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Pattaya Strolling Avenue Reside | Thailand Journey

Pattaya Walking Street is the best place for enjoying the nightlife of Pattaya. It’s gorgeous, hot and a very interesting place in Thailand. It’s really a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street. Many tourists come here at late night…

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Pattaya, 17.8.2020, Walking Aspect road, Lovely ladies, Bars, Restaurants, commence, No Vacationers, Thai woman

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The Bachelor Club A GoGo Giant Opening Soi LK Metro Pattaya

PATTAYA CHANNEL TV http://www.pattayachannel.com http://www.youtube.com/PattayaChannel http://www.facebook.com/PattayaChannel http://www.twitter.com/PattayaChannel ************************************************************

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Please consider supporting my “Advert free” channel by becoming a patreon https://www.patreon.com/thailandbound or submitting a onetime donation https://www.paypal.me/thailandbound This is another relationship tale that took place in Pattaya, Thailand between two young girls, “Preeda and Aom” who get involved with a couple of young guys from Glasgow. As always plenty of twists and turns as…

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Pattaya – THE BEST HOTEL I’ve stayed at…..

Pattaya hotel – THE BEST ONE I’ve stayed at……(so far) It’s not even all that expensive for a room… Please consider booking your hotels through the links on www.bangkok112.com at no extra cost for win/win. Bkk112 is partnered with agoda and booking. com for which are the most reliable and trusted hotel booking platforms in…

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