Thaiday Friday : Ramayana Waterpark Pattaya

This one comes in at a whopping 20 minutes. Gigantic Fat Besty gets wet around Ramayana water park stop to Pattaya in Thailand.

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I’m on a bus it’s a disco bus it’s unbiased appropriate me on the bus to this level the set are we going we’re gonna the waterpark admire a immense child there’s one more one wow here is as great fun as soy sex [Music] howdy you it’s his a immense elephantine bestie from granite Janna waterpark and I’m perplexed of the minute that became once my disco bus which is barely appropriate taken it they’re unbiased appropriate awaiting the motive force to assemble me a label unbiased appropriate handsome tantalizing let’s peep how that works out Chelsea lockers me a tremor Jana water park you stumble on on the display you principally scan your QR code [Music] opens up unbiased appropriate admire that handsome thrilling isn’t it ready howdy you as that that it’s possible you’ll well peep the photos changed rather cuz we’re now on the GoPro so it’s gonna be a bit bit more shaky I’m terrified but we’re on the outrun ayianna waterpark and my goodness it’s hot it’s truly properly sculpted in case you’re partial to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you’d entirely ask that River to be drinkable knew what a irregular color ask some Oompa Loompas to be hiding in that shed over there it’s fully stacks of land here at Silver Lake and there’s hundreds and hundreds of stuff er to stumble on on this space we’ve got the winery and we’ve got the reasonably tremendous Italian model complex the set I’m obvious there are truly pricey issues that that that it’s possible you’ll well defend homes and there’s any condom space off her condoms combos there’s a the Swiss sheep farm nong nooch is around here there’s the vineyards and the park on the present time which is a monday looks truly restful so might perhaps perchance well presumably also merely aloof be in a role to assemble in your total slides with my gray hair age 43 bringing out my internal child so i’m gonna hasten straight on these items here this looks to be admire the sluggish river down there which after I gather tired that might perhaps additionally merely no question be in half an hour gawk the costs of this space I paid 1,500 succor which didn’t consist of a locker that became once an extra 120 but it did consist of the wristband for entry to the park it additionally incorporated transports here and succor and it additionally incorporated a limitless buffet shall positively be sorting out later this sky run scares the living daylights out of me you’ve got the songs you want here that’s depraved sufficient it’s handsome great a vertical topple but this blue one is even worse it’s a vertical topple sends you your total blueprint around here after which down I don’t know whether or now not I would also merely aloof strive to face my fears but it looks to be admire there’s a pair of folks unbiased appropriate walking up here to give it a hasten let’s peep which one they gather in within the event that they gather in any of them oh no she’s long previous on the he’s going on the blue one now here is the scariest of all and I don’t truly know whether or now not I’ve got the earth or the balls to pause this one but here this guy has so stumble on you gather strapped in there and he’s ready to head I don’t know how long neatly and he’s long previous and he’s round there it’s hit the head he’s around again dare I pause that I doubt it hey has been saved due to I’m now not allowed the GoPro on the aqua loop this GoPro now not allowed now not allowed No so I’ve got a expansive grin on my face on my Stoke Metropolis swimming shorts are aloof crimson and white reasonably than crimson white and brown lucky atomize out so here we’re on soy chai upon and it’s flooded again I unbiased appropriate kidding here’s a section of the sluggish river the set that that it’s possible you’ll well gather into it by strategy of this diminutive inexperienced run so let’s pause that honest now Oh take up this one’s a bit more sedate alleged to unbiased appropriate lead into the sluggish river [Applause] so then I’m hoping you gather pleasure from my GoPro expansive from a rubber ring of the sluggish river but absolutely we’re gonna struggle thru a waterfall so for this section of the WOD why now not pour yourself a cocktail accept as true with you’re here in Thailand and accept as true with you’re getting this wet thru admire I unbiased appropriate did there and here yeah sit succor and handsome computer display or in case you’re watching this and headphones on perchance you’re on the on the tube or a educate going to work unbiased appropriate accept as true with you’re gonna be here soon in improbable Thailand with the blue sky watching the sphere hasten by so on the present time is Monday and I’m guessing Monday is a handsome factual day to return to Rama Yan or water section due to it’s hardly ever somebody here there that that it’s possible you’ll well gather in your total rides and slides with no have to bite too great I got three days left it makes me very unhappy and occupy to assemble the most of them waiting for going to ogle keV on his meat nights on a Wednesday and confidently I’ll be freeing and fully elegant a Thai girl alongside so that’s something to stumble on ahead to let’s gather misplaced in a maze here’s the maze and let’s struggle thru the maze now take into narrative this mazes I’m rather brief and I’m truly taller than the hedges so yeah a family blueprint out smart and that’s it’s it that’s that’s the maze that can’t be honest it’s what the hell oh I bet that’s the exit to the maze I’m an fool let’s hasten let’s hasten within the honest unbiased appropriate hasten the doorway here we hasten I’ll purchase the digicam down low so they’ll occupy a little bit of excitement oh stumble on unimaginative live neatly there’s one more entrance for them here is now not any humdrum maze I’ve ever viewed [Music] what’s going on it’s alleged to be a technique in and a technique out isn’t that the level of a maze I don’t perceive let’s peep if we are able to assemble it thru to the center and yeah that that it’s possible you’ll well truly easy here is here is the center of the maze perceive this worst maze ever ever and so after great attempting I’ve stumbled on the buffet which is here so this got here as section of my label now on the whole theme park food is ubiquitously unpleasant as it’s buffet food so it’ll be doubly tragic but we’re gonna give it a whirl that’s it’s free there’s a quantity of stairs up here so I’m going a little bit of a workout and here is the buffet that’s coming up a stumble on at it free water finest within the ebook might perhaps perchance well presumably also merely that’s cooks I’m gonna want a pair of of that for Fay [Music] let’s peep what that that it’s possible you’ll well gather oils chicken Tommy and chicken chicken soup steamed rice fried rice ball oh yeah hot dogs shrimps pork a total bunch stuff sit we are able to assemble and this might perhaps perchance well presumably also merely reach as no shock to somebody that the roof a I wasn’t truly the most intelligent seem better buffets that’s our D team accommodations in case you’ve ever been to a buffet at a Saudi team resort you’ll know how depraved that is the most intelligent little bit of it became once the free water but this will possible be crawling succor to I occupy some haha due to I’ve paid for it paradise views of the park hasten from up there on the rooftop roof a terrace folks in any recognize times depend on out theme parks what’s the most intelligent walk is it the aqua coaster that absolutely looks to be admire the most spectacular you’ve got the boomerang hasten which might perhaps perchance well presumably also very neatly be the most galvanizing but no here is in any recognize times my current walk and they also’ve got it each theme park it’s known as the DSA walk the designated smoking space excellent excellent locations I occupy to teach I’m truly truly impressed with this space they’ve truly truly long previous to city on the landscaping I understand it’s aloof somewhat unique I internet it’s about thanks perchance a 300 and sixty five days and a half presumably two years dilapidated but here is the PEI restaurant by the blueprint which is in point of fact got some herbal some Western alternatives now not like the buffet which is all Thai or garbage sorry in regards to the wind noise everyone but yeah as I acknowledged they’ve truly truly long previous to city they’ve got so many more than just a few pools there’s so many more than just a few areas here is more admire a a resort pool it’s got cabanas the jacuzzi pool and bar the set’s the jacuzzi what the hoping that [Music] oh yeah the landscaping in each space is in point of fact unbelievable I’m truly treasure a time out on the sluggish river now I’ve eaten so yeah here’s the plan of the park and there’s numerous slides to pause oh there’s the aqua coaster up there [Music] and the aqua Condor and the Python so let’s rob you on one more walk let’s rob you this time on the Python coaster or I’m gonna hasten down it with a random man with a mustache all honest bring on the Python so gonna be a Python random dudes me now hasten backwards goto what’s going on can’t peep the leisure Wow Oh oh that became once factual yeah truly tremendous day to this level and to this level fully counsel this space Rock Might perchance perhaps presumably Jana water park is a Monday and it’s truly truly practically abandoned to boot to the slides and so forth you’ve got your day to day activities here kids club sea jog volleyball coming up soon water volleyball gratified hour a water polo and feed fish so in remark so that you just can return dwelling feed some fish 4: 30 p.m. is fish feeding time so it’s all going on here and this aspect we’ve got folks playing a water polo and this biz immense I love this here is the jacuzzi pool bar again [Music] with a swim-up bar stumble on at that that’s rather more rather more admire it isn’t it sit succor occupy a cocktail below your umbrellas occupy a swim-up bar unbelievable neatly here is handsome intelligent this might perhaps perchance well presumably also merely occupy different meanings in several languages but in case you’ve got dry junk that that it’s possible you’ll well stick it in there in remark for you it’s a handsome immense gap even supposing a bit more traditional size tile here for wet junk and I’m now not obvious if here is for the pre-ops you’ll want to recycle your junk that that it’s possible you’ll well stick it in there here is the kids’s space here at rummy Anna water park and it’s immense I mean stumble for your total diminutive slides that they’ve got going on there truly brilliantly themed I’ve got a sense that Cup on the head there’ll tip up once it’s stuffed up for me splash water your total blueprint down it’s even got its comprise kids restaurants there we hasten unbiased appropriate a splash damn it kids restaurants and the seating space all over the place in the set there so it’s immense so in case you’ve got kids and also you’re coming to sample yeah clearly the suitable family vacation field is pop here that that it’s possible you’ll well rob them in here so here is it guys here is the aqua coaster and defend on this crossed my legs k so here we hasten I’m ready here is the aqua coaster oh my god Wow k survived to this level oh my what she’s too dilapidated for this here is great for the sakes Oh God yeah [Music] I survived I survived the aqua coaster gratified days the seventies disco to a fever on the pool bar it’s gratified hour [Music] are we gonna flip I’ll send it out we got DJ pumping out the tunes for my son Lee cow will eat your heart out [Music] [Applause] gather it ah factual effort even supposing factual effort so that’s about it for the vlog from the Ramayana water park and in conclusion it’s a terribly truly factual day out now I internet they pause provide half-day journeys so in case you unbiased appropriate are searching out for to walk your total slides now not gather a plump day with the nippiness-out zones and all that then you positively might perhaps perchance well presumably also pause the park in half a day I internet that that it’s possible you’ll well pause it effortlessly lumber half a day the skies in a bustle but it’s per day out I pause counsel that you just reach here I pause heartily counsel you don’t truthful he gave pink ice cream the milkshake that became once truthful too so I’ve had a terribly truly factual day but sadly I’m sunburned myself to pieces but now it’s time to assemble truly excited due to this vlog is going up in January unbiased appropriate before I returned to Thailand so stand by for more dwell blogs at some level of February 2018 thank you very great for watching this one rob care of yourselves I’ll peep you very soon dwell from Thailand vlog off

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