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[WayV-log] poTENtial up! In Thailand 1

[WayV-log] poTENtial up! In Thailand 1

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Howdy, Beautiful afternoon Precise now I am in Thailand, Bangkok.
and the the rationalization why I am right here is attributable to
I correct obtained my first MCing job in Thailand
so I will likely be running a mutter called Meals Truck War
on my bear this week
I will mutter you guys my apt talking abilities in Thai
and also you guys are gonna be amazed
Haha I am joking
And right here is my room
I’ll present you with guys a tour interior my room
and right here is my bedroom
Satisfactory. Let me mutter you guys this
So right here’s a discover from my room
Very beautiful
You may seemingly per chance well see this intelligent blue colored sky
This room is gorgeous silent
so I will switch on some tune
I will save apart my digital camera correct right here
I am going out bye bye. Survey you later
Howdy, correct now it is 8PM
I am now in
Chanthaburi, Thailand
Right here’s our…
I mean,
my clothes
Dresses that I will wear for the published
This dress is uncommon
Or not it is my first time being an MC
so I indubitably feel very chuffed and honored
Let’s follow
You are indulge in a official
Pause I get out about official?
You indubitably feel indulge in a official
Own you ever extinct a jumpsuit?
Yes, I the truth is own one
No, I mean
Abet in our dorm, I the truth is own one among those jump…
Ah, it is seemingly you’ll seemingly per chance own one jumpsuit?
I the truth is own one jumpsuit
Clothe is 件(jiàn) (in Chinese)
“I the truth is own one jumpsuit”
Trousers are 条(tiáo) (in Chinese)
Trousers are 条(tiáo) (in Chinese)
All americans, be cautious as smartly!
Trousers are 条(tiáo) (in Chinese)
Clothe is 件(jiàn) (in Chinese)
That is correct
Or not it is scorching
The climate in Thailand is…
from 12 in the morning unless 12AM…
From noon unless 5PM
5PM, 5: 30PM, afternoon
Or not it is particularly warmth
After that,
there isn’t this form of thing as a solar and the wind blows lots
This skill that of there isn’t this form of thing as a solar
There may be no solar however…
When the solar is gone,
the climate is fine
Or not it is not that scorching
I will mutter you my room later
Bye bye
Right here’s my room
Let me mutter you
Or not it is beautiful
Very intelligent
Switch on the lights on attributable to I am skittish of the darkish
Let’s own a take a examine the john
You may seemingly per chance well not spin over the john
Survey you tomorrow
I am not tired
Or not it is fun
I am now at Kungwiman beach
I indubitably prefer to shoot a scene
so I got right here right here
I will play
and celebrate
Cherish, playing in water
Kungwiman beach
I am your recordsdata for at the present time
Deliver time~
That, that
How design you name it
I would like to follow that thing, that protects you from the solar…
Sunscreen, I would like to follow that
Reach contrivance
Observe me
They’re taking photographs
Very sunny
Demand at the solar correct now
It seems to be to be to be like indubitably scorching, correct?
But it indubitably’s the truth just isn’t
The wind is de facto strong
Or not it is frosty
Very frosty
I am not done but
Survey you later~

12 thoughts on “[WayV-log] poTENtial up! In Thailand 1

  • August 15, 2020 at 5:59 pm

    Ten labored laborious so noteworthy, i’m now not asserting he deserves the total like however i said it on yarn of he deserves it

  • August 18, 2020 at 11:21 am

    I essentially beget such a delicate place for ten. He has reach a protracted manner and likewise it’s in all probability you’ll perchance perchance also discover his war fully made him stronger. I truly wish the very perfect things for this cutie. Hold tough Ten, we like you!!

  • August 20, 2020 at 11:48 pm

    Does any individual know the name of the song he performed in the starting? Please?Edit: Somebody said Gone by N'Sync


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