Thailand vs Turkey | Highlights | Females’s VNL 2019

Bangkok, Thailand, June 6, 2019 – Turkey outplayed Thailand in straight sets 3-0 (25-16, 25-18, 25-13) on the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok on Thursday.

Giovanni Guidetti, coach of Turkey: “Initially, I would make a selection to thank Thailand Volleyball Association for organizing an agreeable match. It was as soon as agreeable for us to play right here. They’ve such honorable fan presence every day on the stadium. We’re very chuffed to play right here. About the game on the present time, I would make a selection to thank my gamers for taking part in an most important match. We performed agreeable blockading and defence. I am in actuality soft with my team because we know Thailand is a honorable volleyball team and it is by no formulation easy to beat them. To beat them 3-0 is beyond my expectation. So congratulations to my team and coach Danai and his team.”

Kubra Caliskan, captain of Turkey: “It was as soon as no longer easy to beat Thailand because they maintain got so many fans to enhance them. I am very chuffed to buy and get three aspects.”

Danai Sriwacharamaytakul, coach of Thailand: “We maintain to admit that we misplaced to them in every formulation. We maintain no longer entirely recovered from the final match, but our gamers tried most efficient to fight in opposition to them. Most importantly, we composed maintain one more two weeks to play. We maintain to enhance and motivate our gamers to be ready for the the rest of the match.”

When requested about his expectations in regards to the next match, he added: “This yr, we don’t maintain powerful time to dwelling up for this match. However we now maintain got our final diagram. VNL is a test match for the gamers who will suit our diagram most, in expose to play the most efficient performance in both legs of the 2020 Olympic Qualification.”

Nootsara Tomkom, captain of Thailand: “Congratulations to Turkey for the victory. I deem on the present time we faced one in every of the strongest groups within the match. I deem all americans within the team tried their most efficient on the present time. However on account of our fatigue from the 5-dwelling match the old day in opposition to the Dominican Republic, we would possibly maybe maybe maybe also no longer carry out our most efficient and play in step with what we expected.”

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for Turkey it is truly Island sorry Oh gloop she’s wearing number 20 within the white jersey of a Libra Kara Kurt straight away inserting some degree on the board straight away grateful [Applause] so the reception from is mellow glue character known as into movement and rush from belieber oh that black spikes from valladon validated with ten aspects within the match the old day seven of them approaching dapper kills pounced on it straight away her first point of the match she’s serving now true in with the depraved courtroom till strive one more fleet dwelling rings plunging into movement she then tries to get in location on the block it’s dug out by a chair delivery but it’s Turkey who come out with me as soon as extra 5 2 is the ranking [Music] very advanced to take care of it virtually offers a free ball that’s a magnificent sprawling place from piano it ended up being a wonderfully play dwelling [Music] [Applause] so batted in with the strike lets it down the sideline cleans it up rapidly going to grounders is mellow glue character produced in yet another take care of and it is turkey arrived on the 8.10 elephantine timeout so as to the three point lead [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] 16th within the enviornment maintain the trailing turkey by 3 valladon with the enormous first overbite is now ghastly fleet reflexes by Gillick water saved by sorry Oh glue after which place away by Yves would possibly maybe maybe maybe also log 16th within the enviornment the trailing turkey by 3 paladin with the dig first overbite is now ghastly fleet reflexes by Gillick water saved by sorry augu after which place away by his would possibly maybe maybe maybe also log made equal their finest lead of this opening dwelling the advantage is for [Applause] [Music] sorry argue with a fancy provider reception whose Melo glue gets it over on the third contact slowly blockading on the salvage by Atman true in with the backcourt bump place down the sidelines and deflected enroute [Music] by four at 1174 the finest lead [Applause] with reflexes by sorry Oh glue karakurt’s setup and when she gets that form of dwelling up within the air and it was as soon as fully nothing on the tight and in regards to the salvage on pointing about up to now what a place by his mellow glue Turkey extend their preserve within the point magnificent recovery by aft man on the salvage she was as soon as coming motivate down to earth but she composed managed to extend an OP junction with valladon they arrive away with the aspects how about that for a recovery fully agreeable athleticism [Music] [Applause] [Music] diving saved by the Libra but then when water pulls away by cha-cha 2nd aspects of the matching I flying backwards bike [Applause] [Music] forever alternate of tempo virtually caught Thailand of God but they recovered successfully karakurt with one more dapper abolish six within the match up to now continues to be very impressive [Applause] my percentage of her swings Dilek serves [Applause] deep push to sorry ah glue karakurt sees it jump motivate she managed to get something off it on it and knitting that equipped sorry all glue into play ghastly wash it reflexes from karakurt right here got right here motivate and how about that for some physique management [Music] this is terrific hustle from Thailand they preserve themselves within the point true in word that that quartz bike bounding in from within the motivate of that ghastly spy from within the motivate of that front courtroom line what a dig from my chair upon off that rocket from is mellow glue the dwelling from Dilek attempting to run down the sideline with gunas and he or she turns her fingers up for a straight in trend been in a location to sew a rush of aspects collectively blue jet serving buying for the first technical timeout gigantic spike turkey motivate to within two run up by four aspects within the match up to now [Applause] karakurt digs out the deflected spike pianet locations it over on the first contact diverse time for Turkey to dwelling motivate man with a cozy touch fleet reflexes bike search areia reverse dwelling motive that money to play diving saved by Luke Zara and it’s Thailand who come out on top to dwelling off the first technical timeout the aspect of a cliff face but they map the mega rally by taking a repeat enter the first technical timeout up by three [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] successfully place away by connected dapper abolish off the reverse dwelling the decoy rush he’s mello glue serving nine ten sorry ah glue bought something off it is mellow glue she couldn’t rush down no longer extra that ballooned up into the arena night sky right here karakurt’s Irving [Applause] very cleverly placed by ballad in motivate-to-motivate aspects for her and we’re all square 12 aspects a part of tile and terrific again as soon as again from karakurt but how about that for innovation three-ball search the captain alternate the tempo right here catching admin the Turkish captain serving [Applause] what a bomb from karakurt he would possibly maybe maybe maybe also simplest push it over on the first contact didn’t to motivate relish it and fatica lee spy at that from Dilek so turkey making an are trying thailand making an are trying to pour day out but it’s too leisurely Batman served he’s the HR porn with the point four aspects within the match for her now successfully reefs by Willa van oh how about that for a depraved-courtroom abolish from a childhood search her get off the bottom right here in a location to map sprawling effort by sorry oglu retains her team in it what a place by peanuts and Thailand get it over but then they had been stretched within the future of the courtroom and it’s the Player of the moment her 2nd dapper abolish of the match who concludes it but spy at that for the total world it regarded as despite the incontrovertible reality that that point was as soon as over after which the rebound off College going beyond the confines of the courtroom pushed over deeply by his mellow glue on the third contact sorry or glue with the bump right here’s the dwelling and it’s Pinktober by ballad in a single amok gets it over on contact number three karakurt as soon as again closes the stamp her fourteenth assault of the match in her sixteen point total three-ball rhythm going for the glowing margins 20 of errors had been produced by each and each aspect successfully place away their team to dig deep and continue this fight motivate for a double-digit deficit and match point being faced by Thailand so sorry oku the reverse dwelling lift Zack man into play and it’s the captain who concludes this stumble upon right here on this third dwelling but as soon as it was as soon as tied at one [Music] you

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