SOI 6 consult with bar Thai Lady PATTAYA NIGHTLIFE 2016

Animated Thai Lady DADA from soi six Pattaya, how to chat along with her, non-public a ideally agreeable time and closed her quantity for a meet to make a decision on a date when she non-public work produce. leer text box for more

You’ll want to per chance presumably additionally additionally be drawn to

****Where it’s doubtless you’ll presumably additionally grunt Farang – 37 ?****
**** Where more files? ********



you thought DADA from Soi6
Where you from?
Farang: Germany
Lady: German a small bit
Farang: Positive, it’s doubtless you’ll presumably additionally be in contact german?
Lady: small bit be in contact german
Farang: What it’s doubtless you’ll presumably additionally?
Farang: You’ve gotten a chum?
Farang: Boyfriend?
Farang: I search my buddy?!
Farang: Where is right here the A Gogo Bar
Lady: one and two
Farang: You’ve gotten many costumer?
Lady: Nooo
Lady: Nooo nooo noooo
Farang: Costumer your buddy?
Farang: I love you
Farang: If it’s doubtless you’ll presumably additionally non-public work produce?
Lady: one a clock
Farang: We are able to fulfill us
Farang: we are able to head to I-Bar
Farang: We are able to alternate Line ID
Farang: to fulfill I-Bar
Farang: DADA?
Farang: Accomplish I net a kiss ?

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