THAILAND — One Month Gallop Vlog

From Bangkok to Pattaya, Koh Kood, Ayutthaya and varied functions of Thailand; take a look at out what we purchased up to for 4 weeks! Discover the pictures and more on the weblog: http://jellyjourneys.com/weblog/2016/thailand/
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I bear I beget of lost my tips a shrimp in Thailand, on account of when it came to editing this vlog, it became as soon as in each place.

I rambled on for over 2 hours worth of photographs and salvage needed to decrease pretty a couple of it down to abolish this 20 minute vlog. I bear the heat and intelligent food qualified purchased to my head a bit bit…

Both system, I peaceable are fervent to section my expertise in Thailand, so I am hoping you revel in it!

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hello each person we are in Thailand and we’ve been right here for a couple of days now and as you’d look it’s gloriously sunny so we’re in actuality treating this destroy as like a helpful vacation so instead of going around sightseeing we’re actually qualified doing nothing and it’s aesthetic so I’m now not in actuality obvious what we’re going to be doing in Thailand we’ve already spent a couple of days qualified roughly chilling out taking half in pool and doing all sorts of stuff that’s taken up no vitality and I bear it’s going to be like that for the leisure of the month so yeah extra to the truth that we’re now not in actuality sightseeing we’re in actuality in Pattaya so this is roughly a shrimp of a chilled out residing and this is where Ellie’s mum lives so we roughly qualified residing it like a local so identical to my Hong Kong videos qualified going to be a couple of highlights and stuff if you’ve now not considered my Hong Kong video then inch and take a look at that out and be a hyperlink up right here and you’d inch and look that besides to my Instagram chubby of hundreds and hundreds of photographs so let’s roll on Thailand we’re right here for a month it’s been a couple of days since I final checked in and to be simply and now not a plenty took residing we’ve roughly been chilling out in Thailand peaceable I’ve in actuality qualified accomplished editing my closing Florida video so to present you some standpoint on when I’m filming this you’d inch and look when that came out and if you notice me on twitter you’ll know all about this so as of late we’ve made the long proceed down to the southeast of Thailand nearly on the border of Cambodia and we’re going to be taking a boat over to an island the island is called coke decrease or coke decrease so we’re going over to the island for a couple of days we’re going to be staying within the Peter Pan resort which sounds magical and optimistically is going to be some unbelievable seashores and some natural nearly rainforests like areas as extraordinarily tropical round right here we made it and that took about eight hours from Pattaya to Peter Pan land I don’t know what it’s called right here expecting that Sun to head down that feels like it’s going to be a giver oh yeah qualified pop help into our room and I’m gonna snatch my camera equipment a tripod and head help out after which you strive to salvage some long exposures tonight for the reason that sunset is taking place it looks to be like helpful all helpful let’s inch I want you and I want you and most of all I want you or you don’t qualified sitting up my tripod I don’t know if I’m in a video I’m gonna time-lapse or if I’m gonna long exposure oh if you’re gonna enact work I voice right here sand and electronics sadly the sunset didn’t in actuality advance up the rest but I’m going out right here and salvage some aesthetic brochures positively stormy taking a look clouds on the sort so I’m taking pictures a 30-2nd exposure at f9 iso 100 I’ve furthermore purchased a variable ND filter on there qualified to abolish a bit bit darker and that’s how the sky is seeking the time being so I’m qualified going to wait on for this particular person to head posthaste after which I’ll bear the next shop we’re help I’ve qualified advance out at some level of the shoreline of the island and I’m taking a couple of photographs right here and earlier this evening I filmed a what’s in my inch back and forth camera help video so searching on whether this is edited first or whether that one’s that it at the origin would possibly presumably maybe peaceable inch and take a look at that out and you’ll look all of the equipment that I’ve fascinated with me on this shrimp time out to the island it’s now not the entire lot I’ve taken on my overall travels but it’s roughly qualified what I’ve taken to the island in my backpack and helpful now I’m taking pictures extraordinarily gentle I’ve actually purchased qualified my Sony after which furthermore my 7d designate to the the Golden Hour is it’s posthaste diminishing so I’m searching to salvage some video around some photographs it’s continuously hard searching to salvage both but I bear I’ve succeeded so that’s continuously a helpful signal the day prior to this we left the island and we took a gorgeous long proceed it became as soon as like 12 hours in entire took a coach a boat the boat had some crazy loud music after which the bus driver your entire system up to the tire became when I’m now not obvious if he became as soon as on tablets or if he became as soon as searching to entire up or whether he’s the usage of inch to the stairway I don’t keep it became as soon as frightful and as of late we’ve advance to Bangkok on this unbelievable Airbnb condominium it’s so unbelievable right here let me bear you around there’s an Ellie there’s our mama kitchen ground ground bed room bathroom no 1 double-high residing house stairs grasp bed room bathroom number two upstairs landing house shrimp residing of job house with the very first Intel I’m at from 2006 presumably became as soon as 2005 we’ve taken a wonder out into Bangkok and we’ve performed a bit little bit of browsing and occasional a it’s pretty a crazy browsing center unparalleled to salvage salvage around can’t in actuality work your system via your entire shops systematically but we’ve chanced on some open air jungle think with a notice level at some level of I bet glowing company tropical in actuality frigid some humid night we’re exploring Bangkok as of late so we’re leaving our shrimp condominium so we are going to investigate cross-take a look at what the metropolis’s gone and it’s pretty sizzling too there are 34 36 levels I’m now not gonna lie is awfully high in my automobile and it’s now not even essentially the most up to this level that it ever will get right here helpful they thought they’d cowl presumably bring its system help gaze about coloration it’s helpful we qualified been moseying around Bangkok and to be simply we’re now not in actuality attracted to all of the touristy stops trigger you roughly feel that you qualified checking off a checklist that’s now not in actuality what we’re right here to enact we are fervent to roughly expertise it like a bit in actuality I divulge that as we’re strolling down the nightlife center of my but anyway we qualified been having a couple of beers playing all of it and they also pretty kick again in actuality it’s a final day in Bangkok and again it’s swelteringly sizzling and we’re qualified going to be chilling out within the park as of late we’re in lumbini park and again we’re now not in actuality attracted to doing too many touristy things for one it’s too sizzling and furthermore we qualified are fervent to roughly relax in actuality we salvage noticed some varied shrimp creatures chilling out with us within the park howdy Dan fella hungry I had this leaking liquid we purchased what you spicy too sizzling we’re searching to head away Bangkok to head help house we took a tuk-tuk in the end he gave up and we didn’t salvage anyplace and now we’re thinking the SkyTrain we’re within the defective system and our heading help then salvage a bus to the fire I don’t know the diagram we’re gonna salvage there it’s high-tail hour Friday night sad emoji and we’re noting nothing we advance into central to tie again and we’re in cinema as soon as more on account of cinema offer traces are unbelievable four pound 40 for both of us we’ve purchased two tickets within the Danish lady we’ve furthermore chanced on in our case we’re gonna inch take a look at now the rape k the film became as soon as in actuality immense and I bear Leo’s purchased some heavy rivals for that Most efficient Actor Award by the level the storms accomplished you’ll in actuality know who won that so regrets – eyes over now we’re now gonna head house and we’re gonna salvage this irregular taxi factor if I’m now not showing it already then bear a salvage a look at that so you’ve pretty unparalleled hop on these shrimp taxi things let it stick to it his route he wants to head after which press the buzzer like a common bus it’s like a grisly between assaults in a bus and now we salvage off howdy pay the motive force ten by every it’s like 20 pence there we inch to your system house it’s been raining moderately plenty as of late and when it rains the totes advance out and they also salvage extraordinarily cosy and begin singing to the assorted toads this noise is a toad sounds like a door or cupboard opening it is another intellectual sizzling day in Thailand as of late we’ve advance to the sanctuary of truth which is about a brief poke from where we’re staying yeah pretty clear-reduce to salvage to we salvage a poke around salvage some photographs on account of we’re now not in actuality taking any photographs since we’ve been in Thailand qualified roughly been chilling out and taking half in with the cats in actuality we’ve qualified turned at some level of the corner to bear a salvage a look at it and it’s unparalleled unparalleled higher than we thought it became as soon as gonna be stare upon the size of this there’s been pretty a couple of development occurring we’ve gotta wear these fine shrimp hard hats how enact you feel about yours they’ve elephants right here but we don’t accept as true with it you shouldn’t be in a spot to bear a selfie with an animal yeah k I don’t think that’s in actuality for us they’re peaceable constructing it and I’m now not in actuality obvious what’s occurring obvious if it’s a large tourist trap or a nice residing of love so many things I are fervent to divulge about it I doubtlessly shouldn’t so presumably qualified inch away it that became as soon as there qualified in actuality accept as true with dispositions being hit I bear seeing the elephant roughly painted all over didn’t in actuality know the correct system to admire it keep seeing them now not admire animals we’re now not in actuality obvious what’s occurring but that appears to be like to be a shrimp the parade occurring yeah coastline aspect road helpful no belief we advance down onto the coastline and as soon as more the coastline is being mighty noisy but this lights is helpful there he’s qualified been getting some photographs with me on account of I desire a brand new profile image I’ve had the same one for approximately a year or so I’m gonna salvage a brand new profile image of me holding the camera this time holding my Sony instead of my Canon so updating with the time she’s furthermore getting some logging shut to me it’s qualified all circulate I’m gonna be holy smiling talking pretending to be working a blog we’re qualified help alongside by the coastline a bit restaurant called surf and turf obviously they lend a hand Josh and the sun’s qualified setting so I’m qualified getting some helpful shrimp 4k photographs of the sunset and the water spicy and furthermore some leisurely-mo bits k they’ve advance out pretty successfully and qualified like the day prior to this the lights in all equity unbelievable right here immense time of day alternatively fully in unhappy health it in actuality smells right here I’m now not obvious if the vacationers are aware but they in actuality roughly pump within the sewage into the sea and there are folks swimming within the sea which is moderately unfriendly in actuality I qualified account for I’m taking pictures with the 24 to 70 2.8 l and the Hoya polarizer so that I’m lowering the reflections on the lens comes up pretty well helpful morning jellies we’re help in Bangkok as of late and we took the bus from cassia I became as soon as editing the Hong Kong vlog alongside the sort we had some aircon that became as soon as flowing an absolute gale power winds I wasn’t very helpful presumably hell and as of late we’re gonna meet Vicki flip-flop I’ve now not considered Vicki since we had been in Florida collectively so this is able to presumably maybe peaceable be fun and salvage a nice shrimp lunch after which we’re off help house in actuality I realize I didn’t in actuality weblog unparalleled after meeting with Vicky in Bangkok we went out has an unbelievable pizza of all things in Thailand sadly I purchased in actuality in unhappy health that evening and the next morning so that wasn’t too helpful we went out for an unbelievable meal at a residing called sky gallery now the comical factor about that is that pretty a couple of folks in Thailand can’t in actuality divulge the note gallery so each person qualified is aware of it this guy Gary there we went to Gary’s and they also had a gorgeous scenic notice down to the coastline and now we’ve advance to Ayodhya and we’re going to be right here for a couple of days qualified roughly chilling out identical to what we enact on the island on this shrimp retreat which is awfully aesthetic it’s our 2nd day in Ayodhya and as of late we’re exploring around what my habitat I bear that’s how you divulge it now not obvious it’s like the ancient ruins of the ancient capital metropolis of ancient Thailand it’s prettier pretty ancient it’s too sizzling to wear a backpack so I’ve qualified purchased a shrimp dim wrap with Metro on and I qualified noticed the signal anyway that said no but AK so fetch-fetch my god it’s sizzling it’s like 34 35 levels closing day in Thailand or a closing chubby day in Thailand and we’ve advance via the easy automobile inch-karting in Katya and we’re going to be racing around for two heats can’t wait these countless intellectual posthaste gonna be unbelievable so that concludes our month in Thailand it will gaze like we didn’t in actuality enact plenty but to be simply we mature it as a shrimp of a vacation and qualified roughly chilling out and relaxing in actuality so don’t in actuality salvage probability to pause this vlog in Thailand but we’re right here our next inch back and forth residing which is Tokyo and there’ll be plenty more videos coming from right here besides to a write-up on the weblog of Thailand after which furthermore extra extra extra Instagram posts and obvious there’s going to be a entire lot presumably now not that many from Tokyo on account of I like it right here’s my 2nd residing being 2nd time being right here and it’s without issues my favourite inch back and forth residing I’ve ever been to so finish tuned and subscribe for more videos and we’ll look you within the Tokyo video thanks for watching guys purchase you later don’t wait it help k qualified for the document Macau is amazingly photogenic

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