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A checklist of issues to take be aware of now not packing moreover issues you will want to unexcited bring when touring to Thailand. Other folks normally inquire us this quiz, “What must unexcited I bring on my day out to Thailand?” so we set together this basic video on Things NOT TO bring and TO bring to THAILAND.

NOTE : Most resort presents you frequent toiletries which the maids will replaces it each day if outdated but we repeatedly pack our bear shuttle pack once enact we honest genuine pop within the pharmacy or 7-11 or family mart comfort stores. You are going to web these outlets each nook on the side road. Besides whenever you happen to non-public got explicit manufacturers honest genuine being it from dwelling.





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Fine to meet you guys ! we are Jimmy and Tah, blended touring couple from America and Thailand. We met in 2015 in South Korea when Jimmy became in US army and Tah studied for bachelor degree. In 2017, September, we both fully quitted the job, started touring and developing this channel. We compose negate and upload practically each day ( you would set a query to to query at least 5 videos per week ) , offering you guys touring tricks, evaluate of every destination we now had been to. You are going to moreover scrutinize how it’s delight in touring and living as a blended couple as we ponder it’s somewhat hard in phrases of cultural distinction ( and so many distinction lol ) ! Hope you guys be a part of us along the toddle by subscribe to our channel :


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all honest so when touring to Thailand there are some issues that you’re gonna positively are searching for to bring and some issues that you would stay without yeah so we now non-public made a checklist one thing that we ponder you truly must unexcited bring to Thailand one thing that per chance delight in count on of us it’s extra or much less delight in ambiguous lists I would reveal and what to now not build and these are all issues that we now non-public within the meantime abilities you know her being from Thailand from Bangkok Thailand me being a foreigner from Contemporary York so there are issues that I must unexcited non-public brought that I didn’t bring and all the diagram by diagram of the four months that I’ve been here in Thailand it’s been onerous to come to a decision on up I ponder delight in first of your entire remedy is so an adjunct whenever you come here is the charcoal peel to handle it you’re drinking loads of side road meals most the time so tab charcoal is uh necessity I mean I’ve gotten it I’ve gotten this belly computer virus and it honest genuine makes you substantial substantial sick correctly charcoal pillow he delight in it it goes to construct you throw up which will build you would also be feeling delight in diagram diagram better yeah Jimmy abilities that below aircraft the flight or nautical in Thailand even though in 7/11 which will likely be simply learned all across Thailand they sell capsules and delight in what son who’s delight in a drugstore kinds they moreover sell hundreds many they’ve delight in a fraction of pharmacy that you would proceed and select up the pews again relative to weak regime but I don’t know somebody can also honest want explicit delight in impress patience yeah because remedy explain is moderately sensitive so whenever you happen to is also truly unnerved about your correctly being or non-public some explicit impress that you would eradicate to settle honest genuine bring select up some from your tell yeah I would reveal that delight in the generic stuff that you would also select up from delight in your sensible meals market within the States don’t ache about bringing it but whenever you happen to non-public got a explicit remedy for delight in diabetes or blood force or one thing delight in that I would positively build particular that you bring sufficient in your day out because issues delight in that are gonna settle you know going to a pharmacy or going to a precise doctor to come to a decision on up a prescription and whenever you happen to come to a decision on up the belly computer virus otherwise you select up a headache or one thing delight in that it’s simply fixable here because they’ve educated pharmacists one thing easy delight in whenever you obtained whenever you non-public to settle a boat and your extra or much less particular person that obtained seasick simply one thing delight in that it’s simply learned in 7-eleven as correctly so that you don’t non-public to ache one thing easy I’m hoping you would simply web 70 life and one thing delight in Fox Prater can simply web 7-eleven [Music] about both I even non-public heard so much that folk talked about Highline is delight in a paradise for having a scrutinize because Klose cheap honest genuine cheap to settle even pros are cheap they’re truly cheap yeah so a range of of us reveal that you don’t non-public to bring so much nonetheless it’s one thing that you will want to know about initially about fantastic yeah fantastic so they don’t non-public loads of replica flows here they’ve extra polyester dresses sure as became whenever you happen to is also repeatedly or whenever you happen to non-public got delight in stay shorter very gigantic it goes to also honest be onerous so that you can search out the honest extra or much less shirt here because Thai of us are very but whenever you happen to is also all there severely I counsel you to take be aware of breaking your shirt I would reveal citing dresses to final you lengthy you know until you’re sharp to enact laundry truly for all red dresses you would apply some nonetheless it’s gonna be pricey it goes to also honest be delight in $10 to $20 in preference to four bucks to $10 so as that’s why we reveal that it is dependent on you delight in count in your body vogue your preference yeah so loads of the conditions the tell that you would also web an economical dresses is one thing delight in native night market one thing delight in out of doorways market image most of them don’t non-public fitting room so that you can settle a scrutinize at your costume as correctly it’s literally honest genuine hanging there on a rack and it looks delight in it’s gonna fit your needs’re procuring it and there’s no receipt so whenever you settle on it you settle on it there’s no delight in bringing it encourage if it doesn’t fit they’re potentially now not gonna settle it encourage they’re gonna inquire you to chain it to some extra or much less loads of vogue designer Matt yeah all the diagram by diagram of the the same impress range here’s one thing that I ponder a range of of us scrutinize Thailand as tropical nation honest would you concentrate on I’m bringing jacket whenever you happen to come to Thailand first um scrutinize what I’m a in point of fact over cautious traveler so I packed two sweatshirts but I would positively bring a lightweight jacket delight in in particular within the moist season you know you select up rain you’re gonna desire a jacket now not a sweatshirt since the water will trek off a jacket where sweatshirt will select up soaked number two whenever you happen to’re going north by Chiang Mai it’s chilly it’s terribly chilly within the iciness months and delight in I became riding around in Chiang Mai with jeans and the sweat and two sweatshirts gentle a sweatshirt and at least packed one amongst each one pair of pants and one jacket yeah it’s about season leave you so sooner than you come to Thailand you non-public to positively shake what seasons you would also be flying to Thailand because it goes to also honest be chilly in iciness as correctly and pricey whenever you happen to’d come in excessive yeah and plus for loads of funds traveler whenever you propose to shuttle from one city to 1 other city in Thailand you would are also searching for to abilities the bus bus or affirm because but is this cheap this manufacture to transportation and because the tip of us loads of the time is freaking frosty so for shuttle adapters so excessive sockets can fit too extra or much less the European and American they’re now not American with two flatbreads and European with two circular pins and in Thailand we exhaust 220 volts in America you’ve got 110 I ponder loads of nation moreover non-public 110 bulbs proceed whenever you settle on the honest energy adapters they’ve surge protectors in them so that you would in general build particular that that you would slip your hundred and ten elephantine phone or whatever your digital into the 210 gold wall and you’ll unexcited be pleasant yeah enact all ho time is it’s now not work in Thailand the digital so if your digital tool your slip are delight in minded to exhaust in Thailand then per chance you will want to unexcited moreover take be aware of whenever you happen to had layover is one other nation or now not otherwise you propose to shuttle to 1 other nation you know because time is once of us primarily based fully mostly delight in come to Thailand tell – them reveal that they’ll are also searching for to head to a range of one other nation whenever you happen to know if I will be capable to also counsel you one thing I would counsel you select up delight in a Multi multi adapter where you’ve got delight in each countries adapter in one [Music] so bear in mind World Driving Licence is one thing that you’re taking be aware of getting and you will want to unexcited take be aware of getting I even bumped into the matter where there’s checkpoints in every single set Thailand after which you select up hit by a checkpoint and whenever you happen to’re lucky it’s 500 baht whenever you happen to’re unlucky it’s delight in a thousand to in general enable you to head yeah you you would’t honest genuine ponder that k I wear helmet I would be pleasing but they can unexcited present you with most productive enact one to shit the driving license so it’s repeatedly honest to non-public world driving license with you or at least I truly non-public a reproduction [Music] so most of Thailand delight in their body wash their face wash all their sunscreen the complete thing delight in that it has delight in a whitening it’s extra or much less obtained bleach in it and additionally they exhaust it to encourage whiten their skins so whenever you happen to don’t plan on coming to Thailand and are searching for to come to a decision on up whiter then you will want to unexcited potentially bring your bear shuttle sized body wash or sunscreen because sunscreen is unquestionably truly pricey here moreover yeah as an instance deodorants deodorants in Thailand they have not got delight in the dry manufacture of the bars can also honest want nonetheless it’s honest genuine it’s hard to search out one here’s the hottest and most of some Thai of us exhaust the liquid version that is what you would scrutinize simply from 7-eleven coming in stored nearby your tell so even the deodorant here in Thailand has whitening so as that’s a wait it’s fraction in your body but moreover you will want to moreover pack I ponder the special extra or much less skincare sunscreen whenever you happen to non-public got delight in truly sensitive skin and you’re outdated to the utilization of particular sorts I would positively bring your bear tanning oil tanning lotion sunscreen whenever you happen to is also a gigantic fan of Banana Boat yeah Banana Boat yeah we now non-public so much in Thailand as correctly however the value can also honest be very pricey in particular whenever you happen to propose the day out to head to 9pp island island hopping staying delight in awesome movie cuz I’m a cop whatever cop whatever I’d any of the islands primarily the rice rice are inclined to be 150% to 300% up loads of endeavor sale in Amazon one other ingredient that you truly non-public to pack is ibuprofen because they don’t non-public ibuprofen here unless you’ve got a prescription so the fully ingredient that you would also web whenever you happen to’re namely buying for ibuprofen itself you’re now not gonna web it unless you select up a prescription but you would also web tylenol in your entire native 7-eleven Tylenol is terribly simply easy to search out you would also select up it honest genuine about wherever but ibuprofen you can’t web I even non-public by no diagram heard of ibuprofen sooner than but loads of the time Thai of us whenever you’ve obtained headache whenever you eradicate to non-public to enact with a painkiller the principle ingredient that we normally bear in mind is tylenol as a result of one thing easy to search out you would also web simply in 7-eleven it impress delight in I ponder 16 baht for 10 capsules easy to search out the 7-eleven it’s delight in all people in Thailand so whenever you obtained headache all the diagram by diagram of a night and it’s 24 hours a day yeah at 11 everywhere twenty-four hours a day I state the nation runs on 7/11 one thing that you will want to never frame what would you reveal complete bunch of Medication or a complete bunch of delight in towels and dresses and issues delight in that I would honest genuine bring it up in your day out sufficient for a week after which laundry so cheap to enact here don’t overpack that’s all yeah and Jimmy by no diagram wear jeans he and he bring delight in by no diagram you’ll be in a foreign nation delight in two pairs of jeans honest yeah honest genuine know whenever you’re touring and where you’re touring but whenever you happen to’re coming to Thailand within the summer don’t bring jeans you’re coming within the iciness you’re going up north bring jeans so guys here’s all delight in we’d eradicate to share according to our abilities for me as a local and for to me as a foreigner as a foreign as a foreigner and you mean there can also honest be loads of issues that you experienced and we haven’t experienced that we’d delight in to know what you concentrate on please leave it within the feedback below and insist us if enact you concentrate on you will want to unexcited bring one thing in particular or whenever you happen to bear in mind one thing we talked about you would miss honest genuine let us know yeah it might per chance per chance presumably well well be truly functional for a range of of us here in those communities absolutely k thanks for searching at guys

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