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Thailand’s ROUTE 66? | Renting a Scooter in Pattaya

In this day’s video, I carry a motorbike helmet, I skedaddle lease a scooter in Pattaya, and then I head to Thailand’s Route 66 to meet 4 other YouTubers!

First ingredient I must produce before renting a scooter in Pattaya, is skedaddle carry a motorbike helmet. I just cant wear the helmets the places you lease scooters in Thailand present. No telling what number of others luxuriate in rented scooters in Thailand and outdated that identical motorbike helmet.

After I gain a helmet, I strive renting a scooter in Pattaya, Thailand. After I gain a scooter condo wretchedness I head over to Pattaya Route 66 Cafe to meet up with YouTubers Chocolate Man in Thailand, Ceejay Linked Linked But A model of, Retire Like a King, and Fai Fai!

Let me know what you imagine!

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In this day’s video, I’m gonna skedaddle carry a motorbike 
helmet, then i’m going to head lease a scooter,  
and then iIm going to head over to Route 66!  
Yeah that’s goal Route 66 here in Thailand! And 
i’m gonna portion the whole charges with you so let’s skedaddle  
what’s occurring youtube greetings from my 
home here in Pattaya beach Thailand  
in this day’s video i’m gonna exit and that i’m gonna 
strive and gain a scooter to lease for the relaxation of  
the month i’m here in Pattaya one day i’m 
gonna carry my hold but for goal now i’m gonna lease  
but first i’m gonna exit and carry my hold helmet 
there is about a causes for that reason number 1  
i would possibly well now not luxuriate in any thought who’s outdated that helmet potentially 
a whole bunch of of us and that i’m a shrimp bit obsessive  
compulsive i wouldn’t esteem the postulate of striking 
that ingredient on my head the 2d reason is i don’t  
know if that helmet’s been enthusiastic in a atomize 
and the integrity has indirectly been compromised  
i had a in point of fact inferior motorcycle accident in 2003 and 
my helmet used to be cracked it in actuality saved my life  
so i just esteem the postulate of getting a helmet 
that i know has never been in a destroy and the  
third reason is i luxuriate in a long-term visa here in 
Thailand now i’m planning on buying for a motorbike a  
motorcycle a high-powered scooter or something to 
salvage me around the nation so i potentially can also just quiet salvage  
my hold helmet anyway and that’s the rationale what we’re gonna 
produce so let’s skedaddle salvage that helmet so the motorbike  
i’m buying for is completely for tooling around metropolis max 
flee 25 presumably 30 miles per hour so i made up my mind to  
skedaddle over to the mountainous c which is Thailand’s version 
of Walmart and carry a helmet i sold their most  
pricey helmet which used to be 1200 baht so that’s 
between 40 and 50 us greenbacks in the end when  
i luxuriate in my hold motorcycle and that i understanding on going out 
on the open motorway touring Thailand you know going  
faster speeds on the highways and issues esteem 
that i could for hump carry a extra nice helmet  
but this one will produce me for now i also bought a 
cellular phone holder so i would possibly well luxuriate in fingers-free salvage valid of entry to to  
google maps okay so the wretchedness we’re going is 
in actuality in point of fact finish to where i reside so i’m in  
the mountainous avenue for folks that don’t know here 
in Pattaya and goal around this corner up here  
is this shrimp mom and pa wretchedness so the 
reason i’m going to the mom and pa model  
wretchedness as an different of indisputably among the easier condo 
places is number 1 i carry to increase  
the esteem mom-and-pop kind companies however the 
biggest reason is on fable of within the occasion you’ve got watched my  
ultimate reside traipse you know that my basement in 
my building floods and that i requested them and in addition they  
said i could also support my moped in their shrimp 
home when it rains so then it would possibly well now not flood so  
goal there is where my wretchedness is and here is where 
i’m going to lease from so renting a motorbike in  
Thailand is in actuality rather uncomplicated all you would favor 
is your passport and your address where you are  
staying this motorbike here value me 1500 baht for 
the month and that i used to be required to construct a thousand bot  
safety deposit down continually be particular that you just 
file a shrimp video of what the motorbike  
looked esteem before you left just in case there is 
some damage to it you assign now not must salvage charged  
within the occasion you return you potentially can seek i’m doing it she’s 
doing it we’re every attempting to provide protection to ourselves  
so the final observe ingredient i must produce before heading 
over to route 66 is i must salvage a cell cellular phone  
holder build on this motorcycle in Thailand there 
are motorbike stores in each wretchedness and on the whole you  
can just roll in and salvage work completed that’s what i 
did i rolled in requested the fellow if he can also build it  
on he said yeah it used to be 50 baht took five minutes 
all goal now that we got that build in and that i  
can luxuriate in salvage valid of entry to to google maps let’s carry this 
ingredient out for a ride and head over to route 66.  
you know what while i’m using i could enlighten you 
what roughly scooter here is so here’s a Honda  
click it has the 125 indestructible Honda engine 
the identical one which my Honda Grom support home has
that is so amusing man route 66 so for 
of us that don’t know i’m from Missouri  
and within the occasion you don’t within the occasion you usually are now not a us person Route 
66 is esteem a approved motorway that runs thru the  
u.s.a.a. i imagine it runs from chicago to 
california it used to be every so veritably the motorway each person took  
to exit west on family journeys after the invention 
of the automobile and of us can also dawdle that map  
it used to be a in point of fact approved motorway 
for a in point of fact very long time now or now not it’s roughly  
a shrimp bit of an artifact there are greater 
interstates now so most of us don’t dawdle  
on route 66 unless you are doing it for esteem the 
nostalgia or something esteem that but it absolutely’s just  
amusing that there is a route 66 cafe here within the 
middle of Thailand i’m now not in but but here is uh  
cj identical identical but diverse on youtube he’s the 
one which counseled route 66 so we’re going  
to speed in here carry some meals we got a pair extra 
of us meeting us here as nicely so uh can also just quiet be stress-free  
so here i’m with a bunch of alternative youtubers here 
in route 66 james from chocolate man and thailand  
used to be just telling me that the fellow who owns this 
wretchedness is a feeble british special battle guy  
who did a bunch of work with america armed forces so 
finally got his us citizenship and beloved route  
66 so great that he introduced route 66 to thailand 
which is roughly frigid so we now luxuriate in got james on line casino  
who used to be on my ultimate video you saw we were over in 
kolar and we got greedy from greenie travels now  
retired in thailand youtuber and then we got world 
approved pie over there then we got cj from cj identical  
identical but diverse we’re going to revel in some i’m 
assuming some staunch used american citizens i will’t hear you  
so greeny from retired esteem a king used to be roughly 
busting my chops within the diner for yelling but i  
needed to you potentially can hear or now not it’s rather loud in there 
subsequent time i will be particular that i bring an external  
mic so the menu in route 66 is conventional americana i 
ordered a club sandwich each person else ordered some  
form of yankee model diner meals besides for for 
five she ordered something a shrimp diverse
or now not it’s american model oh american model it 
is or now not it’s packer energy that is american model
there yeah all goal so add egg to this 
but it absolutely’s rather great a club sandwich but  
i don’t know we’ll seek how the egg tastes
or now not it’s rather staunch i esteem it i esteem the egg 
and the clove it makes it extra breakfasty  
so five’s gonna mark to us how thai’s eat 
with a fork and a spoon so that they don’t eat  
with chopsticks here i know quite quite a bit of yankee citizens 
assume taiju chopstick but they don’t they say  
fork in a spoon esteem we produce but it absolutely’s a shrimp bit 
diverse yeah we say the spoon esteem um esteem here  
we don’t say it we just produce this one to construct it in 
inner the spoon that’s it so the fork’s only a  
shovel yeah we don’t build the pop inner don’t eat 
with the fork so there you’ve got it from an proper  
tie on the solution to nicely eat with a fork in a spoon 
in thailand and that i esteem i tried to told him many  
times but you don’t say the spoon or now not it’s extra uncomplicated 
you say this one for the rice or now not it’s already esteem
or now not it’s now not uncomplicated so greeny stays american 
model i’m highly expert with pork
you are from texas cj is that esteem 
is that staunch texas barbecue man  
would it now not lengthen in texas or now not it’s or now not it’s now not texas 
but i knew he wasn’t gonna be in a local to construct it aside
so my turkey club curly fries and a coke were 
265 baht or about eight greenbacks all goal that  
used to be quite quite a bit of stress-free be particular that you just skedaddle take a look at out 
all their channels chocolate man in thailand  
cj identical identical but diverse um retire esteem a king 
formerly identified as greeny travels but this wretchedness  
is every so veritably frigid too within the occasion you ever reach to pattaya 
quit by route 66 you know luxuriate in the breakfast or  
you know some american model meals within the occasion you in point of fact liked 
this video be particular that you just hit that thumbs up button  
and within the occasion you esteem whisper material esteem this dawdle whisper material 
be particular that you just hit that subscribe button thanks  
for staring at seek you subsequent week i got rained on on 
the map in which home so i figured i would possibly well leave you with that

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11 thoughts on “Thailand’s ROUTE 66? | Renting a Scooter in Pattaya

  • September 13, 2021 at 3:02 am

    We bought all our bikes and we now have gotten one 49cc scooter now. We every aloof rob to hotfoot, nevertheless our City is appropriate too dreadful anymore. Thank you for taking us alongside for your adventure. Accurate travels.

  • September 13, 2021 at 5:15 am

    Wisely that modified into as soon as a enjoyable hotfoot out to the Route 66 restaurant. Satisfied you indulge in a brand original helmet. Discover care and be stable. Ciao👩‍🌾

  • September 13, 2021 at 4:12 pm

    Whereas you happen to rob a bike. The put would you store it when not in Thailand?

  • September 13, 2021 at 5:20 pm

    Route 66 in Thailand that’s superior. Meals looked factual. Be stable on the scooter and abilities.. jonathan 🇬🇧

  • September 13, 2021 at 5:53 pm

    He’s additionally shopping a helmet because all of the folk on this channel complained quite a bit that he wasn't carrying one, nevertheless he is too fine to converse that.

  • September 13, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    So I bet you don't desire a Thai driver's license how's that work? Additionally appropriate for kicks did you stare that signal room for hire on the scooter store you ought to head test that out 🙂 I know when I researched some worldwide locations they are saying it's customarily absolute top appropriate to head there and leer for those signs nevertheless it if truth be told'd be queer to stare what that appears to be esteem versus all the Airbnb stuff

  • September 14, 2021 at 12:20 am

    1500 for a month is loopy low designate. Passe to be 3000

  • September 14, 2021 at 1:02 am

    Long time Kevin! I’m retiring in about a twelve months, I are attempting to bring my partner to Thailand to exhaust all the superior food!

  • September 14, 2021 at 1:30 am

    Love the riding photos! So, you dont need an global driver's? As a Canadian, I always test, predicament off assorted worldwide locations dont scrutinize our license.


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