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Rocket Ball Experience in Pattaya Thailand

Being shot into the air fancy a rocket is an ultimate expertise? Rocket Ball in Pattaya is thrilling slip which catapults you high into the air fancy a rocket. It is for sure a mountainous fun and adventure!!

Delight in a thrilling series of extreme rides and let your childlike adventure senses hasten haywire!
Experience a plump reverse bungee slingshot slip, you can well be equipped with a Thai and English speaking guide for this expertise. For Jump Certificate, Pictures, HD video, T-Shirt, it is most reasonable to payan additional worth while you are completed with this extreme adventure sport.
Its a 15 minutes tour activity at Plot – Bali Hai Plaza, Strolling Avenue Pattaya

The Rocket Ball slip consists of two metal towers with a particular cord linked to every tower. Each and every ends of the cord are linked to a caged metal vehicle by which 2 riders are seated. The vehicle is pulled to the ground, the place riders board. When the vehicle is released from the loading place, the cords retract, sending riders on a high-dawdle vertical start 50 meters into the air at speeds of 100 KPH in a single 2nd and 5G drive energy.
* Thrilling 50 meters high
* Impolite 100 KPH dawdle in a single 2nd
* 5G drive energy

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