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Pattaya Central Pageant Mall Replace

#pattaya #thailand #centralfestival I visit Central Festival mall in Pattaya, Thailand to see what the current status is.

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Thailand Pattaya Nightlife, Walking in the Pattaya Street, Evening Scenes, Street Food, Pattaya Mall.

Night Videos of Pattaya, Thailand.

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Avenue Procuring Mall Pattaya – A future Nana Plaza advanced probably here in Pattaya? 2021

Avenue Shopping Mall Pattaya is one of those places that you can live in Pattaya for many years , yet still have never visited. However, once you do go to the Avenue Shopping Mall, located off Second Road here in Pattaya you will realise there is more to this place than meets the eye! Home…

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The food court at Central Festival Pattaya Shoreline, shopping center

I went the in the afternoon, around 4, not as busy compare how it is if you go a little later. It is a cheap option for european food, compared with the restaurants around Pattaya. Wikipedia: “CentralFestival is a shopping mall in Pattaya, Thailand. The mall opened in 2009 and was the first shopping mall…

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Pattaya Mall with Thai Female friend | Pattaya Thailand 2019 | Thai girl | Ketan Singh Vlogs #31

I went terminal 21 Pattaya with Thai Girlfriend name chocolate. Pattaya is not only for sex but many more to explore. Pattaya girls are beautiful. Thailand girl is very easy for friendship.#Pattaya is very good place for tour and travel. Walking street is 18km from Terminal 21 mall. Terminal 21 shopping mall Pattaya is airport…

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