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Top 5 Thai STREET FOOD Noodle Dishes to Strive in Bangkok, Thailand – with Mike Chen!

Join Mike Chen and I as we take into myth 5 Thai food noodle dishes!
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Mike and I made up my thoughts to head on a Thai avenue food noodles tour, where we tried 5 various kinds of Thai avenue food noodle dishes in one day. Mike became as soon as in Bangkok visiting from Unique York, and we bought along very wisely – both of us are food lovers, and both of us are a bit enthusiastic about spice.

Right here are the restaurants where we ate in the Thai avenue food noodle tour of Bangkok.

1. Wattana Panich (วัฒนาพานิช) – This situation is well-known for serving braised crimson meat noodles, and most importantly for his or her massive everlasting cauldron of simmering meat that by no manner stops. Their traditional bowl of crimson meat noodles is a bit dear because of the the home and reputation, then again it’s so correct. Ought to you’re more adventurous you might well per chance also also strive their Soup Amount 5, and the goat soup which is out of the ordinary.

Kuay teow neua tukyang (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อทุกอย่าง crimson meat noodles with every little thing)
Soup number 5 (ตัวเดียวอันเดียวแพะ bull penis soup)
Sup peh (ซุปแพะ braised goat soup)
Total designate – 765 THB ($22.01)

2. Nay Lao Radna Yodpak (นายเหลา ราดหน้ายอดผัก) – At this microscopic restaurant you’ll win one among the very best variations of Thai pad be conscious ew in all of Bangkok. It’s smoky, beefy of flavor, and the egg makes it impossible.

Pad be conscious ew sen yai (ผัดซีอิ๊วเส้นใหญ่)
Pad be conscious ew sen mee paem kai jeow (ผัดซีอิ๊วเส้นหมี่เพิ่มไข่เจียว)
Sen yai radna (เส้นใหญ่ราดหน้า)
5 bowls of noodles – 275 THB ($7.91)

3. Kuay Teow Reua Khon Mee Sen (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือคนมีเส้น) – Boat noodles are doubtlessly one among the most in the neighborhood novel Thai avenue food noodle of preference in Bangkok. We went to a situation that’s a bit a long way out, then again it became as soon as dazzling correct. There are also many places to relish boat noodles within Bangkok.

Kuay teow reua nam tok moo (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือน้ำตกหมู)
Worth – 10 THB ($0.29) per bowl

4. Uan Bamee Giew Guangdong (อ้วน บะหมี่เกี๊ยว (กวางตุ้ง) – For years now, this has been one among my non-public favorite Thai avenue food stalls in Bangkok for Thai Chinese language egg noodles.

Bamee giew moo daeng haeng (บะหมี่เกี๊ยวหมูแดงแห้ง)
Worth – 40 THB ($1.15) per bowl

5. Pad Thai Je Tim (ผัดไทยเจ๊ติ๋ม) – To be factual, we selection of upright ran out of time, and wished to clutch the toddler home to sleep, so we weren’t in a situation to relish an even bigger version of Pad Thai. This situation became as soon as dazzling moderate, then again it accomplished off our 5 Thai noodles tour of Bangkok. For an even bigger Pad Thai, I’d counsel: https://www.youtube.com/stare?v=oOaw7rVV0AA

Pad Thai goong sod (ผัดไทยกุ้งสด)
Pad Thai haw kai (ผัดไทยห่อไข่)
Total designate – 95 THB ($2.73)

Thank you for watching, hope you loved this Thai avenue food noodles tour of Bangkok!

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– Hello, all americans, it be Mark Wiens.
I am inserting out with Mike Chen.
– What’s up, guys?
– He’s an fabulous food lover.
And we’re gonna clutch you on
a noodle tour of Bangkok.
we’re gonna relish one of the most fundamental perfect noodles
and a wisely-rounded
diversity of Thai noodles.
– Noodles are one among my favorite issues
and we both admire appealing food as wisely.
– Certain, we kind.
– So, I have faith we’re gonna
obtain along dazzling wisely.
– Or no longer it’s gonna be an expansive day.
(upbeat music)
On this video, Mike and I
are taking you on an improbable
Thai avenue food noodle tour of Bangkok,
where you will take into myth five
various Thai noodle dishes
that you simply kind no longer want to miss
consuming must you are in Thailand.
We needed to open this tour with
one thing massive and elegant.
And I am speaking about one among
the most spectacular, massive,
bubbling pans of meat
yow will detect in Bangkok.
Essentially the most fundamental restaurant, this
situation is known as Wattana Panich.
And this example is well-known in Bangkok
for his or her crimson meat noodles,
their braised crimson meat noodles,
Chinese language-Thai type and
the very best imaginable dispute,
or the icon of this restaurant is their,
it be almost fancy a jacuzzi
of this everlasting bubbling
crimson meat parts and juices and oils and fats.
– That became as soon as the craziest issues
I’ve viewed in Bangkok to this level.
And there could be various
parts of cow in there.
– You might well per chance be conscious every little thing.
Ought to you upright gaze across
the floor of that pan
you be conscious crimson meat chunks, you be conscious
tripe, you be conscious intestines,
you be conscious various unknown parts.
– [Mike] And likewise you are telling
me that this dispute is,
fancy, everlasting.
– Yeah, they by no manner flip off the fireplace.
Which brews beneath there.
Right here’s known as kuay teow neua tukyang.
So it be crimson meat noodles with every little thing.
There is some crimson meat balls in there.
And it also contains both
braised crimson meat and besides unique crimson meat.
– [Mike] So I imply, kind
they’ve sizzling oil here?
– They kind no longer beget sizzling oil.
Typically the Thai seasonings
is chili vinegar.
Chili flakes and fish sauce.
All upright, let’s trudge in for the broth.
You might well per chance be conscious how thick and rich that’s.
– Oh, that’s fatty, that’s fatty.
– [Mark And Mike] Cheers, man.
– Oh my God, that’s, whoa.
– Oh, it be correct.
– That dispute, that dispute,
that broth can beget ample cash
to skim top quality, that’s how rich it’s.
I imply, wow.
– Oh, man.
Or no longer it’s fancy, you might well per chance in actuality
taste fancy the fatty collagen
thickness of that, man.
– I almost needed to chew that broth.
– Soup number five.
Soup number five.
Right here it’s.
The soup number five.
– I kind no longer know what which manner.
But I am a bit apprehensive.
It seems, I be conscious Chinese language
herbs in there already.
But I am inflamed, I am inflamed.
Irrespective of you are bringing out, I will relish it.
– [Mark] Okay, so might well per chance still we
season our noodles first?
Then we are in a position to proceed on with the various.
– [Mike] How kind you usually
season your noodles?
– [Mark] Typically, this
is upright beaten up chilis,
marinated in vinegar.
– [Mike] I be conscious that a
lot here in Thailand.
– [Mark] Typically, kind you fancy it bitter?
– [Mike] I kind.
– [Mark] I fancy it bitter, so.
– [Mike] Thank you, yeah.
Load it in, entirely.
– [Mark] Potentially fancy.
– [Mike] Yeah, entirely.
– Scoops of that.
Typically this just is not any longer in actuality appealing.
But it be upright fragrant.
And the spice comes from
the floor crimson chili.
So that is more for sourness.
– After which we bought the heat coming up.
I am fancy, I upright shovel it in.
Or no longer it’s k.
– [Mark] Typically about two scoops or so.
Two scoops might well per chance still kind it.
– [Mike] Right here’s where
issues obtain elegant.
– Oh, demand at that.
You might well per chance be conscious the colour of
that broth upright goes from
that sad brown coloration
to fancy a maroon almost.
– Oh.
That upright made it magical.
That’s ridiculous.
You realize, it has the total parts I fancy.
Flavorful, it be vinegary.
Man, that crimson meat is flavorful.
That crimson meat is in actuality flavorful.
– [Mark] Did you are attempting the braised crimson meat?
– Yeah.
I imply, I have faith I had a
portion with a bit bit
of tendon in there.
But this portion seems
in actuality braised in actuality.
– Oh yeah.
Oh the braised crimson meat is so gentle.
That broth, yeah you upright gotta drink it.
– I am no longer even being civilized here.
– Or no longer it’s a long way so correct.
– [Mike] Let’s pass on
to our 2nd merchandise here.
– [Mark] Okay.
– [Mike] What’s going to we bought here?
– I have faith this one is goat.
After which this one is bull penis.
Soup number five.
– Oh, so that is the mysterious soup.
I knew that the manner you
said that I became as soon as fancy,
number five, I have faith
one thing is off with that.
– Are we going straight in here?
Or might well per chance still we taste the soup first.
– Okay, let’s taste the soup first.
– Let’s taste the soup first.
– Ease our manner in.
– Ease our manner in.
– It’s terribly thick.
– Okay.
– Okay, the soup is correct.
– [Mark] Oh, it be correct.
Or no longer it’s fabulous.
– [Mike] That soup is correct.
– Or no longer it’s a long way so natural.
I have faith lets still trudge in for
bigger and better issues now.
Or no longer it’s in actuality impossible.
– [Mike] I kind no longer know if I
would use the be conscious impossible.
Or no longer it’s various.
– [Mark] Oh, I fancy it in actuality.
– [Mike] Or no longer it’s selection of
fancy, it be in actuality tender.
But no longer too slimy.
– [Mark] A microscopic bit slimy.
– Or no longer it’s a long way a bit slimy.
Or no longer it’s bought a bit aftertaste to it.
Used to be there a bit bitterness to it?
I have faith I am correct with that one bite.
I imply.
– Man, I in actuality admire it.
Almost fancy intestines.
– [Mike] Yeah, much less chewy.
– But even much less chewy.
They’re softer.
Ought to we pass into the various one?
– Yeah, let’s kind it.
Let’s kind a portion of lean meat here.
All upright, frigid.
Yours bought bones in it, you
gotta be a bit cautious.
– Yeah, yeah.
I will form of nibble across the bones here.
– [Mike] I am upright gonna
one bite this dispute.
– Oh.
– Oh, that’s advantageous.
– Oh, that upright melts in your mouth.
– That’s mountainous.
– After that elegant bowl of
crimson meat noodles and that soup,
we, Mike and I are upright here
admiring the jacuzzi of crimson meat.
– [Mike] Or no longer it’s fancy
watching a meaty sunset.
You can not demand away.
– I might well per chance upright sight
into that every particular person day prolonged.
They usually in actuality use a shovel.
To fancy pickle off all of that tubby elephantine
that’s doubtlessly caramelized
on the underside of the pan.
– You can not beget it burned, so.
– Or no longer it’s upright the cycle of
flavor that by no manner ends.
(upbeat music)
We upright made it to the following restaurant.
Mike, we’re gonna relish here pad be conscious ew.
Cherish a fried noodles with soy sauce.
Thick noodles, yup.
– Oh, I am inflamed.
Is that what other folks call
drunken noodles in the States?
– Or no longer it’s a long way a bit bit
various, but identical noodles.
Same right fancy rice noodles.
Standing here at the
entrance of the restaurant
watching them cook dinner and
assemble the noodles,
and especially watching
him fabricate that pad be conscious ew,
it be upright impossible.
He puts in the egg and
the meat and then upright
scratches it around on
the extraordinarily sizzling wok.
And the smoke upright billows.
In dispute that they in actuality beget a chimney.
They usually’ve fancy fiber glass home windows
so that it blocks in the total smoke.
Otherwise this complete
restaurant would upright
be stuffed with the smoke.
This situation is known as Nay Lao Radna Yodpak.
And this example specializes
in two predominant noodle dishes.
Thought to be one of them is known as radna.
Which is, it be a noodle
dish with gravy sauce.
And the various dish is known as pad be conscious ew.
Which is hotfoot fried Thai
noodles with soy sauce.
This restaurant is upright buzzing upright now.
And partly because we’re here
upright at the lunch time bolt.
– I cannot wait.
Right here’s my first time
consuming a noodle dish I fancy
in the nation of its origin.
– And there could be an egg fried within here.
There is pork, there could be, I be conscious the pork.
– Cheers, my buddy.
– Cheers, man.
– [Mike] Dude.
– [Mark] Oh, the smokiness
of those noodles.
– That is in actuality correct.
I might be factual, I imply, I kind no longer know,
it doesn’t demand fancy mighty.
But holy cow, that flavor.
– You might well per chance upright be conscious a cloud
of smoke that’s rising
from the wok as he is cooking it.
So you impress it be gonna beget that smoky,
that deep smoky flavor.
– That is one thing you
by no manner beget in the U.S.
– I have faith what lets still kind though is,
lets still strive the various pad be conscious ew first.
To fancy review that identical flavor.
Yet any other version of pad be conscious ew.
– [Mike] Yeah, let’s kind it.
– [Mark] Gracious with various noodles.
And with an additional omelet on high.
So it be an additional egg
is continuously a correct advice.
– And a few gailan, for certain.
That became as soon as, can I mutter it?
That became as soon as all about the egg.
The egg is fluffy.
But reasonably of fancy almost fancy
caramelized on the facets.
I imply the noodles are
mountainous, noodles are mountainous.
But that egg became as soon as the well-known particular person.
– All upright, Mike.
Third bowl of noodles,
this one is the radna
which is the gravy sauce with noodles.
So that is fancy a various composition
of a noodle dish here.
– [Mike] Let’s kind it.
– [Mark] And it be a thick gravy.
But then the identical formula.
The identical rice noodles.
The gailan, the pork in here.
– [Mike] I have faith fancy
that’s a frequent theme.
– [Mark] You upright fancy the
stickiness of that sauce.
– Oh.
That pork is ridiculous.
I kind feel fancy this needs some acid.
– [Mark] Yeah.
Vinegar and chilis.
Has to be accomplished.
– [Mike] Or no longer it’s gonna attain all the manner down to that.
– Vinegar.
– Yup.
– Perhaps a couple of more of these chilis.
– Function it.
– After which yeah, the chili.
Hit it with the chili, man.
– [Mike] Let’s fabricate it rain.
– That’s a great rain.
– Oh.
I fancy it.
– Oh yeah.
– [Mike] Okay, so mix it up a bit bit.
Mix it up a bit bit.
– Bag a goo going.
Right here’s one among those noodles
dishes where you simply about
beget to fancy, form of fancy relish it hasty
sooner than it slides out of your spoon.
– Yeah, this just is not any longer gonna
be dazzling, upright announcing.
– [Mark] I fancy it with
the vinegar, though.
We desire them to high this
with any other omelet.
– I have faith so.
That omelet is fancy my
favorite dispute on this dish.
– Oh, oh, that’s correct.
– I fancy them both.
I have faith fancy, I kind no longer know.
How kind you clutch?
Or no longer it’s fancy while you happen to might well well beget two kids,
who kind you clutch?
You wanna retain ’em both.
But I have faith the omelet from
here to this dish upright here,
that’s be my kindly.
– [Mark] Cool.
– [Mike] But this example is unbelievable.
– We ordered his desire.
His dream attain upright.
The broad rice noodles pad be conscious
ew with the omelet on high.
– [Mike] Right here’s elegant,
thanks so mighty
for pondering of me while on the manner.
I have faith that is the dream crew upright here.
– [Mark] That became as soon as correct.
– I am so delighted.
– That pad be conscious ew became as soon as elegant, in actuality.
The smokiness of that charred
flavor of those noodles
became as soon as impossible.
– No no longer up to Thai noodles,
you ruined it for me.
– And we’re on our manner next
to head relish boat noodles.
– [Mike] Oh wow.
– Yup, that is it upright here.
(speaking international language)
To fabricate Thai boat noodles,
they first added some
seasonings to a bowl.
Blanched the rice noodles
in unique morning glory.
And doused it in the thick
unlit and beefy of flavor
pig’s blood broth.
Right here’s the pig’s blood here.
Raw pig’s blood.
– That’s uncooked pig’s blood.
– [Mark] Then she takes it
and then she dumps it into the soup
to reasonably of cook dinner it and
then that makes the broth.
– [Mike] Wow.
– Mike, demand the least bit these boat noodles.
And this restaurant is
known as Khon Mee Sen.
And that is a bit
bit off the overwhelmed route.
Right here’s a restaurant terminate to
to Pad Kret in Nonthaburi,
so we’re doubtlessly about 20
kilometers starting up air of central
downtown Bangkok.
And I’ve been to this
boat noodle restaurant.
But it be doubtlessly been a couple years prior to now.
And again, we bought two various noodles.
We bought the sen lak, which is
the medium sized rice noodle.
And the sen mee which will seemingly be
the skinny rice noodles.
– [Mike] So the broth is extremely thick.
– [Mark] Yeah, you might well per chance, oh man.
Or no longer it’s almost fancy a gravy.
Roughly slurp all of it down
in a one biter, while you happen to resolve to beget.
– Cheers.
– Cheers.
– I will admit.
This upright form of scares me.
‘Net page off blood scares me.
Because I am no longer a vampire.
And I had this in Unique York
where the soup, it became but again soup.
Than fancy saucy noodles.
But this, I cannot in actuality
disclose there could be blood in here.
– The blood in actuality acts to rich it.
And in actuality fancy, for me it
in actuality enhances the flavor.
I fancy it.
And I purchased a massive portion
of liver in that bite.
And while you happen to will seemingly be conscious the liver,
the liver is half uncooked as wisely.
– I be conscious that.
– [Mark] And it be apt.
The liver, it upright melts in your mouth.
– [Mike] With reasonably vinegar.
– [Mark] Oh yeah.
– [Mike] I have faith this can also even be apt.
– [Mark] That it’s likely you’ll beget to, man.
– [Mike] Let me hook you up.
– That it’s likely you’ll beget to, thanks.
Yet any other dispute that enhances,
That I have faith enhances
the boat noodles so wisely
is candy basil.
– Yeah.
– And likewise you might well per chance upright clutch.
You might well per chance both upright scramble it,
otherwise you might well per chance toss some leaves in there.
I’d beget to spoon it on this, man.
– Yeah, yeah.
No, kind what you gotta kind.
– I am gonna spoon it.
So we are in a position to acquire, you might well per chance
maximize the amount we are in a position to acquire
in one single bite.
Oh no, my basil.
– It upright, we gotta upright be definite
we kind no longer leave anything out.
All upright, cheers.
– Cheers.
– That’s unbelievable.
I imply, the flavor is so rich.
And again, no longer, no blood taste the least bit.
– [Mark] Luscious.
Load up with some bean sprouts even.
– That’ll give it some advantageous crunch.
– That basil is where it be at, though.
– [Mike] There you trudge.
– Thank you, man.
These chili flakes are fabulous.
Flow this around.
All upright, next bowl.
– Unbelievable.
– [Mark] Stack up the bowls.
– [Mike] Whoa, is that this pork rind?
– [Mark] You crunch it up
throughout the boat noodles.
And that affords it the
extra crunchy dimension.
– [Mike] Wow.
– And that is the explanation what takes your boat noodles
to a final stage of excellence.
Oh yeah.
– Oh.
That is apt.
– Or no longer it’s fancy a crunch sponge.
All upright.
– [Mike] All upright.
– We upright accomplished with the boat noodles.
That became as soon as extraordinarily enjoyable.
So correct.
– Coma surroundings in.
Boat noodle coma.
– Again, you might well per chance be at liberty
to lean your chair aid, man.
– If I am no longer still here for
about 30 minutes, I am long previous.
– I might be definite to preserve
unsleeping ’cause I am using.
We’re using on our manner
to the following restaurant.
That became as soon as a bit bit of a prolonged power,
but we made it to an home.
This home is known as Saphan Kwai.
– I scent durian.
Gracious now.
– Oh, it be upright there, howdy.
That smells scrumptious.
We’re gonna head over to
what’s one among my favorite
avenue food styles for
bamee, which is egg noodles.
Saphan Kwai is a valid Bangkok
Thai avenue food paradise.
There is quite rather a lot of correct
avenue food in this home.
This situation is known as Uwan
Bamee Giew Guangdong.
And that is one among my favorite
upright straightforward avenue food
restaurants in Bangkok.
He is a master of bamee
which will seemingly be egg noodles.
And he makes the egg noodles
unique himself on daily basis.
He form of fancy loosens the noodles.
He boils them for the
kindly amount of time.
You might well per chance disclose that he is an artist.
He drops them into the bowl.
Then he form of fishes across the soup.
He fishes out some of those dumplings.
After which adds in the various sauces.
I ordered for us the bamee giew moo daeng.
And that is egg noodles
with dumplings in here.
You bought the dinky dumplings.
After which moo daeng is
the, it be the Thai version
of cha siu.
But it be a bit bit various.
Or no longer it’s form of Thai-ified.
– Is there a cause there could be
continuously a fish ball in here?
– There is continuously as a minimum one.
– Cherish one.
There is continuously, we
continuously obtain one fish ball.
– I have faith it be upright that
complete diversity of meats
and every little thing.
And I fancy how he upright form of
handles the noodles artfully
sooner than he blanches them.
He upright, he knows his
noodles so wisely fancy a toddler.
Oh, I fancy it.
– [Mike] I purchased a great
crispy pork pores and skin with mine.
And that offered such
a distinction in texture.
– [Mark] The noodles
are so light and fluffy.
Because they’re so so skinny.
– Or no longer it’s in actuality springy.
In actuality springy.
– [Mark] They kind no longer beget
any of that form of fancy
floury taste.
– The filling is stunning.
– It almost has a bacon taste to it.
– Elegant, elegant.
I wanna strive some of this
soup in there a bit bit.
– Yeah, you might well per chance kind that too.
– Oh yeah, the soup is terribly light.
Very light in flavor.
And I kind no longer know about
you, but at any time when I be conscious
a meat on a bone, my Chinese language instinct
is upright telling me to gnaw on it.
Right here’s one among those bones that,
meats off the bones that the more you chew
the more the flavor releases.
You kind no longer.
– Or no longer it’s upright fancy creamy
porky goodness, man.
– You kind no longer obtain a release of
flavor in this first bite.
But as you chew it, you are fancy, wow.
The depths of the flavor,
it be hidden interior.
– That’s been boiled for a
very very prolonged time, you realize that.
– And I purchased a portion
where I purchased the collagen
so it be microscopic crunchy bones.
– I purchased a bit one thing
gelatinous on that bite.
But they would positively
be higher with some chili.
– [Mike] Oh yeah, yeah.
Heck yeah.
– [Mark] And vinegar.
– [Mike] Heck yeah.
Right here, you resolve to beget a full spoon beefy?
– [Mark] Certain, please.
– [Mike] Thank you.
– [Mark] You wanna build some vinegar?
– [Mike] Yeah, entirely, entirely.
(upbeat music)
And I am gonna trudge ahead and
add this in my broth as wisely.
– [Mark] Oh yeah.
– I am gonna beget my noodles clutch a dive.
And upright there, that’s a 10 pointer.
– Gracious demand at that, the
great thing about these noodles.
All of them beget their very dangle
personality, every noodle.
– [Mike] Or no longer it’s cascading spice upright there.
– [Mark] Yeah, that’s,
oh, that’s elegant.
– [Mike] That’s fancy
a waterfall of beauty.
– [Mark] Oh, man.
– That’s a spice waterfall.
That seemed fabulous.
– What a bite, man, what a bite.
That became as soon as beneficial.
I cherished it.
Every single bite of it.
(speaking international language)
– That became as soon as mountainous.
– What did you judge, Mike?
– That became as soon as doubtlessly the very best egg noodles
I’ve had starting up air of Hong Kong.
– Cool.
– And I fancy every little thing
they threw in there.
(upbeat music)
– We beget now been strolling
around for a microscopic while.
And we in actuality upright
form of ran out of time
to head to more well-known pad thai restaurant.
But there could be this restaurant
that’s very terminate
to where we upright had the egg noodles.
Or no longer it’s known as Pad Thai Je Tim.
I do know nothing about this example.
I’ve by no manner been here.
But let’s test it out.
Let’s be conscious how it’s.
To fabricate pad thai, he
first tossed in some tofu.
A spoonful of dried dinky.
After which a couple of unique dinky.
He then cracked in a couple of eggs.
Let them narrate and sizzle.
Earlier than including in the predominant
pad thai rice noodles.
To season, he added in a
sequence of various sauces
including a candy tangy tamarind sauce.
(upbeat music)
All upright, Mike.
I gotta let you know, pad thai is
no longer in actuality one among my favorite
noodle dishes, Thai noodle dishes.
– But it’s used Thai cuisine.
– Yeah, yeah, it’s novel in Thailand.
But I have faith every now and then it
will get rather more of publicity
because it be so well-known
starting up air of Thailand.
Or no longer it’s a long way a dish, noodle
dish that’s usually more
on the candy facet.
Which is why it be no longer
my preference of a dish.
But it be, it’ll also even be correct.
And I kind no longer relish it that usually.
So it be gonna be correct
to kind that pad thai.
– I am inflamed.
I imply, fancy you said,
it’s in actuality novel.
Or no longer it’s #1 doubtlessly
#1 Thai dish merchandise
that we relish, as a minimum in the U.S.
So I am inflamed to be conscious the disagreement
of amazing version than what now we beget
aid in the States.
Why is that this in a omelet?
– Yeah, so this one is,
it be known as a haw kai.
In dispute that they wrap it in a egg.
Or no longer it’s in actuality it be the
identical create of noodle.
They fried it in the identical batch.
– [Mike] But they wrap it in an omelet.
– [Mark] This one is upright
with dinky but then this one
they wrapped in omelet.
– I have faith fancy that’s dazzling ingenious.
I am gonna reduce this in half
so we are in a position to form of be conscious the anatomy
of this pad thai omelet thingie.
– There is tofu in there.
There is also dried dinky.
As wisely as massive dinky, unique dinky.
Oh yeah.
– Right here we trudge.
That is correct.
– Cherish it?
– You might well per chance give your
verdict, professional verdict.
But to any individual who upright
had pad thai in Thailand
for the predominant time, that’s in actuality correct.
– Cool.
– To me that’s in actuality correct.
I kind no longer know, what kind you judge?
– Or no longer it’s k.
Or no longer it’s k.
But fancy I said, I am no longer expansive on the dish.
Pad thai in the predominant situation.
– But,
in drawl a pad thai,
I do know you kind no longer admire this dish.
But as a dish itself, when compared
to the various ones that you simply would be in a position to beget had
in this nation,
is that this upright k, upright, still?
– I have faith it be k, yeah.
Varied variations which beget again, various fancy
avenue food variations,
they’d beget more of a smoky,
you taste the smoke level on it.
So yeah, I’ve had higher variations.
– So I am gonna clutch a bite
of this banana leaf dispute.
– Oh yeah, that’s correct.
Or no longer it’s chalky.
– Why’s it doing queer
issues to my tongue?
– It has a in actuality chalkiness to it.
And form of a bit bit of a bitterness.
The various pad thai, and this
is upright pad thai goong sod.
Which is upright with unique dinky.
And gotta season that
with the wedge of lime.
– [Mike] Will we use this chili powder?
– Certain, please.
On those peanuts.
All upright.
– Cheers.
– You wanna scramble that with some chives?
– Yeah, yeah, let’s kind it.
– I fancy the chives, man.
– In actuality correct.
– They’re quite refined.
So no longer easiest quite rather a lot of correct noodles,
but that became as soon as quite rather a lot of enjoyable.
Tasting all those
various kinds of noodles.
All in a single day.
What became as soon as your favorite?
– Positively the predominant situation we went to.
– The crimson meat noodles.
– With, especially with the omelet.
Within the broad noodles.
– Oh, the fried noodle one.
– Yeah, yeah, the pad be conscious ew, yeah.
With the omelet on high,
it became as soon as transformative.
– Oh yeah.
Oh, that became as soon as correct.
Oh, I’d almost forgotten about that situation.
How might well per chance I?
– [Mike] Yeah, that became as soon as scrumptious.
– That became as soon as scrumptious.
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Gracious bye from Bangkok, thank
you again for watching.
– Opinion you later.

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