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Soi Bukhao 👣: Buddha Day 🇹🇭🌙 – All Bars Closed

On Buddha Day in Pattaya, as the evening embraces the city, we embark on a peaceable fling thru Soi Buakhao, witnessing a side of Pattaya seldom seen by many. With nightlife at a standstill in reverence of this sacred day, the customarily difficult boulevard adopts a peaceable demeanor, offering a 2nd of silent and reflection.

This weird and wonderful evening stroll thru Soi Buakhao enables us to treasure the quietude that falls over Pattaya, a pointy contrast to its day after day vibrancy. The closed bars and hushed streets encourage as a canvas, picture an image of stillness and peace that invites introspection.

Experience with us the tranquility of Pattaya on Buddha Day, a time when the community comes collectively in a silent observance, inserting the full of life nightlife on surrender. Here’s an various to gaze the quieter, reflective side of Pattaya, offering a 2nd to place with the city’s cultural essence previous its bustling exterior.

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