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Thailand’s Most Neatly-liked metropolis is now ours!

We’re a married couple from Norway who decided to sell our assets and switch our life with our cats to Pattaya, Thailand.

In our YouTube channel we want to portion what we create in our day to day life. There would per chance be some workout videos and our routines for cooking meals to earn the suitable out of every outing to the health club and to discontinue centered and healthy within the course of on day by day foundation.

Thailand has lots of novel meals in markets and from boulevard vendors. Whenever you happen to ever prefer novel seafood, novel greens or some chicken the markets and boulevard vendors is the vogue to head.

Thai delicacies genuinely has about a of the suitable meals on this planet. Fried chicken, pork made with indulge in and a few next stage noodle and ramen. At any time when we are out to eat the meals servers no longer continually let us eat the relaxation with out rice – even when we quiz to earn with out. The meals will also be very tantalizing, nonetheless for us that’s a really perfect match.

Thailand is such an ultimate country with pleasing americans and an ultimate panorama. We glance forward to express the arena what Thailand has to provide. Thai culture, wildlife and tropical ambiance is completely something else and there is for obvious something for all americans.

Cristine likes yoga, meditation and self-enchancment – while Sune likes to joke around with NERF weapons and other noisy toys. This is ideal for final relaxation, one is running around taking pictures foam darts while the other sits in peace and harmony.

Our two cats Kebab and Taco are very prankish and we genuinely indulge in to use time with them. Or no longer it is a exact satisfaction fiddling with cats and have confidence about that they earn jubilant – even supposing they originate no longer express it too in general. Our cats are drowsing for 15 hours, eating for one hour, combating for 2 hours and playing and being queer for the very best six hours. Kebab is our first born and was once very unpleased by getting a tiny bit sister after being on my own with us for over a 300 and sixty five days. Now, over one 300 and sixty five days after we bought Taco they are top probably chums – even washing every others buttholes.

In the nearest future we are going to delivery a 1-300 and sixty five days ED visa finding out the arts of Muay Thai. There would per chance be 1-3 practices weekly and we are genuinely having a wait for this journey.

When every part is settled we’re going to delivery finding out tennis and play some golf. Thailand has about a of the worlds top probably golf packages and the climate is ideal for other out of doors sports actions like tennis.

This is our first video edit, and we are genuinely having a wait for be taught more making improvements to and planning by procedure of state advent.

Hope you like our channel and our plans for the longer term. We would indulge in options to make our state better. Whenever you happen to is seemingly to be a hater and would like to comment unfavorable stuff you is seemingly to be very welcome. If americans in actuality takes time out of their day to comment, are they honestly haters?

Livestream would per chance be coming after we earn a stick with it this YouTube component.

Our gear:
GoPro Hero 10: https://amzn.to/3uHMLsG
DJI Pocket 2: https://amzn.to/3YhPnuM

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