj wanted to salvage a coffe
Exactly as which you may maybe maybe maybe impress he took a coffe for me
We can salvage any other model of Espresso later without milk
impress how these guys are playing!
[Singing & Playing Guitar]
Guys! Contented Recent Year
Contented Recent Year!
My title is Guru Anjana!
My work is to enact parties
which you may maybe maybe maybe moreover play pool here love Guru brother
[Enjoying & Cheering]
We’re rocking in Bodega Hostel!
Contented Recent Year! Yeaaaaaaahhhh
We went to highschool together
He’s so lovely guy
Contented Recent Year!
as which you may maybe maybe maybe impress each person is playing the celebration
which you may maybe maybe maybe make so many chums here love i did
and if i discuss regarding the cost of stop in hostel
this celebration hostel costed us completely Rs 700 or spherical 10$
[Distant Chattering]
What is your title?
She desires to bounce with you Raj
With all coronary heart
Yoooo! Contented Recent Year
Let’s creep open air for a stroll
She is extremely shining!
Where are you from?
I’m from Holland
I’m from India
She will advance to India
I lover her!
Our boys are getting there physique pump up for the celebration
Defend going boys
Pani Puri (Talking in Hindi)
Oh whats up!
Contented Recent Year!
Where are you from?
South Africa
Where are you from?
Recent Delhi
(Dancing & Cheering)
Howdy! Come On
Come Come Come
(Dancing & Cheering)
(Laughing & Cheering)
Contented Recent Year!
Contented Recent Year!
I ride in Ankara
(Dancing & Cheering)

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