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Why Commute to THAILAND Now 2021 (+Thailand ASQ Hotel Food)

Let’s talk Why Commute to Thailand Now in 2021.

For drag one of the most commonest questions I have been asked since I announced I become once heading to Thailand is, “Why Commute to Thailand Now?”. That is a elegant save a query to of for obvious. This video discusses why Thailand now.

I arrived in Thailand nearly 2 weeks ago and opinion on staying for some time. I if truth be told bask in a Thai Elite Visa that is sublime for 5-20 years. I have been coming to Thailand since 1998. It is one among my well-liked international locations on the earth and I opinion on making it my house unpleasant in Asia.

I moreover section my Thailand ASQ Hotel meals. I existing my ASQ resort breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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In on the present time’s video, I’ll 
whisper you why Thailand, let’s saunter!
What’s taking place youtube?! Greetings from my 
quarantine resort right here in bangkok. It is doubtless you’ll possibly well possibly moreover explore  
my room right here in the background i if truth be told wished 
to film this the different formula right here let me existing you  
so it’s doubtless you’ll possibly explore love the house windows and the 
magnificent admire i bask in of bangkok but it form of  
washes out my face because it’s so intellectual it’s 
early in the morning right here in bangkok so you can  
correct bask in to gaze the video this device i’m on day 
12 of my 14 day quarantine so i bask in two days and  
a wake up before i’m paroled i’m spacious excited 
about that one among the commonest questions i’m  
getting preferrred now could well well be why Thailand so i will 
solution that save a query to of on this video and moreover a lot  
of you’ve gotten asked me about meals right here in quarantine 
so when you stick around to the tip of the video  
i will existing you a sample of breakfast dinner and 
lunch spoiler alert it ain’t that wide all  
preferrred so let’s jump into this why Thailand now so 
that is a elegant save a query to of but it’s if truth be told a two-share  
save a query to of why Thailand and then why thailand now 
so let me section my historical previous with thailand first  
to present you with some background in context on how 
i came to my resolution to attain to thailand now  
okay so let’s talk some historical previous so i have been 
coming to thailand since 1998 for folk that place no longer  
know i become once in the united statesnavy for 20 years my first 
responsibility residence become once hawaii i lived there from 1994  
to 1998 but i wasn’t on a ship so i didn’t saunter 
anyplace i would never even been out of the united  
states so in 1998 the navy determined to transfer me 
to italy on the formula to italy they gave me 63 days  
of leave i abolish no longer know what they had been thinking 
but and i abolish no longer even be aware how it occurred  
but by hook or by crook it occurred i made up my thoughts this would possibly be a 
wide opportunity to saunter back and forth overseas i had a bunch  
of navy friends that had traveled the sector so 
i asked them hey the effect ought to i am going and all people  
said the same element they said dude it’s some distance well-known to 
saunter to thailand so this become once all love pre-web  
saunter back and forth so i went to a saunter back and forth company and i booked 
a 30-day backpack whisk i began in phuket then i  
went to patia and then i went to chiang rai 
no longer chiang mai chiang rai for the length of that whisk  
i fell in love with thailand and i form of save 
it on a pedestal because it become once the first country  
i ever visited exterior the u.s.a. so i 
went to italy for two years after that thailand  
whisk and then i become once stationed in hawaii again 
but this time i become once on a navy ship for folk that  
do no longer know navy ships house ported in the pacific 
will regularly discontinue into thailand a couple times  
on the formula into the arabian gulf and then on the 
formula out of the arabian gulf i have been to thailand  
doubtlessly 20 30 times on board navy ships i moreover 
conventional my leave from the navy to carry a couple trips  
to thailand for whisk over time in 2019 i 
stop my job to saunter back and forth the sector with that program  
known as some distance off year you dwell in a undeniable country 
every month for 12 months one among the international locations  
i lived in become once thailand i lived in the metropolis of 
chiang mai for 30 days so because it’s doubtless you’ll possibly moreover explore i’ve bought  
a 23 year historical previous visiting thailand i’ve visited 
this country more than i’ve visited any country  
on the earth and that is the reason been intentional i correct 
love the effect okay so why thailand so about six  
months ago i made the resolution essentially pushed 
by kovid that i wished a few diverse house bases  
for the length of the sector and thailand is the effect 
i chose for my house unpleasant in asia for a couple  
diverse causes number 1 i love the folk 
in the tradition they call it the land of smiles  
i abolish no longer know what it’s but all people in thailand 
is useful i abolish no longer know if it’s the buddhist  
tradition but they’re welcoming thai folks are correct 
if truth be told fun to be around and i correct love the deep  
properly off historical previous of the country reason number two i 
love the meals it’s among the most fine on the earth  
my top three meals picks are italian mexican and 
thai you correct can no longer beat the meals right here in thailand  
and that is the reason one among the main causes i saunter back and forth 
reason number three thailand is spacious spacious stable  
i’ve traveled in all places the sector i have been to many 
international locations and there could be handiest one diverse effect that i  
feel possibly rather bit more stable than i feel in 
thailand and that is the reason japan but i’m in bangkok preferrred  
now it’s doubtless you’ll possibly scramble around at bangkok at three 
o’clock in the morning and bask in no worries i love  
being in a country the effect i feel stable that is truly 
well-known to me in particular for a country i am going  
to make employ of as a house unpleasant reason number four i form of 
mentioned this earlier but it’s spacious reasonable  
the total lot in all equity reasonable in thailand 
lodging is affordable meals’s reasonable  
transportation’s reasonable i’m able to hop on a flight 
from thailand to malaysia or vietnam or indonesia  
for love 20 so it’s if truth be told reasonable to saunter back and forth 
around this instruct utilizing thailand as a house unpleasant  
there are diverse locations in asia that are reasonable 
there are diverse locations that bask in elegant meals there  
are diverse locations that bask in wide folks and 
tradition there are diverse locations that are stable  
but thailand is the most fine aggregate of all 
of these things for me and it’s a effect i feel  
very satisfied in my handiest remark with thailand in 
the previous become once the visa which continuously is rather bit of  
a appealing goal when you’re aware of thailand 
at all i made up my thoughts to salvage the thai elite visa which  
solved that remark for me i’m no longer going to saunter 
too in depth on that on this video in relate for you  
to know about the thai elite visa you want to me to 
end a video on or no longer it’s certain you command under and  
i will end that ultimately so once i made that 
financial commitment to a lengthy-term visa right here  
in thailand i began researching how i become once going 
to salvage over right here for the length of the pandemic okay so that  
brings me to why thailand now so i booked my stuff 
for thailand about 5 months ago formula before they  
had this spike in covet cases they had been one among 
the larger international locations in facing kovitt earlier  
so it become once form of a no-brainer to attain right here when 
i booked it 5 months ago as my departure day  
bought nearer the difficulty began to salvage rather 
bit worse in thailand and i needed to keep a resolution  
very most practical minute whether or no longer i become once gonna attain right here i 
determined to saunter forward and attain and right here is why reason  
number 1 i’ve had covet and i am completely vaccinated 
i’m reasonably low risk to myself and to others  
thailand has you download this little app known as 
thailand plus and they classify a person by their  
wrist level i’m assuming they are going to make employ of this 
ultimately to decide on whether it’s doubtless you’ll possibly moreover saunter back and forth  
on airplanes and from province to province 
thailand classifies me on the bottom risk level  
which is very low risk reason number two i’m 
okay with being in lockdown i’ve mentioned  
this in diverse videos i’m an introvert rather a 
loner so being on lockdown would no longer if truth be told affect  
my psychological health very unheard of i know i will most doubtless be in a self-discipline 
to no much less than salvage exterior some salvage some fresh air  
scramble around rather bit so i’m no longer if truth be told 
disquieted about it at demonstrate bangkok’s lockdown  
contains a curfew from 9 00 pm to 4 a.m i salvage 
up at 5 a.m and i will sleep between 9 and 10  
p.m so if truth be told that handiest impacts the night 
life clearly the restaurants are closed you  
can handiest end transport but the grocery shops 
are initiate things love that are initiate it’s doubtless you’ll possibly moreover  
scramble around saunter for a scramble and things love that so 
i’m completely gorgeous with writing this element out on  
lockdown if i bask in to moreover i will most doubtless be working 
on my fresh youtube channel known as dividend nomad  
shameless bound right here i’m gonna fable me constructing 
a passive earnings provide from zero to optimistically one  
day completely funding my saunter back and forth standard of living so 
saunter take a look at out i will save a link up right here someplace  
to my fresh channel known as dividend nomad when you’re 
drawn to that make certain you subscribe to that  
channel okay reason number three thailand is no longer a 
transient element for me i’ve already mentioned i  
bask in a 20-year visa it’s a lengthy-term play for me 
i’m gonna be in thailand for some time i abolish no longer thoughts  
hunkering down in thailand it’s some distance no longer love i’m 
gonna fail to model the leisure because i’m handiest on  
whisk right here for a transient time and my final reason 
if and after we’re allowed to transfer in country this  
is a once in a lifetime likelihood to admire the sweetness 
of thailand with out having to battle with diverse  
tourists to admire it love i discussed before i’ve 
been coming to thailand since 1998. i become once in  
thailand before the tsunami i become once in thailand 
after the tsunami i be aware folks announcing  
thailand’s never going to be the same in particular 
phuket phuket is never going to be the same  
and it did switch rather bit but it came again 
with gusto and i agree with this remark though  
it’s unheard of larger than the tsunami i agree with the 
same element is going to occur thailand’s going  
to attain again with a bang after this pandemic ends 
i mean some folks disagree with that but i agree with  
that folk are correct dying to attain 
again over right here and i form of are seeking to  
explore thailand with out all these folks okay 
so there you’ve gotten it that’s the reason thailand now  
i know you wished to admire some meals so let me 
existing you right here’s rather sample of the breakfast  
no longer that wide it form of rings a bell in my memory of one thing 
i purchased when i become once a kid in a cafeteria same element  
with lunch right here and they don’t provide you with a lot 
of meals which is okay i’m making an strive to lose some  
weight and right here is dinner no longer severely larger love 
i said meals hasn’t been that wide but it’s  
what it’s reasonably soon i will most doubtless be enjoying amazing 
thai meals thanks for looking at explore you subsequent week  
i have been on the avenue i have been doing displays now 
we ain’t stake be aware napping on the floor  
we stealing on the gasoline residence when the 
time’s cool in the kitchen hostile attempting  
to flip it off the variety rocking false js 
praying that no-one is aware of gaze them carry  
my canine away become once formula too hard to acquire serene 
battle to admire the sunshine of day the total blood on  
my garments i become once drained each day green mild 
is time to saunter i abolish no longer wanna dwell life sooner

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  • August 10, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    Current subscriber to your channel and loving your movies. My goal is to stride equivalent to you within the damage. Very to listen to about your options on the Thai Elite Visa.

  • August 15, 2021 at 10:28 am

    Agree so essential! We can't wait to salvage help to Thailand. 🌺 Heidi

  • August 26, 2021 at 10:06 am

    I might identify to search out the ogle no one desires to search out your homely face 😂

  • August 26, 2021 at 4:47 pm

    I'm from Indonesia and been 6 days now I'm doing resort quarantine here in Bangkok and the meals exactly same as my asq resort. LOL

  • September 15, 2021 at 1:41 am

    Thailand, my understanding for my retirement however my brother convinced me to purchase an RV and stride the US. I’m aloof not obvious I made the greatest decision over five years later. It will were better to search out some of the most things you’re talking about on this video.

  • September 23, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    I treasure your entire movies about Thailand 🥰🥰🥰 are you able to please film longer about 30mins every video 🥰🥰🥰


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