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Pattaya Females Taking a look For Potentialities & Tour: Ogle At Jomtien, Soi 6 And Diverse Areas

Nothing better than a good stroll along the Pattaya Jomtien beach road where I meet hundreds of beautiful Thai women. In this video, I filmed Jomtien beach, Pattaya beach where my friend met an Indian lady 2 years ago, walk at the bus station. Can these places survive in for tourist return to Thailand? (filmed…

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🇹🇭Pattaya Strolling Street, GoGo Girls, Ladyboys & Freelancers Would possibly perhaps perhaps additionally no longer Collect A Job Anymore !!😭 (Rush)

walk along the walking street in pattaya. for years we have announced that this time will come, the total annihilation of the biggest open sky red light district giving Thailand a bad name l! it s not a question of if you like it or not, it’s a matter of how fast the government want…

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Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa 5★ Lodge Pattaya Thailand

Learn more about Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa 5★ Hotel Pattaya Thailand at http://angelonyx.com/hotels/pattaya-marriott-resort-spa/ All videos has shooting on the same scenario for ease of comparison. Video catalog has a handy advanced search to select hotels by type of service. The main thing for catalog is a tourist and his individual needs. Leave a response,…

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