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Thailand’s Easiest FLOATING MARKET? 🇹🇭

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In Thailand, some markets are “floating” — which blueprint they operate entirely on narrow canals with shrimp boats transferring up and down . You pay a shrimp tag to rent a boat driver for an hour (or longer), and then fetch which luscious meals to use from dozens of vendors (on boats) with aged girls cooking up one thing outlandish. It be all cheap and luscious and that is debatably the most high quality ride that chances are you’ll possess in Thailand.
babe why is that this empty yo guys so I needed to level to you my novel residence I surely handle this converse the most high quality subject is they possess some surely outlandish solutions shall we embrace no enhance-enhance on the bed huh yes that’s the foundations k don’t what sooner than we originate up our video I want to level to you guys my most trendy obsession and it’s these shrimp runt baby telephones and Nikki’s been making stress-free of me so when I saw this I blueprint it became once a toy I blueprint per chance it became once a thumb power or a lighter but it’s surely an proper cell phone oh yes and I’m able to manufacture cell phone calls and imagine or no longer I’m able to surely possess two SIM playing cards straight away I surely possess dual Sims whilst you guys can survey the two antenna icons so these baby telephones are most ceaselessly the identical thing the distinction is these ones possess a camera and the camera quality is no longer broad so that is what it does it surely has a tell changer so merely that once the camera became once off Nikki’s telling me how adorable I’m when I’m no longer imply and the blueprint how carry out I act when I imply please please due to I want to focal level on my work I’m working I don’t I don’t want to talk about with you k so we’re no longer stopped you undercover agent thanks no it’s sizzling with me yeah due to infrequently when I glean up I want to glean up drink my coffee scamper on my computer and merely roughly glean up I don’t want to possess a conversation so I’ll wait oh yeah I acknowledged I’ll glean up and straight away my the 2nd my eyes initiate I surely possess Nikki Nikki’s face in my peripheral and he or she’s esteem babe what are you excessive about this babe final evening you acknowledged this what carry out you watched it’s esteem questions and talking babe chances are you’ll per chance want to bright your room babe why is that this here and I’m esteem oh my god please cease talking cease talking so I could glean up [Music] oh my god damn how does it feel No there has whats up [Music] oh glance at those eyes you Wow glance at them glance spherical yeah there’s no one thing over here no that’s broad there he goes oh glance at him sleep glance at him glean him sleep ceaselessly a sleepy man yeah that is games attempting to sell me in a beer yeah yeah Wow glance at him scamper he’s advise to procure to possess a beer I’m esteem yeah k let’s merely explore this guy try to reach befriend to me that is hilarious – sorry – – yeah enhance yeah baby that’s what’s up want to speak whats as much as YouTube scamper sigh whats up YouTube I know beer beer whats up be here how great is it that became once 150 that is 150 150 oh wow I merely realized it’s esteem 10: 00 within the morning subsequent time no longer nowadays it’s merely so outlandish to be in a boat and having a guy merely esteem roll as much as you howdy carry out to procure to possess to settle one thing from me it’s I’ll by no blueprint glean over it but it is miles improbable stress-free and now I don’t undercover agent what’s within the befriend of me [Music] anyway guys the the GoPro Hero 8 became once announced two days ago I’m surely furious to comprehend one the most high quality thing is it doesn’t reach out in 25 days what the merely what is she promoting all correct so here’s the effect for the restaurant literally in water and we’re gonna pull over and glean some pets eyes glance the least bit these bodes well what did you watched of the snake in spots so horrifying the bone over such my legs yeah what carry out you watched yeah alright here we scamper delivered by the young lady so it appears to be like that chances are you’ll that chances are you’ll settle on this up here there you scamper enhance alright undercover agent she’s eaten no longer nowadays I feel she most high quality knows claim to procure to possess fried rooster one fried runt no longer nowadays per chance the following day to come Yoli that’s what I ceaselessly sigh damn lilies luscious fruits I’m k Wow oh no no longer nowadays k so within the old video Nikki showed her Bitcoin QR code and most high quality two folk gave her some bitcoins and and what took place to your bitcoins the day past correct yeah any person took my bitcoins with you any person took your Bitcoin that due to every person gave me why you took my Bitcoin I don’t perceive due to well yeah but I’m gonna present you with a bot for it I’m gonna present you with money for it it’s cuz you don’t know employ it you don’t know what to assist out with it I dig your Bitcoin oh k here we scamper once more k babe I’m gonna present you with your bitcoins befriend k all correct how great bitcoins carry out to procure to possess is that k is that k [Music] [Music] so these are sugar cookies correct God that looks stunning wait that’s how she makes them she merely puts them out they in most cases merely dry Wow are you able to request him how great for esteem one so I feel it’s roughly humorous that they roughly esteem power you to glean off the boat and to enter this shrimp store it’s we were esteem we don’t want to head within the shop we merely want to preserve going they’re esteem no chances are you’ll per chance want to head off chances are you’ll per chance want to head to this store I feel it’s a shrimp bit little bit of a plot it’s roughly esteem there’s this well-known rip-off the put a tuk-tuk driver will present you with a lumber for esteem ten baht or 20 baht they’ll sigh I’m gonna settle on you all spherical Bangkok for most high quality 20 baht and when this first happens to you you watched oh wow that what a broad deal I’ll merely settle on I’ll merely scamper wherever wherever correct so what’s surely occurring is that this tuk-tuk driver will glean money merely to verbalize you into the shop even whilst you don’t settle anything and it’s roughly esteem a version of affiliate marketing online so with Google or Fb that chances are you’ll surely advise ads and there’s two kinds of ads there’s esteem fee per click on and fee per ogle and all that and it’s a shrimp bit bit esteem that but in accurate existence so this guy’s being paid Fee per customer visited to the shop and so in his thoughts he’s esteem glance I could fee them most ceaselessly nothing for the lumber and merely settle on them to all these shrimp esteem commission based fully retailers and then I cease up making esteem 300 or 400 baht in step with that so this feels a shrimp bit bit esteem that so on the highest of this guy’s boat is a mountainous broad QR code I’m roughly uncommon if I could scan it what’s the QR code I want to scan it what is it it doesn’t work damn it I’m uncommon sorry David are you able to imagine if Tim the general boat it’s stunning on the bottom are you only going to head mom oh that’s I’m no longer talking contaminated I’m merely making a humorous myth anyway guys Terry um what carry out you guys feel about my channel man is my is my channel demise I’ve feeble her lo my movies suck Nikki’s boobs are no longer getting any greater what did you sigh in regards to the snake you acknowledged babe it feels esteem your snake Wow Wow alright so let’s turn spherical I received the front seat now here we are I wager so Nikki’s gonna try to sit down down correct here it’s gonna be roughly uncommon I imply reach on oh well that chances are you’ll carry out it oh here we scamper k there you scamper enhance cellphones accessible you scamper what here yeah yeah here’s our here’s our photograph correct here thumbnail thumbnails/thumbnail.png at ention some guys are esteem attempting to comprehend her one thing carry out they want to squeeze your I by no blueprint hear babe why is that this empty adorable whoa whoa glance at their sweaters why carry out they possess a check it off why are Chinese folk so humorous that’s why we merely set on a frigid climate jacket in 95 degree climate in a boat esteem what you doing they glance at these Chinese tourists what are you doing she looks correct communism Hong Kong [Laughter] coconut coffee ice crane ice Creek it’s spelled contaminated that is coconut coffee ice cream brainless esteem it yeah that’s a crane babe glance loading market I handle these cardboard cutouts it’s the identical esteem ladyboy I wager glance at this whale cam here we scamper welcome thanks welcome glance at this one what is she what well what is is that this esteem her residence I don’t glean it glance at this why are there esteem shrimp dogs here what’s what Thailand is so humorous there’s merely so many things what what Oh poop esteem bats they sell bat poop why oh oh she’s stunning your eyes are horny what took place – k cough k so I merely observed these mountainous fish tanks glance at these fish wow glance at that glance on the front has esteem two Lake hooks I suppose to God that’s the woman wood that we’ve been joking about is that that’s her that’s that’s this person huh oh that’s you Wow we’ve been we’ve been having a glance at so many surely tremendous cardboard here anyway it’s tremendous to satisfy you yeah so so what who is that who is that I don’t perceive what would happen no longer now now we possess a mountainous Chinese boat or a mountainous Chinese tour bus I hate these objects by the advance so assist on cease so k so many things are occurring so why did who is that oh she’s the owner of what oh Sh that ladyboy owns the general floating market Wow k k that became once this k so many things are taking place straight away k we received k k k assist on assist on what what is that this what is that this it’s merely what a what a broad picture I merely I’m merely watching it esteem wow esteem became once this taken within the water or became once it esteem a and here we are here there that that person looks pretty pretty diversified in accurate five that is a scale and glance on the depiction of body kinds well what’s the Hat tremendous-skinny k how many motorbikes are all parked correct here it’s esteem entirely lined in motorbikes so I’ve been watching loads of films about boring telephones and whilst you don’t know what a boring cell phone is it’s most ceaselessly the replacement of a neat cell phone so a boring cell phone is a cell phone esteem a flip cell phone and the Nokia roughly the mature ones we’ve ever feeble to employ and this has change into bright to me I wager after procuring the shrimp mini cell phone what would or no longer it is fetch to head on a boring cell phone for let’s sigh 24 hours I surely took a glance at how great mask time I’m getting on my Galaxy S 10 and it’s beautiful pleasing it’s surely surely depressing it’s nearly inconceivable 6 hours and 30 minutes seven hours I imply how could this be factual am I surely having a glance at my cell phone for seven hours it appears to be like beautiful worthy yeah I’m gonna carry out this so I’ve been watching movies esteem this the return of the boring cell phone downgrading to a boring cell phone I feeble a flip cell phone for 30 days and the guidelines appears to be like roughly sparkling the most high quality subject with me specifically is I handle taking photos and I handle taking movies but I additionally could merely verbalize my GoPro and merely possess a shrimp bit boring cell phone in my pocket I don’t perceive it’s one thing on my thoughts and I feel I could carry out the experiment but on the identical time it’s esteem I asked myself does my smartphone esteem injure my existence but then I look esteem seven hours of mask time that appears to be like unbelievable esteem sees k how could that be accurate how could that be factual dude glance at this rooster holy crap wow man it looks esteem one thing out of the out of the jungle looks esteem jungle rooster ooh baby those sharp stride oh here we scamper you gotta settle on a picture correct due to that chances are you’ll’t merely use meals so baby ever glance carry out you ever glance on the photos of your meals you carry out when became once the final time you appeared at esteem final one year’s meals photos

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