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Residing the digital nomad daily life in a Mercedes Sprinter camper (with shower) | Van Existence Australia

On this video we check with a gentleman who lives the digital nomad daily life from the comfort of his Mercedes Sprinter camper van that is total with a rotund sized kitchen, lavatory and shower.

It is a ways a pleasure to introduce Mitch and gain a Mercedes Sprinter camper tour of his setup. Mitch has been a digital nomad for about a years sooner than entering into his van in early 2019.

His van is supplied with your total mandatory aspects he wants to work on the facet freeway and gain money in van lifestyles together with photo voltaic vitality, batteries, water and two appropriate locations to work from: his trek out desk and his kitchen bench! Accessing the data superhighway via his cell, he has no worries getting online to meet his responsibilities as a digital nomad.

This Mercedes Sprinter camper conversion will be decked out with an 80L unique water tank, 12V top opening fridge and comfortable bed. To preserve the air circulating, Mitch has about a 12V followers and a air drift unit in the roof. Without a exterior decorations and photo voltaic panels that are successfully hidden on the roof, this stealth van retains a low profile and is correct for utilizing in cities or towns alike.

Fragment of Mitch’s mission is to wait on folks are living to their rotund potential, whether or no longer it is as a van lifer, switch or lifestyles on the total. Check out his Youtube channel by shopping for Mitch Asser or click on the link below.

Alright, ample of the speil, buckle up and ride this interview and van tour of a digital nomad living the van lifestyles Australia dream in a Mercedes Sprinter camper.

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00: 00 Intro
01: 29 Name of van, boy or lady….
01: 46 Discussion of living in a city in a van
02: 28 Guidelines for in a single day parking
03: 39 Van Tour: Interior and door between drivers seat and living save
04: 39 Van Tour: 12V setup – Inverter, photo voltaic, batteries and portable batteries
06: 36 Van Tour: Bathe, composting lavatory, surfboard storage
07: 28 Van Tour: Kitchen (and standup location of job save)
08: 54 Van Tour: Followers and air drift
09: 20 Van Tour: Plug out desk and bed
10: 16 Discussion: Importance of being grounded and having a base when living van lifestyles
10: 58 Greatest effort of living in a van
11: 29 Discussion: Can somebody are living in a van?
12: 48 How attain you gain money?
14: 00 Mitch’s contact puny print
14: 54 Quantity 1 tip for starting van lifestyles


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mitch.asser/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQEK0dldcvHx-DPsBw_trw
Internet save of residing – https://www.mitchasser.com

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6 thoughts on “Residing the digital nomad daily life in a Mercedes Sprinter camper (with shower) | Van Existence Australia

  • November 13, 2020 at 11:24 am

    Covid unlockdown so did a solo 3 week day out in Victoria ,not possible.Can I even have more records referring to the Vitality pac you used and have to you most most likely can additionally cross on web various than hotspot for those areas the assign Telstra no longer graceful.

  • November 23, 2020 at 12:12 am

    He supplied the van, and resides in an house in surfers paradise. I used to admire his van speak material. On the opposite hand im no longer partial to his various speak material. Staunch commended fortune to mitch alongside with his future endeavours. But I was in it for the van stuff, with him also being an Aussie you tuber. But I unfollowed his channel cos of his cross to an house. Sorry Mitch. But no longer sorry…


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