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Thai Motorway Food – AFRICAN POMPANO!! 🐠 Market to Desk in Phang Nga, Thailand!! 🇹🇭

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🍽️ Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง): https://goo.gl/maps/CGPq1bPEQdCPgVBD8

PHANG NGA, THAILAND – Phang Nga is an very trustworthy making an strive province in southern Thailand, recognized for its pristine beaches, mountain surroundings, and toothsome southern Thai food. On this jog to Phang Nga, it used to be an honor to satisfy P’Aey (พี่เอ๋), chef and owner of Khrua Nong restaurant, located particularly in Takua Pa (ตะกั่วป่า), Phang Nga.

Right here’s the anecdote: We had been using against a seaside dwelling called Khao Lak one night and we wanted to mercurial cease appropriate for a rapid dinner as my son and wife had been hungry. We stopped at a puny roadside southern Thai restaurant, and it took place to be Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง). The owner and chef knew us from watching our movies. And used to be we ate, I cherished the food and his authenticity and hospitality. So I acknowledged, we ought to conclude support, film a video of the food, and seemingly breeze to the market to breeze making an strive P’Aey store for a pair of of the seafood and substances he makes use of at his restaurant. Moreover, after involving there, I seen his restaurant used to be featured in the Thailand Michelin food book.

The next day we met up with P’Aey at the market and acquired some good unique fish alongside side a kindly flat fashioned jack fish and a expansive barracuda. The market used to be extremely good and loaded with all southern Thai substances.

We then headed support to P’Aey – Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง) (พี่เอ๋) to cook for lunch.

Right here are the principle southern Thai food dishes that P’Aey cooked for us:
Sour Curry แกงส้มปลามง
King Mackerel ปลาอินทรีย์ทอดซีอิ๊ว
Minute, stink beans กุ้งผัดสะตอ
Minute, chili, salt กุ้งผัดพริกเกลือ
Sea snail หอยชักตีน

Total designate – 1000 THB (30.88 USD) for all the pieces.

Must you focus on with the Phang Nga province of Southern Thailand, and desire to expertise official southern Thai food in a extremely good ambiance, breeze inspect Khrua Nong – highly urged. And because of P’Aey for taking the time to dangle out with us!

Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง): https://goo.gl/maps/CGPq1bPEQdCPgVBD8



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– Hiya every person,
hope it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance even be having an hello.
Or no longer it’s Designate Wiens.
I’m in the southern
Thailand province of Panga.
And to open this video
a extremely mercurial anecdote.
A pair nights in the past,
we had been appropriate using down
in Takua Pa
and we appropriate wanted a extremely mercurial meal,
we had been hungry,
Miko used to be drained
and so we pulled off at a
restaurant that we appropriate seen,
we had no belief.
We ordered the food,
the food used to be toothsome
and we met up with P’aey
who is the chef,
and he used to be so good,
and he in actuality knew us.
He watches our movies,
and his food used to be spectacular.
And so it appropriate dawned on me,
we ought to construct a video with P’aey
from Khrua Nong restaurant.
And it would be so chilly
to breeze with him to the market
as he buys the unique seafood
and so that’s exactly
what we’re doing at the new time.
We’re gonna breeze to the market with P’aey.
His restaurant is Khrua Nong
in Takua Pa,
in Panga province, Thailand
and we’re gonna cook and consume
and I’m gonna half all of
the good Southern Thai food
with you on this video.
(upbeat song)
So we appropriate arrived to the market
in Takua Pa
with P’aey.
(talking international language)
And right here is the put he
comes to protect out the browsing,
the put we’re gonna lift some seafood,
the put particularly we’re gonna look
for a expansive fish at the new time at the market.
So it’s gonna be good to dangle out at the new time
with P’aey
(talking international language)
(talking in international language)
This is the principle fish market.
Vital market of Takua Pa,
which is in Panga province
in southern Thailand,
appropriate seemingly about 15 minutes from Khao Lak
and then right here is the put
he comes to care for fish.
He has an good series of fish.
Looks admire some assorted snappers,
appears to be admire some assorted groupers,
there’s some purple snapper,
there’s some–
(talking international language)
Ah, k.
What’s this one?
What’s this one?
Identical family as that snapper?
– Yes.
(talking international language)
– However one other fish that
we’re making an strive to breeze making an strive to safe
is something called
(talking international language)
which is from this dwelling
from the undermine right here,
– Monk fish.
– [Mark] Monk fish.
(talking in international language)
involving series of fish.
There may per chance be some groupers,
there’s some Barracuda,
there’s king mackerel Barracuda
and fish is main,
seafood is main in
the food regimen in these areas
and main for P’aey restaurant
at Khrua Nong
(talking international language)
(talking in international language)
This is good,
good series of fish.
(talking international language)
He’s already ordered
he has already ordered
the king Mackerels
and the kindly
(talking international language)
admire a sea bass
and then we’re furthermore contemplating
to seemingly accumulate one more expansive fish.
That is uncommon.
Oh, he appropriate brought that one out.
This one is
(talking international language).
Particular form of fish
and the English name Monk fish?
– Monk fish.
– Monk fish
or I judge a form of Jack fish.
Or no longer it’s about 5 and a half,
practically six kilos.
We’re gonna accumulate that one, yeah.
Sounds good
and (talking international language)
is one in all the principle dishes to construct with the
(talking international language) fish.
That is an very trustworthy making an strive fish,
even ought to you gain a study the pores and skin it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to survey
it’s admire reflective,
it’s practically reflective.
And those are kindly Tiger
prawns, kindly Tiger prawns.
In case you gain a study the salvage,
the would possibly per chance per chance also practically survey
admire a zebra-striped pattern
taking place their support.
Tiger stripes.
(talking international language)
(Shells clinking)
(talking international language)
Yes, in South .
Repeatedly in south.
(talking international language)
Survey out for the minute foot.
Bask in rather of foot on
it that it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance no longer consume,
that’s admire rather of onerous, onerous fragment.
(talking international language)
They’re admire sea snails. Yeah.
– Oh.
– What’s good is that
coming right here in the morning
at 7 a.m, all the pieces is unique
from his boat to market,
real right here at the 2nd.
Your complete fishes are unique.
Your complete fish coming in,
the total seafood
and there is appropriate an abundance
of seafood right here as successfully
and so P’aey
is suitable doing all of his
browsing for the restaurant.
Getting all of the substances
forward of we breeze support to
the restaurant and cook.
(upbeat song)
(knives sharpening)
He’s now appropriate filleting,
reducing up the fish putting
up the pieces of the
(talking international language)
that had been the principle instruct
fish that we’re getting,
though P’aey is making an strive to safe all those fish,
but this one is uncommon
and he’s now appropriate fileting it.
And because of the it’s the kind of flat fish,
the fillets are wide.
Gaze at the dimensions of that fillet.
Or no longer it’s admire a surfboard.
(talking international language)
I point out, it’s admire a boogie board,
a physique board.
That’s what it’s called
rather of physique board.
The flatness and the width
of that fillet it’s kindly.
(upbeat song)
(board banging)
And as I used to be watching him
reducing up that fish,
P’aey he went to breeze lift some assorted things,
I judge a pair of of the vegetables.
I may breeze strive to safe him
and Ying is off to care for some
snacks all thru the market too.
This is an good market though.
Folks are so extremely good,
the freshness of the substances,
the freshness of the seafood
and then clearly it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance even gain got purchased
the total assorted inexperienced vegetables
and all the pieces it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance also seemingly need
for Southern Thai food.
That is my current
(talking international language)
(talking international language)
My two favorites.
She has appropriate
a complete admire rack.
Or no longer it’s a admire a hanger rack of stink beans,
one in all my current substances
for your complete world
as successfully as (talking international language)
which is
but then over right here.
(talking international language)
Oh yes right here we breeze,
Jenko. Is remarkable in these substances of
(talking international language)
Jenko and stink beans are
main in these substances.
Oh, there is a complete pile over there.
(talking international language)
(talking international language)
(paper shuffling)
(talking international language)
(talking international language)
(talking international language)
(talking international language)
Ah, k.
(talking international language)
The most well-appreciated
of all vegetables in southern Thailand
is (talking international language)
which in English is Malinjo leaves,
which is steadily signified with egg.
You will survey it all around the put the market right here.
It is one in all the finest
vegetables it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to ever consume too.
One of many finest leaves,
it has the kind of correct model.
(upbeat song)
And conception her stall.
She has actually
a complete supermarket value
of vegetables and herbs.
There ought to be admire 100,
the range,
the freshness,
the colors,
the bounty,
what an very trustworthy making an strive stall.
Serve at the fish stall now
and what I esteem about P’aey
is that he wasn’t appropriate good to us
admire strolling all thru the market,
he’s good to every person.
Every person is aware of him.
He goes to distributors that he comes
to on each day foundation.
Folks know him by name.
He says hi there to every person.
He in actual fact is an amazingly good man.
He’s the kind of chilly man
and that it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to appropriate sense his warm
and good persona,
appropriate strolling all thru the market with him.
(upbeat song)
And now he’s cutting up the king mackerel,
but appropriate the one swift blow
with that knife sliced in half.
So involving fish,
and that’s the explanation getting slice into steak filets.
Steak, steaks.
(talking international language)
(reducing board banging)
We’re wrapping up at the market
and appropriate to emphasise
and appropriate to make certain,
whereas you happen to breeze to Khrua Nong
in Takua Pa in Panga,
yeah, you gotta near.
You are assured
to consume the finest, the freshest seafood
and fish that P’aey hand chooses,
hand picks himself every
morning at the market.
And no excuses,
appropriate unique,
the finest seafood.
(upbeat song)
Before we breeze support to the restaurant,
it’s level-headed very early,
so we’re appropriate stopping
for a transient bite to consume
rather of bit of (talking
international language)
at the local (talking
international language) right here.
Model of (talking international language)
and furthermore (talking international language)
that are the steamed buns.
( clients talking international language)
So we’re appropriate getting a
minute bit of snack right here
appropriate rather of bit to consume
because of the I’m primarily saving my belly,
saving all of my dwelling for later
when he cooks the fish,
when he cooks all of
this southern Thai food.
(upbeat song)
(talking international language)
Oh yeah, that’s correct.
That is admire garlicky mini board game.
(upbeat song)
It is qualified.
Your complete mushroom model.
(upbeat song)
That used to be a tasty breakfast
but appropriate rather of bit of food,
appropriate to accumulate the digestive juices flowing.
From right here we gain a pair hours ruin,
we would possibly per chance per chance also appropriate pressure around
and relaxation for a transient time
but then we’ll be going support
to satisfy up with P’aey
at his restaurant Khrua Nong
the put he’s gonna cook up the seafood,
the put he’s gonna cook us
appropriate a life altering Southern Thai meal
and he’s such an good cook
and that’s the explanation what stood out
to me from the starting.
(upbeat song)
(bike engine revving)
(upbeat song)
A few hours later,
we’re support at P’aey restaurant
which is named Khrua Nong.
Correct in the…
comely conclude to the heart of Takua Pa
and his restaurant furthermore received
a Mitchell and Handbook Bib Gourmand awards.
So kindly congrats to P’aey
and yet again
admire we had been appropriate using
past a pair of nights in the past,
we stopped in right here
because of the it regarded good,
and it used to be passable food.
So we’re right here now.
We purchased the fish,
we purchased the total substances P’aey is set.
We’re about to breeze making an strive his
good chef cooking abilities,
Southern Thai food coming up.
(upbeat song)
(food sizzling)
(steel clinging)
(food sizzling)
(steel clinging)
Oh man, the aromas.
Oh man it in actual fact feel so correct.
And he’s suitable getting
began on some assorted orders
that some of us gain already ordered.
Particularly some takeaway orders.
(talking international language)
That is qualified.
(steel clanging)
His skill on the work,
his expertise in cooking,
P’aey has been cooking
since he used to be a baby
and likewise it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to expose
appropriate the model he appropriate flies
on lots with out issues.
He makes it look easy,
even supposing it’s a long way so onerous
controlling the fireplace,
controlling the substances
admire he doesn’t even judge about it.
He appropriate is aware of what to add.
The seasoning,
the varied substances,
he appropriate throws it in.
Works the substances in the work.
He’s so skilled,
so considerable expertise
and yeah, he acknowledged he’s been
cooking since he used to be a baby
alongside with his of us who both possess restaurants,
assorted restaurants
but he began this restaurant.
(talking international language)
And so we’re appropriate getting our expose in
and he’s set to open
cooking our dishes.
(upbeat song)
(food sizzling)
(steel clanging)
He’s making (talking
international language) now.
This is the orange,
the bitter curry of Southern Thailand.
He added in a complete kindly
scoop of curry paste
which used to be a great deal of turmeric,
that’s why it’s a long way so
orange, so yellow in shade
and then making it
with(talking international language)
that are coconut shoots
and he goes to set in the fish.
(talking international language)
(steel clanging)
P’aey is now making
our(talking international language)
which is little.
I appropriate had one other sneeze
but he the sprayed down some curry paste,
yet he adds in a stinkings,
inexperienced pepper,
some chilies in there
and then tosses in the little
and appropriate more or less admire frying that around
on a low heat
is admire stirring that curry paste.
(talking international language)
– Yap.
(food sizzling)
(steel clinging)
(talking international language)
(talking international language)
The model,
the spice,
the turmeric,
it’s appropriate so fragrant,
passable model.
(talking international language)
(food sizzling)
A chunk bit sweet beans breeze in there.
(upbeat song)
(steel clanging)
And this one is the (talking
international language) for us,
yet again the (talking international
language) curry paste
which is suitable packed with turmeric,
comely orange with turmeric and chilies
and then he puts in rather of bit of sugar,
rather of bit of salt,
rather of bit of quite diverse seasoning
and lime juice.
That goes into the pot to boil
and then we’re getting it with
the (talking international language).
That one fish that we purchased this morning,
that kindly Flatfish.
(upbeat song)
Next dish that he appropriate made
is the (talking international language)
which is the king mackerel,
which is sliced into the steaks,
used to be deep fried over on the
assorted aspect of the kitchen
and then he appropriate made the sauce
with soy sauce
admire a soy sauce slice value
that he sizzled down with Brock
and rather of bit of sugar,
caramelized it .
That goes over the fish,
over the fried fish
and then rather of bit of
crunchy toasted garlic
and shallots breeze on high of the meat.
And I judge the next thing that he’ll construct
is these wide prawns.
So he used to be appropriate asserting
that he can construct up to admire 300
or 400 assorted dishes out of his head
but appropriate the mix
of the total substances.
Okay, and right here goes in the little.
(upbeat song)
(steel clanging)
For the tiger little,
he’s gonna be making (talking
in international language).
(talking in international language)
(talking in international language)
And so that they’re ready
but he’s level-headed fried it
with garlic
and chilies
and what else did you put?
– There garlic?
Merely garlic.
– [Mark] Ah, k.
(upbeat song)
– Okay.
– [Mark] Okay.
I judge I’m going to breeze consume now.
(upbeat song)
(talking in international language)
I will’t keep in mind
if right here is the total
dishes we ordered or no longer
or if right here is all we’ll accumulate
but we ought to open now.
Particularly admire I appropriate
can’t take it any additional
after he fried those little unique,
the aroma,
the chilies.
That is an very trustworthy making an strive plate.
They’re kindly.
Food has all arrived I judge.
I may originate with the the king mackerel
which used to be fried
and then he made that sauce.
It appears to be passable
and it’s sitting real forward of me.
And yet again right here is the fish
that he purchased this morning at the market.
It is as unique as ability.
Deep fried and then with that sauce
that he made to breeze on high of it.
This would be the bite that
I ruin into my rice with.
Add rather of bit more of that sauce.
Or no longer it’s furthermore in actual fact qualified
because of the P’aey for lunch at the new time,
he purchased in actual fact busy.
Some expansive groups came
so he’s suitable flying on the work.
He has lots more orders to construct.
Oh wow.
Oh, that’s comely.
Factual the unique fish
which fried till it’s crispy
and no longer too sweet,
but salty from the soy sauce,
a tag of sweetness,
appropriate forming a glaze on that.
All that’s appropriate admire
comforting for your rice
particularly with the rice and fish.
Okay, subsequent up for the
(talking in international language).
All as soon as more,
right here is the (talking in
international language) fish,
that expansive fish that we purchased,
which they are saying is one in all the finest fish
for (talking in international language).
Gaze at the thickness of that curry sauce.
A water primarily based curry
but appropriate with the total turmeric
and we furthermore purchased it with coconut shoots.
I may set a bunch of this on my rice.
Are trying a pair of of that fish
plus a coconut shoot
and rice.
I esteem his (talking in international language)
because of the it’s the kind of tidy,
the kind of pure model.
Sour from lime juice.
You will gain purchased that piquant acidic contact to it
and then there’s admire so considerable turmeric
in that curry paste, in his
(talking in international language)
that it’s admire,
I point out you appropriate,
vibrancy of the Turmeric is suitable,
it actually is admire liquid turmeric.
Provocative to perfection.
The fish it’s a long way extremely company.
Or no longer it’s correct soup, particularly
because of the it’s a long way extremely company admire that
and appropriate the thickness
of it at the bottom,
it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to survey how how thick,
how affluent that curry paste is.
And that real fish is passable.
Next suppose of affairs is the (talking
in international language),
which is admire the racy rush fry
with little with stink beans,
with inexperienced peppercorns,
he added in a bunch of
herbs and spices in right here
and that’s the explanation appropriate admire a
thick curry sauce slice value.
(plate clanging)
With the total stink beans
and the inexperienced pepper,
I could per chance per chance now not even fit the little on this
but I may near support for it.
I may scamper it with the little.
(car engine blaring)
And a protracted with the racy,
appropriate packed with model curry paste.
I purchased one leaf of the sweet basil,
which is admire disagreement that model.
The solidarity,
the steadiness.
Pull off the deal off the little
and I may appropriate scamper that
with the little
and one other peppercorn.
(plate clanging)
Perfectly cooked.
These are furthermore the little
that we purchased at the market this morning.
Glossy wild caught,
the feel it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to model that texture.
You may per chance per chance per chance per chance also in actual fact feel that texture.
Like no longer too delicate,
rather muscular.
There may per chance be good model.
Next up, I’m transferring in for the little.
I appropriate purchased to set this on the aspect right here
but it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to survey him fried
it down with chilies,
with garlic
and with
I judge some inexperienced onions as successfully.
Gaze at that with the
sauce and manufacture up on that
and the dimensions of these.
In case you had been to stretch it out,
they’re admire entirely curled
but ought to you had been to stretch it out,
that’s positively the dimensions of your face.
Capture off the high.
I form no longer even know learn how to navigate this.
Okay, take off the high.
You may per chance per chance per chance per chance even be gonna slice it down the…
he took out that vein,
it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to survey.
So it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to kinda appropriate peel I mediate,
appropriate more or less,
but I desire to I desire to
function this over my real
so that I assign all.
Withhold all of those chocolates
but then you definately’ll be ready to kinda appropriate peel support
the shell because of the it has been deep fried,
peel support this shell on this aspect.
Gaze at the thickness of that meat.
And then
be definite that you retain that tail so
that it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to gain rather of address
and subsequent I judge I may in actuality
scoop up all of that garlic
and garlic and goodness
and chilies to set support on it.
This can also or would possibly per chance per chance also no longer work
on the artificial hand it will be fun.
Oh yeah, it did now not work.
Okay, I may appropriate take a scoop of it
to scamper.
(upbeat song)
(upbeat song)
Oh wow.
The meaty muscularness
of this Tiger prawn.
now I’m going to take a bite of that.
Capture a spoonful of garlic.
(upbeat song)
The sweet caramelization
of that garlic there,
chilies in there,
the inexperienced onion.
And the muscularity.
For my subsequent bite,
I’m gonna dip in the (talking
in international language).
Oh yes.
The combo,
that flavour,
(plate clattering)
And the rice with all of
that garlic-chili topping,
Then the final dish we purchased
is the (talking in international language),
that are the the foot shells,
the ocean snails
and he has kindly ones.
And in general what you function,
it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to grab it by that foot.
Now onerous foot.
Work it out.
Oh yes.
And then dip it
into the (talking in
international language) seafood
or drench it.
I take to drench it.
Making sure no longer to consume that minute foot
on the rupture a that minute onerous bone.
They’re appropriate repeatedly correct.
They in actual fact model,
Yeah, I wager I verbalize this
each time but they function.
They’ve a same texture to squid,
when the model is considerable more nutty,
rather rubbery in a correct more or less blueprint.
And then appropriate wrap it up
with that seafood sauce,
the garlic, the chilies in there,
the lime juice.
And I judge those are the principle dishes
that we’re making an strive at the new time.
However yet again,
at Khrua Nong restaurant.
He can cook up to 400 assorted dishes
and ought to you look over there on the wall,
there is a menu,
there’s doubtlessly 100
assorted dishes on that menu,
written in Thai
but then he can function assorted combos.
Like as an instance,
it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance also accumulate the (talking
in international language)
with your meat of option,
with 10 assorted meats
or 10 assorted items.
So the varied
combos that he can construct
are limitless.
I will guarantee you that no
matter what you expose right here
it will be unique,
it will be cooked by P’aey
and his good team
and then it will be real,
official southern Thai model.
And in actuality toothsome,
good model.
(upbeat song)
(plate clattering)
Oh yeah,
I’m starting to sweat after that meal
from the humidity,
the spices,
all the pieces collectively.
All that’s left now
are some empty sea snail shells
and some tails,
all those toes, those onerous toes.
What a meal
that used to be toothsome.
And appropriate so comely
and P’aey,
his cooking abilities,
his data,
his admire warm, good kindness.
He’s the kind of passionable,
the kind of good man
and then being ready to breeze with him
to the market this morning lift some fish.
That used to be a spotlight.
Factual an good restaurant,
particularly ought to it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance even be in Khao lak.
In case you conclude to Panga in Thailand,
right here is a neighborhood it’s possible you’ll per chance be ready to conclude
for your assured unique seafood,
toothsome food,
toothsome Southern Thai food.
And he used to be furthermore asserting that
he can cater to you
ought to you admire less racy furthermore,
he can construct three assorted racy phases,
the less racy,
and spicier version.
So appropriate expose him what you admire.
He’s going to hook you up.
He’s an sizable man
and the restaurant,
his restaurant is Khrua Nong
in Takua Pa,
it’s appropriate admire a a pair of 10
minute pressure from Khao Lak.
(upbeat song)
(talking in international language)
And then right here is qualified that
he used to be in the Michelin Handbook
for Panga,
Khrua Nong.
That used to be an good meal.
(talking in international language)
That used to be an hello.
(talking in international language)
Thank you so considerable.
Oh yeah,
it’s a blazing sizzling afternoon in Panga
and yet again,
I desire to notify a kindly thank you to P’aey
and his wife
and their complete team at Khrua Nong.
Reach verbalize hi to him whereas you happen to conclude to Panga
whereas you happen to would possibly per chance per chance even be in Khao Lak.
Reach consume at his restaurant
and that’s the explanation going to wrap up this video,
I desire to notify a kindly
thank you for watching.
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Goodbye from Panga,
Southern Thailand.
Thanks yet again for watching.
Survey you on the next video.

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12 thoughts on “Thai Motorway Food – AFRICAN POMPANO!! 🐠 Market to Desk in Phang Nga, Thailand!! 🇹🇭

  • July 25, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    I will indubitably admire there if I possess of challenge! Thanks Tag and household

  • July 26, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Going to invent this question of as frequently as I will, want to rent you as my food guid thru Thailand, I used to be born in Korat Thailand, lived in loads of areas and possess in thoughts the unbelievable food…moved to the states decades ago and loved my mothers official meals until her passing….I pass over it and need my household to expertise the official peasant meals of the set up…let’s invent an episode????

  • August 10, 2020 at 6:45 am

    thanks impress for embracing our asian culture no longer to mention our food. that that you can very effectively be a great particular person. lengthy live your young household. asia luvs you too hehe. fr phils


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