Touring Thailand / Ducati Multistrada 950 / MotoGeo Adventures

@MotoGeo returns to Thailand on the Ducati Multistrada 950 and travels via the comely North East residing, Thailand’s hidden secret.

Drawn to riding in Thailand with DART Asia:
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Our community rides over however it surely’s no longer over for us, let’s hobble!
I am sweating buckets!
I truly like Thailand, every person rides.
Now I’ve got a job
Monsoon time, it’s bucketing down
For this bound I’d head befriend to Thailand in Asia to witness extra about this tremendous nation
My Run might per chance be on the pleasurable Ducati Multistrada 950
and I could meet up with the DART Asia bound touring company to search out the comely Northeast residing
DART Asia adventures is the brainchild of this man
Kevin is an avid motorcyclist from the US who fell in like with this nation and wished to piece it with the field
Others on the high-tail might per chance be a couple of of his visitors and colleagues from the US and Ducati Thailand
Individually I became correct excited to be befriend
in Thailand I would had a transient style of it
after I rode the motorway of a thousand corners
It’s miles a magical plan and I became
enthusiastic to witness extra
It’s additionally a nation that correct loves motorbikes.
They primarily all high-tail low-powered, cheap to traipse and accumulate step-throughs
and usually you glimpse many family on correct one bike
it’s correct a technique of existence right here and I fully prefer it!
Our high-tail will swiftly put off us out of the
metropolis and into the geographical region
and that’s when the magic unfolds because the roads accept twistier, much less traveled
and you accept to glimpse the pure class of this nation
Right here’s impossible correct it’s unending
unending valleys the class right here is, it’s prominent
The hillsides right here, it appears as if
every person’s farming their land
What enact you earn? It’s shapely damn ethical!
We then persisted extra up the valley and
towards original native food and extra tremendous views
So now we admire correct loved the comely lunch
Now we admire correct attain to this espresso store
The uncover is prominent right here.
On the desk are these puny balls of fruit
They attain with fairly a exhausting shell, peel that befriend
Okay so right here’s Lamyai
It’s got a exhausting pip in the center don’t enjoy that
Oh man, the style it’s correct like a melon
Cherish a cantaloupe
So right here’s Somo, right here’s like an orange with no skin
Oh my goodness me that’s ethical
Oh wow, so I correct ate that, it sounds as if
Oh like truly peel it, oh I accept it now. The skin is so sophisticated!
Right here’s impossible, right here’s exhausting work to accept into
Worth your total effort, right here’s shapely
After a important lunch we then met some locals
and took our time to revel in the environment
In this residing the roads are correct tremendous
the unending farmed valleys and roads that
traipse via them,
leave you gobsmacked around correct about every nook.
The panorama is impossible and it’s correct a pleasure to high-tail right here
however we’re additionally right here in July and its height monsoon season
so a each day downpour or two is to be anticipated
and when it rains, it truly rains
which provides you two alternate choices high-tail on and accept
wet or call in it the closest espresso store
and we happily chose the espresso
store possibility extra usually than no longer!
So the heavens admire opened however it surely’s no longer
all unsightly news it’s soundless heat and the rain
is hot, it’s make of like having a bathe
We’re right here on the Magic Mountain cafe, I’ve got myself a espresso.
Search at that, what a uncover!
Thailand is soundless.
We’re factual up right here in the east nook of Thailand
and all over the keep the keep we end is shapely
After the bathe had passed we then headed befriend towards town
to hobble and search recommendation from the first of three temples.
As we wished to accept a nearer uncover at these
impossible buildings
and be taught extra about the Thai tradition
We’ve correct attain correct into a town called Nan
We’ve called in right here at a local supermarket
Search at this! Right here’s motorbike parking on the supermarket
In Europe in The United States what would we glimpse,
Autos all over the keep the keep and likely one or two motorbikes if we’re lucky
Right here in Thailand the car parking keep is correct
paunchy of bikes and there’s no longer any longer many autos
I truly like Thailand the truth that they high-tail so
many motorbikes is impossible every person rides
So we’re right here at Wat Rong Khun Thailand’s most well-known Chapel as that you might glimpse is the handiest
one with no coloration. Fully beautiful
and it appears like one thing out of a fairy legend
It appears this has truly been in
building for over 50 years
Oh man, this better be worth it
Oh yes it became well worth it, uncover at that!
After visiting some tremendous mountain
ranges and temples we then acknowledged goodbye
to the community because the Thai riders would
now head befriend towards Bangkok and the
People would head dwelling
Kevin gave me the tricks on locations to high-tail
and now I would hobble it by myself
So that’s it, our community high-tail’s over
the guys are heading befriend to the airport now
however it surely’s no longer over for us now we admire soundless got
a couple of extra days right here in Thailand
so we’re gonna keep on with it and uncover solo
Cannot wait, let’s hobble!
It became now time to revel in these sparkling biking roads
and high-tail towards our first scenic end
First off, an gracious wanting waterfall and it
did no longer put off long sooner than any other native
bikers came to hobble to to search out on the mighty
Ducati and
They correct loved this bound machine
Further down the motorway and we passed by regarded as one of many hundreds of paddy fields which might per chance well be right here in Thailand
It’s tremendous to essentially glimpse how they
farm the self-discipline and originate the rice
After I chanced on a local exterior food market
I correct needed to end
Let’s hobble and glimpse what they promote in and are attempting a couple of of
these native delicacies
They essentially enact enjoy correct about every section
of the animal right here in Thailand
Diminutive or no appears to hobble to raze
Oh uncover at these insects, well I guess I must soundless are attempting some. Bon Appetit!
It’s no longer that unsightly, I earn I could admire one other
Different, fairly tasty
That bug wasn’t too unsightly, I would to boot are attempting the others
That one correct popped in my mouth
It became like a zit! Oh yeah that’s no longer as ethical!
As I rode previous the native village it became
a important time to dull factual down
Check out a neighborhood and glimpse what’s around
A roadside snack, now we admire deep fried banana
Greasy, fried, crunchy.
I mean correct put off a truly healthy fruit and do it
unhealthy, delicious!
Buy me up espresso, she did no longer even expect of
me if I needed sugar, however I positively got a ton of that
Wow that puts Starbucks to shame
That is tremendous, sweet, strong
After quite of pit end I then continue
via this national park situation
and proper loved the roads
In every in every village there’s at
least one motorbike repair store as they
must dangle all of the bikes running on town
so I called in at one for a snappy uncover around
Just on the native storage
Search at them for brake pads, no meat on those at all
they positively got their money’s worth
These bikes, they’re all over the keep the keep it appears
that quite quite rather a lot of substances are interchangeable
tremendous to glimpse so many motorbikes and
uncover at this spare substances all over the keep the keep
Pretty roads and surroundings hyperlink all of
these little villages haha what fun
Utilizing out of town and but once more I
rode previous hundreds of paddy fields
however this time the workers were on their
lunch smash, so I believed it became a important
time to end glimpse if I might well by some capacity
keep up a correspondence and glimpse extra of this line of
work and how they enact it
It’s sweltering hot, beautiful humid, these folks admire
correct given us a banana and a few soundless
fruit right here, tremendous! Lunch time on the paddy self-discipline
They correct initiate befriend at work
and they also’re planting the rice take a look at this out
They admire to keep me to work, this one’s peril!
I’m regarded as one of many staff now man!
I’ve now got a job
Thank you!
I became now getting shut to the Laos-Thailand border
and about as far north as I might well hobble
Now we would head south
and high-tail towards extra hidden treasures
So we’re in the northern section of Thailand
and we’re on the Laos border
What a border control uncover how cool that appears
We’re no longer going to be going any extra
we’re going to be staying in soundless Thailand
The geographical region on this northern sector
is dramatic, it’s correct fully
soundless to high-tail around right here
non-end soundless surroundings
So one ingredient that you is also no longer wanting
in Thailand is temples, however this one
appears to be fairly quirky, some comparatively huge statues and a few lively art work
Let’s hobble put off a expect around
There’s soundless carvings all over the keep the keep
now we admire a local man right here who’s correct
chipping away making the stuff and he
tells us right here’s what he’s made earlier
Search on the eye to detail on this
There’s tremendous, tremendous creativity right here
folks correct working away with their hands
it’s soundless to glimpse
We stumbled on extra statues by the aspect of the
motorway because the tip of the day neared and
it had been an comely day, big roads and
surroundings and the experiences in the
market and the paddy fields were correct unforgettable
I will be succesful to not watch for the following day
Rural village existence welcomed us the following morning
and but once more I got befriend into discovering extra
as we now made our technique south
then befriend towards Chiang Mai
Oh it became a humid day which for sure meant
rain at some level, however factual now
let’s revel in these soundless roads
I am sweating buckets, it’s humid, it’s sticky at instances
however there’s hundreds of locations correct like this
where that you might accept pleasurable food
pleasurable drinks and take care of hydrated
so we’re correct going to pop in accept a feed
and positively accept a drink!
I don’t smell too ethical both
however howdy, whatever stinky biker!
Actually cooked on the aspect of the motorway
soundless food and a tantalizing initiate to the day
I will be succesful to no longer accept sick of Thai food, luscious
Bought some ice that’s like condensed milk beautiful sweet soundless, for sure ice-chilly
Yummy, orange, positively accept regarded as such a
More big roads after the refreshments
and fun on the motorway
however after I seen this fruit stand as we rolled correct into a village, I correct needed to end
There’s hundreds of soundless original fruit and the proprietor became
beautiful apt and for sure he loved
the Multistrada
Now let’s accept befriend on the motorway and hobble
and search recommendation from some animals that will correct
like these bananas
So we’re right here on the elephant sanctuary
got my bananas, let’s give them a feed
and a few sugarcane, awww, desire some sugarcane?
No extra bananas
Wow what a important journey!
however now it became time to accept befriend on the motorway
to expect for added delights
As I rode via this dense tree-lined
situation I seen one thing from the roadside
so let’s hobble put off this path and glimpse
where it leads
So from the roadside deep in the jungle
we seen a small puny spike protruding
and we adopted this path for a couple of
miles deeper and deeper into the jungle
and uncover at what we stumbled on
We’re right here, no one else is, fairly surreal
Thailand it’s paunchy of surprises
So one ingredient you positively going to accept in
Thailand in monsoon season is rain!
We accept it each day, it dumps plenty again
after which humidity is long previous and it’s bone dry again
We’re running into some weather factual now
You truly need this, which is a rain jacket
and rain pants because when it dumps
it dumps tall! Jacket on ,let’s hobble for a high-tail
Also the roads right here in Thailand when
it’s wet are truly, truly greasy
so you should soundless hear, put off care and
positively take care of off the paint
Monsoon time, it’s bucketing down
Right here’s a couple of of the worst weather I’ve ever ridden in
so we correct pulled off the motorway taking
safe haven, we’re striking out right here with some locals
This is in a position to per chance also need been an
unscheduled pit end however it surely became additionally a
big opportunity to but once more meet
some locals and this man became additionally
wearing in England Beckham soccer shirt
so once he knew I became English I became soon in the crowd
Aww the rain lasted an ethical hour, however as
the monsoon rains passed and it began to
lighten up quite, motorbikes but once more
hit the motorway and we were soon on our technique
Now I would high-tail up and into the clouds
For the first time now we admire stumble upon a
chilly residing in Thailand and it’s because
it’s far the finest level, we’re right here in the clouds
Spectacular though, truly soundless!
On the technique befriend down it soon warmed up
and commenced to determined,
so I called in to glimpse one other waterfall
So we’re right here at a fully tall waterfall
Search at that! It’s been bucketing down via some substances of the day and right here’s where it’s achieved
The water is gushing down, it’s fairly brown thanks to the amount of water that’s coming down right here.
Inconceivable, Thailand, pure class
Further down the mountain and I would
then high-tail towards a extremely queer plan
now correct one hour far from Chiang Mai
they call this the village of handicraft
So we’re right here in the village of Bantawai
Now this plan specializes in handcraft items
All the pieces queer is right here
some truly lively issues so
let’s take a look at out quite quite rather a lot of these stores and
glimpse what we are going to have the option to search out
Search at this cool puny ingredient it’s like a
mini cafe racer, tremendous
Now as I arrive on the tip of my Thailand
bound this became for sure a important time
to think on many sparkling moments
as over the closing week I’ve made sleek visitors
rode via unending pure class and
tasted some beautiful meals
Thailand is an comely nation with many hidden gemstones
and riding via it on the Ducati Multistrada 950 has been a factual pride
Thanks DART Asia for a sparkling bound
I will be befriend!
You correct glimpse how grand I am sweating right here
yeah I am positively sweating

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    Implausible inconceivable video. Kindly digicam work, unbelievable cinematography, suited narration, suited story. I loved this video so completely. The improbable and savory, beautiful nation and folks of Thailand, they made the lunge so mighty more worth whereas. Thank you for this.

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    Thank you for doing Thailand proud.Esteem the Multistrada, nonetheless will potentially settle and regulate a Honda CB500X, even though the unique RE Interceptor 650 and Triumph twins are also on the list.

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    Colossal film that shows Thailand and the presenter in a sizable gentle. Thank you.

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