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Pattaya City is NOT Done, altering YES, Done NO! Quit the moaners moaning and make sure!

Pattaya is far from FINISHED and the doom and gloom videos out there are not making things any better! Yes Pattaya is changing, of course it is, but is far from finished like some people like to keep saying. Considering all the restrictions here and all the current issues Pattaya is standing strong. Soi Buakhao…

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Pattaya Walkabout around Soi 13-1. Clutch a stroll around his segment of Pattaya Metropolis survey what’s taking place on

Pattaya City is a network of many Soi’s known as Streets… See what the feeling is on the ground right here right now. Pattaya is FAR FROM FINISHED, it is just going through a changing period and mainly only Walking St area. But nevertheless, Pattaya is a fantastic place to visit and even now in…

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Pattaya Data – Dangers of marrying a bar girl in Pattaya – 5 Causes you wishes to understand!

Pattaya News – What are the dangers of marrying a bar girl here in Pattaya? Let’s be honest, I guess in many ways it doesn’t matter where in Pattaya you meet your future wife. The bad news is that mostly all we spoke about in this video will apply regardless. Pattaya has many girls working…

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Pattaya – Conclude beneficial! – Three mistakes no longer to construct up here in Pattaya. (October 2020)

Pattaya is a wonderul city, a city that has the incredible way of holding on to your heart. But, Pattaya can also bite you on the arse if you are not careful! In this Coffee Chat we talk about 3 mistakes not to make here in Pattaya, or in Thailand. Get the best out of…

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Pattaya News (August 2020) Is the Thai Baht going to continue to weaken. What’s the prolonged walk?

Pattaya News – The Thai baht has weakened recently and has increased (at the time of writing) to just over 41THB to the GBP. But what is the future ahead going to be financially? Will the THB continue to weaken, will we see signs of the good old days at 50THB + to the GBP…

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