Sawas Dee meets Low price Charlie and Sean in Pattaya, Thailand

After a 300 and sixty five days ban YouTube vlogger Low price Charlie Chronicles is merit in Pattaya. I’ve met him and his buddy Sean in Wonderland at the “Cabbages & Condoms”-Restaurant on Pratumnak Hill.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Jim damage a fable out loud k you already know you need to narrate sorry I’m nosy sister Sudha at the present time I got even even supposing I did with Sudha goodbye so head to your soul originate that up you spy to get a dip for your car reach on pull my ass off a bumper the son Solomon sees the enemy [Music] it’s our stunt delica on west get OSS gonna get a [Music] Sevilla tea captain sorry hey Charlie all correct are you my name is Ellie woody high quality meeting you hi Sean you guys can I build for a beer are you so glaring I seen your comment yeah this man is a water hi yeah I’ve viewed him within the comment part no are you need hernán horny lard man and onion soup with our man steamed rice for me and k cherish existence or you are going to be in a situation to I’m grandma can I pass that cow so I am going what else it’s more than me and it’s buddy rather more than singer is convalescing singer telling you you’re going to construct in our long time here build that more difficult yeah as you’re all day I’m hoping so I horny constantly horny spy the items so we’re gonna crew up and build a filmer I’m gonna build a video he’s got the equipment he’s got rather a few recordsdata now and how enjoyable be definite you allow a slightly upon this are living circulation let people comprehend it’s the fantastic of my properties in actual fact rather just right I deem correct now it’s on chance Kenny yeah my battery ran out caption I’m searching on my for somebody who never had a smartphone earlier than oh certain horny certain I got this merit on The United States just right stairs certain infrequently you need the energy bank a runt one can steal this for 300 correct now origin of maze my pc a lot worthy all the device during the college teacher no I helped her out couple months she got on her toes saved enough money to get her own dwelling so she’s on her own and per chance I’ll possess yet one more one at some point soon if cases aside or they wish Shawn did you’re told already where’s Would possibly perhaps per chance per chance furthermore and luck build your luck at home merit for your father k any condominium lodging turn out to be very just right coarse oh all cheer possess swimming pool sauna and steam because they have to compete with every numerous to me it’s essential to possess an very just right leasing administration administration dwelling of work to settle care of things it smells fancy Indian food it’s because it’s fancy too worthy hey guys I have to clarify you one thing I got a went to the dentist in Cambodia it turn out to be very just right I got three fillings Nikki on two numerous days turn out to be four hours of dental work altogether price $110 I got it inexpensive no longer all the pieces smartly to are living is the worthwhile thing an correct of deposit entertainer certain it’s horny how how worthy is your father day after these days to come I pay nine thousand 5 446 square meters however this contract runs out now cease of June this year I have to search yet one more one however whereas you possess a one-mattress room on living over in Studio certain colossal studio 46 and insomnia in tomten butyl a for unusual abilities in butyl a for nine thousand two and 4 we clarify it to k after it shall be after TM be left facet certain however I get better from and over now they they’ve one mattress room from these 36 square meter in parkland we seen and Paradise Park for approximately 7,000 afternoon and that’s de facto awesome summer season stamp is six thousand good I deem from a start for me this what here six thousand bucks yet one more yeah yeah that’s my first got here merit years within the past you’re most often that wasn’t very high quality no that is what what belongs to lodging that is not any longer just right-searching in Southeast Asia never con the dwelling is completely runt however I turn out to be numerous short term and I wasn’t planning to possess worthy instruct you already know however that high quality very just right spy all this rubdown places you possess all the pieces leaders speaking about most often don’t possess all the pieces the worthwhile pool greatest swimming pools oh yeah no they they truly very just right rubdown certain that day I know I’ve seen whereas you’d steal to after all spy any any time I get a staunch just right masseuse she’s gonna be over 40 you can not get he haven’t learned a young however young rather girl yeah to complete the rubdown he’s correct it’s correct it’s correct that the image fantastic is not any longer to #1 whereas you possess after all just right equation you possess a terribly just right lower yell material correct the people don’t care about if it’s no longer too shaky and no longer too shaky however one thing he’s in actual fact introduced into falada recordsdata and investment very just right let the dynamic certain I could well it’s in actual fact very just right-searching I could well I could well train for for places fancy Boracay for feminine ages after all pop no longer certain top 1% yeah my analyst to pass more fancy no more B’s price so he’s he’s staunch build him peek now you are going to be in a situation to exit going to the jungle exit bugs animals no matter now you bought it now you gotta develop a Articulate material that somebody wants to follow through now whereas you situation your channel two years within the past I be aware the first video the fantastic of the yell material it occurs one time one thing is not any longer correct Charlie you possess yet one more of this short are handiest this one I possess yet one more more swimming trunks yeah what number of garments all correct you possess the cease of existence when or no longer it could per chance be essential to pass up one pair of denims couple shorts yeah one two pair of sneakers maximum oh he equipped this in Boracay in Philippines and below the final video as I constantly seen him within the identical the identical shot rather worthy carrying this I equipped her pants or one hyperlink immigration I regarded a runt bit nicer I had high quality shirt correct it’s a terribly high quality dwelling yeah I deem that we seen the the rooms here about 2,000 3,000 3,000 i season is over now that’s the worthwhile that be in Thailand I spy a runt bit crazy staying shut the seaside December January what about the hill soundless soundless many Russians they’re searching at oh no same perception [Applause] [Laughter] [Music]

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