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Thailand Railway Market I Mae Klong Railway Market Discontinuance to Bangkok I Hindi Video

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On our recent day shuttle to Thailand, we went to examine that neatly-known railway market which is being made extra widespread around the sphere by the viral movies of it.

In Samut Songkhram, about an hour delivery air Bangkok, is Maeklong Railway Market, among the largest create and seafood markets in Thailand. But past the selection of unusual fruit and fish, the market has change into flawed for one element—the educate that runs straight by it. In 1905, the Maeklong Railway constructed a commuter educate line by the guts of the widespread market. But in obtain of dwelling of budge, the distributors adapted to the unusual conditions, working around the educate that passes by eight instances a day, seven days per week.

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Kaushal is a journalist by profession and Abhilasha is a French language teacher.

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इस वीडियो में हम थाइलैंड के उस मशहूर रेल मार्केट में गए जहां बाजार के बीच में से ट्रेन गुजरती है। इस जगह का नाम है मैकलॉन्ग रेलवे मार्केट। इंटरनेट पर इस जगह का वीडियो काफी वायरल हुआ था।

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कौशल लखोटिया पेशे से पत्रकार हैं और अभिलाषा चौधरी फ़्रेंच भाषा की टीचर। दोनों को घूमने-फिरने, खाने और संस्कृतियों के बारे में जानने और बात करने का बहुत शौक़ है। इस चैनल के सारे वीडियो हिंदी में होंगे।
It has arrived
Standing so stop to educate is amazingly scary
How did you feel?
As we inform we’re going to survey a extraordinarily spicy element.
You enjoy to enjoy heard a couple of market which folds up when a educate arrives after which but as soon as more sets up instant
We are at Thailand’s Maeklong railway market come Bangkok.
We are succesful of detect the whole project this present day
If you occur to would possibly per chance well be taking into consideration, what came first? Market or Railway Note?
The acknowledge is – Market
This market at Maeklong dates aid to 1905
Or no longer it has been extra than hundred years ragged.
Araina is extra drawn to looking than me.
These followers are so spicy.
These are being feeble to ward off flies and insects
We are being told that educate will come at 2.30 pm
Or no longer it’s 2 pm now
Tourists are beginning to trickle in now to examine the educate
You would possibly inspect the market in the aid of me
You enjoy to enjoy stumble on that viral video of this railway market on social media
As we inform we’re also going to survey that project.
Maeklong railway market is around 80 kilometres from Bangkok
Please test the educate timings prior to you shall be found in order that you just can no longer enjoy to wait very long
In summers it will get very warm right here
If you occur to’d enjoy to store or no longer it would possibly per chance in all probability well be wanted to stroll on this rail song
This coconut water charges 25 bahts which translates to around Rs.50(INR). So it charges gorgeous distinguished the same.
Here’s Thailand’s ice-cream.
Sprite, Coca-cola, Fanta are among the crucial flavours.
It charges 5 bahts (Rs.12 – INR)
These are made from unusual fruit delightful
It charges 10 bahts (Rs.25-INR)
We are succesful of enjoy mango ice cream
What time will the educate come?
2.30 pm
She is gorgeous
Mango ice cream
These are the ice lotions
This ice cream charges 10 bahts which is amazingly affordable.
It appears honest. We are going to model it
Mangoes for 60 bahts. In india we obtain it for Rs.150
Mango. Papaya and Pineapple
You obtain chopped fruits for 20 bahts (Rs.45-INR)
The day gone by we bought mangoes for 40 bahts in Bangkok
Here’s nearly half of the fee from Bangkok
But then rates are expected to be double at Bangkok’s Khaosan Boulevard
Maeklong is a slight city and attributable to this truth more affordable
These mangoes mark 50 bahts (Rs.110 – INR) per kilo
Or no longer it’s gorgeous distinguished the same in India
This would possibly per chance well merely also be a lot of hustle-bustle when the educate arrives
So we enjoy got made up our minds to command the market prior to it arrives
Prepare will come from that facet
You would possibly inspect how many individuals enjoy gathered right here
The educate is set to come
We noticed many tour buses in the parking home
Prepare goes to come aid from that facet
Allow us to procure a honest recount to procure the educate
Or no longer it’s very warm right here
We noticed a restaurant alongside the song
It’s miles air conditioned so or no longer it’s plump
The rates for a cup of coffee and tea is around 45 bahts which appears affordable.
I need watermelon
We are succesful of engage it later Araina..
As we disclose, you obtain the most cost efficient stuff on the tracks..we’re on the tracks this present day..so ironical
We also enjoy railway markets in India
But what’s special right here is the educate passing by it and the market folds up. This would possibly per chance well be very appealing.
Prepare is set to come and we’re mad to examine the whole project.
Prepare is set to come. Each person is making ready for it.
Each person has folded up their sun shades
Announcement shall be being made
This announcement is made 3 minutes prior to the educate
Tourists and shopkeepers are requested to vacate the song
The educate has arrived
I even enjoy by no device stood so stop to the educate
It feels truly scary to be so stop to the educate
How did it truly feel?
You would possibly inspect shopkeepers enjoy but as soon as more started to do their sun shades aid as quickly because the educate crossed it
How did you feel?
Very spicy
It used to be so spicy to examine the greens lying at some stage in the song and the educate nearly going over it.
Araina, How did you feel standing so stop to the educate?
We loved watching it
They’ve change into very professional
They fold up and obtain of dwelling up in seconds. Best.
So sooner or later the educate has departed. We all noticed it.
We in actuality enjoyed it.
This market is obliging
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