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now not being ready to convert and being the jog-to Hitler of Myanmar’s very essential to be included in the rotation at all times that’s honest you hit the whole lot there Thailand most efficient dedicated I feel one service error as in contrast with the outlet station where they if truth be told dedicated as many as six in negate that one became once like a flash addressed by the team of coach monssai and they’re up honest now two items to none so we open station quantity two with another hitting error from Myanmar coming from all around the set apart aggressive they’re attempting to place magic with that play however now not sufficient essentially for long and they started out the first two items Martin scoring the first level however honest now it’s tight however they commit the error here so inappropriate bar will receive the first or their first level of station quantity three it’s on going to the service line that’s a fine pickup from Thailand center attack coming from tikka will now not work reduction row hits [Music] error off that reduction row attack public carve up so two serving one let’s gaze what happened here yeah surely stepped on the line earlier than he took off coming from the reduction row that is an unlawful here that you’re stepping off on the line you can land after which place the ball over however you can’t jump and hit the ball while you stepped on the line in negate that became once the error dedicated by ugh and that’s island off to a mercurial open here it’s October 3 their most efficient open up to now in a station and this match up to now three functions to at least one jog alongside with the drift reduction coming from paddy cow they jog over to the diversified facet it’s station reduction by tile Advocate is sad that the so I Gordon obtained attacked by land had three blocks in that second station and you can credit that he shot a deal so why he became once all around the set apart that gain the second station even an offensive protection you can essentially depend on here and be inconsistent here is the pilot tip that we don’t dominating up to now and we’ll gaze why all another time in each quandary changing on that like a flash all another time 3d impossible to gaze a setter equivalent to my wind he became once correct so chilly bullies he’s now not own at all he correct spit Cassata is continually up there on the air to fulfill that ball from Maui and that’s why it’s very tricky off that combination due to you obtained a six foot four shattered setting up a six foot eight guy so being ready to transfer other folks telega lukayla adela oil on the air to essentially ready to join that time it works all another time he saddled Elsa ye correct pounds away scores away here in step quantity three one-handed mentioned did you gaze how my use is over there after that beat sample Africa my intimidated Bob and Diane had been in dispute now not radiant he’s in the reduction row so one block eliminated on account of this reality the opponent a rare retaliation by inappropriate Marv in station quantity three why in the end breaking his like then Canada panicky hitting error gaze why some essentially feel going to the service line now Maui combination mitigation decoy Papa Albert them Robert that gets the station that he wishes and when he doesn’t hesitate midair my girl isn’t blocker new by here upon delegate depends on its floor protection you Paulo the Auburn tab here is why you realize that victory for the Philippines became once so impressive you realize in opposition to Thailand here’s a powerhouse team that they if truth be told beat in the last be aware stage in Southeast Asia and they did correct be six players the total roster wanted to be place in by coach mighty I correct to search out a resolution to the topic that is the Philippines however now not being ready to pull through in that fifth station Samantha Lhasa Philippines it became once if truth be told the reverse honest now clearly supporting in Philippines in a while females’s volleyball team of Thailand also here eight serving three for Thailand and if I open here in station quantity three for them and they’re clicking in somewhat about a areas to be particular this participant is clicking in somewhat about a ways that is Kassadin else away with one more execute block what an out of this world performance up to now by Quezada his blocks has been noteworthy to penetrate now honest now while you’re surely one of the offense of Myanmar and I attain we intimidate guards are blocking off yeah at six foot eight standing over the gain applies to Mata glance direction so you never know tricks on how to receive through him and over him and you saw the extension earlier neatly lined the most efficient participant by Kassadin else away however here is going to be fine for Ian bar so 5 serving 9 is the depend here is more of a persona sport for Thailand coming off that extensive loss in opposition to the Philippines we had been wondering how they may perchance presumably well jump reduction they obtained off to a shaky open however honest now they’re in patrol nonetheless it’s sad giving life to this we add bar offense scoring reduction-to-reduction hits from the line they the truth is must dig deep and receive out who would be the one to attain for Myanmar honest now due to they’ve two players up to now and why and all is now not sufficient to jog up in opposition to the powerhouse that is Thailand beside that hill so why correct having his methodology here another single coverage easy level for casada that time so ten serving six pair where vodka galaxy’s a Lakota sand ute rudder the frenzy will now not drop a more tap the light raise out that became once a station by the heart sad died it became once a top station of art work that says correct job the deer oh he goes down the line you Martin that’s a tantalizing perspective coming from the reduction row it’s diversified may perchance presumably well comprise to you’re in the front row however in the reduction row occurring the line it’s correct so noteworthy it’s my–here up however while you’re flying like that like a more depth neatly I wishes to be less complicated and this time they persevered to attain he had ready to place it down pilot ahead by six twelve serving six coach munch I if truth be told getting his receive roster eager now it’s lumati kitty had who’s now the starting up air spider of thailand the exercise of essentially each and each of his players is coach mode little one correct keep coming from offers away however [Applause] that neatly took by upward tap that time around factor in jumping that top having to manipulate your physique with air the stability that you wish pondering tricks on how to hit the ball so mighty issues occurring for your mind however a rare spoil though coming from a chicken tip a Skippy Haddon continues to pound away here is another participant of the pets for Thailand contributing they’re going to him they’re expand his self belief attempting to receive him in the scoreboard and proper exposing him on this global court docket and this correct makes them an increasing form of unpredictable on this match that’s a fine reduction sand formative years going to why more depth now the line all another time however we’ll jog out when he second-guesses himself you gaze blue Apogee you you place the lily and that’s when he commits the error when he doesn’t jog a hundred p.c and when he has that split second to relate carefully that’s what you gaze that he hits it to the death or in most cases our in most cases Wyatt and he knew it the second he took off yeah that time when he landed their frustration on the face of Alberta however there I had here fourteen serving eight that’s a service error so an error for an error on this stretch we had marked out by 5 just like the music here and Phil sports actions re a terribly hyping up the crowd who’s a BA or the station as much as the diversified facet a number of issues honest there Thailand exhibiting it differently now however why takes attend and scores Myanmar’s tenth level here the third station all over all another time correct what you think that Y would jog up the spike in opposition to no blockers of Thailand they had been all looking out ahead to that noteworthy hit however he correct dropped it honest in the heart confusing the protection of Thailand sokka’s delivery quandary whoo appealing appealing it coming from a newts glance at that glance on the light of the Thailand bench all another time another down the line to preserve out here glance away coming from a newt she didn’t even must glance at that shot to snatch that it became once a level for him due to it became once such a neatly-placed shot Martin how will you attain that you realize from looking out at one level turning your physique to the reverse quandary with the identical energy makes it glance easy inform about Newport Mesa cotton CY sabila so 11 serving six or 15 reasonably and the unbar will commit the service error they’ve dedicated loads here in the third xxx Southeast Asian Games for your beds of volleyball match honest now they are ahead by 5 16 to 11 in opposition to Myanmar here inside of a maintain sports actions arena in Pasig Metropolis it’s up on tap going to the service line silence up to now it’ll comprise higher rillette the system has been relentless up to now rather than quantity three however here is going to be an attack from the heart coming from two correct response by inappropriate bar off that like a flash spoil my god Briggs don’t think two for a more manageable lead for Myanmar to handle specifically now Martin the second technical timeout now may perchance presumably well be the time to place a speed while you are being mar it salute with that identical attack and he correct works I attain this on daily basis automatical there became once a blocker there became once a protection in the reduction however the ability with a impartial little one they weren’t looking out ahead to due to he wasn’t looking out that methodology the physique orientation wasn’t in direction of that line and he’s done that for the third time here on this match however silent you realize the bottom protection as it found the answer for that hit however I’ll add another level here it’s KP had Dorothy ready to place it down here on the unfriendly court docket that delivery air hitting from Thailand has been unstoppable on this third station honest ooh blockers had been there son you mentioned – I picked up kitty had reduction-to-reduction strikes coming from Kitty Hawk door D he’s been going to that unfriendly for a little diversified from Anouk from little one who goes line now the protection of Myanmar has to regulate to a special Spiker like a flash due to they’ve diversified trends and all another time that’s the depth of Thailand essentially you realize bothering it the resolution making of this sport or protection at bar placing her out here in step quantity three they’ve the answer here coming from Solar in negate that they receive that take a take a examine in that sequence here’s the reduction off the jump row drop saved by tune why he sada became once there however Paul goes out so beyond bar will bag reduction to aid what a fan cake keep by doing that glance at that replay he became once up to now larger than one it became once a correct day for him stick keep after which carried out off by his teammate why tantalizing the block of Kassadin Elsa why kitty had that goes out however there became once a register preserving with our legit so 20 serving 14 asada del Sol I I’ll add 5 functions a ways off from taking the bronze served by Quezada that shall be ace for Assad that del Sol I if truth be told doing the whole lot at this batch here on the bottom there may perchance be Coach Cal calling for time they’re down by 7 functions here FG it station quantity three and it appears to be like like pilot will cruise their methodology to this bronze medal a whereas in the past it became once most efficient a four-level lead by Thielen birthday that you even mentioned that it’s a topic manageable leaner however this correct blew out of proportion honest now seven functions up is Thailand and they’re now not even there’s no signs of stopping or slowing down for them you realize after going for that gold popping out now not even now not however being ready to jog for that gold now they’re now not gonna let jog of that bronze medal that’s honest I’m here at Baba piggy let however nassima Laguna at opana Spikers than Tyler asada that I’m serving fail to take into accout that bar correct response of the timeout steward giving life to the spirit bars offense all over all another time 15 serving 21 in negate that they’re honest there however you realize they’ll now not give you the money for to adjust functions with Thailand on the stretch rather than for tab Paul is picked up Sam you’re going to wide out the light execute from wine why says that’s the diagram it’s done occurring the line there became once nobody there now not even one Lib this libero for your shows of theme thailand became once sufficient to cease that noteworthy war head from white so there you jog 63rd serving 21 however all another time they shoot themselves in the foot so shut to that 25 level marker and proper three functions a ways off from that medal so 22 serving 60 now and the final time Thailand if truth be told carried out bronze became once 2007 for Myanmar it became once 2015 when they wish ko bronze or a KO third quandary with Indonesian 2015 ours in Singapore so seventeen serving 22 jubilant leave for Thailand that reduction became once like a high-possibility high-reward service model and bajada truth seeker any sand ute macro hit ended up with a drop why with a lustrous resolution 200 push to try the reduction he knew that there wasn’t any individual there a Thai team all on their ft having all forms of enviornment to receive to that ball why getting that level and Myanmar trims the lead all the diagram down to 4 functions so here is correct retaliation coming from TV at bar all another time here is to cease alive on this match due to Thailand now has the two items to none lead and for them in negate to receive a possibility to receive that gold up bronze medal reasonably silent on this match soviet Barbie alternative pedido it’s sad butte going to the service line however that’s going to be saved puts it down it’s all relating to the protection honest now for Myanmar that is preserving them alive if that’s also a pancake delivery air quandary glance at that noteworthy perspective biome and now became once the setter sat you two if truth be told started that play with the pancake ready to preserve the ball up 19 serving 22 Robert temple he did I a strategy to be admired in Hawaii on in negate that will cease the bleeding for Thailand however this guy is up in front glance at that he goes over that double block and I went that he isn’t the tallest of the bunch while you’re looking out on the height of Thailand and it correct goes to illustrate you realize in men’s volleyball we’re talking about athleticism and peak and he’s obtained it he’s obtained that letter says him to place up for the higher than lack of faith or the shortcoming of peak to preserve up alongside with his teammates at six eight that’s honest disagree relating to the Atreides sorry the sedessa to jog up in opposition to taller guys six foot eight Thailand is at match level here even if Ben Mars saves that with the air coming from Bowen 20 servic 24 now at sports actions danger for Workforce Thailand my wit mentioned you’re over notes after block execute and the match and Thailand will capture the prize doing so mighty damage from that delivery air quandary glance at that lastly stop up by a impartial payment all over all another time price it I don’t will now not hit your him he became once occurring the line that became once unfriendly pietà however you realize papa Louie yeah here’s a mosey of a attain diagram and congratulations to team Thailand for bagging the brats now not the most high quality raise out for them receive the seagulls however they’ll capture it you realize now not lower than it’s a podium raise out now not lower than it’s a bronze medal that they’re going to be bringing reduction to Thailand there may perchance be that pariah that they’re bringing to their country it’s silent a steel and it’s a special coloration however you realize the total noteworthy work in the stop there may perchance be price it however congratulations also to TV Info bar for struggling with noteworthy on this match ending fourth for the second strip


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