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Thailand’s TM30 FORM and a Kevin update

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Thailand Rob in the in the meantime lives in Kamala Coastline Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s favor to compare Thailand by unusual eyes and a digicam. Humorous, artful and informational.

I’m strolling by Thailand with out a clue!

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Whats up any seconds in Thailand Thailand Rob displays over right here so I’ll be having a compare this form many of the time however I’ll look you guys hi there all americans hi there hi there hi there that is one more impromptu staring at Oh My gods an extended day at present time at present time used to be the first day that I undoubtedly bought out of a home I judge in three or four days I undoubtedly had been whisk loopy right here in Pattaya however at present time I went to the clinical institution to talk over with Kim and take care of there Wow oh my god you guys mustn’t rep any understanding how tremendous the flippin hospitals are smartly I am hoping you don’t however let me factual let that the hospitals in pattaya with the hospitals in Thailand beneath the Bangkok Scientific institution series wow that will be a tremendous Scientific institution clearly with your valuable Starbucks however tremendous Scientific institution they bought a market birth air 7-eleven constructed factual on the property so I met peace so long as I purchased that trusty evening Randy trusty evening hi there all americans hi there ello ello don’t protect on one 2nd so at present time we’re speaking about the TM 30 and we’re going to debate the update on what I saw at present time with Kevin Kevin Wow let’s factual converse that Kevin is doing outstanding it has been so so trusty to compare him I used to be gonna converse up and doing he’s no longer undoubtedly up and doing yet however he’s about he’s undoubtedly in trusty spirits he’s awake I mean he rep a complete dialog whether you focus on about things which can well doubtless be occurring most accepted events everything Wow undoubtedly undoubtedly spectacular Wow can you salvage medical health insurance coverage reasonably in Thailand whenever you judge 125 bucks a month is practical 125 bucks a month US currency and likewise you would possibly per chance salvage health care yeah k let’s focus on about the TM 30 man oh man let’s let’s rep a drink of a right former can of Leo oh and by the formulation seriously and not using a doubt one of you made a comment the opposite day about me drinking a can I don’t know how that is doable however a can of beer will take care of chillier in Thailand than a bottle of beer I don’t rep any theory that makes zero sense you would possibly per chance well doubtless doubtless judge that a bottle would take care of the beer cooler however it and not using a doubt’s no longer right whenever you take a seat on your house with a bottle of beer and a can of beer the can of beer is gonna take care of chillier longer mustn’t rep any understanding how that’s even doubtless I know metal however I believed the bottle would be thicker so however whenever you ever attain break a diminutive beer bottle over right here you are going to look that it’s very very thin glass in it shatters k off topic TM 30 the TM 30 epic is the epic that the owner of the attach you are staying is alleged to epic and/or the resorts are alleged to epic in the country of Thailand while you as a foreigner are traveling around Thailand whenever you live in Thailand let’s pause factual there attain it’s a need to-favor to effort about the TM 30 epic that is the record for half of of you would possibly per chance leave doubtless in the next minutes attain it’s a need to-favor to effort about the TM 30 epic whenever you are a vacationer whenever you’ve arrangement over right here for 30 days 60 days or 90 days on a vacationer visa you would possibly per chance well doubtless not ever favor to effort with a TM 30 epic accomplished and now you would possibly per chance circulate on to the next YouTube channel if that’s what you had been unnerved about don’t effort about the TM 30 epic whenever you’re over right here on holiday and likewise you’re zipping around you don’t that’s it the TM 30 epic is for folk that live over right here who had been cherish the neighbour retirement visa or that they digs commercial right here they live right here and what’s alleged to happen is as they whisk around Thailand you’re alleged to be documented as to the attach you’re staying so resorts will epic that k you checked in right here and likewise you stayed right here and while you whisk support house to your house cherish for me if I whisk support house to Phuket then I whisk to the immigration office and I converse k I’m support that is the epic otherwise you factual attain it on-line k if it’s a need to-favor to attain it so there’s this titanic hubbub occurring factual now about attain I undoubtedly favor to maintain that out did I undoubtedly favor to maintain it out and plenty others and plenty others and plenty others you undoubtedly don’t favor to effort about it it’s a perform that you just like to rep stuffed out it’s so whenever you whisk on holiday and likewise you return to your attach whether it’s up north or down south you would possibly per chance whisk to your immigration office the next day to come converse I’m support I are seeking to make determined that this perform is stuffed out clearly your landlord is alleged to attain it however your landlord of the house that you just live in wherever you live doubtless didn’t know that you just had left except you suggested them however in point of fact you would possibly per chance quiet be determined that it used to be reported so that if there is a penalty that it’s a little penalty or a ravishing no longer a penalty of ravishing so all americans is unnerved about this TM 30 epic and the fines now I’m factual gonna achieve it rather straight forward to express this whenever you salvage fined once for no longer having your TM 30 epic stuffed out while you whisk support to immigration on your 90-day epic the TM 47 whenever you salvage this ravishing it must even be as a lot as 2,000 baht which factual now is bumping around 60 US dollars and yeah you don’t are seeking to rep that very on the total however whenever you simplest hasten a pair of times a year and likewise you bought bag um excuse me whenever you simplest hasten a pair times a year and there used to be a ravishing of that and likewise you ended up paying it out-of-pocket then I mean it’s no longer that titanic of a deal so let’s whisk and how this will even be refrained from at all cost so you don’t favor to pay the ravishing at all attributable to you shouldn’t be paying the ravishing it will quiet be the owner however extra than doubtless you paid the ravishing factual to rep it accomplished attributable to they’re gonna question you to bring your landlord in which you don’t favor to attain however they’re gonna question you to attain that what you would possibly per chance attain is there’s an affidavit perform on-line you would possibly per chance maintain out our excuse me you would possibly per chance print off this affidavit perform and rep your landlord maintain it out with you asserting that you just traveled and that you just’re support they impress it you impress it you date it you purchase it to immigration you pay the ravishing if there’s a ravishing whenever you’re there internal 24 hours there’s no ravishing it’s no longer a titanic enviornment it’s a enviornment the first time it ever happens to you attributable to per chance you didn’t know about it per chance you had been caught off guard so what’s the worst that can happen you’re sixty bucks out it’s a need to-favor to maintain out an affidavit perform with your landlord after which you whisk support to immigration and likewise you form it out it’s no longer a nightmare cherish all americans’s making it out to sound cherish it’s no longer fun no it doesn’t achieve you feel wanted over right here when it’s a need to-favor to maintain out forms repeatedly and likewise you feel cherish oh my god I will’t salvage the principles down factual however it and not using a doubt’s no longer rate factual up packing up and factual asserting smartly cherish this isn’t the country for me except you had been an avid avid a blur protect on sorry bought a test on the chat a diminutive bit every now after which so I’m cherish it’s a diminutive riled up and is yelling at any person don’t be yelling at folks sir bye sir bye take a seat support all americans we’re occurring our hands I’m gonna leave out mine so the TM 30 epic is alleged to be stuffed out by all americans however you however extra than doubtless you are going to be the one who’s in the self-discipline that you just both favor to identify salvage your landlord to immigration or it’s a need to-favor to purchase the affidavit to your landlord so it’s doubtless going to be on your shoulders to salvage it regarded after and it’s a pain in the butt no one needs to whisk to immigration two days in a row you factual don’t are seeking to you determined as heck don’t are seeking to whisk there 5 days in a row and that’s it that’s four diversified visas attributable to whenever you arrangement up with paperwork that aren’t there when they need it they factual repeat you to arrangement support the next day to come to come it’s no longer a warm and Fred it’s no longer a warm and suited bureaucracy system over right here it’s it’s undoubtedly no longer let’s look factual she salvage a moderator on right here moderator would possibly per chance well doubtless purchase care of all this I wouldn’t favor to attain this um the rest oh so that’s it the TM 30 whenever you’re on hasten over right here don’t effort about it whenever you live over right here then you definately doubtless already know about it and whenever you don’t then salvage with an agent that is aware of about these items and work with the agent you would possibly per chance maintain all of these things out on-line everything will even be regarded after on-line with the owner you and everything in a system that it however in teach for you any person to can support you out with it contact an agent over right here clearly they’re going to cost you without reference to they cost you however they’ll support you purchase care of all of those paperwork that you just and I are no longer accustomed to factual to attain it less complicated take care of the reader so that’s the TM 30 epic whenever you like to favor to enter a deep deep deep dive on things that I will no longer converse then you definately um I don’t even know lab will fail to recollect that so uh what used to be it Oh update on Kevin let’s whisk on the update on Kevin let me look factual right here k guys the update on Kevin the update on Kevin is eyewitness saw Kevin at present time he’s sitting honest in the mattress he’s staring at TV he’s having conversations he has oxygen tubes factual going in catheters quiet I know I’m sorry it must be too powerful recordsdata he’s bought a without reference to that’s no longer an IV however it and not using a doubt’s the attach they slither it’s it’s cherish a ingredient that’s on your shoulder so that once they add pain medication or if they add what’s it known as antibiotics dang it that they factual slither it in there so he’s all of the design in which down to about four four hoses he would chortle at that attributable to if truth be told he mentioned at an ICU he used to be plugged up cherish a laptop system however he’s trusty he used to be staring at TV flipping channels getting bored with what used to be on TV having a dialog the nurses came in requested him how his pain used to be his pain is getting better now the titanic deal is um rehab him undoubtedly getting up and transferring around so he we’re having he’s having to work on getting up and doing and starting up to traipse around that’s that’s what’s occurring factual now is the strolling around and hi there Lionel hi there however wouldn’t for that inexperienced emoji that you just bought occurring there I wouldn’t even considered that so Kevin needs to upward push up and originate strolling around so I went to the clinical institution at present time to kick his butt up and doing to salvage him to originate strolling around he needs to display conceal all americans he hits automobile unusual is unusual ample as that is that’s what he needs to attain so I mentioned you’re gonna attain a live circulate and he mentioned no longer at present time he mentioned however uh per chance the next couple days if he’s feeling as a lot because it cuz he’s no longer undoubtedly feeling as a lot as doing videos factual now however he needs to display conceal his battle scars from from the surgical treatment so yeah nan is Nance Nance doing ravishing she’s up there factual now hanging out doing her ingredient eating the meals she went to the market at present time to salvage meals at the clinical institution downstairs they rep a Thai market yeah yeah Steve I don’t yeah I used to be pondering the the same ingredient when Kevin says he needs to display conceal his uh his ratings I’m cherish I don’t know if anybody needs to compare that I undoubtedly favor to position a disclaimer if I achieve a video and display conceal that factual however I did they’re strolling around the clinical institution at present time it’s a tremendous Scientific institution he smartly thank you none i O’Neill in Thailand Niall in Thailand thank you so very very powerful ni a ll Niall and now an Thailand attain me a favor Rob have interaction a drink for yourself and kid repeat him we’re all pondering of him I will fully attain that bought this one factual right here I’m no longer gonna be drinking for a while however I will salvage him a what’s going to he drink what’s going to he drink tea he’s been drinking tea that’s what he’s been drinking tea hmm thank you for the colossal chat oh speaking of colossal chat money ding ding ding let’s focus on about money bear in mind that I made shirts very long time ago bear in mind these shirts you guys know that I made that unusual shirt factual thank you all so powerful for going to the websites and going and getting that shirt [Music] moderating Homer whenever you guys talk up on the channel and likewise you talk mischievous you’re gonna salvage blocked god is any such straight forward process Michael thank you so powerful thank you Michael um the the t-shirts that I factual did that John inspired John thank you very powerful for fascinating the t-shirt Nisha I know Nisha will no longer be staring at this factual now and he would possibly per chance quiet factual bought over cancer and she’s in Sweden alongside with her husband and Nisha translated it into Thai this t-shirt is doing it has sold so smartly I factual desired to express thank you to all americans for getting this shirt Reduce and yes it goes the final formulation to 5 X + 5 t I didn’t even know they started doing the T massive shirts however they attain massive shirts ravishing there’s a v-neck whenever you’ve bought the titanic neck some folks mentioned I purchased a titanic neck so we made it I made it in v-neck however thank you so powerful for going to UM to salvage the shirt and it’s oh it says in the entrance – attributable to Thai ladies folk there’s 5 questions that Thai ladies folk repeatedly question what’s your title the attach are you from how long are you right here for the attach are you staying and are you with a girlfriend or are you married we’re going to purchase quantity 5 out of the combo whenever you wear this shirt the first ingredient that they give the impression of being and so they it says is at present time I attain no longer rep a girlfriend however the next day to come to come would possibly per chance well doubtless be you and so they cherish this shirt I used to be coming house at present time and we stopped in and acquired a bite to devour on the formulation house and I used to be telling the the personnel at the restaurant about this shirt and so they had been bawling laughing and how support cute it used to be so I’m elated that we rep the shirt I’m elated that you just guys checked it out thank you very powerful umm that’s it the update on keV the final unusual patreon oh my god thank you enthusiastic by exhibiting up for the unusual series Thai ladies folk and the Thai ladies folk’s series has long gone by the roof and I cherish it I’m playing everything the final questions that you just’ve ever had about Taiwan I mean Thai ladies folk bar ladies Scientific institution ladies ladies that work at the library ladies that work at the explore doctor store everything ladyboys without reference to you like to favor to grab the final solutions are there i unfiltered attributable to it’s on patreon I don’t favor to be politically animated so I factual repeat you how it’s and I will be brutally honest on on patreon and if it’s if it’s a right circulate I will repeat you if it’s no longer a right circulate I will repeat you as smartly and I will prevent a complete lot money by no longer going with the wrong girl there’s a man coming over right here this week who has already spent formulation too powerful money on it oh don’t attain it guys don’t send money to a girl in Thailand that you just don’t know yet please don’t attain that please don’t attain that I judge that’s all I purchased for this topic uh we went over everything we went over the TM 30 epic the TM 40s smartly the TM 47 is your 90-day epic you attain that on-line otherwise you whisk all of the design in which down to immigration and likewise you factual register that’s rather painless and straight forward however the TM 30 has been bugging some of us that factual impress considerations for themselves whenever you’re right here on a vacationer visa and likewise you’re factual having a right time you don’t favor to effort about the rest the drama that all americans needs you to remember goes on in Thailand is manageable sub I sub I you don’t favor to effort so powerful and I detest it when folks dissuade you from enthusiastic by coming over right here factual arrangement over right here and take a look at it you are going to look the immigration is no longer fun however you are going to additionally look if it’s something that you just would possibly per chance thunder up or if it’s something that’s above and previous what you like to favor to attain after that you just would possibly per chance even handed going someplace else however don’t don’t factual reduce again your your concepts off about Thailand attributable to you hear some youtuber asserting the final Tigers objectors without reference to the Chi I’m 32 no longer trusty I’m factual bored with it over I don’t feel wanted anymore you never had been wanted over right here to originate with no country needs folks to circulate into their country at all I don’t feel wanted over right here huh what you’ve been your money tablets wanted huh sorry alright guys thank you for exhibiting up two hundred and thirty three of you factual now I didn’t even look what we had been at at height moment I’m gonna survey at the display conceal conceal now so all americans that’s the update Kevin is doing smartly I’m gonna whisk support up there and accomplish a live circulate with him doubtless in the next couple of days every time he’s as a lot because it a transient live circulate or it must be factual a diminutive video clip of him asserting hi there and exhibiting you his battle scar if he needs to he would possibly per chance quiet be house in per week the TM 30 don’t effort about it factual handle it if it’s a need to-favor to if it turns genuine into a enviornment then you definately would possibly per chance salvage an agent and support to handle it and what else yeah the shirts accomplished trusty thank you the shirts accomplished trusty and the patreon is you guys had been I if truth be told no longer tuned my have damn no longer Tooting my have horn however Tooting my have horn the patreon series tight ladies folk is is doing trusty it’s undoubtedly rather tremendous whenever you like to favor to grab about Thai ladies folk and likewise you’re embarrassed to question on right here that’s you would possibly per chance quiet factual arrangement over and converse hi there you undoubtedly would possibly per chance quiet um I’m gonna survey at the display conceal conceal now any questions attributable to the final questions are factual right here I’m having a compare at questions factual now hyperlinks to my merch are k Thank You lino hyperlinks to my merch are in Thailand onion on Thailand Rob mute soon as you whisk to Thailand Rob mute you’ll look the shop or in the outline beneath it says salvage a Thai valuable other right here additionally the GoFundMe whenever you guys quiet are seeking to support Kevin out that’s in the outline beneath to whisk fund me to support Kevin 20 seconds in Thailand mute to rep interaction a shirt to salvage a girl that to salvage a Thai girl to tumble on your lap without considerations then ever ahead of a hundred thousand percent I detest when folks converse that a hundred thousand fit the final ideal Rob is cabining so Kevin is no longer eating meals yet we rep no longer even he’s no longer even having fluid he can’t even drink water yet thank you for that attach a query to he’s no longer eating or drinking yet bringing support the pumpkin Kevin talks about the blonde resolution my emails I attain resolution my emails uh I resolution my emails I resolution the patreon mails I resolution Fb messages huh Rob you sound elated I am I am elated I live in Thailand who wouldn’t be elated of it for those guys over right here that bitch and moan about Thailand I don’t salvage it it’s the most lovely folks I’ve ever met in my lifestyles and I don’t understand why they bring why folks bring over all their baggage and and and are seeking to attain it a dreadful attach over right here I don’t cherish going to immigration and facing the final bureaucracy and stuff however that’s a little mark to pay to live in a sexy lovely country with lovely lovely folks huh sorry hi there John John thank you for the shirt understanding I’m happy that you just handed your CDL anybody in there having a compare at the comments factual there whenever you look John speaking about his CDL he used to be the inspiration in the support of the most accepted shirt John you doubtless don’t even rep a shirt attain you I’ll favor to salvage you a shirt man I positively favor to salvage you a shirt any future hasten plans hmm per chance per chance in Thailand or even I undoubtedly favor to factual whisk support and and look my family for smartly I haven’t considered my family this so per chance I will hasten around the enviornment one beyond regular time to salvage support over right here to Thailand and converse a form of my family thanks for kicking young folks however by reading into the pathology epic mention yeah I undoubtedly attain when I when I give when I whisk to compare Kevin I don’t I don’t pull any punches I repeat them how that is attributable to while you’re in pain and likewise you’re no longer feeling smartly in the clinical institution or at house all you like to favor to attain is be comfort comforted you like to favor to be comforted and happy so you like to favor to position in mattress you like to favor to salvage some sleep you like to favor to relaxation however after a surgical treatment the quantity one ingredient that you just like to attain is upward push up upward push up and doing salvage transferring salvage support genuine into a tempo no longer fleet however upward push up and salvage transferring so that’s my job now is to protect him transferring around and no longer factual laying in mattress on account of atrophy atrophy is when the muscle groups deteriorate to the attach you would possibly per chance’t dispute them and that’s what’s took attach to him in the previous six seven months seven months now so he needs to originate transferring lots I had to pull Mike Tyson up what on my ear I pull my damn k sorry I’m factual seeking to compare if there’s any questions that I overlooked they’re going rather fleet I’m sorry for no longer getting to the final questions if I overlooked it any questions any questions at 217 it seems cherish we are in a position to whisk ahead and shut this out how long we’ve been going for it’s it’s a on right here I will’t even look hmm I will’t repeat that 47 thumbs up i double-canines dare you guys to attain it 200 thumbs up 200 times up I look 47 what attain you bought Lionel what’s occurring right here I am an agreeable buddy – Kevin no smartly thank you I don’t I wouldn’t converse used to be a omission wouldn’t converse I used to be an agreeable buddy however no I undoubtedly rep the opportunity to to whisk and support folks and be around them the the same I did with Anne after we had been working on her I I undoubtedly rep the time to whisk and expend it and support these folks with stuff that they don’t repeatedly rep time whoa Anne didn’t rep time to attain it for herself and Kevin factual significant any person around to kick him attributable to attributable to even with his girlfriend his girlfriend we all know you would possibly per chance desire a girlfriend she’s telling you what you would possibly per chance quiet attain you’re repeatedly cherish hi there yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m over right here and I’m factual telling you you like to attain it are you gonna tumble over ineffective you listens to it when I converse that it’s no longer very charming when I converse that however Thailand k you’re speaking about Thailand Camelot Oh what else we bought Michael you factual joined patreon smartly you’re in for a surprise attributable to the next day to come to come goes to be segment two there’s segment 1 and segment 1.1 after which there’s a TM 30 epic that is powerful a ways extra fiery than what I factual mentioned right here and after which the next day to come to come I’m going I don’t know if it’s tomorrows however this week’s Patriot this week’s patreon goes to be about the deconstruction of what you judge ladies folk the deconstruction of Western ladies folk attributable to while you salvage over right here it’s nothing nothing cherish what you understanding a girl used to be from the attach you’re from nothing there is no comparison of a Thai girl versus a Western girl no no longer as a lot as from The USA I’m factual gonna converse The USA even when all americans from Australia England Sweden they all remember me however I will simplest converse The USA attributable to that’s the attach I’ve been and I’m gonna search the advice of with you about reprogram your concepts while you salvage over right here attributable to I’ve considered some guys fail miserably excuse me two ways of failing over right here you tried too exhausting to be too tremendous otherwise you had been too tremendous you failed and the opposite one is you are trying too exhausting to be too stable on account of rumors that you just had already heard about Thai ladies folk and likewise you failed miserably I’ve considered it and so they every one that does that goes house on my own and bitter it’s no longer a right ingredient what’s up with the girlfriends is you my girlfriend says hi there you’ve met us in Camelot yes they tasted Fox I factual repeatedly name you box box we quiet focus on about you we all know you’re around you’re repeatedly cherish factual someplace factual this a ways out of the formulation of asserting hi there when you’re around I look you’re coming I look all of your comments I didn’t fail to recollect you guys I made a decision didn’t fail to recollect your girlfriend yeah it used to be perform of vulgar factual no no I bear in mind we had been at Danny’s attach any any final questions guys we had 231 folks sitting on right here and what number of thumbs up attain we rep 93 90 that’s it I’m no longer speaking anymore 94 I simplest need six extra to rep a hundred thumbs up that’s no longer too powerful to question for it I didn’t question for a colossal chat look what I did there 104 thumbs up no colossal chat I’m factual kidding guys however it and not using a doubt’s factual asserting it’s funny that’s it whisk salvage a t-shirt I don’t desire a colossal chat factual whisk salvage a t-shirt and whenever you don’t desire a t-shirt per chance I’ll achieve one more espresso mug whenever you would possibly per chance need concepts on merch that you just undoubtedly desire me to attain why am i speaking cherish this don’t leave a comment send me a internal most e-mail 20 seconds in Thailand at gmail.com whenever you like to rep a a part of March I will form it for you personally and I don’t judge them as any person’s smiling at that oh hi there so long as we’re no longer in the the same room it’s no longer flirting factual I judge some and there’s some rule about that if we’re no longer the the same zip code it’s it’s all animated to express that any person else is cute or something cherish that the ideal formulation to salvage alongside with the girl is factual be a man stable beneficiant sten no-nonsense silly magnificent and whenever you’re massive you’ve hit the jackpot wisely spoken words there Jeff all factual guys I judge we’re accomplished right here I judge we’re accomplished we’ve bought 126 thumbs up I are seeking to thank you enthusiastic by everything thank you all patreon thank you all subscribers factual attributable to you’re no longer a patreon doesn’t mean that you just mean the rest diversified to me it’s factual patreon is folks that make stronger me attributable to they’re seeking to compare extra of those videos and what I attain on patreon is no longer politically animated I salvage on there and I converse things the formulation they honestly are that I won’t attach on YouTube attributable to I don’t are seeking to offend anybody on YouTube however on patreon I factual salvage down and dirty and focus on about it yeah no no longer down and dirty I factual converse how it’s so subscribers are and whenever you haven’t subscribed to this channel please attain attributable to trust me whenever you haven’t subscribed to be aware this channel ahead of I’m all around the attach whenever you would possibly per chance’t repeat we’ll be speaking about one ingredient and the next ingredient I’ll be speaking about it’s would possibly per chance well doubtless louise down on candy 6 which is I don’t know there’s a form of cat toys on so I look the attach there’s no no longer as a lot as one bar on attributable to we I don’t whisk all of the design in which down to soy six that powerful and popping out it’s what I’m speaking about whenever you’ve ever left over right here I don’t whisk to Bangla Avenue both however boys minica attain he’s over there you would possibly per chance pay them they quiet cost a hundred baht to purchase pictures with the cabaret girl boys on Bangla Avenue even when all of us rep a digicam so all it’s a need to-favor to attain is traipse in entrance of me however they’re quiet seeking to attain a buck so yeah I suggested you I’m all around the attach guys let’s let’s whisk ahead and prevent this on a excessive portray portray thank you very powerful now the dogs are howling I will look you guys later the attach per chance it’ll be me and Kevin doing a live circulate from the clinical institution how powerful fun can that be I’m gonna favor to bring some glitter and if he’s gonna display conceal you scars and I’ve bought to identify something bring some lighting fixtures in or something on that and on that smartly I know what you bought there look you on a excessive portray look Lionel oh I did salvage your message I’ll message you support factual after this trusty evening all americans thank you so powerful for the thumbs up thank you for the make stronger thank you for subscribing after this videos off I will repeat who’s subscribed so please subscribe attributable to I will look whenever you didn’t whenever you didn’t I’m factual gonna be sad rather then that undoubtedly don’t know what else goes on undoubtedly

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