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Sidemen Bali is our absolute approved net web squawk online we visited whereas in Bali, we love it here so mighty. We made up our minds to gallop to a net web squawk online that used to be much less identified so we may perchance well sight the more legit facet of Bali. From the minute we avenue our bike thru the cramped and sleepy villages around Sidemen Valley, we realized we came upon with out a doubt one of Bali’s hidden gems. We stayed at Abian Ayu Villa and we price this as with out a doubt one of presumably the most attention-grabbing Bali motels now we possess stayed in.


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Younger & Free – Scandinavianz

Cold involving film – On & On
this day we are in Seidman in Bali and we
possess correct technique to this resort called a
bein a you and or no longer it’s received we scheme we would
initiating the video here due to received the
most extra special entry from the foyer
correct buy a possess a examine this watch so or no longer it’s
discipline over these are rice fields that’s
in actuality corn but there’s rice fields as
correctly on the paddy fields and correct sight
at this there is a volcano excuse me
volcana what’s the name of the k k
k two years ago we correct see the smoke
the dusky smoke coming from the dwell ah
no challenge but the lava is now not any longer coming
out so or no longer it’s correct esteem a pussy explosion
if they ah yeah
the blended explosion would approach – yeah
good no money to lure you can well presumably also be so we are
about 20 kilometers from the cleaner
good that’s so terrifying
k suppose we’ll buy you down thank you
and verify out the verify out the resort so
when you booked a resort they originate no longer level to
you that I was wondering why the room so
cheap we’re sleeping below packed with life
volcano cheap alright so buy a shuffle
down correct sight at this backyard they’ve
so the handiest thing more comely than
this net web squawk online is sighs k goose is
taking a look oh I are searching to present something
about citrus due to I originate no longer possess the
k we’ll forgive you this time originate no longer
let it happen all any other time k we’ll gallop this
so that they received a edifying infinity pool which
will slightly warmth this day sir
after we accumulate something to eat we’re
gonna gallop verify this pool out for good
sight at that so or no longer it’s orderly fabulous pool
appears out over over to the backyard that’s
fuck let’s accumulate in agreeable components
sight how tremendous suppose is taking a look running
and not utilizing a sneakers thru the resort
gonna rock prolonged presumably the most attention-grabbing thing about
this resort
rather then the infinity pool is additionally a
tiny waterfall around below there oh
yeah sight at this tiny circulate running
thru and it runs in actuality correct past
our room which we’ll level to you now so
that’s it Gardens extra special varied
fish in each and every pond
that runs screwed over here past our
room so we’re gonna possess a edifying good are
gonna possess a in actuality good um sound to
sleep to tonight so our Villa is correct
abet here
so over here you can employ the build aside that
rivers running past
so this is our room
we received I asked for 2 beds due to
we’re no longer married but so suppose we’ll be
sleeping here you’ve a edifying watch and
the thing is when you impress within the hell
esteem a welcome to sis you see and I was
gay with the orange correctly she’s good is
this happy oh my god orange after I
impress in I desire a allotment of that but I
originate no longer are searching to construct up into sight I are searching to
see my first reaction are you ready k
you ready for the lavatory
we accumulate to bathe outdoors sight at this to
gallop to open air bathe here
and you can correct bathe and sight out
over here there’s nothing or no longer it’s wide open
and uh es we are in a position to shout with this one
open I received two single beds for a motive
k so as that is the room all the pieces is
taking a look in actuality good
and this room handiest prices around thirty
bucks per night I have been out of
Thailand too prolonged now I put out of your mind in actuality
comely but the volcano now we possess received the
pool comely room comely lady the
handiest thing execrable is you didn’t hold a
costume I purchased this one the first day I
write a brand novel book no longer in Bali and then
didn’t possess time to wear it and then I
place it within the abet and approach outdoors
oh and I must wear this day for the reason that
motels are comely can I buy you
wherever what are you doing k correctly
or no longer it’s a agreeable bustle-up I haven’t viewed this
runoff in Thailand
k but confidently my drug is now not any longer correct
yeah so esteem it you resolve this is resolve
it I gallop you received a flower to your
head now this one or no longer it’s gonna gonna be
laborious this off in actuality Hi there
so now we must level to you that out of doors
bathe in formative years the video so these are
the detrimental hour no hot water
is now not any longer that correct what carry out you are going to must possess hot
water for
there’s cool and extra cool that’s all
we going so I agree with these this day’s movies
gonna be a brief one due to we’re gonna
be correct chilling by the resort we scheme to
gallop out but now of mission now with this
pool deep verify it out oh yeah you can
contact them I know they’ve the
restaurant here overlooking the pool
infinity pool appears over the backyard esteem
a tiny W doesn’t know tricks on how to swim in
oh my god you correct plotted the backyard
correct flooded the backyard correct so this is
completely loopy so now we possess been sitting
here for esteem half an hour within the pool
correct taking a look
I can reverse watch all the pieces I cannot
this is now not any longer Colonel kids guys no longer the
technique to behave that’s no longer good
I’m correct being humorous they received the kids
pool here for you
these individuals but that’s terribly deep esteem
I’m standing up I’m esteem 168 ship electronic mail
at all k so now we possess technique to at least one
restaurant and the strong level of this
restaurant is suckling pig
I’m gonna blow this one out or no longer it’s
overlooking about backyard which all this
net web squawk online is that but I’m more all in favour of
facets all in favour of the candy I’m
all in favour of the completely loopy
the sapling
it appears in actuality correct
can I accumulate one more abilities
besides the individuals in sweet sauce the
arocs are going down in actuality correct
let’s strive youngster so in total is that they’re
gonna grill it but this one correctly it this
is esteem a healthy burger
what is sucking buy the youngster one
correct how is he
fuck why you dwell ready
– oh correct
fucker correct
so I addicted to this sauce this one
call esteem sweet sauce due to or no longer it’s sweet
and with the chili so when all the pieces
and the scheme in which I possess or no longer it’s soft from he gave
me this sweet sauce with streak I by no approach
know what is that this one no matter I originate no longer
it’s a sweet sauce that esteem
eyes esteem the sauce damn that involving
you felt esteem involving
correctly what used to be that what is that
you correct eat the sauce by itself you
imply to construct aside it within me or no longer it’s esteem chili
sighs eating esteem the chili sauce esteem
esteem soup you positively shit wherever
esteem I’m attempting to cheat me correct ordered
that one for you
Balinese chili involving correct taking a look esteem
that and I place in my mouth with the rice
and then I scent esteem this you eat correct
away and it can well be better frigid esteem
a orderly beautiful
or no longer it’s preacher eat your youngster individuals dwell
corn youngster pea
I’m so correct he’s esteem strive these one
I tried that laborious
local thing I originate no longer possess my water
Oh No Mount Erebus making coconut
correct esteem coca-cola
esteem no longer drink alcohol possess your soup
no he’s now not any longer circuits discipline off Oh what is
play better ‘banahna good
for me no longer for you this is particularly
acknowledged when you are cautious they made this
this is busy flirting with your predominant other is
being diseased bringing her a varied
sauce I originate no longer know what it is I is
eating esteem a soup now he bring her
banana may perchance well silent I be jealous
he acknowledged fuck collectively k for you for
me me so I must and then you definately correct
possess one you can well presumably also silent dip it to your
particular sauce you have not any longer even freeze
your youngster pig hiya you can must reduction
between good Isaac’s a dessert for esteem
entree sweet
you can well know and you within the monetary institution open
and you esteem to possess this one with the
espresso oh yeah that’s how I received elephantine
tastes exactly esteem this one why I imply
I’d befriend the relaxation on this horse this
is involving that this is hot when hot and
involving approach collectively esteem involving hot simplest
restaurant ever I’m so gay
thank you yeah
whereas this ice cream bananas particular
life is correct for science what are you
doing I silent possess some hope the truth is
he’s giving us a free dessert I agree with
till we see the bill
hmm I wanna revel within the Taser for
consignments she originate no longer are searching to eat the
bananas you taking half within the actual sauce
I’m within the youngster peak on the lowdown who
will in actuality narrate appetizer spring
rolls on fire banana with vanilla cake
appears esteem the beautiful that’s why I originate no longer
know Anthony lucky you presumably cannot fool your
predominant other’s dog eyes
due to level to up
can I possess some too
you play k sorry every person k let’s
see how correct this is k so sighs gonna
play this piano I’d esteem a piano tricks on how to
play piano
we hire mumble you presumably cannot gallop house possess a
correct night
thank you so prolonged k so the name
of the restaurant or no longer it’s slightly dusky out
yeah let’s gallop over here and narrate you the
name of the restaurant the name of the
restaurant is our joke low k we correct
return to the resort and that wraps up
our esteem first day in cinnamon didn’t it
I have been calling a sideman all day but
this beautiful lady what’s your name Quebec
k wait I received something correct it instructed
us is famous as cinnamon no longer Seidman originate no longer
call it that
it originate no longer be esteem an Australian k so
we had a fabulous day here so with out a doubt one of many
the explanations why we approach here is due to or no longer it’s
so mute when when in contrast with other areas in
Bali the build aside you accumulate more touristy areas
so when you are taking a look for someplace to
approach esteem off the beaten song mute no longer
too many tourists this is the get web squawk online to
we had an fabulous day here we’re taking a look
forward to the following day so we’re gonna wrap
up tonight’s video till subsequent time dream
bigger my suna please

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    I’m jealous, this kind of unbelievable girl chances are high you’ll per chance well additionally own!

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    She is in actuality lovely, you're one lucky guy, she's a obvious keeper 👌 😊 The station appears to be like not possible, I’m able to't wait to head there when this pandemic nightmare ends 🙏 🤞

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  • November 18, 2020 at 12:25 am

    Hiya, I gotta uncover you, here’s my #1 popular video I ever watched. It in actuality captured that feeling I've had again and again sitting in a unbelievable in part outdoors restaurant with a hideous, adorable Asian girl. It's been 8 years since I've long previous to Asia, and now I even deserve to discontinuance up for the trump pandemic to leave.

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