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Section 2 about shapely lady vs. mammoth man battle is here https://www.youtube.com/investigate cross-test?v=r3nZbaCEDAA
Battle here until 2.25 – some tremendous girls are to investigate cross-test within the video after battle.

Here is Reupload of Video from 03.11.2020
thanks to a pair technical complications.

Tuesday Evening 03.11.2020 Nighttime i went to Strolling Street Pattaya Thailand and toddle also to Soi Bhukhaw and Beachroad filming outdoors and earn drunk to …moderately of bit 😁, eat and look the predominant gentle coming over Pattaya advert the morning . I look also a little shapely lady battle a boyfriend ( no longer mediate a guide by his cloak) in Strolling Street until passe lady with pornhub shirt (WOW) aloof a girl crack of break of day –

Couples in overall earn stuck in a loop whereby neither partner is having their desires met, which results in increased warfare and more need frustration. By being extraordinary about our partner’s desires and bewitching to fraction our grasp, we accomplish more harmonious and tremendous relationships.

Why lady attain these? Most definitely on narrative of passe man no longer attain what a girl ( I call her Kung-Fu Girl “Scene 1.12” ) desire or he no longer give her what already belong to her and he promised to present her- on narrative of she quit with him 🤔- the person deserve to drink and lady try and quit him until she earn offended and she desire something from his safe and he no longer give her – My Camera nearly drop crack of break of day as i look that shapely little lady unexpected confide in punch a man, even many taxi drivers stand next to the girl and consult along with her – as i ruin a filming to reduction these man and that i pronounce quit these, (even i’m very little thai lady to – if she punch mammoth accurate man, it can perhaps perhaps well be easy fot her to knock out me to), 2 passe ladies helps a farang in correct way (talking to a girl and calming her crack of break of day, “puny one please no longer attain it”, they pronounce) – These all self-discipline used to be advert least extraordinary with very passe thai man in background and taxi drivers , presumably is these a uncommon memoir so i fraction it to indicate the truth of the existence or haw things correct occur –

Ad the discontinuance the older man silent quit along with her ( love hurts) – presumably it used to be a pleasure to earn overwhelmed by so moderately younger nerdy lady (oh that used to be sarcastic) after which they return dwelling – i no longer realize these or even punches are sweet and never accurate by so shapely little younger lady (even she did some Karate circulation on 1.12 or she used to be drunk to?) with so little sweet hands and no any tag is to excessive ?

In Pattaya even now somethings occurring:

“On Nov. 20-21, a 3-on-three avenue basketball competitors will put up up at the Terminal 21 taking a look mall.
A week later will look the Pattaya World Fireworks Competition Nov. 27-28 and, a day later, the Rotary World Jog & Bustle for charity on the seashore at Central Street.
In December, the Pattaya Music Festival will eradicate diagram over the lengthy Dec. 10-13 weekend, lights up levels Dec. 11-12. That connected weekend, the 20th Pattaya Petanque Competition will seemingly be held Dec 10-12.
The 13th Pattaya Cup Futsal Competition will eradicate diagram Dec 18-23, the inaugural Thailand Extensive Flight Championship Dec. 19-20 and the annual Naklua Jog & Eat will originate Dec. 19. It turns on all the way in which thru weekends thru Feb. 7 at the Naklua Archaic Market.”
these night time open up as regular quit these final months😒😁
pattaya couple talking, lady eradicate away a bottle of beer and take a look at and droop searching within the safe – he refuse it over and over and push her lend a hand🤦‍♀️
she push him crack of break of day and punch him, thai men pronounce quit it, K.O. Punch advert 01: 02, my camera drop crack of break of day – i earn scared to😢
i hope she no longer confide in boxing me to mamma mia 😮 – kung fu advert 1.12, passe lady aloof her crack of break of day “puny one quit it”- elder thai talk about🙄
extraordinary scenes🤐 ,man earn a panda warrior blue overview, but they quit together😀 – there are aloof shapely ladies so please quit to
shapely lady snort bugs (bugs) to eat
these shapely girls are college students😍 and silent single
soi bhukhaw lifeless night time – silent some girls there
mornings hours advert the beachroad, homeless folks, few girls and joggers
i hope you earn pleasure from it, thanks for searching at, please subscribe – ❤

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