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Rate of Residing on Koh Phangan – Distant Workers are Shifting Right here

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DISCLAIMER ➡️ Although my budget was all over again than $500 month-to-month, others on this video mentioned they can reside on approx. 15,000 baht month-to-month on Koh Phangan.

➠ A lawful existence is ability for only $500 month-to-month on the island of Koh Phangan.

WATCH: “Working Remotely as a Digital Nomad in Koh Phangan, Thailand”

For this video we procure an introduction to same outdated charges on the island. Highlights encompass:
➠ An introductory to Koh Phangan same outdated charges from special customer, Cooper János Horváth. He is the Head Chef at Orion Healing Middle.
03: 18 An residence tour that charges $210/month-to-month by René Smit from the Netherlands.
03: 45 A tour of High Life Villas: month-to-month lease $1700
04: 15 A luxurious home tour of Anaia that charges approx. $30,000 month-to-month. Tour hosted by owner, Michal Paulen.
06: 33 Fruit smoothies at Tee’s Novel Juice Store
07: 31 Lunch at Pure Vegan Heaven
08: 15 Lunch at Mama’s Shake Shack with owner, Duanpen Inkong
09: 18 Lunch at Orion
11: 34 Ice tub 🧊 at Orion
➠ Rate estimates for insurance, scooter condo, laundry service, and entertainment.
21: 03 Monthly price of living for $450 USD

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8 thoughts on “Rate of Residing on Koh Phangan – Distant Workers are Shifting Right here

  • August 3, 2022 at 7:21 am

    I completely appreciate this island! Thanks for breaking down the funds, many digital nomads are speaking about Koh Phangan now. Staring at for this video🤙

  • August 5, 2022 at 9:50 am


  • August 5, 2022 at 11:54 am

    Nice video, as gradually ! I trust to return asap!Right here’s a breakdown the style to reside from a puny bit extra than 500 euro per month
    bungelow 270
    breakfast 15 (muesli + soymilk at house)
    lunch 80
    diner 80
    smoothie or coffee 50
    laundry 7
    bycicle 35
    537 per dag
    14,70 euro per day
    441 euro per month
    travelinsurance 60
    visa 25
    euro 526 per month
    I took it a puny bit less complicated (took snacks/desserts (Honeypot!) and most steadily a western meal) and spent around 125 euro morebreakfast 15 (muesli + soymilk at house)
    lunch 100
    diner 100
    smoothie 50
    coffee 50
    snack 50
    yoga 25
    laundry 7
    bycicle 35
    misc (solutions, garments, visa) 80

    732 per day
    20 euro per day
    600 euro per month
    travelinsurance 60
    660 per month
    Hope to scrutinize you soon!

  • August 5, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    I truly abilities your episodes on Koh Phangan. Thank you…what an bright residing to be ❤️

  • August 5, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    I didn't know that locations fancy this existed anymore. Thank you for the good video, I learned a qualified deal and sit down up for visiting, Bravo Philip !!

  • August 7, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    This video would not come up with an correct represent of what to build a question to for mark of residing on KP. Philip left pretty heaps of costs out. The chef at Orion would not reside on 15,000 baht a month.Philip did not discuss visa costs , especially will trust to you fancy to trust to private longer than 3mo, or the value of leaving the nation and returning after 3 mo or paying excessive portions for added long term visa choices. While you happen to would continue to spend on the extra excessive reside locations he went to in the video and were eating 2 or 3 meals a day, and then doing lessons, rub down, and a great deal of others about a days per week and paying 8-10,000 baht a month (or extra) for rent and but some other 500–1000 baht (or extra will trust to you spend AC) for utilities, and pay for Thai phone provider, you may possibly be spending worthy extra than 15,000 baht. Oh sure then there's renting a bike for 3000/mo. Then there is required nicely being insurance costs for some visa choices.I pay 4,500/mo for rent and utilities (no AC), spend out customarily at more cost-effective restaurants extra fancy Mama Koi's or Anutta (very honest and cheap Thai food) or the Phangan Meals Court, (a qualified decision he overlooked) and develop most of my meals at house. I am going to lessons, and secure rub down frequently, eliminate gas and repairs for my bike. I reside merely however luxuriously for 30-35,000/month. I mediate that is a extra real looking estimate, particularly as he is showing you further excessive reside locations to spend and private and capture lessons (Orion). Americans staying here longer portions of time customarily shuffle to assorted parts of Thailand, especially all the plan throughout the rainy season ,customarily November into January. These are extra costs.To repeat–this video would not come up with an correct represent of what to build a question to for mark of residing on KP.


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