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Phuket Thailand traipse #68 Patong seaside Halloween nightlife Bangla avenue walking boulevard

Phuket Thailand travel and nightlife Halloween is coming. But it won’t be the same as before in Phuket. So I am posting this video as a reminder. Because this year… really don’t have any idea but I’ll give it a try I tried to contain only the most wanted information when the traveler visits. I…

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THAİLAND NİGHTLİFE TRİP TRAVEL pattaya nightlife girls

THAİLAND NİGHTLİFE TRİP TRAVEL We’re Alper and Ozde. We LIVE to TRAVEL. Our journey of CULTURAL and CULINARY DISCOVERY takes us to some of the MOST INTERESTING PLACES in the WORLD. Want to come with? Subscribe. Stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road! SEND US COOL THINGS FROM YOUR HOMETOWN!!!…

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Pattaya Thailand – ‘Strolling Boulevard’ ghost metropolis

It has changed so much! In October 2019 the streets of Pattaya were overflowing with tourists. Up to 15 million people visited this beachside city each year. The attractions were bustling with local and foreign visitors, beach road and the main South Pattaya beach strip overflowed with sun seekers while the famous Walking street was…

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I Went All The Formulation to Isaan Real to Ranking Pattaya

In this episode we arrive to the city of Udon Thani in Isaan and check-in to our hotel. We meet some local guys before heading off for the evening to discover the entertainment areas in the city. We’ll have dinner at a complex and take a stroll down Soi Sampan to try and determine if…

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October Weekend in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach

Much rain this year and people from Bangkok didn’t come to the beaches on weekend vacations. Please like, share and subscribe for more videos. Hit the bell that you get notified. Thanks. Support the channel: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=UYSNS5KBEEUHU&source=url Pattaya Pictures, Photos of everyday life in Pattaya, Thailand https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LWZ4HBK/ Bücher in Deutsch / eBooks in German: Die Bücher…

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Digital Nomad Lifestyles vs “Usual” Lifestyles

To many of watching, the digital nomad lifestyle appears like a dream. The location freedom, being able to work from anywhere and travel the world. These are of course some of benefits of being a digital nomad. But I’ve also met plenty of people that given the opportunity to live way would still opt for…

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