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Pattaya, Sunday trek soi Chaiyapoon|TreeTown |Buakhao market |Pattayathai

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Pattaya City – Why Dannys Sportsbar moved to bigger premises in Tree Town, the system forward for Pattaya!

Pattaya City has had a lot of negativity of late. Too many bars have closed for the final time and too much doom and gloom. However, Pattaya City does have some success stories in among the mix, and none more so deserving than Dannys Sportsbar in Tree Town. Tree Twn in Soi Buakhao, Pattaya City…

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PATTAYA WALK AND RAMBLE Shutdown Fresh bar avenue 1st trot back and forth to Thailand Weed and further!

#Pattaya #Pattayabars #Thailandshutdown Just like everyone I got work that there will be a 14 day shutdown in our Province buts it’s not all doom and gloom. This is just for entertainment venues. Restaurants, massage and stores are still open. The city is still vibrant. On my morning walk I ramble on about these topics…

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Pattaya Metropolis – Interview with renowned Baseball journalist Danny Knobler and about why here in Pattaya

Pattaya City attracts people from all walks of life and here in this interview I get to sit and chat with Danny Knobler. A man who carved out an incredible career as a baseball journalist and much respected report over a 35 year career, covering all the biggest games in the last two decades of…

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Soi Buakhao and Tree Metropolis Pattaya Metropolis. Is Tree Metropolis the space to be now in Pattaya? Opt a search…

Soi Buakhao and Tree Town in Pattaya City is hot gossip right now. More and more people are saying that Tree Town in Soi Buakhao is going to take over and be the place to be seen in. Granted there is a lot of potential in Tree Town and for sure there is plenty of…

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