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Thailand Pattaya’da Havai Fişek Gösterisine Katıldık! (Gece Hayatı ve Gezilecek Yerler)

Selam ben Zafer,
Yaklaşık 2 yıldır Thailand’a yerleştim ve burada yaşıyorum. Buraya geldiğim günden beri birbirinden farklı olaylar ile karşı karşıya geldim ve bunları YouTube aracılığı ile size paylaşmaya başladım.

Bu videoda Thailand’ın bir şehri olan Pattaya’da özel bir havai fişek gösterisini görmeye gittik ve Pattaya’da gezmeniz gereken yerleri tanıtmaya çalıştım.

Aynı zamanda beni sosyal medya hesaplaraımdan takip etmeyi unutmayın!

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Biscuit I will mosey to vacation for 2 days
I wil be aid very quickly, so please manufacture no longer mess spherical
be gorgeous, I agree with you
same for you cookie, manufacture no longer mess spherical please
you grotesque, you presumably can moreover be so grotesque
This day is my 2d day in Pattaya, the principle day I would perchance no longer be in a space to anecdote
and our first reason about this outing is food
like repeatedly we manufacture
at any time when we mosey somewhere or blueprint one thing
we delight in so grand food
and this truly keeps me so chuffed
because I repeatedly blueprint one thing unique and
I feel like a newborn minute one
Lovely wanna undercover agent everything spherical
so for now
we are in a position to birth up with breakfast and I will show masks you one thing no longer like Turkey
Breakfast in Thailand is fully varied
There isn’t any breakfast right here, they’ve no restrict
They would possibly be able to delight in one thing for breakfast which is still so abnormal for me
For exmp. we on the total delight in cheese, olive, bread, tomato etc.
however they’ve no restrict
would perchance perhaps perhaps moreover be rice, crimson meat, chicken vegies etc
we name this lunch or dinner however they build no longer appear to be
or no longer it’s been higher than 1 year so I kinda omit that feeling of breakfast
so let’s birth up
by the model now i am in hotel room and right here’s the pool
so right here’s their breakfast, manufacture you guys declare that you just would perchance perhaps perhaps delight in this for breakfast?
so what I steal is bread
bread, some sweet and tea
By the model hotel be aware is no longer that costly in Pattaya
Probabilities are you’ll perhaps perhaps presumably without effort fetch a low-payment one
For an hour or a day
it’s miles no longer that massive deal
Nevertheless in crowded season I maintain it would perchance perhaps perhaps moreover be quite tough
Now it would no longer discover that crowded since it’s so early
We also can come right here at some level of evening time
I wanna blueprint how is it
so we are in a position to blueprint variations
also tonight there could be an event
Fireworks event, this will likely be effective to seem
as you know Pattaya is successfully identified city for birthday party
I agree with it’s miles an attractive space to ascertain with
And right here we are
Strolling aspect highway is presumably the most renowned aspect highway
Probabilities are you’ll perhaps perhaps presumably litereally fetch anythnig you will need
no excuse
food, birthday party, massage, hotel, dance
and there are a form of turkhis restorant
and likewise so crowded
So I agree with you would perchance perhaps perhaps without effort
produce some guests right here
there are some locations discover truly cold
one other Turkish restaurant
it feels so abnormal to see like this
this one is also renowned
whenever you happen to come right here you need to ascertain with right here too
we are in a position to head upper than this, to see gorgeous interrogate
we basicaly walked by scheme of
and now will climb from right here
I’m hoping there would perchance be gorgeous interrogate
I maintain this will likely be elevated than I notion
why did I discontinuance?
I upset so scandalous
They did no longer let me mosey
Or no longer it’s closed
I did no longer shock in any admire
My scandalous success is repeatedly with me
now it’s 10 AM it’s so sizzling
I is no longer going to wait
I’m so sorry however I would perchance perhaps perhaps moreover no longer wait in any admire
however no worries now I’m taking you somewhere far more higher! Ready?
I told you!
Now we are right here, a cafe
the interrogate is first-rate
be aware is a minute bit bit costly
however fully price
also, the food is so fine
Thailand is presumably the most productive space for massage
It is miles admittedly licensed to head and get relax
also it’s as low-payment as espresso
so fascinating about at the unique time we walked loads
I maintain I deserved having one hour massage
Stare at the costs, it starts from 199 BAHT
I told you right here’s potentially the most productive you would perchance perhaps perhaps manufacture in Thailand
No need for espresso, I’m ok with massage
what manufacture you will need more?
Final time when I came right here
I used to be upset
cuz there used to be no person
however now appears to be first-rate
covid would no longer enact in any admire
so we are kinda beautiful
right here is also the seaside
true at some level of the club
as you would perchance perhaps perhaps blueprint
there are a form of of us right here
they’re true chilling right here
as same as Turkish of us
they’re doing exactly same, true sitting
and having picnic
however right here is kinda licensed
I like it higher
we were true true there by the model
and have to no longer ever blueprint the interrogate
there used to be a interrogate that exhibiting this seaside
however it absolutely is k
we still made it
and fireworks event will birth up quickly
all of these of us are anticipating the event
I like watching fireworks.
so you would perchance perhaps be a half of me too
so let’s manufacture the video true right here
I truly appreciated this outing
and made a form of fun
Please manufacture no longer forget to subscribe
produce a deliver and like this video
On account of i will blueprint you subsequent time!
For more fireworks, wait!

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