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Village Meals in Thailand – UNIQUE BLACK CHICKEN!! | Most attention-grabbing Thai Meals in Trang (ตรัง), Thailand

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TRANG, THAILAND – Welcome to Trang, in Southern Thailand and the dinky and edifying village of Baan Khao Lak (บ้านเขาหลัก). Alongside with that specialise in kayaking down the river in the jungle, the village neighborhood is home to a original breed of sad chicken. The chicken is a mix of an Indonesian sad chicken plus just a few Thai chicken breeds, which had been co-breeded to design a in actuality original and edifying chicken. They’ve two styles of sad chicken, one which’s entirely sad, including the organs and bones and feathers. However the one we tried, and the one they’re most known for has white feathers, however the comfort of the chicken is entirely sad – including the bones.

At the village, the girl’s in the neighborhood cooked us an unparalleled array of edifying Southern Thai food the employ of this original sad chicken. The main dish was a Thai curry including comparatively just a few curry paste, original galangal, sad chicken, and coconut milk. The next dish they made was a sad chicken soup with turmeric.

I used to be factual amazed at the effective of the sad chicken, and we in actuality ate a sad rooster. The meat was unbelievably tasty, and the feel is what in actuality stood out. Lean, chewy however no longer overly so, flavorful with every chunk, and as they exclaim, with original smartly being and antioxidant properties.

Thanks to the Baan Khao Lak (บ้านเขาหลัก) for internet hosting us for this original sad chicken meal skills. Right here is the pickle: https://goo.gl/maps/RxgshnKddsYgvD3W7

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