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Plastic garbage and the death of the coral reefs demonstrate the downside of mass tourism in Thailand, which hosted 36 million traffic in 2018. The documentary appears to be on the outcomes on vacationer accommodations above and below water.

Ten years ago there were 20 million fewer vacationers. This day’s mass tourism has both social and ecological penalties. Many of the Thailand’s celebrated vacationer accommodations discharge untreated sewage into the ocean, and plastic extinguish finally ends up in the water. This is killing off the fragile coral reefs along the flee. The lots of accommodations and restaurants basically support contemporary fish, so fishing boats are the exhaust of large trawl nets, that are moreover destroying the coral. The internationally celebrated marine ecologist Thon Thamrongnawasawa from the University of Bangkok says 77 percent of Thailand’s coral reefs bear been severely damaged. Meanwhile, the locals in celebrated vacationer accommodations no longer regularly take advantage of the huge numbers of holidaymakers in any appreciate. They work for the minimal wage and are in most cases pushed out by guest crew from neighboring Myanmar, who’re willing to work for even less cash. Diminutive local restaurants lose out when the giant tour operators compile their mates on all-inclusive excursions. The filmmakers first visited Thailand about a years ago, taking pictures though-provoking photographs of the gathered intact underwater world in plenty of areas. Now they’re support there again to observe on the penalties of unrestricted tourism – both above and below the waterline.


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[Music] Thailand spectacular rocky islands and radiant grained sandy seashores turquoise blue water stunning how you imagine a vacation lag keep of living more than 9,000 kilometers some distance off from wintry veteran Germany [Music] and this thriller hottie vacationers flocking to web sites just like the celebrated James Bond island the keep Roger Moore fought the defective guys as secret agent double-oh-seven as of late it’s all about selfies and self-expression whenever you ogle these guys walking round in swimming trunks a dinky bit undignified I’d reveal unsightly but it used to be to be anticipated it used to be marketed that formula thailand’s dream seashores are suffocating in plastic garbage [Music] untreated wastewater is discharged straight into the ocean tens of thousands of snorkelers stumble on the underwater panorama and diagram irreparable ache to the at ease coral reefs by trampling everywhere them [Music] in the final two years we found that celebrated 77% dimension Oh heavy dimension so we seek recordsdata from that if we don’t effect the relaxation the subject will an increasing selection of so how noteworthy ache does mass tourism diagram that’s our question [Music] the first discontinuance in our trudge is the city of Phuket in the south of Thailand most vacationers right here head to the beach of Bataan the wide sandy Bay fascinated us as soon as we got right here right here for the first time eight years ago stress-free on the beach and a dinky of adventure to boot lag dreams [Music] [Music] however the different of vacationers coming to Thailand has more than doubled since then now it’s more than 34 million americans yearly what changes has that precipitated the next morning we ogle the downside of mass tourism local diving instructors on a frequent foundation fish garbage out of the ocean by the sack load their change relies on keeping the pure atmosphere as intact as that it’s likely you’ll well even deem what what effect they compile in the ocean torn Nets from the trawlers emptying the ocean of Patong of fish with out a doubt contemporary fish is a meals desk for both the locals and the hordes of vacationers but diving trainer Dave Wilson says the fishing nets are endangering the coral reefs off the flee so it relies on the sort of compile if it’s a if it’s a rope sort compile then they are able to colonize that but if it’s a plastic sort compile then it causes heaps of ache nylon sort Nets they diagram heaps of ache to the corals the Nets resolve on the fragile corals and literally and rip them up Dave Wilson has found rather a lot as of late as well to all of the diverse plastic garbage chain bottles single-exhaust plastic right here’s the ideal threat to to the atmosphere for the time being and heaps of americans’s idea as we moreover obtained plastic bags these the wrappers that the plastic bottles attain in so with the winds they stunning salvage blown away into the ocean and sure right here now we bear again more examples of that [Applause] and so the rubbish generated by thousands and thousands of vacationers is increasingly more choking Paquette’s as soon as dazzling seashores [Music] even the monkeys bear learned to drink from plastic cups the internationally celebrated marine ecologist Tom Tamron iwasa watt has been discovering out the outcomes of plastic extinguish on the ecosystem for the final decade the first component is a huge one it’s stunning a hum with the original and covert ahora so whenever you occur to both press the covert the corrode or Kankuro can breathe the Kuro can maintain the air yeah the water circulate is stopped because of it’s like a human whenever you occur to head work first component over your head it’s likely you’ll well maybe no longer continue to exist that is a one huge subject and moreover the compile plastic is mean moreover the fishing compile or one thing like that nylon or one thing like that crack to the coral and with the original compile it out the Korean will Stroup solid ample to crack or Horo we’re attempting to uncover what penalties the increasing environmental pollution precipitated by tourism has for the coral reefs of Phuket so we join a diving day out to the island of curvature but we can ignore spending a gathered day alone on this pure paradise there are dozens of ships available [Music] in 2010 we went to Karachi for the first time and located an underwater world of though-provoking elegance a leopard shark innocent to humans [Music] huge sponges and shining corals on the seabed [Music] so how’s it taking a scrutinize now what has changed our first impact the underwater world is gathered in plenty of areas species rich and magnificent but we were gathered more impressed by their diving right here in 2010 than we’re as of late [Music] now the water is rather a lot Klaudia and we compile garbage in plenty of areas on the seabed and the coral is showing the outcomes of local weather change as nicely if the water is simply too warm it eats away their at ease corals [Music] but sewage garbage and too many divers are moreover leaving their designate a carpet of plastic extinguish is floating on the ground of the water the original has pushed the rubbish from the initiate sea into the bay it’s becoming an increasing selection of general we be taught in the gradual afternoon we returned to the glorious island world of Phuket [Music] [Music] for the next day we booked a day out to the peepee Islands doubtlessly essentially the most dazzling islands and southern Thailand we originate with some taking a scrutinize in Phuket Harbor we’re supposed to compile bathing shoes that can offer protection to us from exciting-edged corals a pair costs round 8 euros and heaps of being sold main main at final we region off for the sector celebrated islands the tune on board fights with the sound of the 500 horsepower engine on the model we stopped at a coral reef for a dinky of snorkeling [Music] few americans on board bear ever had the relaxation to effect with masks and snorkels and heaps of them can’t swim both [Music] one speed load after any other ferries the snorklers to the reefs thousands of vacationers each and each day are trashing the fragile reef [Music] [Music] for decades coral polyps bear constructed up the reef millimeter by millimeter now heaps of them is destroyed in only a dinky while it’s very laborious to effect to construct that americans perceive strategies on how to behave they perceive they don’t are attempting to ache the karo but they don’t know no they don’t perceive they attain from inland China inland quarry or with out reference to that will most certainly be the nation then now we bear a coral reef sooner than so that they don’t bear any determining about Horace because of in their nation there just isn’t any longer any alarm reef [Music] the Beebe Islands are in actuality particularly fine national park but for the rationale that organizers of the day trips found them for themselves thousands and thousands of vacationers bear been visiting the picturesque Rock Islands and killing off nature little by little next discontinuance the so called monkey bay a proper vacationer attraction as of late we ogle three monkeys on the rocks with vacationers on six speedboats crowding round the handiest photo keep of living final year now we bear more than two hi Trey million customer on the peepee island along with her is handiest 14 square kilometer of the home and the coral reef is handiest 2 square kilometer so that it’s likely you’ll well even seek recordsdata from that a in actuality crowded I possess the peepee island can also maybe be the home essentially the most focus on to coral reef in the sector the penalties are devastating Andrew Hewitt runs a dive heart on the PBE islands he isn’t willing to compile that Hewitt and his group bear been monitoring the say of the underwater world for years regularly diving to count the corals and doc the ache again as of late Andrew Hewitt is underway along with his underwater camera in the celebrated diving areas now we desire to appreciate that the more americans add a keep the more affect goes to bear on coral reefs so there must be a most limit that we can bear of americans visiting an home any one particular time if we stunning let it gallop and let americans effect with out reference to they need it would possibly per chance well salvage out of maintain watch over and it’s likely you’ll well maybe also ogle there’s a huge distinction in the health of the corals when there’s too many folks for the first time the Thai authorities bear reacted the sector-celebrated Maya Bay the keep the movie the beach with Leonardo DiCaprio used to be shot has been closed to vacationers for several months to present the corals an different to recover I possess I bear combined emotions about it I possess it’s very acceptable that we would possibly per chance effect things like that but whenever you occur to stunning discontinuance one home then it be a must to seek recordsdata from that all the americans that gallop to 1 home then going to head to any other home and put tension on any other home it’s likely you’ll well even ogle what occurs right here on essentially the predominant island pipi performed since maya bay has been closed the day-trippers are dropped at this beach by midday it turns into a huge speed boat car parking space after a selfie on the beach it’s a transient stroll into the village and most definitely some like a flash meals sooner than we gallop on to the next attraction so what are the americans that continue to exist PP don salvage from a day trippers we focus on to the Dowell restaurant which affords Thai cuisine at cheap costs [Music] however the owner says he has few prospects even supposing PP Donna’s overrun by vacationers he’s combating for his existence no longer regularly any vacationers attain right here restaurants which bear essentially the most mates are on the beach the keep the boats are moored the vacationers persistently are attempting to maintain an watch on their boats and servile oh they’re nervous if they attain into the village they’ll also salvage lost PP don is the handiest island right here that is totally inhabited the thousands of day-trippers bear no longer introduced prosperity to the americans right here the giant tourism companies mark cash from the excursions with the locals in most cases handiest bear jobs on the time minimal wage of stunning below 9 euros per day the inner of the island appears to be as if many areas on Phuket extinguish disposal is a huge subject this veteran man is drying fish one of the significant local staple meals he sells it to his neighbors he tells us one thing background yeah yeah hello doc doc hello he says he’s doing it because of he doesn’t know what else he can effect to mark a living he tells us the Flies are particularly annoying so he has to maintain the fish in plastic bags to maintain them away yeah I’m away ones how in one tower low incomes are no longer the handiest subject the americans on pee-pee don bear the islands exposed keep formula it’s moreover at probability of pure failures we notice indicators saying evacuation route if a tidal wave or tsunami is heading in the direction of the island both locals and vacationers are supposed to flee to safety however the keep is the shatter out route in actuality lead we apply the indicators after about a meters it ends at an iron gate a deathtrap in an emergency the shatter out routes were region up after the final tsunami with global donations but as of late the agonize looks to be forgotten and no longer handiest on a PP Islands December 2004 700 americans died because of a tsunami on PB break of day about a hundred kilometers away in the vacationer town of karak it claimed more than three thousand victims holidaymakers filmed it with their video cameras [Music] but as of late almost nothing in automotive lock remembers the catastrophe the ability of the tidal wave held this Wing Guard patrol boat a kilometer into the hinterland it used to be left there as memorial and the tsunami memorial museum used to be constructed acceptable next to it 14 years for the memorial lives from donations Rachna cantante the curator tells us these photos from december 2004 demonstrate relaxed Bay this and in a background the incoming tidal wave the museum would no longer handiest are attempting to remind americans it moreover wants to construct them more mindful of the agonize because of there would possibly per chance be dinky time left after a seaquake sooner than the tidal wave reaches the flee this graph presentations how the 2004 tsunami unfold but what if the authorities and the vacationer resort of carlac learned from the catastrophe we observed that almost all of the flee is roofed with colossal hotel complexes the mates there would possibly per chance well be the first victims diverse accommodations willing are there any emergency plans many accommodations come come come the beach and they don’t desire any any belief to amongst the americans if the tsunami attain because of if we don’t know when will it attain and we don’t know the procedure many time that now we desire to head away and what concerning the shatter out routes that were established with global attend after 2004 to the americans right here in Kolak compile the agonize severely we apply the indicators again we’re no longer removed from the closest refuge thousands of inhabitants and vacationers bear to be capable to compile safety there [Music] we indirectly compile it it’s plump of furniture and there’s an elevator for the disabled but it’s derelict the vitality hasn’t worked for a in actuality very long time after this enemy now we bear many enhance for evacuation wood but now plenty of the designs broken and no organization that fixes so the evacuation route doesn’t work anymore now now he’s helped the O’s compile but many office is working and heaps of it’s some distance now uncertain the keep the keep the keep the model that we can gallop acceptable [Music] the classes on the 2004 catastrophe appear to bear been forgotten we continue on to the next lag keep of living of our trudge the planner national park [Music] our tour right here is nicely organized first we stumble on the puny bays by gallop boat that’s a offer of income for the locals a boatman right here earns about 13 euros per day which by thai standards is a wage they are able to continue to exist [Music] our next discontinuance on the tour is a cave now at low tide when the water stage is low we can gallop by the cave to the inner of the island [Music] but we’re no longer alone right here both dozens of vacationers from diverse tour boats are moreover right here marveling on the strange rock formations and a mighty mangrove roots [Music] the scramble brochure says we’ll salvage lunch right here at KO panyi an celebrated muslim fishing village constructed on stilts in the ocean [Music] the celebrated village like a flash looks to be a assortment of vacationer restaurants and memento stores after all 10 million traffic gallop by right here yearly all of them pay the tour operators a flat charge for their lunch so the locals salvage dinky take advantage of it after lunch we watch on the memento stores shark’s enamel are very celebrated this year this one costs round 40 euros but German customs obligations will increase that designate several fold sharks are a threatened species so stunning like corals and shells they’re subject to the Convention on World change in endangered species of untamed fauna and plant life and the import of those souvenirs to Germany is unlawful otherwise it’s likely you’ll well even compile t-shirts caps and scarves stunning like in each and each keep of living else [Music] in the end hidden leisurely the village we compile the locals huts there are Muslims so per chance they’re bothered by the lightly dressed Europeans [Music] [Music] this local asks us to compile a memento from her she lives off the change she says and has no diverse income okay okay [Music] two hours later we head off to the high point of our tour [Music] right here’s doubtlessly essentially the most celebrated rock in the sector Roger Moore alias James Bond shot scenes for the movie the man with the Golden Gun right here but as of late the villains are all long gone all that is left are thousands of vacationers who all need stunning one component a photograph a selfie to demonstrate that they were there [Music] how effect you love it right here yeah yeah it’s okay okay okay and all of the americans unsightly but it used to be to be anticipated who used to be marketed this kind what effect you watched same right here no the same it’s gathered dazzling we’ll deserve to bear attain but again per chance in the morning or night time but would which bear helped the crowds of vacationers surged by the puny island from early in the morning till gradual in the night time whenever you ogle these guys walking round in swimming autos a dinky bit undignified I’d reveal on the diverse terminate of the island there are more memento stalls selling the same scramble souvenirs for which the Seas are plundered like this Tiger shelf my mother James Bond island in the pond our national park or cop income as the island is de facto called is a pure gem that has degenerated into a vacationer hotspot [Music] we region off for the final discontinuance of our trudge sooner than we returned to Phuket [Music] we attain the island of Koh Tao off the southeast flee of Thailand whenever you ogle these seashores it’s likely you’ll well even no longer regularly imagine that Koh Tao used to be a penal complex island till 1947 as of late it’s more about wellness time rub down is a strong point right here young americans and scuba divers are particularly drawn to Koh Tao we take into accout the photos we shot right here in 2010 [Music] there used to be an abundance of fish a bull shark crossed our path he shouldn’t salvage too discontinuance to them in most cases they moreover attack americans [Applause] [Music] [Music] support to the original Simon darling and Dorothy Lee from the environmental Affiliation eco koh tao compile us out to sea they’re attempting to demonstrate us what’s changed since we first got right here right here a entire fleet of boats awaits us on the dive role diving is a mass occasion right here thousand crowd the few dive web sites [Music] we encounter a whale shark the ideal fish in the sector it’s innocent to humans the divers are entirely over the moon [Music] but now we ogle the penalties right here destroyed coral there are undoubtedly too many vacationers right here if we can also limit the different of vacationers or change to a Marine Park keep it would attend rather a lot and limit fishing as nicely fishing is moreover a huge build on our keep of living we trip support to koh tao we’re persistently below commentary because of our shoot on the island is precisely monitored by the vacationer police we’re meant to stunning demonstrate the correct parts we’re secretly taking pictures these photos the rubbish of many vacationers finally ends up in the islands inside in unofficial dumps like this [Music] the wastewater flows untreated into the ocean in plenty of areas 1.5 million vacationers focus on to hotel yearly the ocean is polluted which moreover damages the corals [Music] in the afternoon we meet Dorothy Lee from eco kowtow again she’s welding a steel constructing the purpose of which is now in a roundabout procedure obvious I’m constructing a steel structure in a form of a triple masted Chinese junk for our coral backyard in junkyard an man made reef right here’s the belief coral branches are placed on the steel structures over time they develop into an man made reef [Music] it’s laborious work particular individual pieces of healthy coral are tied to the constructing the keep they develop over time [Music] many diving vacationers now watch on the man made reef in all but don’t know if we effect our fragment to invent and increase the man made reefs then I possess at least it affords the diverse dive web sites an different to recover [Music] as we power support from koh tao to gather it we are anticipating this is also one formula into the future man made coral reefs as an attraction for diving vacationers to compile the tension off the pure atmosphere it’s a colossal concept that has already change into truth on ko Tao [Music] on the model support we persistently meet the fishing boats that are over fishing the ocean [Music] each and every morning fully laden trollers name at shalom ducats fishing port their caches are offloaded by the ton thousands and thousands of vacationers need one component above all else contemporary sea fish on their plates the fish are sorted in line with size on the predominant facet when the shaman’s attain we fail Lake fausse oh yeah so attain right here and compile fish has change into costly on Phuket right here’s extraordinarily acceptable for the higher fish which gallop on to the vacationer restaurants the smaller ones are sold on the market that’s the proper subject says to buyer [Music] per chance change is difficult in portray to decide on the coveted huge fish the trawlers preserve at sea for days on terminate the fishermen themselves mark the least from this change many are Burmese guest crew from neighboring Myanmar they salvage stunning 2 or 3 euros a day they are saying but no person will verify that in entrance of a camera the vacationers who esteem the contemporary fish and Phuket know nothing about all this parrot fish as an illustration in most cases inhabit coral reefs when they’re caught the Nets abolish the corals the fishes bought and then willing in a restaurant for a puny charge it be a must to be hungry and on the beach acceptable leisurely the restaurant this keep of living appears to be as if that’s the case many different areas extinguish and sewage from restaurants flowing untreated into the ocean what would possibly per chance well be the handiest formula to extra plan tourism and Thailand the Pacific Asia scramble organization which is devoted to accountable tourism and says the executive in some distance-off Bangkok is planning to increase the different of vacationers to 50 million per year colossal companies mark essentially the most from the hordes of vacationers whereas the americans right here at Patong Seaside work in the kitchens for minimal wage or sell chilled drinks on the beach it’s already crowded ample at Bataan beach and high season more vacationers [Music] Bhutan’s man Shalem original clips up is mindful that tourism is the ideal offer of income alternatively she’s scared concerning the plans coming out of Bangkok there’s rather a lot occurring in high season and I possess it’s okay acceptable now but if more attain it’ll be refined as some distance as the water provide sewage garbage and transport are concerned we are anticipating we’re already on the limit the nation wants rational and sustainable tourism model policy she says model that takes no longer handiest economic pursuits but moreover the pursuits of americans nature and the atmosphere into listing otherwise Thailand will soon discontinuance to be a tropical paradise [Music] you [Music]

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