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Walking Street

I’m Going To Pattaya’s Walking Street. Where Do I Go First?

Once the sun goes down, Walking Street comes alive. It is very similar to Las Vegas in that you can’t really appreciate it until dark. That is when all of the neon lights bring the street to life.

So, what can you do on Walking Street? You can live there if you want. There are some hotels and guest houses on the main drag and along the side streets. Hopefully you don’t mind loud noises or people partying until 4 in the morning. I prefer to get a room a few blocks away and walk over.

You have flown half way around the world and have survived the taxi ride from Bangkok to Pattaya. You checked in to your hotel room, took a nap and showered. You are ready to go out and party.

Whatever you choose to do on Walking Street, you won’t be disappointed. Similar to Vegas, the action continues as long as it is dark.

The parties go on and on all night long. A little online research may let you know when parties are going on and this will make your visit even better.

You will have many choices and opportunities on Walking Street. From beer bars to hostess bars to go-go’s, you will have the time of your life. Don’t worry about you age or your looks, as long as you have enough money, you will have a great time.

Have a great time and be safe. Enjoy your Pattaya stay and experience the craziness of Walking Street.

Just before the entrance of Walking Street, on the right or water side of the road, is a beer bar complex with about 20 bars. They are all very tiny rectangles with 5 – 15 girls inside of each one. Drinks are cheap, competition is ferocious, and the place is a lot of fun.

If it is still light out, you may want to start out with a bite of food at any of the street vendors or visit one of the many beer bars.

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What Is There To Do On Walking Street?

You friends have told you that the place to go first is Walking Street. You have confirmed this at some of the Pattaya forums you visited before you left home. You are ready, but, where do you go first.

Walking Street is very easy to get to by foot or baht bus. Any baht bus on beach road will take you right to the entrance of the Golden Mile. Don’t get there too early or you will think I am crazy.

There is very little to do except shop for souvenirs or tailor made clothes during daylight hours.

Or, you can always go and visit one of the many go-go’s on Walking Street. There are any places to go to see eye candy. Be warned that the music will be louder, prices will be higher and the girls will be more expensive.

Attitudes may reign or you may get lucky and find a good lady. You can also have dinner. There are many great restaurants on Walking Street. My favorite is King Seafood. Fresh seafood on ice or still swimming is available for you to choose. Your lobster, crab or fish is weighed and you pay the going rate. You tell the waitress how you want it prepared and then sit down and have a drink.

A bar that may be hot at 10 PM may be deserted at 11. You may have a blast at a particular beer bar one night, and ask yourself why you went there the next night. It is a crapshoot and you just have to move around and find a bar that suits you.

You will enjoy the breeze off of Pattaya Bay and enjoy the view of the ships on the water. Before your beer is finished, you platter of seafood will arrive. And it will be absolutely delicious.

You can also visit the hundred or so bars that dot Walking Street and the side sois. You can choose from beer bars, hostess bars, go-go bars, and bars with live music. Whichever bar you choose, you should be able to have a good time. If you happen to hit a bar that isn’t happening, finish you drink and move on to the next one.

Describing Walking Street is sort of like trying to explain Las Vegas to someone who has never been. You really have to experience it in person to get the full effect. It is hard to describe the sights, sounds and smells of Pattaya and Walking Street. You will just have to save your money, book you flight, and get to Pattaya and enjoy it for yourself.

Check out Walking Street in South Pattaya and have a blast. Just be careful out there.

No cars, truck or motorcycles (well, some motobikes sneak in), make getting around on foot relatively easy. You can walk, run, or crawl from bar to restaurant to go-go all night long.

If the sun has set and it is a bit darker out, it is time to check out the hostess bars. There are 3 or 4 of them on or near Walking Street and all are worth a look. The FLB Bar, Secrets, and Lennie’s come to mind. All are laid back and cater to the older gentleman. The music is good, prices are reasonable, and the girls are friendly.

Walking Street is located in Pattaya, Thailand on the southern end of the city. It is about one mile long and the police block off the entrance to vehicle traffic at 7 PM every night.
There are other beet bars scattered about but not in such a large grouping. But, if you like it a little quieter and cheaper, then beer bars are for you.

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