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Pattaya Seaside Avenue Nightlife, November Evening Scenes, Thailand 2022

Enjoy daily videos from Pattaya, Thailand, its streets, bars and people.

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Thailand’s preferred Pattaya Strolling Avenue

If you’re looking for a place to spend a day in Pattaya, then look no further than the Walking Street! This lively strip of shops and restaurants is a great way to spend a day out and explore the city. Whether you’re shopping for souvenirs or eating at one of the many restaurants, the Walking…

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Pattaya,Soi Buakhao,Soi Chaiyapoon,Soi Honey,Nowadays 6 September 2022.Thailand

Pattaya Today,soi buakhao scenes #pattaya #pattayatoday #soibuakhao #pattaya2022 #pattayanightlife

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[4K] Pattaya Tree City , Soi Buakhao , Strolling Street , 2nd Avenue | November 2022 Thailand

Welcome to ” Pattaya Info ” channel. Daily 4K scenes from streets of Pattaya. If you like, please subscribe to my channel and press the Like. Pattaya 2nd Road , Tree Town , Soi Buakhao , Walking Street Chapter 0:00 2nd Road 01:00 Around Pattaya Night Bazaar 02:31 Soi Skaw 05:30 Tree Town Bars Area…

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OWNING a Bar in PATTAYA THAILAND, for 9 years has been an animated bolt!

Pattaya has many bars, so what is it like being the owner of one in Soi 7 PATTAYA, THAILAND? John shares his last 9 years here and talks about the ups and the downs and how it is the other side of the bar. There are lot of things you need to deal with and…

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Pattaya 4K Nightlife Stroll Soi Buakhao, Soi Honey, Seaside Boulevard, 2nd Boulevard. November 2022

This 4k Pattaya November 2022 Night Scenes scenes ASMR Walking video is for those who love Pattaya, those that want to see what is happening right now in Thailand, and those who want to see Thailand or Pattaya in general. The walk starts on Soi Buakhao, walking down and over Soi Honey, Over second road…

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