Thai Boulevard Food – GRANDMA’S CRAZY SNACK in Chanthaburi, Thailand!

If you’re in Chanthaburi (จันทบุรี) don’t dart away out the special durian curry!
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Day 1: Eastern Thailand Food and Bound Tour. Ogle all 8 videos here:

Welcome to Day 1 of my Eastern Thailand meals and traipse tour. Eastern Thailand is in my thought usually neglected or underrepresented by methodology of Thai meals. Many of us develop discuss over with, nonetheless they’ve an inclination to head straight to a couple of the favored islands adore Koh Chang straight away, whereas passing the the relaxation. Even in Bangkok, correct a pair hours power away, you’ll no longer continually catch any Eastern Thai meals. So in this sequence of videos (), my just used to be to learn about Eastern Thai meals, culture, and travels, and part it all with you.

Chanthaburi (จันทบุรี) is about a 3 hour power from Bangkok, and here is the establish apart we started. Chanthaburi is a charming minute metropolis, subsequent to a river, and many history. Undoubtedly one of the main icons is the Catholic Church, which is the most attention-grabbing in Thailand.

Here’s your total Thai meals we ate and things we did on this tour of Chanthaburi, Thailand:

Morning Market (ตลาดสวนมะม่วง)
Grilled sticky rice (ข้าวเหนียวปิ้ง) – 10 THB ($0.32)
Grilled rooster (ไก่ย่าง) – 15 THB ($0.48)
Chanthaburi noodles (เส้นจันท์ผัดปู) – 30 THB ($0.96) – These are one in all the extraordinary speciality dishes of Chanthaburi, crab noodles that you ought to catch a gape at. They are very candy, nonetheless rather addictive.

Je Use Reem Nam (เจ๊อี๊ด ริมน้ำ) – Total, the bowls of noodles here had been rather tasty, though allotment sizes had been rather small. The restaurant is iconic and positioned in a mountainous location.
Tom yum seafood noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำทะเล)
Rice seafood (ข้าวหน้าทะเล)
Entire designate – 200 THB ($6.39)

Cathedral of Immaculate Concept – That is one in all the long-lasting landmarks and one in all the locations or no longer it’s miles a must-must discuss over with in Chanthaburi.

Fish cake (ทอดมันกระวาน) – He watches our videos and observed me walking by. Thanks for the mountainous fishcakes!

Chantorn Pochana (ร้านจันทรโภชนา) – The most successfully known local meals restaurant in Chanthaburi, and for a correct motive; their meals is well known. That is the placement to utilize local Eastern Thai meals in Chanthaburi.
Durian massaman (มัสมั่นทุเรียน)
Gaeng moo chamuang (แกงหมูชมวง)
Pla tom rakam sai krawan (ปลาต้มระกำใส่กระวาน)
Krawan pad cha pla (กระวานผัดฉ่าปลา)
Gaeng pa (แกงป่า)
Saeng wa (แสร้งว่า)
Entire designate – 1,140 THB ($36.41)

Chamuang (ชมวง) – garcinia cowa
Rakam (ระกำ) – salacca wallichiana
Krawan (กระวาน) – amomum testaceum (cardamom stems)

Ice cream (ไอติมจรวด) – That is a smartly-known location for veteran style Thai ice cream, must are trying.
Itim krabuang (ไอติมกระเบื้อง) – 10 THB ($0.32)

Kluay tab (กล้วยทับ) – 20 THB ($3.83) – The grilled bananas are very correct.

Nong Bua Market (ตลาดชุมชนหนองบัว) – Attention-grabbing Thai avenue meals snack market
Monkey snack (ขนมควยลิง) – 20 THB ($0.64)
Durian ice cream (ไอติมทุเรียน) – 79 THB ($2.52)

Monument of King Taksin the Wide (อู่ต่อเรือสมเด็จพระเจ้าตากสินมหาราช) – We accomplished the day by walking around the Monument and correct having fun with being in Chanthaburi.

Thanks to Songkram for becoming a member of us!

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