We went to HELL GARDEN in Thailand

We went to Wang Saen Suk, a temple made to portray and depict Naraka (Buddhist hell).

This build of abode became in actuality attention-grabbing and free!

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all merely all americans look in her minute outfit ooh you look akin to you’re from Colombia you perceive the guy who he he introduced me the GoPro from The united states he introduced me extra what he introduced me extra stuff I lawful I needed tons of things so [Laughter] what who’s getting low I do know why it is top to consume extra adore this what lawful sitting discovering out the paper with his gap of fish 40 baht oh neatly you guys the inquire is must I consume take a look at this how random is this hello hello hello can you’ll want to per chance you request this man he’s promoting a bunch of fish can you request him mutter who to make utilize of who buys these fish adore what I don’t comprehend it so on account of this truth adore if a substitute has adore a pond or something roughly adore roughly adore yeah oh attention-grabbing that’s a extremely artful oh my god what why am I getting the form of tickle out of this take a look at these minute fishies so we’re at a pit quit right here at some minute market no extra hungry one memory and I needed to bust the camera out on memoir of a majority of this stuff are in actuality attention-grabbing adore take a look at this [Music] what’s it what’s inner sticky rice with sugar sticky rice and sugar oh and I saw this earlier right here’s actually what made me want to launch filming adore what on earth is this are these clams who did that lawful sitting out adore this let them I don’t mediate there’s a single factor right here that I acknowledge okay I acknowledge that those are Cheetos take a look at how mammoth this lollipop this would you fit this for your mouth fabricate you factor in you’ll want to additionally build this for your mouth it’s a mammoth he’s too mammoth I will’t build something in my mouth what a novel [Music] [Applause] I wish you guys could per chance also scent what I scent it smells adore fireplace and each form of lawful fish and animals I take a look at these who buys this who buys this mammoth accept I wager per chance a substitute for the shop yeah take a look at this stuff what’s this factor dude what’s all this stuff so on the present time Nikki and I are going to a very special build of abode and that is hell we’re going to hell must you’re perplexed on what that methodology lawful dwell tuned and I’ll speak you there’s a temple right here that’s themed after their depictions of what hell is presupposed to be and that’s where yeah you perceive what’s held to me that’s whenever you focus on and I don’t want to hear hell on the different hand it’s within the morning and your babe I in actuality hold a inquire no no no no all merely I mediate we found the largest sucker let’s mediate about Nikki actually hear that there’s the next sucker over right here fabricate you factor in we should always always win this one [Music] yeah right here’s wait what water down are you certain is that your unique water let’s creep lend a hand let’s creep to hell I want to pass to hell so the manner I found this build of abode became actually someone in my telegram despatched an article about this temple of hell and it looked in actuality attention-grabbing and I’ve been to tons of temples and likewise you perceive after some time you roughly win used to it nonetheless this one had statues I had never even considered before they had been natty attention-grabbing and that is where we’re actually so right here’s why we got right here [Music] [Applause] [Music] take a look at this one ones who win entangled with this yeah Oh what what does this want to fabricate with me what does it mutter whenever you win entangled with the sexual intercourse of unpermitted contributors are punished within the hell they’re named as the spirits of chickens in actuality is this why you took me right here Oh a bird lawful pooped take a look at that you mediate about that look what’s that oh I belief it became bird poop oh man it gets in actuality oh my God look how gory it gets okay right here we creep right here’s scrim guy whoa that doesn’t look fun whenever you win entangled with the habit performing capsules right here’s so wild oh wow right here we within the waste got political the penalty for injection abort aside or beginning preserve a watch on oh rattling yeah what take a look at this Callie fabricate all of those are lawful in actuality of us who pull others legs are punished within the hell must you pull someone’s leg what yikes this never ends woah right here’s so rotten the penalty for killing the toddler within the womb within the oven right here’s a what they mediate happens must you win an abortion yeah mediate about I imply all I gotta mutter is it takes tons of self perception lawful to skedaddle spherical adore a fireman you lawful gotta be who you is also this child right here’s roaming spherical with an axe and a fireplace fireplace helmet fireman helmet that’s hilarious contain finish Nicky to heaven you prepared yeah you prepared creep to heaven fabricate you perceive where it is my bedroom what’s gonna enable you to you perceive what contain finish me to heaven in actuality oh I fully creep to heaven nonetheless now not you rattling I do know I comprehend it’s fully adore five minutes huh two minutes per chance lawful a minute that you creep to heaven I mediate the answer is you guys want to roam in Nicky’s DMS and repeat her I’m a rotten man and repeat her that you’re a merely man on memoir of that’s what all americans else does okay so right here’s the entry to heaven right here we’re about to pass to the heaven Museum I gotta admit I became in actuality impressed with that hell museum that became large it’s in actuality gruesome and tons of creativity there right here’s heaven merely nonetheless fabricate you perceive what David’s heaven is me and three women in a hot bath we’re lawful adore listening to rap song babe oil in each build I imply you actually Panda Explain you perceive I’m taking half in rather quake got some Panda Explain cracking launch a white monster hot bath chubby of ladies whoo okay creep away would you love me to pass to hell now [Laughter] all merely appears to be like to be adore the statues are getting a determined vibe right here win spider-man and Iron Man and lawful what Wow famous extra statues to search at these are in actuality good right here’s heaven in actuality all these focal point [Music] [Music] you perceive I gotta be advantageous guys these depictions of heaven are kinda roughly queer I’m certain if I could per chance also read Thai I could per chance also perceive extra about what’s occurring in these statues nonetheless Wow are you kidding me take a look at this take a look on the scale of that one that one is big will we swim on this oh my god certain dude that one is wide careless all merely tire accept right here we creep all merely these fish are nonetheless to hold a large time okay there they creep it’s so wild these fish are adore out of the water no wonder there’s so many they’re being fed adore crazy [Music] take a look at this we’ll pull up the auto oh you perceive searching at that minute girl play in conjunction with her dad reminded me after I became younger my mom used to contain finish me to the this lake called buona Vista lake and I used to strive and rob ducks and one time I caught a duck I within the waste caught a duck adore what I’d fabricate is I’d mediate about them sitting under a tree and I’d elope up and lawful strive and rob them at last I caught a duck I take into accout having a wide duck in my hand and I introduced it to my mom I had a duck I’m rather boy and I’m adore mom I got a duck and your complete of us spherical had been lawful adore what’s he doing what’s he doing and my mom belief it became hilarious and having a look again my mom let me fabricate tons of in actuality crazy stuff that doubtlessly wouldn’t be acceptable in on the present time’s age my mom used to let me elope my bikes all spherical town with out a cellular phone there became no cell phones there became no net so she lawful mutter okay lawful be again when it’s shadowy I don’t mediate that’s the roughly factor that folk would fabricate this day and it roughly makes me wonder what enact that is having on adore the unique generation merely my mom used to let me play in bushes plod the bike all the plot in which thru you perceive in each build no cell cellular phone no manner to focus on with me she’d let me creep to college on my contain I light stroll to the bus I play under the residence I rob frogs adore I imply it’s lawful the listing went on and on and likewise you perceive I do know I look again and I neglected that I depart out catching ants I depart out catching ducks there’s nothing in actuality stopping me from doing it I wager nonetheless I don’t know I lawful belief that became a frigid minute oh no disliked it touched me touched me in a queer manner all merely pineapple [Music] what let’s mediate about all merely let’s contain finish a look preserve on what fabricate you guys up to you guys up to soy Cobb all merely so we’re taking a minute destroy under the umbrellas yeah lawful lawful a water or a drink Coke Zero per chance take a look at this ticket the sun ruin is so rotten it’s fundamentally long previous you’ll want to per chance repeat right here’s a banner for something unseen in Thailand being win some roughly drafting or something it’s adore the sun ruin has fundamentally made it white that’s comic man where are we it’s adore some crazy happenin minute build of abode okay so now where are we going so at any time when we fabricate stuff I don’t know in any admire what we’re doing she lawful says hello I’m gonna contain finish you to about a comfy locations we’re gonna creep and I fabricate now not hold any thought where so I don’t know what to claim hello guys we’re on the factor I constantly went nonetheless I stated you before on memoir of merely yeah and I lawful saw images nonetheless I lawful I roughly lawful blindly creep creep to the name I didn’t pay them yet are you uh are you Muslim I fabricate now not hold any thought where we’re going [Music] yeah what’s occurring merely now my father this appears to be like to be large about traveling guys particularly must you fabricate budge with out a plot you lawful roughly stumble upon attention-grabbing locations

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