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Thailand Bike Tour – THAI Food UNLIMITED / Ingesting Machine in Prachuap Khiri Khan

Nowadays we’re going to whisk a bike from Chumphon to Prachuap Khiri Khan province, check with remarkable temples, model pretty Thai food and side road food, talk about with locals and simply revel in our thrilling Thailand tour!

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Yes ladies and gents, this day is the right 
seafood day in Ban Krut sea hurry of Prachuap Khiri Khan province.
As you see I’m neat hungry, and 
that is hungry adventures in Thailand!
Hi there hello hello! Welcome abet to my hungry adventures 
Guys I’m leaving Chumphon since it be raining moving there – it used to be raining non-end all night and raining in the morning, and even now..
My bike is soiled, I’m soiled.. that is why I’m 
leaving it and heading to Prachuap Khiri Khan
and seemingly I will also originate it to Hua Hin, however 
I’m no longer obvious since it be too some distance it be nearly 300 kilometers.. 280 doubtlessly
anyway there could perhaps be one thing attention-grabbing, so need to you received some time and empty space to your belly then join me on this hungry adventure on a bike.. let’s hunch!
oh yeah boy, you could perhaps additionally very well be so soiled..
I gotta revel in it and salvage one thing 
else later because I exact want to exercise one thing here first
and doubtlessly this stuff need to be ultimate low-price  
since it be exact noodles somewhere … 
it be no longer even a sea hurry, it be some style of canal 
main to the ocean hurry with a unbelievable boat though
fantastic fishing boat for night.. maybe 
even a squid hunting fishing boat
yeah and I mute received no likelihood to rent a fishing boat and hunch into the ocean in particular with this climate…
next time maybe when this is able to perhaps additionally be the high season,
when the climate could perhaps be higher
because this outing used to be in level of truth laborious.. wet climate.. it takes a amount of time for transportation.. exact insane
however it used to be in level of truth thrilling
If truth be told hungry adventures!
I was hungry the total time (nearly the total time) and I had a amount of adventures
well, ladies and gents, 90 kilometers 
unless we can reach our next destination,  
a unbelievable temple on the hill, however yeah if 
that you too can see a coffee shop then let me know because i mediate i would favor some..
let’s support driving anyway, unless it be raining again
Hi there rooster! Look they’re so comical
fantastic, pretty sea hurry, and if I understand qualified I 
gotta drive along the ocean hurry side road after which there could perhaps be turn so i will arrive to the hill with a temple on the prime of it
however I’m no longer obvious.. it be round 25 kilometers left.. no longer that some distance.. pretty build apart  
and yeah on this course I will be able to see wet 
clouds, so yeah I’m working away from the rain over and over
well, ladies and gents welcome 
to remarkable Ban Krut sea hurry
and likewise you could perhaps be ready to see there is a hill  
there is a hill with a unbelievable temple on prime of it, so yeah I’m going qualified there
ah fantastic
yeah guys this build apart is exact ravishing, and search for 
what I in actuality have learned.. exact unbelievable shell
oh man this build apart is exact remarkable..
Ban Krut sea hurry.. oh they even have received some condominium or maybe resort.. no doubtlessly condominium and unusual homes.. fantastic.. this kind of stress-free build apart to shield
sleep, revel in the ocean hurry
and doubtlessly i will salvage some seafood restaurant 
later if will support driving extra.. oh man it be remarkable..
yeah that is it.. the temple the build apart I’m going to
wow, looks to be like so pretty, let’s originate a round after which strive to ascend the hill to see the temple itself, since the temple is higher – it be on the hill,
so yeah it be “stairs” day doubtlessly..
ravishing buddha statue overlooking the bay
i mediate it looks to be like tremendous from the boat.. 
you see – total bay is in entrance of you
and now i am gonna existing you the ocean hurry  
and the ocean hurry side road that we exact ridden – qualified 
over there, you see this pretty pretty sea hurry  
yeah and so many wet clouds, darkish 
wet clouds, so yeah when I was announcing that I’m working away from the rain – it wasn’t a comic epic  
so yeah i gotta hit upon the temple, then maybe 
get some food because that is the seafood space,  
so i exact can no longer proceed out it, because remaining time i haven’t tried anything else here  
i used to be driving all procedure to Chumphon from here
pretty.. in level of truth pretty build apart.. okay let’s hunch up
yeah i knowledgeable you that is the “stairs” day
so yeah it is what it is, and in level of truth in level of truth 
we’re so fortunate that it be no longer raining now..  
however okay let’s be quiet and revel on this 
pretty temple for the very first time
wow it be exact ravishing, incredibly 
pretty build apart and quiet and so orderly  
yeah need to you could perhaps be passing shut by then 
you might want to hunt advice from this temple remarkable
pretty pretty creature
it be in level of truth in level of truth pretty build apart
and no person else is here.. i mean there could be 
just a few diverse folks however it be so quiet
the sky turns grey and that i am alarmed it be raining  
so i am no longer in level of truth obvious i might be staying here and 
drinking seafood in Ban Krut
because if I’m going to shield this is able to perhaps additionally be one extra hour here, after which I’m going to have to drive wet and at night which is never the actual decision
anyway if there could perhaps be one thing on the procedure in which out then doubtlessly it be my faith to shield and exercise one thing..
If no longer – then i gotta support driving to Hua Hin 
anyway we’ll see
yeah i mediate there is no longer any likelihood for me to shield dry this day that is 
why i mediate i gotta salvage some restaurant
to get standard meal.. first standard meal of the day
and it would be somewhere here
if it be open..
Guys 199 baht – and likewise you could perhaps be ready to exercise 
anything else you pick to have, however 70 baht extra need to you pick to have grilled seafood.. so solely it be 270 baht
yeah i be pleased shrimps.. what am i able to make?!  
i in level of truth be pleased them in particular if they’re mountainous 
and juicy..
this one from from Russia – along with ice..
how does it work? okay…
frozen salmon – frozen from Norway
that is my desk for this day, so i’m able to cook dinner here 
or here..
my greens, my seafood, my seafood
and some noisy cat who wants my seafood!
yeah upright job – performing talents 95th level
Hungry hungry Mickey..
They remark you could perhaps be ready to exercise as remarkable as you pick to have – oh it be their mistake, because I’m gonna exercise as remarkable as they have got!
my particular menu from Ban Krut sea hurry  
what’s that? it be love mussels with some with some butter doubtlessly
and this thing is for boiling, so you could perhaps be ready to grill 
and likewise you could perhaps be ready to boil food here – greens to illustrate  
even though it be gonna be raining..
although this is able to perhaps additionally be raining  
i could perhaps perhaps be the happiest particular person because 
i am gonna exercise as remarkable as i’m able to
sure ladies and gents this day is a right right 
seafood day in Ban Krut sea hurry of Prachuap Khiri Khan province
as you see I’m neat hungry and 
that is hungry adventures in Thailand
a amount of water on the desk because all of the seafood is frozen..
however every little thing is looks to be like so 
tasty and it is tasty to be qualified  
the build apart else would you are making an strive so many diversified 
meals – in particular seafood, for 270 Baht?
It is decrease than 10 greenbacks US – it be round 9 greenbacks US
for 9 greenbacks US i’m able to exact exercise one or two kilograms of salmon  
because one kilogram of salmon is set
600 baht or one thing (the bottom imprint is 500-600 Baht in grocery store)
however here I will be able to exercise it non-puny and it be grilled
and it be upright, it be original, it be boneless..
and plenty diversified tasty things along with fantastic entertaining sauce..
and yeah it be no longer raining
i am exact fortunate this day
Man, it’s so tasty, and these mussels along with some butter or margarine or one thing
yeah it be some style of butter – in level of truth buttery model
i wasn’t so hungry when I’ve arrive here, however now I’m remarkable extra hungry due to the the scent.. and this to illustrate “ritual” – all these activities about cooking – it be akin to you could perhaps additionally very well be tenting somewhere
oh that used to be that used to be this butter
and extra salmon
man it be exact mountainous.. couple extra beers and impress no longer drive wherever, shield here.. and arrive again in three hours, and the following day for breakfast… wow
and nothing is burning.. i impress no longer know 
how, however the fireplace is ultimate moderate.. 
search for at this magnificence with cheese..
shell.. grilled candy cheese..
yeah ladies and gents that is my dinner or lunch or any diverse meal
because i exact impress no longer know what time is it… doubtlessly dinner
pretty pretty seafood and my entertaining sauces – 
this one and the 2d one.. and my greens  
and extra seafood here – crabs and diverse shells and extra shrimps  
wow yeah that is the model..
That is the model of Ban Krut sea hurry
It is exact remarkable guys.. it be exact crazy
scorching however so pretty!
i be pleased this build apart yeah remarkable remarkable !
need to you pick to need to arrive abet here test out the hyperlink on this video description there is a plot to this build apart
anyway i gotta support playing this food, and that i in level of truth hope you’ve got enjoyed this video, this fantastic tour,
because i gotta enact what i’m able to and exercise extra if it be doubtless and support driving to Hua Hin
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and I’m going to see you next video ultimate quickly 
maybe even the following day however I’m no longer obvious.. bye bye

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