Soi Diana. My favourite Soi in Pattaya.

I if truth be told love Soi Diana, I ponder it if truth be told has something for each person, join BFB on this virtually one purchase vlog of soi diana at sunset.

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I verbalize music 13 verbalize music his 2nd Rhodes and here is soy 13 greater identified as soy Diana [Music] howdy you I’m giant rotund besties and welcome to my fleshy tour of my well-liked soy within the total of cafe Harry swings an antenna made after the now-defunct Diana in is the place it became as soon as now they’re factual taking off starting to place up the brink residence that can even be profitable there subsequent to the inferior and clearly this construction enviornment which is a Mike’s taking a see mall so we’re if truth be told going to originate on this small precinct bit bye kiss meals kiss meals by the manner it’s a astronomical option for 24-hour eating but here is the taking a see precinct now why develop I love soy Donna so great attributable to I ponder it’s purchased entirely all the pieces that you simply’ll probably be succesful to ever need on one soy I employ so a lot of time down here and starting off on this small precinct II purchased among the very very finest eating locations within the total city alongside with and the Beefeater steakhouse and pub a honest right opposite that you simply’ve purchased Patrick Steakhouse as effectively both infamous for entirely fabulous meals and factual here as effectively you’ve purchased the Longhorn Steakhouse which does comely meals as effectively so you’ll probably be succesful to’t surely fling a ways defective within the occasion you’re buying for steak you’ve purchased three fabulous choices profitable here alongside with the Longhorn oh wait how you doing factual to fetch you I’ve heard very factual things about this location very factual things about this location certainly and at some point soon I would love to test out but I’m factual getting over my meals poisoning profitable now so yeah purchased lengthy horn very very factual Steakhouse and I will probably be coming in to test out ranked #1 on TripAdvisor #1 but there’s three fabulous eating locations it’d be Peter Patrick’s and Longhorn all entirely to be if truth be told helpful thank you guys and I will detect you very very quickly cheers cop-con cap we’ve purchased Indian eating locations here as effectively we’ve purchased Papagayo cocktail bar and Papagayo it’s no longer surely in a fling even though it’s love half a fling-fling half coyote bar I ponder is per chance the simplest manner to affirm it you bought Tiny India every other Indian restaurant here and a tattoo shop as effectively you reach out of the precinct and be aware soy Deanna is factual here and also you’ve purchased sherry Bart and also you bought this hole saw Diana beer bar advanced so long-established occurring within the intervening time attributable to it’s six o’clock within the evening it is miles Twilight why find I picked this time oh effectively it’s so I don’t bag hassled and also so I don’t trouble other folks and piss other folks off by sticking a camera in their face I strive to preserve other folks who don’t desire to be on the videos of the videos alongside here on this beer bar advanced and also you find the assister bar to the bar which I frequent loads in Sony partha is a pussy bar we’ll travel alongside and speak you the total of saw Deanna from open to attain possibly you guys are staying on so Deanna possibly you’ve viewed my review of this location here the L Ample direct previously the LK Renaissance within the occasion you haven’t you’ll probably be succesful to test it out it’s no longer a ways down from this video on my channel now I find to e book a taxi to bag myself to the airport the next day to come 7-elevens clearly or family designate this one are in every single location down this sorry effectively officer beer bars alongside with ones with their fleshy desk so you’ll probably be succesful to factual relax day or evening and also a small bit little bit of taking a see as effectively on this profitable SOI so we’ll slouch down here we’ll reach to every other hotel which I’ve stayed out but no longer if truth be told vlogged here is the RICO Hotel she’s recently renovated you’ll probably be succesful to thoroughly ignore that signal attributable to I’ve by no reach viewed the rooms for anyplace shut to of that mark more beer bars alongside here as effectively it’s a slightly factual a porte-cochere they’ve purchased occurring there at the Eureka you desire a fling smartly with you’ll probably be succesful to bag a fling smartly with so so a lot of people counsel mr. t taxi to bag to and from the airport I in most cases purchase Janie’s taxis when I reach from the airport but when I fling aid I fetch it more uncomplicated factual to e book one from here mr. T taxi halfway up saw Deana which is exactly what I’m gonna develop now and I’ll reach aid to you after I’ve expectantly successfully booked my cab here at mr. t and there’s the critical components mr. t taxis that’s all performed north sorting books 1100 baht alongside with tolls to the airport I know other folks are going to reach aid on my feedback share saying that had been IV performed that I will bag one for a thousand Matt effectively factual for you but that’s the placement which I’ve been the exercise of for years and I don’t ponder 1100 it’s too great to pay alongside with tolls to the airport howdy pharmacy and my goodness I’ve important that within the last few days to bag my electrolytes and my antibiotics and rotund burners I’ve had a unpleasant case of meals poisoning I’ve been laid up for five days which is why I find no longer made as many videos as I would care for shut to find performed on this time out that is mostly the case here halfway down Diana it’s the doorway to this location sorry LK Metro I’ve purchased so a lot of logs already on outdated journeys of this soy which is profitable profitable profitable SOI feel love you fling-fling’s and your leisure you’ll probably be succesful to bag yourself down to LK Metro but this vlog is all about saw Diana the place each person’s factual about getting ready within the occasion you’ve viewed me develop karaoke on NDTV ice vlogs or Steph’s stay streams here is the bar that I develop the karaoke in so you’ll slightly in most cases fetch me you’ll bag a bag chase over by an incredible Suzy Owen and Pat bar is my well-liked karaoke bar within the total of Pat Iyer on bat bar karaoke very factual I’d reach in later tell some more songs okay cap purchase care I love more than one guest properties down this result particularly as effectively oops one 2nd you’ve purchased guest properties above this location as effectively which is that Robin’s Nest they don’t find their tables out so I’m no longer fully certain why goes on with Robin’s Nest tonight but are there decorating that’s why I in most cases find purchased the tables out the entrance but they develop comely meals and so that they’ve purchased rooms above it as effectively but they develop a surely factual American breakfast if truth be told there in robin’s nest and here is Harry’s who also two rooms and so that they’ve purchased some surely surely factual mark meals there in Harry’s as effectively now the total manner down here later on you’re going to find masses of avenue meals love this and if I reach aid later I’d speak you attributable to this location will probably be packed fleshy of avenue meals carts of all varieties you’ve purchased Thai meals you’ve purchased your Babs you’ve purchased pies spaghetti even are you’ve even in entrance of the al play metropole hotel here I’ve purchased a cocktail van so you’ll probably be succesful to take a seat down down there on the astroturf and drink your cocktails ought to peaceable you desire okay Metropole potentially the most critical hotel being there and the jr. flee earning money here I find reviewed the jr. flee a pair of cases earlier than as effectively which is a first price funds location to discontinuance you’ve purchased the SRD popeye our hotel here I find no longer stayed at so will assemble no additional touch upon giant 7-eleven profitable here in direction of the sector exercise me in direction of the SOI Bercow discontinuance of saw Diana and this location is factual but no longer cheap here is a coyote bar open very very late home 51 the home of home so within the occasion you develop love home music you like it banging out then you find to ponder some sport on some designate contemporary giant monitors even though it might maybe well probably even be a factual option for you profitable down this discontinuance of soy de na you’ve purchased a dragon restaurant which does develop scrumptious Thai meals choices here we purchased Bronx Pizza subway so it’s a smorgasbord of meals Donner’s burgers and spaghetti and here we reached the very very discontinuance of soy Diana itself a total lot of diversified stuff packed into one soy and the dreadful Junction profitable here at the discontinuance main onto soy size key time for me to fling bag a bathe bag myself ready for my closing evening thank you so great for staring at this vlog within the occasion you love soy Dona as great as I develop why no longer give it a thumbs up within the occasion you love the channel why no longer subscribe purchase care unless the next tide a Friday I’m giant rotund finest thing for water

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