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With everyone terrified about getting sick in ASIA, here is one other ingredient to be conscious out for if you happen to rush back and forth to Thailand.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Sea trudge Phuket and is capturing video of what it is receive to be conscious Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Silly, suave and informational.

I’m strolling through Thailand with out a clue!

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20 seconds in Thailand Thailand Robin we’re making an strive to keep in touch a couple of contagious disease but now not the one you’re pondering oh let’s rush into the very very empty at 3 p.m. Danny’s net page so I came here to Danny’s net page this day – if you happen to’ve watched my movies all over the final years you’ve considered this wonderful bundle of happiness skills your braces match your shirt she’s color-coordinated back in January I obtained dengue fever comprise you ever had dengue fever sooner than no okay so gangee fever has the the same symptoms of chikungunya so when I went to the sanatorium they said properly we’re gonna take a look at you for dengue and chikungunya the dengue came up obvious as we suppose they didn’t take a look at me for chikungunya so Paul used to be wonderful Oh Ron howdy dream properly we had to flip the fan on it’s so sizzling here so anyway what I used to be asserting used to be chikungunya has the the same symptoms of dengue fever the distinction is dengue fever attacks purple blood cells along with to wonderful you might perchance perchance well also’t grow recent blood cells chikungunya does now not comprise that and chikungunya as a ways as I bear in mind discovering out is now not deadly where dengue fever some in most cases you might perchance perchance well also die yeah now not thank you approved too unhealthy okay but final week this magnificent beautiful smiling girl used to be now not smiling I mediate I in fact comprise a image if I in fact comprise a image it’s simply there I’m esteem Cheryl I cannot starting up my eyes but I’m play a date form of esteem attain you’ve got the difficulty on the back of the eyes yeah what and fever eyes and along with you might perchance perchance well also relish or no cannot it is terribly noxious yes esteem I relish many issues but I relish esteem morning curry or rice so I wonderful relish a bit of of bigger than what what medication it give me paracetamol for fever paracetamol for fever and for difficulty oh yes yes yes bang what’s this Oh your your joints hurt oh yeah that’s yeah again that’s the the same symptoms of dengue fever even supposing mine mine used to be in my shoulders but but they are saying it gets to your joints in fact noxious with mysteries sport so how long were you sick how many days you stop home 88 days yeah after after eight days I receive I in fact feel better but I will’t esteem dot o rash Rasch wonderful esteem after which when I will me I in fact feel esteem I cannot sleep all night rash esteem if you’ve got what form of motorbike you wish – yes she’s so dramatic and I esteem I in fact feel huh please I don’t yeah and now the entire lot okay yeah yeah oh but I quiet conception from this day quiet in most cases when I stroll I stand very long time I receive to your knees and it took me about 10 days to receive over the noxious part and about one other week to in fact feel fashioned so for me two weeks yeah yeah but I’ve never met anyone that had chikungunya she’s never had thingy fever but we can inform it’s the the same difficulty rash I didn’t comprise the rash on this final stress that I had but the first stress of dengue I had the rash on my head and my arms and legs field first I mediate for tons of of us but now not identical now not identical mosquito no no it’s diverse mosquito but quiet now not wonderful but wonderful to let if you happen to receive dengue fever or chikungunya you’re gonna comprise fever rash and difficulty rush to the physician to seek out out which one you’ve got because dengue fever will be deadly chikungunya is the the same symptoms but you wonderful don’t know and yeah I receive up I in fact feel esteem I’m C then xn ah perchance oh yeah you will mediate because working in a restaurant esteem here and sooner than with many Chinese language here any minute and we were wonderful talking this day in regards to the spread of that because rumors are going in every single net page about programs to contact that so that you simply conception first day oh my food succor mi di verona virus yeah i must advance back rush to work ten o’clock morning to recent zealand but came to assailant but when i receive up i wonderful cried to my family esteem esteem I write to my on but you cannot I cannot I cannot what I need it’s it’s so noxious yeah here cannot starting up I yeah again that image I showed you over it it is paint is terribly painful and paracetamol it’s now not that wonderful but you might perchance perchance well also’t expend ibuprofen with dengue fever because it bends your blood now not particular about chikungunya I will’t prescribe the rest for chikungunya but they gave you a pair of cinema it’s something else okay wonderful wonderful paracetamol that’s all but I secure esteem I attain exclaim me programs to I’d esteem I don’t know what they call but this medication esteem the made of herb in Thailand yeah it’s wonderful with coconut I mediate I drink coconut and expend medication collectively but I notify about this day I receive better and yeah I cannot for our and can’t rush out work she feels so noxious are you able to watched that man might perchance perchance now not keep in touch English four years ago you might perchance perchance well also now not keep in touch English for you and now you retain in touch impossible English who’s wonderful trainer malinka I only educate you Prick yeah you tease me I educate you out of shame but you Jean Tom tonight you might perchance perchance well even be issues out on every day basis you might perchance perchance well even be ting Tong every second at any time when on every day basis and her little little one Oh in fact advance soon your daughter comes back soon yeah I will to switch to the absolute you might perchance perchance well also advance that’s immense that’s wonderful news Cuddy she’s this Paul perchance now perchance we’ll nearly identical in fact oh my god properly guys we’re gonna rush I wonderful wished to let from a Thai person what it’s esteem this speaks impossible English she’s very stress-free if you guys receive down here and over to Thailand advance to Phuket advance to Kerala advance to Danny’s net page and meet this loopy wonderful braces matching yeah what would I in fact comprise Chima Mon oh perchance too long how long you’ve got two years now two years now three three years now braces are very very classic over here thanks for looking out at advance seals advance inform good day she’s going to be here silly legend silly legend silly legend silly legend silly legend silly legend silly legend silly legend I don’t are making an strive to receive Corolla no kissing no corona bye [Music] [Music]

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  • March 8, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    I hear they’ve canceled Songkran in Pattaya attributable to of Covid-19 virus. How about Phuket / Kamala Seaside/ PaTong save?

  • March 8, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    I had rooster madras fever once,you have a tendency to win a if truth be told sore rectumwith it

  • March 8, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Thankfully the Correctly being care is moderately correct over right here. Moral confusing. I prefer to prepare ny lab results from Switzerland most interesting to chat to a health care provider

  • March 9, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    Why attain of us spend tablets to decrease a fever when a fever is an auto response for your immune system to fight the an infection!

  • March 10, 2020 at 7:39 am

    Appears to be like admire all americans who goes to Thailand gets very ill. Even the younger 20 something YouTubers.


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