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What’s Going on In PAI THAILAND Real Now? Spin Change 2021

Let’s skills lifestyles as a traveler here in Pai now in behind 2021. Let’s come all the draw by draw of strolling avenue and night market, the nightlife, the viewpoints, the NEW and thrilling locations, and only a overall update on this preferred destination.

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My Hotel on strolling avenue – https://goo.gl/maps/qeFmvJXNck4TPufY6
Two Huts – https://goo.gl/maps/fWS9CnTVQcsdqbGU6
Cheese Madness – https://goo.gl/maps/5VuvFfjfryrWd7fh9

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hiya and welcome to a actually special 
negate in thailand and to me Pai
it is a actually special negate since it attracts 
all kinds of vacationers backpackers vacationers from  
thailand and out of the country because or now not it is honest fully 
ravishing or now not it is fabulous valley or now not it is surrounded by  
these horny mountains and or now not it is a negate that 
you would moreover attain and essentially freely instruct yourself  
or now not it is got quite of a hippie vibe nonetheless it undoubtedly’s 
very welcoming and i had been coming here  
for years even possibly 12 years i’ve been coming to 
pi or now not it is got a actually special negate in my coronary heart and  
i’ve been essentially apprehensive and enraged to attain relief 
here because clearly 9 months within the past i came  
here at christmas and contemporary 365 days’s and the negate used to be 
even all around the coated stuff it used to be booming you  
know the thai tourism used to be quiet thriving and 
there had been quiet a full lot foreigners here and  
there used to be stand-up comedy nights and are dwelling music 
and the night market used to be alive and smartly and it  
used to be so mountainous to investigate cross-check thailand pushing by draw of when 
at the time other countries had been essentially suffering  
nonetheless clearly there had been some parts 
of the negate in pai that had suffered  
a few of my current backpacking hostel haunts had 
been reclaimed by the jungle and for certain many  
companies own long previous and coming relief i’ve viewed 
that they quiet dwell closed and abandoned and  
issues and so at the present time i’m now not going to be focusing 
on everything that is closed because ought to you attain  
here you plug to strolling avenue k and also that you simply can come all the draw by draw of 
bits and pieces of it all over this video for certain  
because alcohol is banned are now dwelling music 
is banned the ambiance is quite of bit veteran  
as an instance nonetheless attain on investigate cross-check at this negate if 
you attain to pie honest to drink beer and occasion then  
for certain that you simply can be let down nonetheless ought to you attain like 
me to pie for better than that to cash in on the nature  
to cash in on the surroundings to satisfy contemporary and enticing 
of us and be taught quite of bit more about you each and every  
single time then that is what we’re gonna stop at the present time 
so this video is going to be an update of precisely  
what or now not it is like here in pai now so yeah honest honest 
quiet down and like and breathe within the fabulous thing about pie
k so the first negate i’ve taken you to we’re 
going to in overall stop a tour over the next day or  
two and plug to all of my inclined horns and plug to some 
of the contemporary locations which own opened honest to illustrate  
you precisely you know the draw horny pie is and what 
what the bother is here and we’re up here at  
the chinese village now honest below down here all 
these blue roofs that is the chinese village and  
there is a full lot comely minute cafes a full lot essentially 
delicious noodle retail outlets and um at the tip of the  
village here is this fabulous perspective with 
this delicate having a see pine tree it nearly appears to be like  
like a christmas tree would now not it and they’ve 
surrounded it with these um you would moreover have interaction these  
sizzling like coronary heart-shaped adorns that flap within the 
wind and they manufacture a pleasurable minute dinging ringing  
noise they’re honest correct luck for relationships and 
loving so that you simply would moreover own a full lot couples who attain up  
here have interaction a coronary heart write both their names on it and 
then they depart it up here flapping within the wind  
and this particular space this particular perspective 
is terribly trendy at sunrise there can be mini trucks  
and automobiles and there’ll be quite quite of of us 
here and thanks to the pie valley below will  
be you know coated in a mist severely within the 
chilly climate months nonetheless i’ve attain up here behind afternoon  
for quite of little bit of a exchange and or now not it is ravishing you 
can or now not it is in overall like a unswerving lifestyles climate file  
you would moreover come all the draw by draw of the put is the rain which direction is 
it coming when’s the next storm and fortunately all of  
the mountains within the 360 degrees listed below are retaining 
on and hugging onto the rain and they’re now not going  
to let the rain attain in hopefully for the next 
few hours now not now not as much as while we come all the draw by draw of quite of bit  
and yeah you would moreover honest come all the draw by draw of the white buddha in 
the metropolis within the distance and pie honest having a see  
lush and green we’re before everything of october 
and for the next three four months pi is going to  
be top fully very finest the rains own 
in overall done we’re now coming into  
quite of drier months the cooler months and excessive 
season is impending in actuality october is excessive  
season bless them nonetheless um as that you simply can come all the draw by draw of all over 
the video you know severely the put i’m staying  
within the heart of strolling avenue issues are a 
minute bit restful for the time being nonetheless that is k  
that is k or now not it is shapely we’re here to like all 
parts of pie alongside with this delicate walk
comely comely perspective fully ravishing and 
undoubtedly correct recordsdata there is three viewpoints up  
here now i believe there ragged to be this one 
nonetheless um thanks to this panoramic 360 glimpse  
that they’ve there appears to be like to be a pair more 
that sprung up there is a espresso shop over here  
with this delicate garden that they are 
now not quite done nonetheless the shop is originate and  
that is the put you would moreover plug get an iced espresso and 
tea they stop stop espresso up there nonetheless um i did now not  
love a sizzling one and they did now not own any ice so 
by no manner ideas come all the draw by draw of here is but another one here is a this  
wasn’t here earlier than this has all been landscaped 
and i build now not consider seeing this one and they’ve  
long previous by draw of the the same vibe here you know they’ve 
got the chinese symbols and the hearts and they’ve  
got considered this kind of um i’ve got to illustrate you this 
got a full lot thai and chinese seafood dishes  
a pleasurable restaurant you come all the draw by draw of they’d to accommodate 
for the total these that attain here at sunrise  
and then all americans’s hungry appropriate and also you would moreover 
attain here and own a pleasurable fine delicious breakfast  
nonetheless here is principally enjoyable here is named a uh 
undoubtedly i build now not know what the technical title  
is i’ve honest known as them chinese swings for years 
and they use gravity and physique weight to transfer so as soon as  
you get one individual in you push it around and the 
subsequent individual will get in and then whenever you would moreover own two or  
three it will originate spinning at will and or now not it is essentially 
enjoyable and essentially unhealthy and quite provoking and they  
own a few of them within the on this province 
and uh yeah essentially dodgy and investigate cross-check at the uh  
snake skin on here and i own by no manner 
undoubtedly ever done archery in my lifestyles  
here is the arrows engaging golden point very gentle 
and they own very educated feathers these  
are decent honest wished to illustrate you the contemporary 
perspective the 2nd contemporary perspective and the  
uh the generous inclined traditional on the tip now about 10 
minutes down from the chinese market and up into  
the mountains that are undoubtedly in front of me 
appropriate now coated in clouds there is a ultimate making an attempt  
waterfall i have not been to this waterfall 
in a long very long time a pair of years now  
and uh checked on google and apparently or now not it is uh 
or now not it is gotten plenty worse and now they be conscious cash  
nonetheless i’m thinking 9 months of uh no one being 
around possibly or now not it is now not you know possibly they’re now not  
charging anybody possibly or now not it is honest originate because the 
waterfall itself is ravishing so let’s plug there  
and let’s honest manufacture our draw down previous these 
horny chinese shrines and chinese village  
and relief down ample so a ultimate making an attempt 
waterfall pie has lots of waterfalls  
three or four decent ones and a essentially 
enjoyable individual who is a scramble into the jungle  
about half an hour away by strolling and that used to be 
uh that used to be i’ve done that a pair of times that is enjoyable  
heaps to investigate cross-check and stop in pi this video 
received’t be a total scurry recordsdata for pi  
or now not it is honest too unfold out and there is honest so 
grand to stop and to be honest the essentially the most enjoyable  
thing to stop within the occasion you attain to pie is precisely what 
i’m doing get quite of bike power around  
use a pair of days and 
honest opt up opt up your individual pie
oh or now not it is one draw this trend now 
i will be shapely i’m now not in a pleasurable vehicle
hi there
k we’re gonna plug to the contemporary springs and we’ll  
strive to get there in a single allotment 
so come all the draw by draw of you within the contemporary springs
k here we’re
k smartly correct recordsdata and unfavorable recordsdata correct recordsdata 
no one’s here to be conscious me which i’ve read on-line  
on google maps reviews so that is 100 baht saved um 
nonetheless the unfavorable recordsdata is now not that as grand going on here  
and it would now not investigate cross-check like they’ve been retaining 
up with it there is quite quite of inclined plastic  
on the bottom and trash which is now not an valid signal 
k let’s plow by draw of this irregular contemporary tunnel thing
k so issues own modified here for obvious we 
did now not get charged any cash which used to be correct  
nonetheless um i will come all the draw by draw of why they wished to be conscious of us 
because they’ve constructed a full lot bamboo raft  
bridge and steps going up and over the 
rocks and all the draw by draw of the grounds to give of us  
safer ways to attain the varied ranges because 
relief when i ragged to attain relief here plenty many many  
years within the past we ragged to honest toddle up these rocks 
and within the dry season it used to be shapely nonetheless if it used to be  
wet if it had been raining or now not it is extraordinarily slippy and 
or now not it is extraordinarily easy to fall down that waterfall and  
we own had been here all over a fatality there 
used to be a vacationer who drowned at the same time as we had been here  
one time so that they had been dealing with lots of deaths 
per 365 days so anyone stepped in and talked about investigate cross-check this  
is boring let’s manufacture it safer and they’ve built 
this construction and i believe that is the explanation they  
had been charging cash nonetheless it undoubtedly’s now not lasted 
very long the they are destroyed unsuitable and  
in some locations falling aside all the draw by draw of the river 
and own prompted quite of a large number to be honest  
so i’m obvious that is the explanation they’re now not charging 
appropriate now because the negate is an absolute  
mess bless it and i build now not think they did a actually 
correct job of it anyway or now not it is quite of bit naff  
the fairway bamboo the irregular netting and the steel 
railings although they’d saved it up i stop think  
it would own or now not it is taken a ways from the beauty 
nonetheless nonetheless or now not it is safer now i build now not think i’m  
gonna plug up there because everything appears to be like 
like or now not it is gonna fall and smash any minutes  
and the rocks are wet because or now not it is been raining 
this morning so i’m honest gonna flee the drone and  
honest chortle at the adolescents who seem to be making an attempt 
to fabricate their very own dam with mud and they are  
on a mission to block the river which is 
something i ragged to stop when i was a child
so we’re honest leaving um the waterfall 
within the chinese village and we’re gonna  
plug in the direction of the two huts and 
the pleasurable canyon and all that  
on the exchange side of pie nonetheless we 
own to lower by draw of metropolis to stop so  
and so here is simply an valid exchange to honest 
power by draw of the heart of pai collectively and i will  
for some reason they build now not imply you would moreover turn left 
here on even on the fairway crimson gentle and i stall  
so here we’re or now not it is saturday or now not it is 
five o’clock within the afternoon  
and here is the first fragment of strolling avenue 
now ought to you know this channel and also you would moreover had been  
following this channel as we now own driven 
by draw of samui and ko p and kopang yang  
and other touristy areas i’m now not essentially one to 
point the camera at all devastation and stop um  
you know hand on the mouth thumbnails and drastic 
titles honest build now not think that is an valid taste and it  
would now not essentially relief the bother nonetheless since we’re 
using by draw of metropolis we can honest swiftly soak up  
it collectively now here is on the total the put you know 
that is also a hundred p.c honest pedestrians  
there’d be no food to the left food to the 
appropriate the total draw over the next 1.5 kilometers  
and now i imply honest investigate cross-check at it you know or now not it is 
there is now not grand here this total negate here is  
there is now not grand going on and um you know this 
ragged to be a 7-eleven and now or now not it is a nail parlor
and uh reggae bar shot clearly 
all these other bars paisey bar  
jico jekyll bar jacob beer both shot this 
is a renter bike they now promote bananas  
and no minivans to chiang mai and a handful of 
bikes to rent nonetheless largely they’re honest promoting  
bananas which is fabulous why now not bar i imply 
the generous thing is the shutters are down and the  
bars are closed nonetheless they’re now not long previous you know 
all these companies here is the juice bar  
here is my minute band me negate which is 
amazingly originate anyone plug how are you  
correct build now not fear i quiet own ban me in my accumulate
most productive fan me ever went there this morning to get 
a sandwich so what used to be i saying um yeah so yeah  
most issues are shut this negate is originate cafe de 
pai and um there is a handful of restaurants and  
a handful of hotels nonetheless you know here is five 
five o’clock within the afternoon on a saturday
like i was saying the generous thing is even 
although everything is boarded up or shut  
or now not it is quiet the foundations are quiet here 
the tables the furnitures are quiet there  
the espresso machines are quiet there and all 
that wishes to happen is the borders desire to  
originate vacationers wishes to attain relief relief and then the 
of us from the villages can attain relief down  
the owners can attain relief down and they 
can reopen now here is the put i’m staying
i will honest stand here for a 2nd here is the put 
i’m staying here is on the corner of strolling  
avenue and the exchange strolling avenue here is the put 
i’m staying at i build now not undoubtedly know the title i will  
put it here and they own essentially correct food essentially 
correct espresso essentially correct wine deliciously handmade  
truffles and pastries and or now not it is the distance to be when 
issues are pumping discover it irresistible used to be in december i was  
having lots of the fervour fruit cheesecake and 
rose and honest listening to the are dwelling music nonetheless now  
they’re quiet originate and undoubtedly you would moreover hire 
a room and i own a essentially fine room for  
700 baht this correct uh this herbal espresso 
tea negate very principal that is all closed  
now or now not it is available for hire and the rub down 
retail outlets are closed uh oh they’re originate that is  
correct i would get a rub down the next day 
enhance bar utterly shut up and closed  
by the varied a drunken night in there 
or the essentially frigid blah blah rock bar  
come all the draw by draw of they’re quiet here beet roots here is a brand contemporary 
jazz bar and i went there one night remaining uh in  
december and watched the stand-up comedy and are dwelling 
music it used to be boss and banging all here is engaging
yellow solar engaging queen engaging 
you get the point appropriate  
so within the occasion you stop attain to pie ought to you would moreover own a 
special negate in your coronary heart for it like i stop  
honest be quite of bit ready to be 
heartbroken this can purchase your breath away  
severely within the early parts of the night 
within the occasion you know or now not it is purported to be pumping  
this ragged to be a essentially crappy minute seaside bar 
with a pool and now or now not it is utterly desolate and  
we’ll plug over the bridge and we’ll 
head in the direction of two putts two huts sorry
so that is the negate of clay and pie 
i build now not are making an attempt to dwell on it too grand  
i honest wished to power by draw of and demonstrate you and
strive to fabricate a undeniable video because like i 
talked about i might perhaps moreover honest be like oh my god or now not it is all
closed oh geez sorry that dog virtually 
got one over he did now not even perceive
to be honest this negate appears to be like like or now not it is doing  
very k for itself a full lot 
pleasurable bikes a full lot limited bikes
and a full lot thai of us 
clearly and a few foreigners
these are the honda crf 300 and 
then or now not it is bigger brother the rally  
here is an 850 or what is this i’m now not obvious 
nonetheless this one’s the pleasurable brother of this one
oh there you plug
inebriated and excessive falan ladies some issues 
by no manner exchange about pie is that a cup
thailand that is appropriate yeah so now yeah my 
minute honda dream i’m using from the south  
each and every province
yeah attain relief
yeah i will honest own a beer first anyone’s 
doing a time lapse what camera is this
are you able to hear it taking shots i 
better now not touch it oh or now not it is a nikon
yeah within the thumbnail of this 
video i parked dreamy down here  
and there used to be this fabulous 
sunset nonetheless that used to be relief in december
nonetheless quiet horny appropriate investigate cross-check at that two 
huts you would moreover attain and get pissed up with  
your mates manufacture some doobie there is a swimming 
pool over there i will come all the draw by draw of the ladies chilling out  
and pleasurable bikes and limited bikes and thai of us 
and a few foreigners and temples within the distance  
burning traditional traditional northern thailand rapid 
or now not it is now not been raining for 10 minutes let’s burn it
so yeah i will discontinue here a pair of 
hours and quiet down with these guys
manufacture some chums for as soon as me
hi there so i’ve honest had a mountainous afternoon gash 
early night and dinner so clearly stayed  
at two hearts watched the sunset had a few beers 
it used to be delicious it used to be delicious it used to be fabulous  
sorry i had a few beers and then i came relief into 
metropolis and i was so enraged because considered one of essentially the most productive  
issues that is took negate to pai now not too long within the past is relief 
in december when i came there used to be a brand contemporary avenue  
food vendor who did grilled cheese sandwiches 
and he or she had like a you know like a sizzling pan  
and he or she made these delicious grilled cheese 
sandwiches essentially correct quality bread and he or she  
ragged to season them with salt and pepper and 
rosemary and then the cheese used to be very correct  
prime quality and then the meat used to be supreme ought to you 
wished a ham and cheese grilled cheese sandwich  
anyway it used to be to die for and when i came relief to 
pie this time i was thinking please please be originate  
now not fully is she originate nonetheless she’s expanded and 
she’s sold her own shop it ragged to be a  
tattoo shop here on strolling avenue nonetheless she’s 
managed to opt it and he or she’s painted it all  
and embellished it comely she has a fridge rotund 
of essentially delicious cheeses that you simply would moreover have interaction  
wholesale or simply you know steal in your 
particular grilled cheese sandwiches she has  
a full array of crimson wines and roses and gathered 
wines and beers ipas even a bottle of tequila in  
the freezer which is simply to die for and her 
menu is rotten it ragged to own three or  
four options when she had the avenue food vendor 
nonetheless now it is miles 20 to 50 diverse variations  
it is miles quite overwhelming undoubtedly you build now not 
know what to hold so i went for the fried brie  
and cranberry sauce with figs and undoubtedly the 
figs had been out of season so i got apples as a exchange  
nonetheless quiet the cranberry sauce and the deep fried 
brie used to be fabulous and i watched them lower the  
contemporary brie dip it within the egg dip it within the contemporary 
breadcrumbs and manufacture it to clarify and the fully  
causes why i’m now not drinking or showing you the food 
within the restaurant is because the restaurant used to be  
packed i had a shrimp minute table within the corner 
and there used to be a full lot of us essentially correct music  
oasis and coldplay taking part in within the audio system and 
adolescents working around it used to be like a full family  
vibe because she’s the fully negate smartly she’ll 
honest pour you a pitcher of wine a bottle of beer  
you know put collectively dinner you up some delicious grilled cheese 
sandwiches chicken nuggets fish and chips all  
kinds of food she has all this loopy menu and 
her total ethos is she’s like all around the put here  
has wholesome food i are making an attempt to be unhealthy in actuality 
she’s inquisitive about doing chocolate milkshakes  
with ice cream and that is the explanation so frigid i take care of the reality 
because pie ought to you know ought to you would moreover had been or now not it is extraordinarily  
vegan appropriate vegetarian appropriate or now not it is all teas 
and spirula photos and everything is enormous wholesome  
and big ideas and physique acutely conscious and he or she’s like 
screw that i are making an attempt to stop grilled tree sandwiches  
milkshakes and beer tequila and wine and he or she’s 
honest fully destroying it this negate is packed  
and then i had the grilled cheese sandwich and i 
went for the buffalo chicken with jalapeno and it  
used to be supreme she had to fabricate three of them because 
apparently that is her generous seller and another time you  
know the seasoned bread and the trend they grill 
it with butter and they flip it over and or now not it is  
honest so oozing of deliciousness or now not it is positively 
honest rotund of energy and or now not it is a coronary heart attack  
on a plate nonetheless i’ve honest had an hour and a half 
in there singing oasis singing coldplays singing  
arctic monkeys i felt like i was relief dwelling it used to be 
busy it used to be packed there used to be adolescents working around  
it is miles fabulous cheese madness put it in your record 
within the occasion you attain here because yes you would moreover get herbal  
teas and vegan salads and everything and that is the explanation 
shapely attain here and detox and repair with nature  
nonetheless ought to you build now not are making an attempt to ought to you simply are making an attempt to 
get inebriated and use cheese attain to cheese madness
so here is the negate of the night 
lifestyles now the two locations to dangle around  
is the 7-eleven and the popcorn guy this 
guy sells popcorn at 20 baht of murky  
and down there they own a a shop you would moreover have interaction 
cans of beer and then they own the soccer on  
the pleasurable show masks and that is the explanation it here is the 
nightlife here is here is strolling avenue  
at eight o’clock on a saturday night
i are making an attempt to know will you ever come all the draw by draw of the rain 
and undoubtedly here is simply very finest appropriate  
nonetheless ought to you desire to own some salted 
popcorn and a can of beer on the avenue  
then yeah possibly or now not it is now not very finest 
i will purchase that relief nonetheless that is my unfavorable
that is shapely that is shapely 
that is shapely that is too grand

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  • October 10, 2021 at 5:38 am

    Awesome video.. superior ‘Loy Krathong’ singing.. wish cud hear the total tune

  • October 10, 2021 at 9:28 am

    I’m composed pondering after a preliminary mosey of vacation makers as soon as the borders for stir birth up there will most seemingly be a creep in global tourism for as a minimum five to 10 years!

  • October 10, 2021 at 11:19 am

    Shit bro – you an awful driver

  • October 11, 2021 at 3:07 am

    Right here is an gargantuan video bro ❤️ I’ve been stuck in Laos nonetheless I’m pondering of heading to Thailand. If I cease in the Phuket sandbox, can I then scamper round Thailand if I in spite of every thing like the vaccine? Thanks bro

  • October 12, 2021 at 8:26 am

    I changed into at that waterfall 2 years ago and they hadn't built all these bridges and stuff. No cost then too. I've heard Mojo's is shut for suitable which is a shame as I feel it changed into basically the most attention-grabbing enviornment for are dwelling tune in Pai. I'm hoping issues will birth to safe inspire to approved in the impending months.

  • October 13, 2021 at 10:41 am

    I'm lacking this enviornment ,been there four cases over the final 12 years. nonetheless Thailand is opening from November 1st for 10 international locations first,and i have confidence the Traveller vibe will arrive inspire the subsequent months for stir. Dezember is continuously is an infinite month to stir to this enviornment, sunny and scorching days, and chilled evenings and nights..

  • October 13, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    If you happen to stroll left from the band you reach tea home which is leaping later in the night time

  • October 13, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    “If you happen to safe wanna safe below the influence of alcohol and like cheese…” Amen to that


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