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What is THIS? / Native Avenue Meals in THAILAND / Bangkok Strolling Tour 2021

Right this moment I’m interesting you for a drag to a proper local toll road meals market located in Bang Kapi space of Bangkok, the keep we can secure hundreds amazing toll road meals stalls, style stress-free dishes of Thai toll road meals, experience the local vogue of getting a glimpse and simply exercise one other sizable day in Thailand.
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Right this moment’s Situation:
Nawamin Khlong Chan Market
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Answers to potentially the most steadily requested questions are in this video
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hey hey hey!
are you ready for one other hungry scuttle?
i’m hoping you’re!
because at the present time i’m interesting you to 1 other toll road meals paradise from my accepted checklist..
it be called Nawamin Khlong Chan market..
it be open simplest ultimately per week – on Thursday..
and I’ve visited this keep of dwelling closing yr.. and it became as soon as in truth unswerving..
because steadily foreigners invent no longer come here..
so folks are somewhat enraged to glimpse foreigners here..
so must you bought some time and empty condominium to your belly..
and also you’re ready to explore this keep of dwelling alongside with me..
then be part of me in this hungry scuttle!
Right here’s it! Let’s drag!
i got to mutter it is somewhat crowded..
yeah it be a proper local market..
no longer a touristy market..
proper 100 p.c..
and the bulk of oldsters are having a glimpse at me with a inquire..
what are you doing here, mate?
are you lost, boy?
are you purchasing for a technique out?
no, i obtain proper arrived..
i want local meals..
i want your smiles..
wow.. and it be somewhat scorching here..
i got to be appropriate..
so it be no longer gonna be easy..
however i’m no longer gonna discontinuance..
test out..
we now obtain chanced on durian..
the keep is the durian from?
it be from Rayong..
Quit you obtain gotten “hum-hum”? (no longer smelly vogue of the fruit)
Yes i obtain..
it be simply not probably to discontinuance in this line..
because one line is going this methodology and one one line is going this methodology..
and must you discontinuance – the line needed to discontinuance alongside with you..
so must you invent no longer are attempting to problem folks – you bought to take transferring..  
okay i must secure a technique easy systems to obtain interaction with locals..
and easy systems to elevate something tasty here..
however this market is big so we’ll secure more stress-free meals even later..
we proper must take walking..
very tight and in particular warm.. proper like a sauna..
i’m sweating after five minutes walking here..
in truth in truth crowded..
it be even laborious to breathe..
and my t-shirt is already moist, my pants are moist, my hide is moist..
every little thing is moist..
and that i’m in a position to even discontinuance someplace proper to to movie for five seconds..
let’s web motivate..
yeah it be a proper order..
no shock why foreigners invent no longer come here..
because it be no longer that straightforward even for me after visiting 100 markets around Bangkok..
it be calm somewhat sophisticated..
How noteworthy for fried mussels?
20 Baht..
are you able to keep it on a plate?
ah you obtain gotten paper lists, appropriate?
yeah, now we obtain paper..
K, I could maybe well maybe like to state fried mussels..
Diverse oldsters here at the present time..
Yeah, many folks here at the present time..
I have been to this market sooner than.. closing yr..
There obtain been much less folks..
You would possibly maybe per chance per chance maybe maybe also obtain got been here sooner than, few months within the past, appropriate?
thank you..
I’ve watched you on Youtube.. you obtain gotten visited Huai Khwang..
Huai Khwang market..
Yeah, i went there, because I tackle in Ladprao space..
(something about buying things and having a glimpse)..
However many foreigners discuss over with Huai khwang..
I elevate to discuss over with local Thai vogue markets..
Because meals is more stress-free.. and plenty cheaper too..
Yeah, it be noteworthy cheaper here..
Yeah we sell meals proper for 20 Baht..
And there are such a extensive amount of folks..
okay, thank you very noteworthy..
the keep are you from, sir?
I’m from Russia..
How long you obtain gotten been residing here?
already 7 years..
discuss Thai very favorable!
can discuss proper slightly bit..
okay, glorious to meet you..
first elevate..
mussels fried with bean sprouts and with egg for 20 baht simplest..
steadily the tag can also even be 30 baht, 40, 50..
however here is simplest 20 baht..
Hello, how noteworthy for 1 field?
How noteworthy for 1 field? for 1 plate?
it be 30 Baht..
hey, what is this, sir?
Thai dessert..
Or no longer it is fabricated from…
Is that this fabricated from rice?
Yes, it be rice..
Is it sweet?
Pretty sweet..
how noteworthy is it?
20 Baht..
okay, i desire it..
I obtain I in actuality obtain never tried it..
I like Thai desserts however I’ve never tried this one..
can’t keep in mind..
okay i already got three plastic baggage..
now i can place every little thing inside..
i already invent no longer glimpse like a vacationer..
so expectantly we can snatch with another particular person..
even supposing it be extraordinarily laborious at the present time..
it be in particular warm.. it be very noisy.. hundreds tune..
and folks are somewhat busy here..
time to kind money for them..
Are the sausages bitter or no longer?
These are bitter..
these are with noodles.. no longer entertaining..
these are entertaining..
These are entertaining?
wanna expend entertaining..
how noteworthy for 1?
20 Baht..
and this?
20 Baht..
okay, i desire regarded as one of these, and regarded as one of these, please..
minimize it for you?
Yeah, sure..
40 baht, thank you..
Possess minute, obtain pork, appropriate?
obtain chicken?
invent no longer obtain chicken..
(i did no longer web it..)
am i in a position to state 3 pieces, please? with minute..
the keep are you from?
from Russia..
so yeah each time at the same time as you state something you bought to face the crowd who is transferring..  
who is attempting to cross you..
yeah must you like to make a selection on to lose weight – come here..
you would possibly maybe well be sweating, you are going to be burning fats..
two kilograms minimum..
two kilograms down..
let’s attach that row..
develop you like to obtain a web?
I already got many baggage, thank you..
i in truth are attempting to elevate this mango..
however I’ve got no condominium in my backpack..
20-25 baht for kilogram of mango..
it be no longer as a lot as a greenback US..
about 60-70 cents for kilogram of mango..
Hello, how noteworthy for “khanom jeen”?
30 Baht..
is this chicken?
umm then what is this?
30.. 30..
is this chicken or..?
it be fish..
and this one?
also fish..
here is fish, and here is fish too..
this one is with “Plara”
this one is with plara?
this one too?
this one is proper with coconut milk..
yeah this one is more fit..
because plara has a extraordinarily sturdy smell..
can also i sit down?
one plate, please..
sit down, sit down..
i cannot keep in mind when became as soon as the closing time I’ve seen so many folks at one keep of dwelling..
it slightly reminds me my discuss over with to koh kred closing yr..
it became as soon as also extraordinarily crowded..
you gaze folks sell stuff very low price here..
even here is simplest for 30 baht..
while steadily it be around 40-50 Baht..
Is it entertaining?
entertaining however tasty..
am i appropriate?
when it be no longer entertaining – it be no longer stress-free!
one other day of 1 greenback meals.. one greenback toll road meals..
it be potentially the absolute most real looking keep of dwelling around the keep you’d also sit down..
so desire it or no longer..
ah already..
I’ve eaten it already..
he requested me to place more cucumbers..
infrequently additionally they obtain salty cabbage salad.. however no longer this time..
so favorable with vegetables..
because you’re paying for the dish..
and also you’d also add as noteworthy vegetables as you like to obtain..
you gaze.. my huge household..
thanks s lot..
gaze you all over again on Tuesday..
yeah i know..
it be open simplest on Tuesday..
thank you..
okay i must secure a hide and place on all of it over again..
Right here’s sugar cane juice, is no longer it?
how noteworthy for a bottle? 20..
Hello, I could maybe well maybe like to state 1 bottle, please..
I in actuality already obtain a web, thank you..
develop you like to obtain me to open it for you?
no, thank you..
anticipate a 2d, please..
Hello.. develop you obtain gotten “hum-hum”?
I desire minute durian because I’m alone..
because durian has a extraordinarily sturdy smell.. so i like “hum-hum”..
“hum-hum” has an even bigger smell..
in truth?
elevate a glimpse..
am i in a position to touch?
yeah, this one is glorious..
how noteworthy for it?
Let me weight it..
149 for 1 kg..
278 baht..
okay, it be favorable..
280 baht for one total durian..
nearly two kilograms..
develop you like durian?
it be for YouTube.. about Thai meals, about markets..
are you from Thailand?
yes, he is..
brilliant eyes..
no smell..
yeah here is it..
because there are two forms of durian..
one is delicate and one is more laborious..
the delicate has smell..
and that i cannot expend it since the smell is too sturdy..
it be in truth like a persons useless..
however “hum-hum” is completely assorted..
in truth amazing style..
proper something like a strawberry together with cream..
and with some nuts per chance..
so yeah you in actuality got to elevate a glimpse at “hum-hum”..
because here is the king of fruits in Thailand
Or no longer it is carried out..
kind gentleman within the motivate of me mentioned that i’m in a position to expend his red table to style the durian..
because i invent no longer are attempting to head in other locations to glimpse for a keep of dwelling..
because it be too scorching and it be calm extraordinarily crowded..
my brain is no longer working anymore..
no longer sweet.. a minute sharp style..
no longer a usual..
no longer so concentrated, you know..
no longer so concentrated style..
it be calm favorable even supposing..
without any further sturdy smell however..
no longer so tasty as usual..
per chance it be too early..
because steadily the style is somewhat sturdy concentrated..
like a combination of strawberry, some cream and a few nuts..
proper it be laborious to inform the style in truth..
also some garlic per chance..
this one is slightly bit watery..
let’s strive one other one..
proper monster.. proper heavy..
and you gaze..
because it be very creamy..
(let’s assume juicy)..
they at all times conceal it with paper..
because must you keep it in a web it – will probably be smashed..
let’s strive one other one.. minute one..
no longer in truth the absolute most real looking.. per chance it be too early..
because this durian is from Rayong..
Rayong is the major farming space for durian..
Rayong.. Chanthaburi..
however i like southern Thai durian too..
durian from Chumphon for instance..
somewhat stress-free too..
as a substitute i obtain it be better if i will strive the “sai krok”..
the sausage..
and that i’m sorry guys that i cannot secure a overjoyed keep of dwelling to sit down down..
and that i did no longer place a query to to glimpse so many folks here at the present time..
however calm it became as soon as somewhat fun to drag here..
must you obtain loved it too – hit the like button, part this video alongside side your chums, subscribe to the channel must you have not already..  
turn the notifications on and that i will gaze you next video somewhat soon..
potentially next week..
bye bye..

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