Thailand vs Dominican | Highlights | Girls’s VNL 2019

Bangkok, Thailand, June 5, 2019 – The Dominican Republic claimed a 5-build victory in opposition to Thailand 3-2 (31-29, 13-25, 30-28, 20-25, 16-14) within the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Countries League on Wednesday.

Marcos Kwiek, head coach of the Dominican Republic: “Clearly I’m if truth be told overjoyed for this victory. But overall, I’m no longer satisfied with the manner we played this day. We dedicated too many mistakes in many key facets. It is some distance complicated to divulge who played better this day, however it’s continuously complicated to play Thailand at home. Now we must think the following day’s match in opposition to Bulgaria. I hope we can inform our simplest.”

Prisilla Rivera, captain of Dominican Republic: “I’m very overjoyed about this victory. I also valuable to divulge congratulations to Thailand for taking part in extraordinarily well. It is some distance continuously a if truth be told annoying match to play in opposition to Thailand. We now must toughen our sport and strive to focal level on the following match in opposition to Bulgaria the following day.”

Danai Sriwacharamaytakul, head coach of Thailand: “I bear to congratulate the Dominican Republic for the victory this day. It became once a if truth be told complicated match for us. We had to face solid blocks and highly efficient counter-assaults. I bear my players tried their simplest however we can also no longer overcome their height and aggressiveness.”

When asked about the following day’s match with Turkey, the Thailand coach added: “I must confess that it could maybe be a if truth be told annoying match all yet again for us in opposition to Turkey the following day. They did a if truth be told appropriate job in blocking this day. I bear they bear got improved loads. We are able to strive our simplest to play in opposition to them. We are able to focal level on our serving and streak.”

Nootsara Tomkom, captain of Thailand: “Congratulations to the Dominican Republic team for his or her victory. It is some distance one beyond regular time that they beat us. For this day I bear it became once a appropriate match and all individuals within the team confirmed their simplest, however at the dwell of the build, they played seriously better than we did. That is the motive we lost to them this day.”

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[Applause] what a recovery chunk on a plot after which a block at the Nazis extensive of the sign teacher corn serving Thailand main 5-3 Eve hasn’t handled that served completely is bumped support in by path and Elizabeth Martinez they’re admire who’s will get it over on the third contact after which Delacruz solid on the block as a minimal in at the ball went out of bounds of China so I chair a punch serving and is emphatically build away by Delacruz second smooth abolish dominican republic procuring for his or her first lead of the sport or sq. at seven Martinez with the support cleverly pushed over well saved alive by dela Cruz they catch it over on the third contact use Dominican Republic appropriate recovery by Eva backcourt spike build up for dela Cruz sprawling build by Pia nut appropriate blocker the get from Dominican Republic the build build over for Chatwin and it’s repelled by a aggregate of Marta and Eve with Marta on the block the ball over the get [Music] appropriate reflexes by Newt Zahra straight down the sidelines from Chacho on second facets within the match and trusty gaze at that that is sensational chicha corn with the support well defended by Thailand oh what a turnaround anima from the left soar since the minikin republic fired down a spike however gaze at that build gaze at the excessive flying jump no fee of knots all sq. 19 or what are saved within the backcourt streak up conserving it a lie for Thailand this time is will about within the firing line pushed over cleverly by martyr Year’s Eve with the bump and seeing the house no fee of no longer all sq. 19 or what a build within the backcourt streak up conserving it alive for Thailand this time is Willa van within the firing line pushed over cleverly by Marta off that contact from Eve and Isetta for the Dominican Republic turning attacker Year’s Eve with the bump and seeing the house martyr pouch for the Dominican Republic turning attacker here’s Eve with the bump and seeing the house martyr Pat one ace within the match to this level juice by Sara for Thailand oh what a spike justify is per hour and fully lipped games main scorer Braylon Elizabeth Martinez sirs well build away by a cherub Byrne had his 5 smooth kills in a match for her announcement at the 5 level total Thailand lead by tune here is their supreme lead of the build and that free ball in ChaCha whan she didn’t must be asked twice to gaze at that for a vertical jump moreover build away by Braylon Elizabeth Martinez suits excessive rating up all of them coming on smooth kills and it’s an eight-level lead that thailand bear established and that free ball is build away the court sooner than any dominican republic defender can also catch there there is just not this form of thing as a martinez it sees thailand lead by 11 [Applause] very supreme reactions from Thailand [Applause] Chacho on with the support port contact reflexes at the get from Luke Zara and within the extinguish the level goes to the Dominican Republic catch support in competition and he even takes that quantity to snowfoot trailing by a double-digit deficit [Music] to be better than trusty about every division here in build quantity two to shut this one out at the predominant opportunity unable to offer so resulting from it became once Marino for her English third build what’s saved by the lis baroque unable to be backed up with suit Patrick diving to her left Dominican Republic up by one well payment you on they acknowledged 214 facets within the sport this third step to this level [Applause] it’s one which is transient-lived [Music] facets apiece [Applause] sorry blocking by the Dominican Republic all yet again however this time the deflection doesn’t breeze in their decide [Applause] it’s price pointing out that the predominant build went to the to sure level rule Dominican Republic prevailed 31: 29 which they who a head by 117th smooth assault of the sport from mind and Elizabeth Martinez so smooth JIT serving tile and lead by one what are saved by willa van after support port spike from Braylon Elizabeth Martinez and is deflected out of bounds by the blocker at the get and it’s Thailand here in step quantity three he unable to manipulate it here in build quantity two Rivera serving dominican republic down by one however it’s thailand who were brought up build her seventeenth level within the match the decoy bustle is splitting lead the minty 928 Braylon Elizabeth Martinez with the support and on this occasion the reverse build to bring plumes it into the play doesn’t yield any dividends and it’s Dominican Republic who beget this one by the to sure level margin 30 28 to offer a nut to offer one more seesaw encounter here [Applause] we’d build I check Patrick there is just not this form of thing as a Martinez conserving a team within the level gentle contact by Braille and Elizabeth Martinez or when that became once terrific blocking all across in unison and rising up I getting a if truth be told considerable contact so Thailand up by four so Gennaro Martinez forceful spike delacruz Anthony dela Cruz making ready to assist 14 facets in a match to this level punched home effectively by Rivera reduces the deficit to trusty three [Applause] well the level goes to Thailand the 2 main by four they’ve had the easier of it since the resumption after the predominant technical timeout at that juncture they led by three whereas the level goes to Thailand resumption after the predominant technical timeout at that junk chat they gaze it over on the second contact the libro for dominican republic became once ready I’m the lead Brooke Larry sweat my Martinez within the firing line all yet again [Applause] the anguish audible on that spike attempt from Rivera Martinez with the bump and the backcourt spike attempt is mal done by Grayland Elizabeth Martinez and it’s Thailand who lengthen their consequence in six the supreme of this fourth build and to boot they’re combating ferociously to strive to force this one to a fifth build shootout and consequence in six the supreme of this four build and to boot they’re combating ferociously to strive to force this one to a fifth build shootout [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and the territory to where they fetch themselves within the fourth surroundings they never bought their noses in front on the scoreboard can they produce so here very supreme shaving the backcourt radiant grayling Elizabeth Martinez and how about that for a degree favorable play from Rivera to contort her body and slice out this level favorable abolish facets on the board [Music] what a build by Pierre no longer oh after which coming to create that level out of a seemingly complicated inform what a attain by gennaro Martinez Marta with a build Braille and Elizabeth Martinez powers it down plunge it in anima returns it then hustling support court is railing Elizabeth Martinez level level-headed alive Raylan Elizabeth Martinez with one more diving build to her supreme dela Cruz with the spiked so a excessive build produced for dela Cruz what a build within the backboard by peanuts Gennaro Martinez sprawling forwards with the attain and a degree level-headed in play and Braille it Elizabeth Martinez landed out-of-bounds a mega rally certainly 43 seconds of fabulous athleticism demonstrated by these volleyball participant so dela Cruz with a flat excessive streak support supreme up with the bump the build from the Liebherr rope when Elizabeth Martinez build off the defensive abilities of animal interaction and anima contact the reflexes dela Cruz Oliver within the thick of all of it yet again with recovery by the Dominican Republic sprawling build by the Libre it goes over on contact quantity 2 from even at the conclusion of the level it’s dominican republic engaging build they breeze up by two and trusty about every high quality that these athletes bear became once caught up on it the creativity their concentration since the final play wasn’t out of the playbook however level-headed Eve had the presence of mind became once in a neighborhood to model one thing over with previous the attain of the tide offenders tastic stayed by Larissa Martina teammate combating to place the ball off the court within the extinguish couldn’t produce so match level for the second time for Dominican Republic [Applause] and the participant of the match puts it away in emphatically warping contest of the best doubtless reveal dominican republic and thailand combating every other virtually to a standstill he went to a fifth and deciding build when no team became once in a neighborhood to keep a lead of greater than two dominican republic [Music] you

12 thoughts on “Thailand vs Dominican | Highlights | Girls’s VNL 2019

  • September 29, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    I am Dominican and I am good ample with my crew, however I also decide to congratulate the gallardia and the worth of the Thai crew, it is a mountainous crew, fighter and warrior, I truly enjoy that my country faces groups of respect much like that of Thailand.

  • October 12, 2019 at 3:49 am

    Arriba República Dominicana,al remaining la altura y la fuerza fisica se impone,vaaaamos RD,saludos desde México,son mis favoritas👍💙💘🙏👍

  • October 19, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    God bless our girls. We’re so lucky having a crew enjoy the Queens of Caribbean.

  • November 26, 2019 at 8:02 am

    นาทีที่12.54 ผช.ที่ยืนแล้วชี้เขาพูดว่า”เหยียบเส้นๆ”


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