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Thailand Live Bolt with Simon, Mem and Guests.

One among my accepted streams with Ae and Mem going crazy at the pause of the lunge, so comical.
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Postal Tackle:-
Mr Simon
5/3 moo 5
Non Chumpon
Khao Yoi
or in Thai
5/3 หมู่5ต.หนองชุมพล อ.เข้าย้อย. จ. เพชรบุรี 76140
honest night females and gentlemen right here we drag again with I our moderators thanks for coming if somebody give me a thumbs up that the sound of videos k no inexperienced-show tonight blooming late me honest the one on the serve wall not then with that tonight e book flip that off it used to be up one thing don’t be I’m sure I did a dwell lunge remaining night didn’t I you’re serve again guys ah truth day from the dwell lunge remaining night technical going what pause I pause is the hyperlink for the YouTube channel Dave it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably also be ready to win in like I’m in on spree no honest within the chat what’s that every person about whereas you uncared for the dwell lunge remaining night we pause the dwell lunge from the broken love yarn and the fundamental personality Martin aka Dave got right here on had a chat with all individuals for an hour and it used to be moderately a great deal of oldsters grew to alter into up so confidently Dave will develop the chat and if anybody wishes to query him anything they can query him within the chat as rapidly as he pops up there we’ll discover about I’m in a position to also merely silent discover about if he pops up he’s figured it out let’s win me list the build’s my list let’s honest give you that straight away because in any other case I put out of your mind downtown let’s discover about if that works negate there you drag that’s it that’s the lunge tonight mmm k drag on read it completed k performed drag away yeah notes please station seek the advice of with mmm horny girl Bruce to pause blew off the IP peril within the buff is broken livestream the date remaining night yeah completed the list already you don’t need to know anything there that used to be my week and it’s been one hell of per week in level of fact so mighty so I even procure had so mighty wicked success this week and stuff going entirely disagreeable I’m not superstitious k but my accepted month gave me that minute monkey and man obtained it place aside in that fine protect form amulet I took it off somebody and went serve to my accepted script and I place aside that serve on the chain because that’s honest giving me such wicked success perchance it used to be superstitious but anyway there you drag thanks David for the hyperlink to that video for the old day and sooner than I put out of your mind there’s finest a hundred and thirty three of you right here but I may uncover you though telling you now this can I don’t need original love yarn the unfavorable tie which k that’s the intro I’ve performed a five minute or so video and which may be going dwell on the channel straight after the toll road so after the lunge that video is on the channel and then share regarded as among the love yarn the cardboard wait or not it’s important to head and be a part of the members position because they’ve had it for about a days the love yarn original love yarn starts the following day on the channel in overall Monday night and guys within the members position you’ll win share two the following day or the following day morning or whatever yeah Barry and myself were purported to be getting on our bikes Tuesday morning this coming week and heading actual for 3 or four days but whether or not it’s been so hot and rain within the afternoons we’ve place aside it off for one week we were going to bring you feature video of the draw and stuff we’re bringing it out next weekend so per week on Tuesday Barry and me it’s within the toll road yeah and we’re gonna pause some motovlogging and we’re going actual that’s all I’m telling you I’ll uncover you next weekend ma’am and cargo of oldsters went north about a days ago they won’t touch it what’s it called sir Sankar burry its mother place aside on them on bridges up north of country nabrit they all win over there and they had about a days away so that used to be honest chris is silent with us but I mediate he’s inviting out within the following couple of days he’s gonna drag and take a survey at I residing for a month presumably but he’ll be right here later perchance he’ll level to that to you so I honest heard a bang outside a roof on the above me blooming right here the old day we had a five minute wind whats up Paul five minute wind typhoon went by and it ripped for tiles blooming above my head off the roof fortunately the builders were on position up at the sneaker building rushed him down I had some spare tiles um they repair the roof provoking wind honest went whoop straight by gargantuan wind and the most attention-grabbing wound used to be blooming above us so it’s mounted but this used to be the carport first and necessary carport first and necessary and we honest discuss the ends of the subscriber room beaver entire studio and my veteran region of work and by no manner thought about it that roof used to be veteran second-hand tiles I don’t mediate they were screwed down so we’re going to deserve to presumably reroute this share within the following month or so did we take into yarn it so yeah what per week the AIP peril within the serve I’m telling you about that they them VIP VIPs but they’ve long gone I’m gay they’ve long gone confidently you by no manner discover about them again and we honest had a reserving come honest come by and a family of 4 on the style to us this night to e book in for one night speak they may well well be in actual that the beach is amid their midway home they’re gonna come and stick with us so the resort with out warning we’re commence again and it’s we’ve had to hundreds VIPs there’s one more couple right here who’ve been right here about a days and at what for the remaining few weekends they’ve been German we’ve obtained so so effectively the Cowboys were right here blimey we had hundreds of rooms booked out so yeah with out warning deciding on up and a great deal of inquiries so when the arena flights I don’t know your company as honest as mine tonight whereas it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably consume to focus on the worldwide illness you’re welcome to but I’m honest a minute bored with all of it and I’m plump yeah I’ve obtained a hide and a pocket your entire time mate ha I’m looking out to remark if David has made it into the chat doesn’t survey like it every man in how are you mate gay Sunday yes blooming I’ve obtained hundreds to uncover you but I’ll honest uncover you later let’s let’s win up with you guys you’ve all been weighing groan that used to be patiently waiting and used to be it weighing first or used to be it yet used to be waiting wasn’t it Wayne used to be first I Simon man and all company Luster’s gigantic to meet Dave remaining night seemed gigantic going deserves how his daughter with it yep Chris that’s who recordsdata out this day Might perhaps well perhaps also 23rd on about no more cases no deaths at oles same right here in Thailand which is moderately honest I’ve obtained buffering on my youtube you abet it rubbish cease buffering yeah and even Chonburi 30 consecutive days for no cases Pattaya forty days so will Pattaya commence again survey these issues are beginning to commence right here and win serve to fashioned region I was wandering spherical the remaining couple days a great deal of oldsters not even obtained masks on in truth yeah it appears like all individuals’s honest like loud passable for that and that’s cracking on not honest perchance robber bushing whats up guys from fabula Las Vegas Nevada hope all individuals used to be doing gleaming Jamie whats up Simon a man fine to meet Dave hope all the pieces goes blooming for him the daughter and Kris that’s who acknowledged it honest morning afternoon even all individuals John jelly honest day Robert Kris and freezing south of West Australia and then these guys are all again Wayne there’s Chris the telly fleshy Barnes left us I’ll uncover you what he is dropped I point out I’m in a position to also merely silent let him uncover you but he’s dropped to 166 kilos meaning he’s lost a hundred he used to be 180 when he landed 14 kilos since he’s been right here doing effectively having a survey totally varied all individuals talking about every varied in Australia the build they dwell alongside with John Jay minute world a potential richer Martin Tom Dwayne coronavirus can shuffle six but not so that you place aside one come on John D so he saved from Melbourne Australia how are you Paul Schneider it’s not first all individuals that is right here already Mimi honest night M assignment gay Eid 300 and sixty five days 800 days now are you planted on to all Muslim viewers did you consume no Eid gay Eid John Jay whats up all David Hart and moderators thanks again when Grosvenor I was first but most of my comments are long gone Marty Van Duzer honest morning Simon the lobsters Chad Ely Oh axel Sommerfeld – Bangkok we’re all serve rapidly with a vengeance and develop even extra cash Wayne is that L much less folks honest afternoon from tidy and Wayne in Saudi Arabia welcome bank holiday right here within the UK says David Hart on Monday hundreds gleaming fine weekend’s coming up bump-bump exhausting to take care of note of them yep Richard Martin may well well presumably maintain he used to be room after I figured out it used to be in truth Thursday effectively my week used to be ruined and I place aside it there on Monday morning I stopped up within the police station but I’m in a position to’t uncover you anything about it how about that for a cliffhanger Wow one thing to pause with the village that’s all I’m in a position to remark anyway there you drag that used to be my week started you within the slay obtained caught Simon rodebush and whats up Simon he Richard Martin I messed a message they test earlier this day she’s feeling wicked out but her fingers are silent swollen a dislocated her elbow remaining week pause you be aware her getting higher a Paulo love and Wayne a the Fonz’s accepted girl Richard Martin worse what I gain attention-grabbing is that Thailand a florida appear to procure the same weather patterns it rains there it rains right here who knew yeah Henning Anderson honest morning all individuals Ronald Houston whats up Take hang of went over that minute comical yarn why don’t sharks consume lawyers and politicians professional courtesy k any Anderson yes it does flora escape tranquil richard martin we each and every win our rainy season the same time bob sears honest morning folks Ron is within the condo sir Ron Floyd and I’ve viewed some Thai names popping up how am I gonna converse those Paul Snyder’s effectively my region summer season comes more early than sooner than two years in a row were fashioned temperature and April mate will win a brand original tie summer season this 300 and sixty five days they’re two plus levels blooming right here now remaining 300 and sixty five days I didn’t I don’t be aware it lasted this lengthy intimate Might perhaps well perhaps also it’s far silent 40-plus day to day but we started to win showers 2: 00 within the afternoon storm will come by chilly it down for half of an hour then he gets in truth muggy Dean Wilson procure I met in truth muggy yeah all tied up g’day all individuals rubber Mack in Asia whats up Simon how are you mate and also you acknowledged whats as much as all individuals looking out at Robert bushing whats up disagreeable Ron Paul a whats up all individuals Henning Anderson I’m hoping all had a honest week Leonard rigor mortis aka lon Leonard Seidman been kicked off Google ban me on all accounts announcing I violated phrases and service cease putting those pornography maintain up pictures on there then Leonard it’s gotta be that so selfies procure you bare on Facebook or someplace David how dare we query what did he pause disagreeable Houston whats up Robert Barry Smith there me whats up all individuals so that you’re not octane plugged in them bar k you obtained to yarn Oh Jeffrey root whats up rubber and all individuals else it’s obtained a cell weight very sorry appears like this going down an increasing number of Jeff ings honest night from Melbourne Leonard rigor mortis query three cases like any they converse as I violate its phrases and prerequisites are Chris that’s who I am right here sooner than the originate this time used to be roasting in front of me gorgeous jubbly hope you revel in it David Kennedy whats up from Sydney and Steve Dylan morning Danny Lawrence message retracted and Oswald whats up Mike and the numerous moderators thanks for coming real wicked jr. whats up again chiming in from the numerous aspect of the planet the build the build it used to be a clue heading Anderson whats up from Norway Andrew showing goat honest afternoon Simon supposed company and neighborhood k he’s honest come to the I’m in a position to discover about you play combating there confidently males when she comes alongside in a minute you bring me leo ma’am whereas you’re looking out at leo we’ve obtained Barry right here moderating next to me thanks very dairy route RL ban as lengthy as it’s the pharmacist Jeffrey root for this planet ah ah some of you names are getting tougher our Marchese used to be looking out at for snow this day but to this level so honest the build are you Wesley whats up all individuals Wesley’s out a tough week as effectively David I’m undecided perchance one more planet shall be higher blooming now RL ban to this level so honest GF whats as much as boaters fo Saudi saved one more groundhog weekend lockdown issues are slowly opening Darren flower how are you my buddy and thanks for helping Dave remaining night whats up Simon ma’am no direct act on two disagreeable ouncesboy – whats up Krista the build procure you been whats up Krista remaining yeah Krista semi grabbed a image off the CCTV camera outside show in our roof because gray veteran tiles for original bluto’s he spotted it celtic koala wherever shall be higher than right here but they converse the grass will not be greener on the numerous aspect Dave our greetings from cloudy and chilly Philadelphia Simon Henderson whats up that smiling folks cumbersome-size later they’re most attention-grabbing when Grosvenor any recordsdata on a total that has been donated Dave to this level out of curiosity I spoke since afternoon and from your kind donations folks he’s virtually obtained passable for an airplane stamp 410 420 pounds used to be donated remaining night t which will not be likely totally not likely and whereas you don’t know what I’m on about you’ve obtained to see the broken love yarn and then you’ve obtained to see the dwell lunge remaining night and I silent can’t discover about if David’s within the chat and that quantity has long gone up but yeah 420 place aside in direction of an airplane stamp so we can drag and discover about his daughter or vice versa there you drag Wayne penny Anderson varied so Amanda lost us David Hart thanks for that Gary low whats up you gay folks David Hart sound and video will k most attention-grabbing Perry honeymoon whats up Simon how are you for sure somebody emailed me tonight I was moderately a great deal surprised I’d converse Barry says he’s not essential because Barry doesn’t like jazz and blues and singers but an American essential I converse essential because I found him and his songs are most attention-grabbing and he’s obtained his procure band it appears to be like he’s coming to stick with us I’ll uncover you if he decides to come I emailed him serve then let me drag so he may well well presumably procure I may well well converse a essential singer you by no manner know on a dwell lunge singing Roos as he left haven’t it it used to be gorgeous dwell Nashville Tennessee Sat Nashville yeah yeah chilly ah unfortunate sighs whats up Krista and the Oswald Tom to boda Krista each and every yowl – tag nope Jeff right here whats up Simon Andrew Shango can win passable of Simon livestreams in that Robert bushing whats up Simon having a survey honest burnt swimming the old day one o’clock within the afternoon Clegg no son I was in doing the fashioned size so 30 minutes 40 minutes sunburn this day hat yeah there’s a cap that Take hang of Take hang of there’s the hyperlink thanks David for the dwell lunge remaining night whats up silence is disagreeable how are you mate Christa launched the monkey a monkey’s long gone it’s within the gun within the actual and Rishon obtained morning jeffrey rope up monkeys tricksters but this one used to be Scott’s away yay that’s log it they are murder my sis they are murder money’s no murder monkeys ha ha Bret wery honest afternoon Simon how are you and a chat honest decided to jump and throw me in every single build how am I gonna gain that identify oh hang on guys come right here backup males the build are y’all need Emilio and the fellows need to demand you ah blooming chat let’s honest jump miles as gradually I’m gentle feeling there it’s far I found it murder monkeys Paul original lifestyles in Thailand whats up Simon honest night hope you effectively your YouTube channels coming alongside properly Paul doing in truth effectively loving the negate Jeff James whats up Simon Ron kool-abet kool-abet Simon whom I’m at a loss for phrases I even procure substituting glish how pause you pause that son since it’s like no belief can also merely silent be a subtitle button someplace on YouTube you drag no recordsdata on the e book by the style I haven’t heard from the publishers I mediate on yarn of the worldwide illness being place aside serve a month or two as rapidly as I win recordsdata when that’s going to be published on like voters F for at the least recordsdata yarn is one thing to wait for I’m listening to the tune unfavorable lady by elo this yarn effectively you’ll discover about within the intro after this after the lunge whereas you snatch to see it tonight you’ll tag it’s a exhausting one to pause and for a great deal of oldsters after I pause love tales converse Simon are they real tales about real folks and I’ve acknowledged all individuals to this level 100% real folks a great deal of oldsters disbelieve so that’s regarded as among the explanations I needed to win Dave on because he’s silent alive like among the crucial various tales I’ve performed the oldsters that dull so can win them on and David gigantic so they yeah real person fundamental personality one more yarn they are real David Hart talking to Ron Eddie man whats up so I be aware lustres mods and subscribers gay Sunday I mediate you’re silent in Bangkok for about a more weeks heavy gorgeous original motorcycle pokets behaving itself there’s your entire hyperlinks to the channel and the reserving whereas it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably consume to come and stick with us I’ll win notifications I may well well like I may well well presumably procure a photo an inventory Barone can you pause a photo of this this setup right here from language I wait yeah but with this all dwell I don’t if now we procure got in truth doing a lunge since it’s like the cockpit it in truth is a spaceship Jeff James the build are you I’m at home the build are you sorry that’s being sarcastic the build’s north of Pecha berry south of Bangkok and two and a half of hours south Bangkok Jeffrey in truth that is honest recordsdata Simon what’s of the reserving yes Ashley Middleton whats up Simon honest seed AVST fine blow let’s procure the triumphs by adversity roll on the following yarn chap yep beginning tonight Steven ovary let’s learn than them to start with win to Jeff any money what were your not too lengthy ago departed demand what’s going to your not too lengthy ago departed VIP company develop of your comments or did you uncover them uncover it to them sooner than they went I mediate males went goodbye with totally booked forever pay your bill who’s needy let’s honest converse needy ringing there’s a 5: 00 within the morning can now we procure got breakfast at 7: 00 bring it at 6 o’clock don’t put out of your mind breakfast at 7 and we add this to it half of 6: 00 within the morning can now we procure got breakfast at 7: 00 procure you forgot three days on the toll road and then not we’re honest room finest the person we’ve closed the restaurant meals for for the moment with the resort unless we obtained bookings I point out bring the staff serve so that you web page room finest no meals it’s likely you’ll perhaps well outdrink we can pause you drink no meals and then folks strangers originate coming down the force turning in meals to these folks hundreds of all of them by the day and then the ring scan their meals more meals yeah man all individuals used to be away they were all out country there used to be me berry and nut unfortunate veteran nut nut it’s likely you’ll perhaps well’t procure a silent weekend off your fashioned job can you abet us win cooking and serving blesser you stood as much as the tag helped as a VIP who wishes them Jeffery rip whats up Eddie Jeff Jones thanks unfortunate coronary heart whats up all individuals hope you’re all having a incredible day it’s tight issues greetings from Northport Jeff James yeah sorry about that the build are we but I pause win requested so repeatedly the build are you it’s moderately mighty in every single build on the channel and the hyperlinks and stuff but I realize some folks don’t gain the hyperlinks and don’t discover about your entire video so yeah but we’re in this aspect of the Thailand on the one hand charm position it’s tight issues greetings from nonthaburi Ron Don prepared Gary ciphers message retracted Danny Lawrence Amy Simon memo no loss neighborhood how are you Danny Gregory mechanic honest money from New York City London Chinese language cabbie whats up I discover about you pop in Tony pom I’d procure made whats up Simon and the guest honest afternoon from Russia man the build are you I was it I may well well like me Leo Eddie Cash Thomas Jeff right here is Paul HCMC honest night off care Gracie what are the possibilities of me being to seek the advice of with Thailand in October from UK I reckon to be moderately honest I reckon you’d be moderately honest I know let me win out of Chris he sat at that pause of the ice I even deserve to ring for it to win mem in and win a Leo what are they like Chris the build are you Chris ring Kelly care grace yeah I reckon October may well well presumably be all blooming libero Jensen greetings from Denmark I’m hoping to seek the advice of with you this 300 and sixty five days sonic Harry whats up Simon from white whats up members ignoring me I acknowledged to her to come in but he’d not come that folks arrived are they can you bring me leo mate k whereas you bring me a Lillian pond scum I’m thirsty I’m death right here thanks mate but again after ring for alia Simon elevate whats up Simon has hua-hin Odin now yeah the roadblocks procure long gone they’re silent doing temperature assessments I mediate if I acknowledged randomly it perhaps be moderately honest but it’s likely you’ll perhaps well for the time being it appears like it’s likely you’ll perhaps well drag province to province no direct and I mediate at the pause of this month so mighty recordsdata to take care of popping out every day we’re opening this toll road in that we’re not opening this and I don’t know which one to take into accounts but issues are beginning to commence up I went to 7-Eleven dare I show you dare I show you that’s fine k blooming hang on Barry says I’m I’m someplace and I may well well 711 and I had to signal in effectively I mediate it acknowledged sighing in because we’ve honest hundreds of names in Thai signal in time in temperature test and then hand yep Terry honeymoon thanks so mighty for the Australian gigantic cat there the 449 Eurostar yeah signal into 7-eleven and survey Guenter ladyboy used to be there making me signal in k now – hang on camera I’ve by no manner took photo offer lagrunta ladyboy as in if I’m in a position to also merely silent show this image pause what I mediate I’m gonna show this image right here is the grunter the ladyboy coming up now k on to show ban I obtained a Leo there you drag that is the gorgeous lady boy girl down at our 7-eleven and I took a pic photo your prank slay me whereas you ever discover I place aside that on there but you had that extra supermarket I had to signal it anyway Wasel effectively it by signing in ego I know I point out lunge k cloves congratulations what what number of haircut oh thanks on your wait come on you wishes to be essential 166 effectively now I’m down to what 162 oh I obtained it disagreeable 162 166 used to be what I was that remaining time he landed at present time out in Thailand 180 by no manner up now 160 to 18 kilo plunge congratulations thanks your shirts again in baggy yeah you getting skinnier hmm you’re having a survey healthier more ear hairs for tonight so yes clay same ladyboy yeah you’re having a survey honest you’re having a survey gigantic to me in truth honest yeah that’s the same ladyboy that pulled the who used to be it into the lavatory I forgot Eddie no after I did he leaked you please yes blooming Lee Hughes she took him within the lavatory the build the lavatory is can I permit you to sir can I retain anything procure we were in part drunk because we were on our manner to the karaoke that night we were in part drunk need any abet these not yet the build are or not it’s important to protect your self did she did she or didn’t she mm-hmm cheers all individuals yeah all individuals so congrats you stamp that’s on chap manner down there mm-hmm blooming thanks plump thumbs don’t know the build that used to be a minimal of you’ve come alongside and tag this repeat giving us your give a increase to let me honest namely photo up the curves so I sit down them showed you the original love yarn tonight the intro and then the following day shall be they win share one oh that’s minute honest a minute bit bigger let’s share one the following day night first of the original love yarn the following day on the channel Ron this day has change into a member thanks Ron win hundreds of members it’s most attention-grabbing perchance this procure obtained ten videos of males on your trick k all these minute videos lined up for the members this week you’ve obtained hundreds of nutty males videos coming oh I’m in a position to’t in truth show there’s the image on the aspect if that’s the studio I’m within that wall it’s likely you’ll perhaps well’t discover about from that image original tiles they win that used to be them did a image on whereas you were away they went to the wires come on bridge anyway this photo of males is most attention-grabbing-looking out image I mediate it’s totally fabulous and I’ve honest realised she snuck in VI mio honest gonna complement her and she snuck in late me she appears to be youthful there appears to be manner youthful there’s one more photo but I didn’t place aside it on kazoos I’m gonna abet it it’s most attention-grabbing there’s the one bridge that’s the build they went yes you went there yes you didn’t creep over the bridge no why not too damn far this bridge is fabulous it’s left passable from county library goes over to an island and then it’s the Burma border maíam are lengthy it’s mother I know but that bridge is manner lengthy it’s manner lengthy it’s about 300 meters perchance more but you’ve caught that’s Christian you’ve gotta drag over that bridge you gotta creep over it Wow what pause you males pause to you the night sooner than no is breastfeed five or six hours within the auto traveling there and then as soon as we win there she takes me out strolling we walked by the markets which in truth wasn’t too terrible but then we had to creep down to the bridge which incorporates I know but that k richard gallagher thanks so mighty for that two greenbacks by the style any donations tonight are going to me embarrass day out next week for our trips and we can take a web page from self blooming elevate up ma’am took you out and made you creep downhill in spite of all the pieces that then we had to creep down it’s a half of a mile down the aspect of this mountain dang it down to the bridge and hill and also you’re 162 kilos win down there you’re about prepared to die after you win attacked by seven soy canines on the day out down there this would perhaps well presumably be very fleet you win yeah k I may well well presumably lay down honest rolled blooming that manner we’ve been down there real quick but they obtained one Enya because I don’t combat the canines pause so whereas you combat your entire canines and also you develop your manner down there then you win to the bridge yeah some lady called me Owen and then quick and it’s time to creep serve up which is going down so properly discover about you did you creep serve up it any went wicked condo me mm decided we wished to face up at 6 o’clock and we’re gonna drag creep your entire village and all the pieces oh my god no so so unwell scrunchy gonna procure breakfast fine breakfast no no the hotel don’t give you meals so we had to face up and then you drag out to the auto parking position you win baskets of the build it’s far you win to the monks and they gave monks meals then we drove the numerous aspect of the bridge discover about them creep over it no we drove spherical it to the reverse aspect of the bridge whereas you drag that or not it’s important to creep over the bridge and then parked at the tip of that hill and creep down that hill then they obtained meals why ladies folks gradually win meals effectively every 45 minutes there used to be no fashioned meals there oh yeah that’s hot that bit in this kind and your entire automobile [Music] quantity wicked success oh man I took off my Emmylou this morning retains giving me wicked rap within the bedroom I am going serve to my honest success what mm-hmm k your day out MEMS automobile 11 300 and sixty five days veteran boy out of the ocean the bustle rate three cases blooming automobile overheated I by no manner drag found on the radiator both the azov relievers rebate chummy went re converse oh he did after they obtained there anyway ma’am when and then it automobile 1313 under by lights every mounted so yeah automobile complications be astounded creep over the ridge no I creep down massive Hills and creep serve I don’t know what we had I had one thing style of like I don’t know whats up boys and one more fine k whats up style of like a cinnamon stick Indian you discuss those oh you’re talking about the tortilla shell yeah anybody’s from The usa you develop tacos out of your soft soft tortillas that’s what the four vectors anyway you had breakfast and also you were dipping it don’t converse too mighty since it’s within the members videos this next week dipping it in some crappy milk oh that’s down after I took me about the service that’s a honda monkey bike that chris travels has obtained alternatively it’s been grew to alter into into a trike and chilly is that obtained a special motor in it too fine a mighty it’s been tuned up tuned up whats up babe how are you Thank You Tommy yeah love you guys discover about you minute k you already obtained 10 thumbs unsightly wolf it two thumbs down 10 thumbs happen to thumb Bid whereas you walked in any recordsdata from demand he’s coming rapidly the usage of her up blooming now he’ll be down right here rapidly as in within the following week or so there you drag ah whats up Jonathan viewed you sneak in there silent don’t know if Dave’s within the chat can’t region him I’m with you not that no perhaps messaging me on messenger can’t work it out so Dave whereas you’re looking out at know he hasn’t despatched me anything oh yes yes too mighty recordsdata hang on guys don’t signal it then I even deserve to pause this effectively you wish to be logged in in truth unless we’ve gmail I even deserve to pause it you dice or not it’s important to develop a youtube yarn or YouTube a childbirth yarn but you hyperlink that to your gmail so young regime I like you whereas you see you effectively I’ll honest see it and we’ll strive to establish the following week sorry guys doesn’t survey like he’s gonna win within the chat but it’s likely you’ll perhaps well see a video date and we’ll discuss it yeah we honest talked about it I’m in every single build tonight so yeah so that you didn’t creep huh you didn’t creep over no they and what are they take care of so they went away had a huge time oh and he introduced me a me for me a in truth fine present left within the bedroom ocid also didn’t sleep for 2 days both so I wasn’t hoping your entire serve it’s likely you’ll perhaps well also merely silent pause up all night pause one thing didn’t instructed folks about that but my creep but what I was up all night on the cell phone about looking out to win straightened out oh no oh yeah Kevin it’s grand my flight obtained canceled again again techno tune and John now in Thai later now or blooming now unless the 2nd of July 2nd of July it’s grand Chris may well well presumably be leaving the country perchance perchance perchance leaving the country so yeah it’s flights cancelled again and Thailand so in overall no world flights in all blooming for June your entire of you make use of most thanks in a second 16 me used to be it six I point out I like Might perhaps well perhaps also 6 is 6 alright let me strive to win up with honest a minute of the test as we’re waiter sure let me discover about on the first one I’m in a position to’t even read that sure our theme sang whats up honest night from Penang Malaysia gradually fine to see your lifestyles whisk what’s this Dave I will procure to be the lengthy escape and I am VIP company probably has honest been traumatic Simon Carrie whats up Simon has why them yes in part commence ear / co’ Heineken no I within the join I I’m in a position to I’m in a position to’t sorry the UTI any money honest abet down to the lunge of the condo and Bangkok you be a part of a beer with out IPA minute-version Pokemon whats up Simon Oscar come into to dwell from tumble coats golden brown we wait whats up develop it afternoon all Simon as my parcel grew to alter into that yep reference a flag no I finest deserve to flag I silent gonna place aside up with the Bahrain flag up but right here’s whereas you like haven’t obtained yours yet thanks Rollins whats up telly from South Carolina I left I though Dean Wilson whats up makes a honest day from Sydney Dylan the can whats up thanks for Dean for that in accordance with somebody Bob C is you mentioned a great deal of oldsters aren’t carrying masks there and I discover about that right here within the states also media condo loads to pause with you attitude I mediate Eddie the Condor Paul within the slay reopened on Wednesday for one hour interior most reserving so loving it whats up how did you first pause up going to Thailand oh wow not too lengthy ago the first time I style of got right here I speak used to be shopping for ladies folks as a sex vacationer if I’m honest and then I stopped up finding bars so yeah even supposing I got right here about a cases to can we style of work and issues Jonathan likes remark whats up Simon all from a dreary windy 15 level lamp sure whats up Islander fifty may well well presumably they all gay to be right here minute early but I even procure my gallon of espresso and Ron ser Lancel items prepared honor agreeable agreeable crimson discover about you whats up from Pittsburgh PA Pennsylvania yes USA Island oh whats up Take hang of Jeff Jones a effectively expert potato Richie Martin took two pops ears you discover about that Kim it honest went cap honest jumped now I’m no belief the build I am filthy rich and Marty and shall be found serve right here Richard Martin effectively as hundreds of oldsters oh I’m Blueprint off comes up Simon oh that’s not the one you’ve obtained this chat I may well well like you young hundreds folks on manner billing oh dear sorry all individuals I’m looking out to scroll serve females peri honeymoon you’re having a survey effectively Simon hope the roof stays on after the repair they can also merely silent can we screwed their males ones day PAF Mike’s a soul whats up from the Maldives ooh fine RL pants Cumberland Maryland Robert Lee Nance Jr there we drag Jeff Jones the build pause you win your health insurance coverage from Pacific wicked in Bangkok forgot mine I’ve performed a video on it it’s within the channel someplace captain Lee Simon pause you procure position for a South African flag within the cafe I need to place aside one up after I come in April minute making an strive abet it minute like it’s finest about 24 inches lengthy by about 18 inches any money I need to take the build’s the Maldives but she says she says she would let me drag if it’s for honeymoon ah very honest somebody honest did one thing Charlie London Chinese language cabbie combat gleaming right here pair carats of doing the conventional may well well presumably plunge k thanks for that ah Marchese are these names tonight again in Howard Colorado 3,000 meters in two levels discover about Sean Williams retracted Jeffrey real Eddie orderly you’ve obtained you there escape Floyd the droplets in clouds can act like magnifying glasses on occasion be worse than tell sunlight though about me burning your head Tom Barnard swoon for maintained vlog please yes it’s broken for the time being yes that’s why I’m not doing it I’m honest about it they work when it’s mounted we’ve obtained a timer direct then the pc used to be playing up and now there’s a electrical direct so your entire stuff went away and it’s all serve now honest count on them to style of repair all of it serve together but I’m honest we doing a swimming pool log rapidly honest IRA’s on the style serve up thanks again London Chinese language cabbie for that gigantic cap rocker who fine um pause you take into accounts I will be commence to enter Thailand by Lam border and July know when grave no match whereas you’re that it’s likely you’ll perhaps well take into accounts tune guest is a country singer it’s fundamental to win him converse backwards so that you all win issues perform a substitute of shedding like fashioned in country tune now he does blues and ways Nashville blues and jazz I mediate I’m instructed you about this I’ll uncover you thanks effectively in spite of all the pieces that’s you memory changing attire don’t in Chinese language Kelly win off the assignment all individuals how am i buddy tag filthy rich a month off your on windsurfer la honest arrived night afternoon all individuals any arrange Simon it’s fundamental to procure changed them a VIP rate yeah then you procure that’s I’m eating it’s a nationwide sport yeah tight ladies folks under Chinese language cabbie the build they be easy assignment no one used to be not very effectively and honest hundreds meals used to be going in there Martin now how Simon and all tempo yeah it’s all they wished us to be like fine mates and abet this person and all this style of stuff and folks running spherical and yeah these VIPs like pause this all individuals escape spherical for me pause this they were tight all tied up they were not Thank You Anthony Gordon I saw procure been a whereas how are you mate yeah 80s whats up Islander 50 no direct finding a tune and then cease again Chris that’s the assignment you procure a put together station come you not in truth blooming so whereas you win off that put together which is twice a day it’s gonna be a 500 baht taxi rights it’s likely you’ll perhaps well as effectively come down by taxi from serve off or I may well well in truth need the walkie-talkies like yes Davey laughter but may well well presumably a walkie talkie Paul drag hop within the air offer obtained it Robert Thompson whats up how are you a pellet port of you I push to Martin condo I point out they’re all Perry anybody thanks again for that chief Chuck as I mentioned earlier day out me and Barry going actual three four days we’ve obtained to win some kind together quilt all of it and I’ll uncover you all about next weekend so anything tonight drag into that day out so thanks guys first up right here is room service yeah David comes up subscribe Chris that so cheers David H we haven’t even obtained to whats up Chris yet no Pat Metcalf greetings from Chicago and this Tyler hope to seek the advice of with you on my motorcycle rapidly gigantic show supreme bring your mother bike I’ll give you cut rate we had a pocket cheering that didn’t we Darrell yeah no one going mister param grew to alter into up on his bike blooming effectively in playing about next week discover about 50 vs. Kawasaki no no next week Eddie Cash signal in time in temperature test and lube up for the 2 in one bill fish pause but for the 2 in one bill but I from Chiang Mai kelvinator honest a Solomon mmm-hmm David Hart test with every varied he used to be gleaming to me after I’ve been there I were talking about ladyboy most nights I Chris Alec grodman’s what number of snatch scooters on the toll road don’t know Barry says he used to be honest to them as effectively that Islander 50 same ladyboy from right here yes moderately Martin whats up Ron now all individuals despatched whats up Chris Ryland Yahoo with any money Wally cane may well well presumably want a Seminole we’re out for the night but wished to register signal in hope all honest pause effectively and procure a huge night consume to you Jerry rig Fe written by Chris Kelvin native manner effectively performed under Shango whats up Chris Congrats on the burden loss richer marketing thumbs up register caught Chris Jason Padgett effectively performed Chris Michael Purcell how pause I win there by put together from Bangkok effectively it’s likely you’ll perhaps well come to packed our bak the position th oh they place aside it twice a day and then it’s likely you’ll perhaps well creep about eight kilometers or hope somebody having a survey to earn you David Kennedy tells your secret Chris Oh fried rooster pork chops and noodles so we mediate I consume make clear on that dulles written one thing but you’ve had some McDonald’s oh yeah oh I silent consume crap I’m not purported to procure any rapidly as you – – oh I don’t drink a great deal of water and honest hang spherical and drink you don’t win mighty beer no no gave it up and introduced this on the burden loss then a trigger mortars Congrats Brits filthy rich Gallagher how’s he drag in there David Pascoe it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably also be purported to be paper bags over the heads and not plastic totally yeah all blooming bloody man give him my childhood lol Asian condo whats up a mateos right here whats up honest night all individuals obtained a honest image child after I was a boy did you yeah we’ll pause that next week perchance yeah ron pohl a welcome to the members position you originate Anthony Thornton I need to come serve take two years to lose the kilos brain Grosvenor may well well presumably they Chris pinky Winky Barnes k Teletubbies yeah Layla honest afternoon how are you Andrew Shango whats up all whats up a Markova Nellie’s honest subscribed as effectively rubber mat and Asia whats up Chris effectively performed finest weight reduction Imprint Simpson effectively and Chris don’t put out of your mind it’s a typical of living direct not honest diet precisely Jonathan microlight did you discover about the 7-eleven employee and Tong and by chance squirt tomato face with hand sanitizer Geoffrey room whats up Chris used to be the hair that heavy yes I musta lost 10 pounds in right here Matthew rats are they from England for moxie what happens within the loose stays within the loser richard gallagher fine your dwell David Hart I’m silent shedding spherical 1 kilo a weekend weekend 1.5 300 and sixty five days effectively performed David vote is Fri a Anthony Gordon – all serve to work Oh serve to work Jeffrey root whats up how you feelin Tom Barnard what diet is he on incredible don’t peep Mulder not formally it’s honest alternate alternate this diet I don’t mediate in a great deal of carbs you discover about to me Trillium noodles inviting hundreds water it’s likely you’ll perhaps well’t be McDonald’s exercise within the pool that used to be and within the gym a bedroom Jeffery read the morning layer that Peter Ozzie Simon did your VIPs what honest crimson M&Ms yeah peril within the butt Ron take care Marty Rantzen having a survey forward to that recordsdata yarn it starts tonight and the following day romper day no direct YW Sloman richer Martin talked to Robert tag and Deshawn goldmember’s be busy recharging our batteries it’s been running spherical Luckett honest angry this day I’m the remaining few days away she’s honest getting serve on prime of all the pieces coming into into cost we’ll win web page Matthew Sexton I buddy cheers later morning win richer Galaga thanks for the actual chats Matthew rants whoa Eddie man in tanta David Hart Richard Martin a cut serve is right here is it in truth honest afternoon the use within the building we were talking about you earlier Lee Lee Lee are you continue to there hang on I’m varied chat let me win that photo foot lead you be aware this photo person this person lavatory what came about Lee Lee uncover us all about it I was outside Ron whats up a David supposed having a survey honest the rest is honest feather uncover me what’s a honest night all from Hong Kong Leila ho Ron race a man whats up Simon I lost team I lost my connection what I uncared for – focal level no la Lantry mortis OD a mile of the winter we veteran to pop in right here Ron Leila richard gallagher Oh mate to Thailand sue Ron call Mickey Berkshire I started a mam hope you’re all effectively we’re indeed Henning amber acknowledged abet my at there for the gargantuan response Henderson whats up mum Simon fine to demand you I’d consume to demand you in February if it’s that it’s likely you’ll perhaps well take into accounts sorry for my wicked english yes but in this perchance March next 300 and sixty five days no direct honest booked to us come the time both by the reserving position or email me Layla whats up ma’am Geoffrey I’m amraam photo what tastes honest with a Leo be a tranquil a cigarette Ron in truth I’m in a position to also merely silent mediate it’s not lengthy that is going that’s going Ron whats up ma’am any money ambushed by man from a bush whats up man mmm k I’m leaping jack Mac uncover us about chain Simon there used to be a rope chain oh that’s honest my gold necklace I had an navy the monk gave me a monkey males took it to the gold shop both a me survey foot spherical it no no chain wicked success since I place aside it on now take it off now going serve to my script from the same month which is gradually giving me honest success I place aside that serve on plus it smaller it’s honest between their man booth higher Matthew Sexton anybody note one there’s a youtuber Ivan we’d love it me and very loving CB media does the motovlogs he’s American guys into vehicles and bikes he’s learning spherical every Sun it cracked me up the old day or the day sooner than he’s doing a motovlog eternal on and he acknowledged obtained a cease and gets off he says I’ve obtained these monumental testicles between my legs laughter shake him spherical every half of an hour of that channel the man’s obtained like 70 80 thousand subscribers like he’s most attention-grabbing obtained monumental testicles so CB media whereas you looking out at cab I’m hoping your monumental testicles are k disagreeable thumbs up Matthew Sexton cheers Kerry Hanuman whats up man Richard Martin oh my god I believed it used to be uncommon memories like pulsars whats up man thumbs up now Paul Schneider my M key obtained caught Leonard rigor mortis how you man paul HCMC whats up man Oh Krista I may well well by no manner place aside my wicked success within the bedroom what’s long gone into the Fox and then it’s honest within the actual so yeah double wicked success within the bedroom Martin Callum effectively pointed out Krista honest they all were mediate Alan Paul Schneider one thing disagreeable in truth I perhaps the thermostatic fan which failed on the males’s automobile one thing to me Henning Anderson whats up Chris effectively performed David Simon did you give them Emma Chris of field honest drag away allow them to loose I may in a minute because I’ve long gone win this present Chris Paul now I need to show you most attention-grabbing totally most attention-grabbing Leslie whats up ma’am you having a survey honest PAF right here is like a Lloyd Webber manufacturing with commence license original lifestyles for a man what from the windy world in UK Brian Johnson whats up Simon Menon Ron Jason five-300 and sixty five days whats up Oh Chris what’s been your most memorable moment of at present time out to this level oh god perhaps what came about blooming off the serve I don’t know if we’re talking about that ah three days after I obtained I’m in a position to’t be aware as lengthy as you don’t discuss and also they can’t discover about don’t talk away no no no no what came about the man that handed away oh yeah in spite of all the pieces cuz yeah three days I even deserve to head anyway love letter yeah yeah went Christy so yep that’s yeah it starts I’ve it seemed like it used to be forever gold but that used to be finest three months ago yeah yeah so I’ve been your component you’ve performed hundreds at present time out effectively yeah I obtained that within of a cave effectively honest virtually caught within Okay yeah effectively no we did a great deal of in truth honest putting out on yarn of the fire all Vipers identify yeah but you’ve performed you couldn’t yeah met a great deal of oldsters in butter queer locations yeah I don’t know I silent obtained one more month ago god is aware of what it’s gonna happen post – yeah beyou urgent Frank Garcia whats up my buddy I’m hoping you guys doing effectively I in truth feel like there’s a gentle at the pause of the tunnel will you be ready to win out of lockup suit yet one more week so that it’s likely you’ll perhaps well win alcohol in brewery wrap and then in come a Sears JT any recordsdata on shuffle opening serve up is started effectively shuffle planes whereas you’re talking about planes they’re doing planes in this country home much less but world nothing yet not no belief toka man ah Chris Brad Johnson Tom – Ron Mike Taylor morning from California caught in Florida and the chat jumps come serve second Florida the build are you if that leaf is it caught in Florida’s leaf there he is I don’t perceive it’s not caught in flight whats up leaf whether it’s far you leaf whats up leaf but I’m in a position to’t gain you it jumped cease making the chat jump that’s that Christa I’m sure there it’s far honest night Simon the thin Chris they drag away whats up gigantic to demand you monumental breakfast is anticipating you Ron Chris will drag away on 7 November whats up Rock Mac Eva sir acknowledged form a closed no world flight though unless June or July also Hong Kong closed for world folks London Chinese language cabbie Chris what’s going down with you’re employed serve within the US are they working out about your trouble no I’ve been terminated whats up Friday so don’t danger about it Kenny Anderson Chris pause you procure a automobile license for Tyler yes he does curtsy you wanna ma’am services and products win free route morning sir for ha has my flag not grew to alter into up both ya know what used to be your flagpole no thousand all we’ve had is the one center-used folks Bahrain what I in truth wasn’t fearful yes yes I silent going to head up no we haven’t had the numerous ones yes k yes pause six months in Antarctica and your Thailand k we experienced shall be a sure guess caught in Florida Geoffrey Ruth whats up I pause hope all individuals as effectively Richard Martin is there somebody some unwritten time rule the build you’re not allowed to query about your accepted toy company and win a web page test on their effectively-being no there’s no unwritten rule it’s likely you’ll perhaps well query about any of you toy company and Jeff and anybody who’s moderately mighty been on the channel yes their band in spite of all the pieces has about a of those Nigel sorry not sorry not except sound not moderately as honest as your usual lunge that’s trigger I’m over extra far flung from the microphone k honest for you I’m gonna strive to mess the lunge up k hang on my iPads coming into into the style flip blooming there you drag blooming is that higher for you Robert machination filthy rich Martin how so Ron Floyd Simon I even procure an Oklahoma flag minute one and as methodology to ship you honest reproduction take care of precisely as within the outline under yes under the video honest reproduction precisely GF Sperry you’re mischievous Simon but every man comes too drained for the same explanation for this time I didn’t I recover effectively the first time meanings come right here property on the procure yeah grew to alter into right here for sex I got right here as a sector share I got right here right here shopping for many brief time girlfriends lengthy time girlfriends and I had a huge holiday consuming up right here whats up Simon team how are you Chinese language cabbie thanks for that combat family’s been awards me embarrass day out filthy rich are Martin talking jab Bergstrom lengthy time no discover about I saw a in point of fact lengthy time no lunge yeah you’ve been away for ages Jack welcome serve David Hart Ron I may well well pause each and every survey vamp slay whats up the day guys having a survey having a survey the products Jack Mac whats up from Sydney what’s the identify of your veteran bar on SOI 7 it used to be called soy 7 enjoyable bar and the one in soy be J off strolling toll road used to be soy BJ enjoyable bar take into yarn it sorry BJ enjoyable bar now Martin yeah in soy 7 the bar is now called mods and rockers and the one within BJP not Deng Robert Mac caught in Florida whats up brother Anders purrs Wald pause anybody from Europe by condo in tranquil anymore or is it finest Chinese language folks I mediate it’s in every single build the arena of Bynum silent consuming vendor SP you going to land on a plane at the hotels no we I’m going to runway manner she’ll be serve rapidly within the following couple of weeks out Jeff’s Barry Nigel 99 by Rock Macanese you’re filthy rich Martin honest engaged on a video to come out insensible this day don’t put out of your mind guys for those of you procure honest tuned in let me pause it again 7: 43 time belly for folks that’ve uncared for it earlier this can drag dwell on the channel no not that one put out of your mind it that’s the following day night that may drag on the channel drag away flip off blooming this one will drag dwell on the channel straight after the dwell lunge and it’s me telling you about the original love yarn so which may be tonight at 9 o’clock on the channel they win under 50 Simon is silent Steve silent spherical resent country he’s silent right here unless pause of July and then he’s going serve home to Canada caught in Florida thought the toll road noise I was very impressed by fuse guitar and singing she’ll be serve in about a weeks whats up I win higher rapidly thanks all individuals hope you pause Nigel blooming passable Jeff whats up aces David how jackaroo a honest recordsdata Ron when starts Asylum em the rest used to be honest the gravy Robert Mac in Asia right here used to be orderly cute young girl with a honest future Jam Berg storm who is the guest that’s Chris Chris Barnes aka beaver Reaper been right here for 2 months too mighty yeah two months right here within the gap is Barry the yellow Forza is moderating within the background david half of talking to rock lender trig mortars you win higher a we miss you David Golda play from Edinburgh Nigel Simon has a Sunday radio for teach Barry radio grand uh-huh thanks Joe Pino whats up Simon pause any faculties the build they silent need English lecturers moderately mighty every college in every village to be honest tons of them John Rhodes already saved guys whereas it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably consume to be an English trainer in regarded as among the villages drag and hire a room within the village win to know the native folks gain the advisors win talking to folks community sooner than you perceive it right here is gonna happen Chris will presumably be coming serve at some speak Thailand and also you procure already had a job offer as a trainer with all the pieces he wants work permits the lot or web page up for it he as soon as he’s obtained a job anticipating him because he’s within the village John Rudd so he saved eyes navy since you’re fabulous but you’re an American it’s likely you’ll perhaps well’t talk the Queen’s English no I discuss upright English no you don’t you don’t effectively you higher not pause this on the channel to my grace it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably also be American you talk English American survey Microsoft can’t be disagreeable Apple can’t be disagreeable every keyboard manufacturer on this planet can’t be disagreeable and a instrument firm they give you a preference American English or English English what would you already principles and The usa’s bigger so meaning we’re the upright one they’re finest first in that list since it’s alphabetical we invented and we it’s Queen’s English yep so we’re not going there no no no k you guys in The usa you procure your procure named English language but instructing Thai students English in truth wishes to be the blooming alpha quiero factura how are you your flag silent right here I silent haven’t place aside it up yet so thanks I acknowledged sooner than he left yarn wishes to be signing into country songs John rod supplied it up guys are Marchese original yarn theme whats up Simon obtained fella and his adventures can Haim Aloha labs how’s the blood stress monumental fan honest stuff having a survey forward for a vacation when the virus comes down confidently a vaccine rapidly yes indeed low stress for the time being k capsules take it to a day moderately mighty since the heats killing my skin it’s in truth hurting which then provides me aspect effects which is a peril within the backside but anyway I mind you not moaning Jeffery root are ma cheese drag to his uncover Simon tales no don’t see those they’re wicked Nigel I guess you had expedient meals yes are Marchese root and coronary heart terrific psalmist tales Nigel the son of Thai delicacies from what I’ve viewed is a minimal of equal to the hashtag Wong French delicacies will Barnes brother no sister no mum dad whats up all individuals Chad Bertram I’m in a position to also merely silent be a member of Simon or anybody to acknowledge me it’s k but not as it used to be sooner than you’re gradually a member John you were regarded as one of our first subscribers on the channel many years ago and we love you Geoffrey wrote John sorry loads more folks yeah we’re over 38,000 it’s angry unfortunate coronary heart John Simon misses you cherished you too chat leaping but my comments alongside with yes it’s honest so many I’m in a position to by no manner win up with a chat we’re silent anticipating I discuss Canadians as clay Islander 50 k so it’s Jack effectively it got right here time to Ron Jan thanks I’ve jumped again blooming come on serve to camp the build are you Jam 45.6 45: 46 gay you were looking out at there it’s far John thanks for the explanation Mike Ryan whats up Simon memo Chris thanks lad what came about to Ian Steve Ian’s Danny Wayne Steve’s in his bundle er he’s busy every day a night with his tee ruk they each and every disappeared a number of a special time southern incompletely thought him used to be procuring bungalow to now and at remaining wished an even bigger bungalow and he went off to broad and he’s now obtained a fabulous female friend down there steve is honest he’s that every day’s joint playing retirement you honest don’t discover about him so effectively getting serve in at one level on one Sunday night Nigel is Simon 30 minutes late the numerous semi most perhaps yeah I’m gradual lol buzzed blooming a pile of Chang be ready I don’t discover about a great deal of oldsters inviting Chang gradually seem like Lea Chang provides me a headache for huh yes he is doing a generous on day out in truth honest Oh a CB media yeah Wayne Grosvenor Mambu whats up Simon what cup tightener in truth they’re getting tougher with your entire swimming and stuff provides us seven five three how is inflation within Thailand effecting newest prices his unemployment ramping how easy commence up summer season forum by job of the Thai economy is going to pieces for the time being ah effectively no he lost her job at CSE a laid-off 150 folks there’s jobs going in every single build rate of a I’ve honest performed a video on this and honest a minute of a rant cleaning the bike so it’ll be out next week or one thing see out for that Martin blank stein is that blankest gleaming can you already drink some beers over there some bars bars are closed by drink at home CD bc chang beer all virtually gradually much less costly and honest as honest alt i that Chris are you there on holiday or lengthy pause it used to be purported to be a vacation like Isaac Lee Hughes disappeared he didn’t protect himself you obtained fearful PAF prolong an 18-minute 42 cents re are Marchese within the newspaper Terry’s having a survey into monorail appears to be like a lengthy second rope honest belief ohhohh test with somebody Nigel I like Eli the bike man Denine Vietnam and no time to be unhappy and they’re fine folks so I watched some of those anyway some restaurants are doing a roaring substitute promoting espresso I don’t know the Chang corporation made espresso Jeffrey Ruby yeah that’s very upright Jeffrey with Nigel proof thumbs up Nigel a I miss my mop yeah Robert Rhoades whats up Simon Chris and all hope you all effectively Ron lol a Jeffrey roof lol a unfortunate coronary heart Cornish can now sad flag white wicked my remaining component I despatched to the wall effectively I’m commence it come rapidly I may well well like the Cornish flag up there for various causes Wayne Grosvenor with that with what China are looking out to pause to Hong Kong I don’t know if stopping over there may be this kind of honest belief blooming Mike Ryan lol a Peter Ozzie Chris there any meals you uncared for from the US all of it oh you’re favorable Mike Ryan lol a our Brown jumped the build’s our tag comeback our tag our tag the hugheses day yeah he’s dull he’s answered it hang like that it’s coming come our Brown Simon it’s an absolute pleasure thanks to your entire advice and wisdom that rigor mortis Tom DeLay Lee Hughes reference ladyboy image shown haha yes I be aware he she took you by the serve Simon she pointed the build the lavatory used to be I got right here out she held your hand and took you to lavatory what you did no one is aware of he pointed it used to be you she took by by the hand I won’t know if she carried on keeping your hand in that in that room whats up whats up whats up and also you shine God hope you’ll win serve into the mock dancing fleet yeah my coronary heart’s in Toms for ha oh you’re welcome lanch lad shall be a honest time to win a condo going forward hundreds Chinese language procure been unable to pause leaving many unsold Pokemon I’m in a position to’t discover about water says Andrew shine gold Chris speaks American on English unfortunate ha Chris the emphasis is on it being English yeah I started so many in our library American citizens failed to talking which says Jan Ron ice be okey Richard Martin we even procure ever Zbornak blemish rigor mortis English started it but The usa perfected English oh I discuss Canadian says eyelid that Ron lol fraudulent jarppi no thanks for the reply a minimal of every and every American English English are higher than Ozzie English whoa what procure you started now yeah yeah I don’t even discuss English Imprint Simpson drag she’s English Annette are you we win what we started Chris all the pieces which American is American Gary level I gents greetings from Wagga Wagga Australia Matthew I negate Chinese language students belief me it’s not a monumental direct relax all individuals and Lang can also merely silent i level english wishes to be instructing Tai childhood to spell tire as spell tire as TI re color is cut serve neighbor as neighbor – oh right here we drag yeah many British discuss very unfortunate English their grammar is terrible very upright I’m not announcing the English a clamor and then they discuss correct English Jackie a minimal of the fundamental of rights of English are mutually intellectual as lengthy as no one gets into slang CDV discover about American uses the Global English no queer accents like gelatin it jumped I don’t know the build I was I was doing CC later as lengthy as you develop your self understood it doesn’t matter how you discuss my grammar is k thanks later are you X sooner than the build procure you been whats up signal Christian neighborhood polka man I’ve viewed Ian’s condo and his female friend he regarded very gay and refined for ha dr. Leonard Steve requested with England The usa two countries divided by a overall language The usa and is totally more overall American English Matthew wraps all individuals honest relax out by the language component whats up monumental brother Laila in spite of all the pieces some iox sooner than tom’s berry then it’s as much as unfortunate Imprint Simpson many folks discuss Spanish Chinese language and varied ethnic languages within the United States than English truth Martin whats up Simon right by Solomon tales can I query how mighty money did you budget to your breeze oh I don’t mediate I’ve budgeted it honest so I saved running out of money let’s drag over win money come serve – no no budgets honest honest spent it yeah yeah American English carries the bulk of the worldwide written translations Robert infamous whats up Chris when are you going home or are they staying longer I’m caught right here unless July 2nd a minimal of mm-hmm his newest plane obtained canceled Robert unfortunate coronary heart if the flat-confronted despatched that’s not advance by next Sunday I’ll ship one more you’re a essential person thanks Laila is blooming how you doing Robert groans whats up Chris what are you going how lengthy you stayed lengthy jab dope sturdy I know I haven’t been as packed with life as I’ve been sooner than but I in truth feel blessed that you’re silent even supposing me Thanksgiving the crap that me I gradually love you Jeff gradually there I’ve obtained emails from you going manner manner manner serve and also you’re gradually welcome we caught up original waingro man American meals is enormous whereas you like your meals coaches in cholesterol Brian wait wait how you point out I am Danny Lawrence British English spoken language on this planet used to be approximately 1.5 billion audio system rubber infamous whats up Chris are you going home we honest I’ve performed that one Leila very honest is sooner than Gerardo I arrived honest a minute insensible but gay to listen to to you dwell lunge thanks I’m the 50s for sure Canadian horse tires time Santi craze hiya cutlery storytelling learning the missing expertise ISA bang ho richer Martin I revel within the cute English phrases like KITT Zbornak pork and Chinese language London Chinese language cabbie Chris would you peep getting passage on ship yeah yeah we did I was gonna ship him in a box to The usa takes about two weeks alternatively it’s by posting yeah ma’am are you going coming in or what um I won’t win that lengthy at that present as effectively I may well well like many Barry come on no come on sit down in for me so I’m gonna win that present off Chris discover what’s occurring available within the market with those folks reserving it coming spherical the ship come on come on yeah I know precisely the build I’m at I’m at work to it eight I’m gonna give Barry and crystalline mic for a minute that we’re as much as ally brain they’re eight twelve k be aware to to it’s likely you’ll perhaps well’t discover about or not it’s important to sit down down down down so I’m gonna drag and win that present fleet k I’m getting that is your flights are scheduled to restart August first god I’m hoping it doesn’t take that lengthy are you it’s important so Sam Christa so Simon Oh Chris what a spotted dick and custom made pause this I know what it’s far because I see British tv show blooming so it’s some style of dessert sponge component yep with Paco stick Richard Martin at borders effort it’d procure been worse there I don’t win that cuz I perhaps honest come in with don’t guess about so out Laila there their border again I silent don’t perceive it’s about Chinese language um Chinese language cabbage pondering all this the first issues may well well presumably gradually up again I in truth don’t yeah there used to be a overall alias um whilst you thought it used to be November the first he in truth acknowledged non-member now he’s not going to happen yeah so spotted dick is is it their cake dessert win free whats up Marie Robert infamous sorry man straight piecing the message YouTube acknowledged that I couldn’t comment sorry so Stu pc no honest no no direct Robert and Paul Snyder’s Danny Lawrence in truth Chinese language is a quantity 1 language followed by Spanish then English I feel about there because we’ve so many Chinese language I mediate I mediate adults it used to be wondering the build’s quantity 1 man return and then I believed I believed English is quantity two I don’t know I’m sorry are you fearful how you Roy escape sorry Jam moderately protect cosy your hair used to be a snack Nike snag will snag effectively I know what snag is whereas you’re fishing Oh what snag is for that shave it it’s likely you’ll perhaps well survey more horny my head I’m looking out to take care of my hair no one by waiting me the lottery I’m gonna give it a hair transplant component win a mall this day John severe my accepted English speaker within the out on occasion I know precisely who that is I don’t are prone to believe you also sorry and again Leonard I ordered a John from the front you survey the same anyway sorry it’s talking about my hair alright regardless if I obtained right here on me or not I’ve miss Mills’s you acknowledged you’ve lost about 10 kilos in her Oh higher than that yeah honest about whereas you procure lengthy hair awesome yeah you marijuana showed up and my monumental beard whats up summer season saw you I believed you were right here weren’t you yeah used to be he lucky you and also you acknowledged oh no I point out after I first obtained right here mister no I was within the mountains yeah I was riding spherical no I finest you and I’m in a position to k yeah perchance with belief k so Global meal is amazingly gradual for the time being both post at Miami Airport somebody’s in truth talked to me about that and they watches that they’re silent in Singapore they’ve been there for 3 months Wow they’ll not web page them up containers on yarn of the virus in this kind of backlog so yeah world mail is amazingly very gradual for the time being lancashire dwell fridge peril will not be any longer low-cost like it veteran to be a minimal of one thing 150 greenbacks a day for traveling on earth on the cargo ship after rapidly I don’t know I also don’t know you discuss you were nothing higher than honest tag alongside k so uh Pokemon I may not substitute us Chris are you going to soak up the offer of the instructing job when it comes discover about how issues drag right here over the following month my presence there that’s what to remark cup not like that whats up Chris bought me a see that you hang on the wall from the Mon Bridge which he by no manner walked over it in truth it appears to be like the bomb plate whereas you place aside it that manner how fabulous is that handmade wooden four folks procure honest checked into the bungalow salt used to be four so our bungalow is double bedroom massive mattress sounds like Coco monumental mattress within the lounge is a posh sette sofa that draws out and pulls out and it makes a mattress but we in truth its households is for like mum and pa like up the childhood sooner than adults procure honest checked in on reserving.com and grew to alter into up whats up you alright yeah I know I test him out k win meals thrown out yeah coco lives in right here all day every day on the aircon one woodworking chilly see Thank You Jeffrey um I don’t know honest a minute bit of pointed out drag on them declaring one thing to pause with freighters we drag they’re making an strive out welcome serve to countries by row Bob it’s blooming in between years someplace David Moscow Global Mayor used to be very gradual for the time being I even procure a parcel at Miami airport’s been there for a month Pokemon Chris are you going to soak up the offer a instructing job perhaps it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably also be it’s gonna be a trainer in village honest down the toll road and in level of fact I know we’re not gonna discuss that but I did mention it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably also be going for a month to procure a look at Thai residing presumably presumably presumably not yeah thanks lad freighter shuffle will not be any longer low-cost like it veteran to be a minimal of ten driven a day mr. Biloxi fireman whats up welcome serve whats up all individuals confidently you’re all doing honest right by this crazy time there making an strive out more than one vaccines in a marathon folks night in every single build the arena they’re doing tests waingro Timmy rangamma deleting Wayne grosvenor spotted dick pond yeah they’re asking if I knew used to be spotted dick sounds like an STD yeah it’s a pudding it’s far an STD uh-huh Richie Martin come to Wayne Lee who’s Simon it’s fundamental to procure been drunk there used to be absolutely no hand-keeping on my share I sure I obtained a photo of it someplace whereas you instructed me you wished to take her by the serve I in most cases thought you wished you make use of the lavatory we went within the shop and I acknowledged I may well well like the lavatory and she acknowledged this kind and pointed by the door creep by the door I followed that and he pointed at Luke and also you two were sat a doughnut stood outside chatting away within the stockroom and then after that I don’t know what you did I’m gonna honest I honest mediate she likes you she grunts at me so again I like me but she liked you she did pose for a image for you yeah I don’t even show mighty preference Roland Lidstrom whats up from Sweden Don I despatched my Thai female friend my Romanian Bart 770 Bart and she hasn’t obtained it yet one month and a half of I despatched her daughter t-shirts sooner than the CV and they obtained them under two weeks Robert infamous whats up guys having dramas trans comment so we’ll deserve to head now having a honest night guys yes perhaps me Robert I’m honest like Phil Fabio I’m Nigel within the UK snagging is going serve to pause work which need to procure been tag upright within the first region you discuss sausages and snags again I don’t know step on your hair pause what I like when his hair pull out my hair that’s cuz it’s like even survey like it what’s that chilly piquant movie movie with all them component animals are within the cinema gremlins you survey like that gremlin we wrap gremlin with a spike I know like Arthur come Samsa whats up Simon how are you I’m looking out to establish who that is Jack Mack what safety equipment pause you place aside on for riding spherical Thailand not loads but jeans shirt with bought some sleeves to take care of the Sun off you I’ve obtained all MIT I’ve obtained tons of leathers and jackets and all the pieces alternatively it’s far honest so hot insurance coverage certificates yeah Nigel whats up London Chinese language cabbie yep attain snagging Jeffrey root at present in ancient past English is the arena language of commercial substitute communication expertise perhaps will remain so for one more century or two males shall be in he’s honest being delayed by these four folks checking within the bungalow cuz they’ve obtained water they wish eager they win 2 free bottles of water every a day so they’re in spite of all the pieces their water and they’re tight this would perhaps well presumably be one more VIPs that honest gonna pause our head in and they’re those movie folks wishes to be right here rapidly we’ve obtained a movie being made up of the toll road and they’re having a survey at taking your entire world oh resort effectively does that time out we win VIP movie stars right here and there’s gonna be screaming ladies folks outside the gate Shh sunburn I’m one thing at center of the night remaining night Sam come home got right here in waters not working the water of obtained blocked so I’m in a position to develop pair of shorts topless effectively across legs cut serve the switches water gleaming with out warning hundreds vehicles were coming down the force and I commence the electrical gate and these were all to pause with the VIPs and let’s honest converse after I left for vehicles in males come out and we throw the four vehicles out but regarded as among the vehicles used to be cumbersome of females ladies and it used to be night ladies of the night it used to be fine what folks mediate our resort is I don’t know but that wasn’t going down so there are a great deal of cheesed off folks remaining night alongside with the IPD tricky drag to the numerous form of accommodations Ron Floyd fine Jeffrey in truth chilly see Kevin Paul night it’s likely you’ll perhaps well abet your pants up with out see may well well presumably call it’s see Rachel Martin Tom Jefferies Lundy alternate cabbie used to be the oldest English be aware within the final usage can you guess what Ron Paul a Wow lol fine see most attention-grabbing and also what a incredible present currently Ally brain its boots the cat KOCO Steve Alexander how are you my buddy by Simon a gang hope you’re all honest honest getting serve to the language component again query them which foreigner English audio system procure the most complex accents for the ties to love Scottish it’s to this level but we haven’t had many Jordi’s right here Geoffrey real aviation to Krista the what reveals the upright time twice every day I’m place aside a battery in it Richard Martin coke over tight condo Panther Mike Ryan that’s a generous see jumps again are you HP tumble to unlatch like Chris travels whats up mate how are you ship they made bacon scrambled eggs Ron Floyd whats up occurring I miss one thing most attention-grabbing-looking out what what one thing about Chris shacking up with some Panther Panther most see fish travels whats up all individuals I’m hoping you’re effectively greetings from Chris and yar Ali Brown honest the yarn unsolicited mail lifters 31st of Might perhaps well perhaps also in Thailand I don’t know we don’t know we’re silent waiting under Chinese language cabbie no it doesn’t because we know a minimal of goes up it tilts like by pause of June yeah I mediate oldest English be aware is gonna use is love Richard Martin does this point out Chrissy shacking up with somebody lamb yeah you heard it right here first Chris and his original boyfriend as David I honest completed my tax return perchance moderately gay iox sooner than whats up chef Chris I miss your posts are hungry and your tips on discover about Don London Chinese language cabbage creep opens up in one week supposedly all individuals talking to all individuals else horizontal the client cherished that identify even all individuals it’s the first time I’ve viewed the bloke in crimson remark and smile yes gay for the time being mighty happier you’re not gay honest cuz of the fingers and Richard Martin lavatory as in skip to my Lou the kidsong wank Grosvenor and it jumps again come serve Wayne Grove now gotta drag mattress early originate 400 on the toll road spherical-day out originate the 6: 00 a.m. actual travels mate thanks for coming Henning Anderson how’d this lengthy day out to force to chai upon from your condo yeah it’s moderately a potential strive for eight hours nine hours Jack Matt our Jack Mack I supposed Chris rubber groves asthenia is my partner Simon haha ah be that’s her k whats up a fan yeah beep Nigel are us by your buddy snags are sausages Ian’s within the who acknowledged oh yeah were you there you were there weren’t you the who she failed to retain your arm because her fingers were cumbersome Ian used to be there I’m sure he used to be were you there in when went to karaoke the ladyboy grabs Lee David Hart Pokemon don’t put out of your mind gloves whereas you’re out on the bike viewed so many folks burn the wrists there on the table over there bought some gloves Richard Martin Tom – Ian the build procure you been hiding Leonard rigor mortis will miss all individuals next week need to develop a toll road day out actual 600 miles away me and Perry we may well well presumably be doing 1,500 kilometres Barry 1,300 kilometres we’re gonna be doing Peter Ozzie karl pilkington and ricky gervais had performed learning English future James’s oil hype Chris used to be your trainer in USA know why I expert folks I didn’t negate I was by no manner a learn room trainer as a dealer mm-hmm Henning thank God thanks Hayley and hope you’re doing effectively sis David ha Irish sooner than are you announcing the consequence will not be not guest grand it’s not it’s not it it’s far guest grand for resident and it’s guest grand within the daylight hours from let’s converse 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but if exterior company need to come in in more than one vehicles with more than one forms of attire on or not attire on and talking about money and payments and parties and gangbangs and anything you wish to take into accounts after 8 o’clock lets cost a guest price thousand a pair of person that may well well presumably be gleaming but when anything like that’s mention it’s like there used to be a great deal of oldsters and they were all upset after I instructed all of them of the build to head are you Senora it’s far guest grand within the dates both to win buddy David like it thumbs up London trigger mortars guess noon remembers Fritz the Cat issues no one Jan Bergstrom thanks for the dwell lunge I’m hoping your males are k I’m off to mattress take care again Jeffrey reach excessive in Royal David hot there’s the reserving recordsdata Ron whats up Ian be more disagreeable Simon why not use the inexperienced show she couldn’t worry tonight I’ve performed a lunge remaining night and there’s a thumbs down tonight your fault they don’t like you and it’s your entire fault yeah honest can’t be that’s honest I honest couldn’t be with it doing this day I’ve been this kind of busy day week so any man come to right here and Robin Mac and Asia come to give a increase to my as hell over right here Joseph Smith whats up mates Aaron Hastings – you procure bikes or vehicles to hire at the slot resort we’ve style of obtained each and every we’ve obtained males’s automobile and we’ve obtained bikes yes but there any scooters 150px and cut serve the weather 1 to 5 moderately essential within the slay I awoke early and made its ancient past welcome Chris that’s so Simon pause you already coach your buses drag come your condo they pause they’re out on the fundamental toll road but they stopped kilometers down the toll road so again it’s a taxi to win you serve right here Tilly punkin love that me impressing what you procure performed with the region since remaining time I was there Nina revisit greetings from Amsterdam hope you come rapidly Iuh sooner than I was pondering that’s why four folks checked into the bungalow did they’ve a great deal of cameras and such yeah effectively we questioned if they’ve performed a u-flip and performed some reserving I come serve again doing across outside having a survey within the online remaining minute that’s it Wow that what came about is it four guys one girl with a mixed age I pause service same age all of them yeah young mid oh oh so young k and they honest on the style home or one thing k atomize of day I was pondering that’s why four folks checked within the bungalow David how it’s fundamental to procure requested for a minute Commission aside what all that remaining night I was honest announcing there used to be all these queer vehicles got right here right here remaining night and we instructed them the build to head chip-slit don’t converse too mighty in Nigel love is mentioned 310 cases the King James Model the Bible oh love the be aware yeah Pete Rossi it sounds like the Italian bunga bunga parties their Pokemon you don’t need that style of buyer it would honest bring you peril I don’t mediate faith may well well presumably be too eager no indeed recordsdata man pause you be aware the night that right here is leaked a TM rule she used to be in every single build Simon surprisingly Simon had no direct navigating the 7m cease be aware pause you be aware the night we went to the karaoke yes and we regarded as among the lavatory within the 7-eleven yeah and we can you were you were in there seven the grunter acknowledged in there I went into the loop and she hung spherical Willie and then she used to be keeping his hand yeah she instructed oh in truth she grunts me and that’s not a sexual converse belief me she in truth scours and grunts whats up I’ll take you down with a camera we’ll interview her what pause you pause with me Alley Brown pause about the deposit quantity into tight banks which are required for a visa stage pause or not it’s important to head away the money in there for finest the 2 months free to lunge it whereas you’re talking a pair of retirement extension 800,000 bar within the bank after three months it’s likely you’ll perhaps well take out four hundred but or not it’s important to build that serve in and develop it a 3 more two months sooner than you pause it again for me in three months but there’s varied pieces and marriage reads is 400,000 towbar I emerge sooner than whats up Eddie Sean ball greetings from Gloucestershire fountain serve in Thailand rapidly that’s varied sure we don’t know for more we work Gloucestershire Sean we were between Chapman Gloucester a church named Kevin pointer whats up ma’am who’s within the condo whats up child brother like a whiskey whats up all individuals breathe whereas you serve all individuals after you now and also you battery yeah whereas you coming serve she says she misses you ma’am sorry sorry I’m insensible Simon sounds like a mr. Drake’s dream automobile hundreds of company females the like Sentra no there you ain’t be aware company not right here honest essential no one cab Jeff a real pie man landed rigor mortis don’t boaters ever hype you Joseph Smith so I place aside on me talk madman place aside magazine magazine David haha you miss you man Matthew rants whats up stripey man our condo is long gone lifestyles of razors whats up all individuals honest I’m a tea atomize at work on the vessel in I’m shaving Holland honest win I like you all honest a – I obtained up you darn IOT thief can smell a win together Nigel effectively it’s honest to all welcome company not all company Andy Davy you fibber you’re not the usage of inexperienced show since you didn’t realize you procure that color t-shirt on don’t worry to alternate it now in truth I’m Christa hang on you you have to a inexperienced show I’ll honest magically use that one there no no I’ll honest flip it on oh effectively I’ll honest pause that oh I’m in a position to discover about my inexperienced makes no incompatibility yeah it’s disagreeable blooming Crysta honest booked six rooms on a bungalow this day 16 persons for the blooming e book and 20 cent deposit by PayPal they win honest box six rooms any Manning talked to Tom Hayden Bernard Law 1st viscount montgomery of alamein whats up how are you Krista writes Krista for reserving by but there it’s far the reserving but essential I may procure my marriage ceremony at your hotel and also you Simon shall be my easiest man haha honest don’t win me in peril John Raddatz Chris’s first day out to the land minute dose my third dev day out David Hart my demand Chris that’s Oh Simon is there any boats drag from Puteri across to your condo they obtained a why in then your taxi 90 minutes as much as us Jeffrey wrote IPU Erin Hastings pause you procure lamb on the menu at the resort he cooked our meals tonight because Nutt used to be out and it used to be gigantic meals he is this kind of honest chef which is original boyfriend Ron Heidi Joseph Smith bitter D man David Hobbs Chris it’s likely you’ll perhaps well also win ferry from potato in Texas iris you have to I may well well presumably be there whereas you come in blue when are you coming sure more I’m from hot cocoa village next Tuesday I perceive it effectively honest down the toll road from the build we were we were by the airport starter and we’re that dull Richard Hammond had his helicopter yes are you for sure for Tom 20 Manning Sean Alexander whats up Sean whats up Oh Quinn Stanley I was born in Worcester Successfully being facility first lived in Church time that Steve Dylan Chris is chilly blooming John lambie’s sure ma’am 15 thumbs day all because Chris I’m not gonna blame me not man they present some grateful so fine and flip it up and offers it some I’m in truth four thumbs up from Emily Saudi man my buddy bring on lamb there’s the hyperlink whereas it’s likely you’ll perhaps well presumably consume to be a part of the membership and discover about all the pieces early early win admission to this day and not win there and knock up a day are you doing yeah they’ll discover about it this week you gave me 11 or 12 videos so I’ve performed them there procure already obtained we obtained camera work from Chris to head up blooming k we’ve obtained more pictures from when Chris didn’t creep over the mambre thanks lad somebody mentioned remaining week lunge about running a 1 to 5 motorcycle Tyler on UK automobile license can’t pause that blooming so a automobile license I mediate you case 50cc so that you have to a CB t cetera 69 phuket there’s an veteran face i haven’t viewed for a extraordinarily lengthy time Saudi guys and dolls how are you any mantle too brief I was on Aaron Hastings pause you take into accounts it’s actual to e book trips out on 4 November honest 9 I may well well converse presumably whereas you procure shuffle insurance coverage yes but yeah we’re listening to tales of shuffle insurance coverage not covering you to come to Thailand so none of the shuffle insurance coverage firms survey like on the quilt you so that may well well presumably be a venture yeah your government says don’t shuffle it councils you shuffle insurance coverage and it’s non-existent whether or not it’s likely you’ll perhaps well also win insurance coverage in Thailand I ponder since the banks pause accident insurance coverage so that it’s likely you’ll perhaps well come over right here use mem service win the bank accounts and then win the bank accident insurance coverage yeah yeah why cancellation may well well presumably be a venture but confidently by then it wishes to be blooming escape by their lifestyles Raisa fine to meet you I’m out come in Netherlands I like tour what’s that converse I consume to escape all day inexperienced show and Chris crimson shirt thought it used to be Christmas ah John Avenue Chris how lengthy can also merely silent your day out of be two months and he’s now been right here two months and is going down three three perchance more six nine folks win Dave Wayne were most attention-grabbing a thanks they were and Dave’s been making an strive on tonight but he hasn’t figured out the manner to win entangled so I’ll strive to web page him up for next week David ah Aaron depends on the country if your country says no peril effectively now insurance coverage Sean Alexander whats up Eddie are us sooner than males strive very exhausting to hook up with Chris with a ladyboy ha ha ha Eddie repeatedly are looking out at for angels so we’re very gay with caught the chatter yeah Sony took me an hour and 30 minutes perchance yeah I’ve obtained a generous present Matt what’s beyond blooming rescuing me Porter damn whereas you went on that day out whats up gorgeous used to be that head on it it’s an substantial win whoa whats up yeah Damon our direct is you booked a combat day out honest now then the insurance coverage would quilt that fly it’s canceled is you booked it whereas you place aside not peril yeah Richard Martin you procure you performed the funky rooster yet whereas in G yo are you for sure to your company Dave advice about learning the gleaming print I health insurance coverage expedient advice you appear to be gigantic man years of a huge man he spent many a time in my bars in there as effectively five lrg whats as much as all you and he followers from Finland you I even procure original attire for you and amen when are you coming beYOU give this a clue whats up I’m a poet and I didn’t even perceive it but if a huge quantity there you drag Joseph Smith cheers mate Hello whats up man miss you you is Bravo echo whiskey and a is Natalia cruise one all tied up Tom – Aaron Ali Brown I ordered six Buffalo sure it’s been a month note and says it’s caught within the Netherlands right here is overall it’s unwell it’ll take ages yes honest there cuz the illness that’s going spherical keeping issues up it’ll be there rapidly Ron hit thumbs up subscribe be a part of buttons and part to beat males remaining time I was there you were feeding nine cats what number of them are silent spherical so in now seven arrange Daniel whats up honest night Manoj Daniel honest night anyway David are can also retain be a unwell Buffalo mug there it’s far Chris that match you whats up blooming demand 69 Phuket fights we’re in truth costly every time not a moment there having a survey like I’d converse they’re gonna drag cheaper berry wrens are gonna drag increased usual debates yeah we’ll discover about we’re guessing yeah mm-hmm we know nothing we’re guessing court chat up again who’s an asshole oh nothing in any admire Raoul a I’m off night Simon melon Chris take care uncle day yeah we’ve caught up love you Ronnie that’s varied disagreeable [Laughter] Oh Chris that fine fingers on the remaining cases they resort web position on lost you pause it says prices between hundred dive bar 1250 guessing that hundred there’s a typo you procure a survey at that Krista thanks for that we’ll procure a survey develop a level to develop a level to k I’ll develop a level to case and all individuals else forgets blooming web position lost typo under about if Jack yeah Sir Jack Darrington has arrived Jack I’ve obtained one thing to develop you in truth jealous Jack and myself are each and every see collectors and I even procure been given a reward Jack from Chris that is shocking see what a incredible present see Barry’s bringing it in he’s long gone he’s long gone survey at that Jack k babies whats up not a Rolex it’s a wooden see Chinese language made in China made in China alternatively it works procure you place aside about four you welcome Jack espresso shops going in right here I may well well like a plastic monumental Roland for the espresso shop thanks now James Alan survey at that the following day I consume to escape all day they’ll win cheaper but airplane tickets for double can also merely noise daniel lockdown ended sarin silencer style of beginning to beginning to they changed the curfew from 10: 00 at night unless 4: 00 within the morning now to the lebanon know honest why yeah I pause to Peter Lanza but not within the bar yeah so it’s in overall your entire contaminated oh yeah no fight this day Oh David harp you you procure attire for you AMM want a strive on video Jack Darrington whats up Simon Mammon all rosters 69 Phuket play your playing cards blooming t-midi man the build procure you been Simon man Chris honest five stopping likes a thumbs up for males don Ron Floyd it’s your flip to head serve to you procure a time physique yet Henning Anderson k procure a huge week David Hart under uncover you what that’s per minute very very brief time you David I let’s discover about Ron is a we drag serve rapidly demand I consume to escape I’m guessing your entire bar ladies are serve within the villages yes I did a video remaining week about I’m sure uh and now Dave’s ringing me hang on talk mm-hmm obtained a Casio f91 m8w blooming see read about the hotel room so that you come whats up masseur a pause to marks come with me and March next 300 and sixty five days on are you it’s likely you’ll perhaps well discover about original videos every day it’s likely you’ll perhaps well discover about the video on YouTube yeah honest I honest see it tonight you take into accounts they’d in truth fashioned by they were standing so I may I did earlier except you were in ok that used to be some day from the remaining night’s web yarn aka Martin from the broken love yarn he wished to remark sorry he can’t originate his the chat cuz he doesn’t know I even deserve to pause it he wished to remark gargantuan thanks to all individuals that ship him donations and it used to be as much as 420 430 founder Lee it’s like fabulous so thanks all individuals for that for Dave and I’ll win him on for next we obtained figure out perchance Barry win him figured out how I’m attending to the chat blooming you miss you a Kimmy James procure you performed these no oh oh yeah abet me man whats up miss you Jimmy James how pause you take into accounts time with serve to fashioned Christmas perchance the Yankees veteran man like that honest survey at Jack Durrance and size doesn’t matter except you’re in Thailand then meaning you’re employed on you don’t tease veteran males like that sis Jeffrey root man our she’s your partner sir sitting late you sir whereas you don’t mind that is my partner yes that is males the sinker essential person David Hart whats up David Martin Erin Hastings it’s why in a resort costly compared with the likes of crabby of Terrell honest simmer it’s similar corresponding to Pattaya and crabby yeah I was there earlier this week can also merely also be cheaper I had a resort the resort used to be 2005 a night whereas I was there you were a posh one it’s likely you’ll perhaps well also win hotels there for 300 baht night low-cost and crabby it’s you’ve obtained a huge hotel 4000 baht to not kick you out even supposing Jim Tony Watson demand how did the interviews drag apologies of your reply I mediate they were all canceled on yarn of the the worldwide illness again so she’s coming serve right here and then she drag to the interview I feel about yeah we’re serve right here rapidly she’s not telling this CD DCI my cell cell phone why would I need to see Chris that’s who Bravo Hector whisky beyou how’s the flying going perhaps grounded for the time being honest essential wine in very fine lady fine earthy the 4k USD a 300 and sixty five days not wicked this chief dr. Jonathan Miller for those wanting to win serve on airplane endure in mind what it’s likely you’ll perhaps well need to into your arrived airport four hours early April airport socialists in no hand bags Marcin gloves spherical flight 69 Phuket hope he gets a tight automobile yep that’s talking about Dave Ali Brown I saw on YouTube so six bars are feeding the unfortunate resulting from the co vid fine to demand folks taking most attention-grabbing care of regarded as one of those sensible F Tyler Anthony Tansley whats up all individuals playing looking out at you on Sundays most of your serve issues on the week sooner than lockdown started serve your marks are very lucky so miss Thailand Don take be aware of fixing into a member there’s the membership hyperlink someplace there are March as mam is a pleasure to survey and whereas you be aware you’re gonna discover about hundreds of crazy males videos this week paulson eyes why in corresponding to player but crabby and meals truffles more costly in truth flows within the members position we’ve obtained the app the discord component the build it’s likely you’ll perhaps well chat manner to every varied i mediate i obtained it working again she obtained to head one more play whereas you’re fascinated by that david hart thumbs up man David Gibbons whats up I’m hoping you’re all k we’re yeah unfortunate ha Tommy I’m silent out six nine Phuket cows shall be cheaper Richard TBG USA honest morning man Beaver and Simon sorry I’m insensible completed at 5: 00 a.m. this morning issues are slowly changing can’t wait to shuffle when’s right here is over man ouch can’t discover about effectively that’s been deleted rats and me Cunningham the build you win your endure he comes from The usa is that what you supposed pause you take into accounts endure beer beer doesn’t that David harp MEMS honest a minute moderately tonight the commute has chilled my Mike Chris their form error corrected Thank You Christa repair the salvage position you uncover me what Tsin I even deserve to wait unless August for interview they’ve changed cuz Kovac sin upon comp waited uncommon drag cheese in love with Eddie she’s in Hawaii for the time being he’s in Bangkok doing work and yeah they’re gay ever after in love most the time both Bangkok or Hawaii and Daniel Lawrence I booked for night swine 3005 Steve Dillon that’s what she acknowledged remaining night what I don’t know hood-essential fine Danny it’s a regular second prolong whereas you form you form one share you gonna wait 36 seconds to win the following share ma’am pause you procure a generous day out yes and did honest you drove your entire manner there computerized gearbox Chris taught her to alternate the manual deciding on yes mmm haven’t veteran the manual share of the also my lifestyles Wow honey but Hanlon now we procure got her lucubra oh yeah there’s an entire bunch of hers yeah the club had her foot up 300 foot down ground your entire ladies come to the mountains for an hour yes it’s gigantic blooming country saw that that yeah higher man ma’am Christian walked over the bridge I know he’d like a baby your style of gets but he may well well presumably converse the same about your moan about you he used to be you broke his legs babe broken no no it’s not me I don’t don’t converse any varied you weren’t so hot as in a automobile that’s six hours strolling up that hill we’re changing the sphere Brian gray mr. Kosan lunge up vista koh samui the build you’ve long gone consuming koh samui January this 300 and sixty five days used to be so lucky we’re serve in Thailand atomize of day man the build did you drag Simon didn’t converse hope you’re a huge time for the identify of the position Thank You Barry the Mong bridge I’ve lost the build I was yeah and regard what’s it yeah yeah Canterbury no right here is for you I even procure time oh the little minute statue 33 pakoda drag yes that’s it three pagoda a drag to drag that’s why I bought some thick marbles anymore fraudulent arey chief ah it’s a twenty those ten ten packs yeah ouch what are you doing any commercial converse we’ve obtained a resort identify and all you wishes to be on the channel someplace sank library that’s it Danny Lawrence Tom to hood pulse fine darn insensible again 69 Phuket tiger clearly worked finally David Hart there’s the lost cases they resort Erin Hastings roughly how mighty for an SVU taxi from Bangkok to our head I may well well guess three and a half of thousand plump to fly in from Bangkok someplace like that rats and me Cunningham you’re leo lol we can’t win any yet my husband mrs. Leow lol our USB for test with four five six nine Phuket Winky and David Gibbons anything I’m in a position to come serve I may well well converse September some folks converse all this some folks will converse July none of us know unless they commence the airways thanks I’m yeah upright lock-on auto containers low equipment when descending steep hills win most engine braking don’t sit down on the brakes Ronan has cancer library error one very blooming yes indeed blooming the tree it so fabulous Tommy Logan e book Thailand July to October fingers crossed there’s no 14-day quarantine fingers crossed for you Hayden Bernard Law 1st viscount montgomery of alamein talked of you the delays can also merely silent be tricky but we hope it’s likely you’ll perhaps well come serve for some original songs rapidly yes it’s likely you’ll perhaps well be serve rapidly we honest she’s honest gonna flip up rapidly Dave ball I mediate Valley be aware this tune oh effectively now now we procure got so mighty slicing room ground footages faux we ever wished to build a montage together yeah Mary silent has nightmares about three nutty ladies folks dancing by the Pope in nutty attire more to come I’m sure sue is aware of Council this 300 and sixty five days cats oh yeah he’s performed all those songs rubber Mac goodbye all individuals procure a huge day and night thanks Robert discover about you discover about confidently discover about you rapidly over right here may well well presumably be fine silent someplace over there yes David Lyfe your fashioned lost what Simon ma’am can arrange trips these forms of locations yeah lets pause trips to that so essential take care of Robert unfortunate Annie Robert yeah we can we can pause excursions from right here too to head to drag and Kanchanaburi and mother and it may perhaps well presumably be uncommon in my PA and my the regarded as among the ladies may well well presumably be any of the ladies taking you I’ve performed I oaks sooner than I stayed at the resort the perimeters are blooming tag original furnishings original beds tag-original bathe all posh rather than the British bedding I virtually awoke with an accent 69 phuket automatics are all about the breaks a luxurious veteran pause and heavy too any money appears like memories win me started alternatively it’s with regards to the pause of the lunge honest discover about you all again don’t put out of your mind dropping on your manner serve now Eddie whereas you drag serve John Avenue Chris you’re not being hopes yes no what pause you point out by hope the following day Sam on this yeah me and Crete how fabulous Slice mine what happen anybody same day birthday me same day same month same yeah yeah and with regards to same time Oh Aston Martin whats up guys you honest obtained serve to patch on to consume fine so that you can shuffle again your entire easiest Dave I’ll procure a huge weekend early role of Maggie her issues for I discover about you next week Oh Tim bTW whats up you’re like yeah we’re about to head iox folks Simon Mann also hire your scooter in a automobile and shuffle the temples Kings ice and stuff like that web page Bri you talking to Hayden I may drag serve rapidly [Music] yeah I’m gonna hook yet Chris issues off discover about her mother I beg to change Chris as Krista roasts Krista what provides I’ve viewed her mother used to be it anyway so blooming guys in a minute be aware we may well well presumably be going in two minutes it’s the pause of the lunge so don’t put out of your mind jump onto the channel because this can also merely also be approaching at nine o’clock on the channel the original love yarn the intro telling you all about the original love yarn drag and procure a survey at it and this can also merely also be on in two minutes time so we’ve obtained a and the lunge and a second so that it’s likely you’ll perhaps well drag and gain it 56 or 58 57 k three minutes so in three minutes that may drag on the channel this can also merely also be there and then the following day share regarded as among the love yarn the original love yarn shall be on the channel and it’s a honest yarn this one took me finest three years to in truth pluck up the courage to pause it then at rigor mortis this used to be enjoyable sorry I uncared for next week all individuals take care be actual having a survey forward to the lids this week unfortunate coronary heart few develop it sooner there’s the reserving recordsdata David our Pokemon I was checking variability December not ready to e book are you tumble for December now we you wishes to be varied e book December test the numerous rooms David Hart we’re on a drag der as effectively there’s a unwell Buffalo DJ John read I’m on the fourth tie why for the writers e book why whats up babe I discover about guys team BT busy tryin I forgot sorry no direct me carrying parts of the night all 69 meals win gigantic channel right here I’m gradually lurking Ron thanks for the lunge tranquil man Chris Barry all individuals thanks may well well presumably see spherical all individuals steam honest honest popping in being mega storm right here earth so hunkering down silent yet to hit cumbersome on the build I am but staying in refuge honest man take care he’s actual honest awesome can’t wait so all individuals yeah it’s that time thanks for the show all individuals John Jay Paul ha Geoffrey in spite of all the pieces fine geezer thanks guys for the dancing ladies reunite or our Brown one left aspect procure family be actual whereas you creep easiest regards are at Richard TG abet lead us a bonus effort procure a huge week I’m honest catching up with all individuals so I’ve already pressed the button for the video to head on the channel there in 90 seconds and it explains why it’s taken me three years to pause this yarn so hope you revel in it and yeah it’s going to be a lengthy one whereas you don’t like the lengthy tales and don’t like cliffhangers then wait about three or four months and then see it it’s going to be a lengthy you discover about you next time and a and all individuals and yes that’s it one more week yeah Chris may well well presumably be right here next week may well well presumably not drag discover about her will you yeah yeah there you drag crystal be right here oh yeah now we procure got to transfigure day we’ll win Dave off next week and again thanks from Dave to your entire donations and stuff so guys pause actual procure a honest week pause wholesome we’re gonna drag I’ll will let you see that varied video we’ll discover about you next week alright so procure a huge week and bye for now take care we’re going bye-bye you

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    you 2 guys glimpse alot alike as the weeks are passing, simon is he your seccret son? hehe x or are my eyes geeting tio the stage i need specs

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    !!!wowowowowowow!!!Hiya I’m Charles, I’m courting a Thai lady. Her establish is Attaya and I met her by Ayza. I observe several exams to ogle if that is a scam. I like Attaya. Nonetheless I’m in for a shock or no? Extra the next day…..

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    Sorry I missed your dwell..greetings from Finland,hope to return soon to ogle my lady in Lahansai

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    Simon, I’m coming and optimistically soon. Quiz if yow will detect me some blues musicians. the kind I’m in a position to leave the band dwelling. Lol

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    So, Simon, I will bring a guitar or two, my camera's. I’m in a position to't wait to fulfill you guys.

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