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Phuket Nightlife Better Than Pattaya Strolling Twin carriageway

A video about nightlife in Phuket Thailand in 2019 Bangla Rd and the differences between Pattaya Thailand Strolling Twin carriageway. It is a Rush Channel about price range prance eventually of the field and this present day we are in Phuket Thailand. Subscribe this present day so you don’t miss more Rush information information about Phuket Thailand thank you and I will check you in the next video.
[Music] locations tall differences although as you have to possibly additionally check the side road are indubitably why they’re over here mute stuffed with the identical form of parts you have to possibly check if Italian but I indubitably feel love they’re more unfamiliar here you’re gonna check them more of a diverse crowd here in residence of where you saunter to Hawaii you have to possibly additionally check perchance two or three tall a form of groups but I suspect there’s noteworthy more fluctuate over here when it comes to Westerners here and yeah noteworthy more ideas for Westerners as neatly I suspect here’s a tall deal to come attend out here let’s very tremendous I’m form of trot slack canines or the total lot so you guys can check it let me look over here let me describe you swish appears love there’s some neighborhood of foreigners over there inserting out I suspect what’s occurring is shapely noteworthy I suspect what’s occurring they’ve so many tall hustles here I [Music] [Music] will revel in myself here is my first day here ok this Sunday I dropped the video already you’ve considered it all swish but I said let me step out and let me clutch after I’m able to take dangle of now I came to work infant and yeah up to now I’m very impressed ok looks to be love plenty of spots you don’t check what’s up you have to possibly additionally talk despite carry out you boys having a look bears out what’s the fine come by collectively to head to I are making an try to hear some hip-hop this swish here ok ok Oh sugar club oh wow I didn’t even take a study this boys it’s love Vegas over here swish you saunter alright subsequent man I’m gonna retain walking round ok guys you’re gonna reset it I had a bleep among the stuff you were announcing ok either scheme he’s having a valid time ok here’s one more space guys love here’s a most widespread map for guys to head straight I’m making an try to come by it for you guys bunch of fellows let’s cling it out and a combination of boarders cling it up it’s form of attend in there guys man I gotta verbalize this residence is true ridiculously feels greater now not greater [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I assume the fine ask for me shall be one time I change into once what to head to each merely hit my club that shall be the 12-hour saunter for track Oh hip-hop admire first and then perchance despite the girls folks you guys know me better yes don’t desire it retain it and easy ok plenty of work for mine swish sooner than we strive to soar into the rest tremendous but I verbalize this how about we carry out carry out this how about we strive to search out a heart deep the rabbit hole goes here and then from that point on will this pick out something it doesn’t accept as true with sense to carry out the total lot in one evening most most doubtless we could carry out something on a a form of evening swish thumbs up it’s a Sunday in any case but this residence is packed I under no circumstances conception I could possibly check a crowd love this along with em Patea I stand corrected look guys here’s a cold bar swish here indubitably take a study all these guys here inserting out you bought a cold space it’s somebody for a beer draft it looks to be love it that’s now not a scandalous deal true wanna know that is admittedly at 11 o’clock nearly 12: 00 and the McDonald’s remains to be launch yeah we already passed the Burger King over there it looks to be love here is admittedly the beginning or reckoning on what map you come from but here is the opposite cease of the Strolling Twin carriageway here in Patong Phuket and shapely noteworthy that is Patong Seaside swish there I’m assuming here is my first time here but there is nothing after this it Twin carriageway swish here but that must be the beach so here is possibly your entrance from the beach map and then it late and leaves you the total scheme down that scheme man we indubitably duvet some ground tonight that’s colossal dumb so I could possibly raise that this shall be your beach side road shapely noteworthy guys it’s a tall disagreement in contrast to the beach side road in Patea I’m sorry if I retain making an try to compare the 2 I true can’t abet it but yeah here is your Seaside Twin carriageway map I don’t know in the occasion you have to possibly additionally swim in this water neither but I do know in patias water you’re now not at your vibes now not to swim in that water thanks to the air pollution but yeah man Wow this could additionally very neatly be thumbnail swish so swish now I love this better than patio since it appears love I accept as true with an possibility so a ways as we linking up or assembly fresh folk here displaying so it’s a tremendous combination between Thai girls folks and additionally foreigners which shall be here as neatly and I take to combine it up again here’s a dope space a valid time man here Patong Seaside poo tech Thailand ok so at the least ok let’s carry out it [Music] so guys I’m indubitably operating a club and it’s love an hour and a half of perchance two up fourth remaining reported now not decrease than our scheme to accept as true with shapely noteworthy safety summaries love yogurt at all goodbye banana divas be valid folk having a valid time folk weren’t scared of dance I dance with a few ladies folks oh man they were valid they were in valid spirits couple born as a pair native yeah it change into once it change into once yeah verbalize residence is a valid residence to head I tried it it change into once dope huge energy valid track it wasn’t all hip-hop come up it change into once some pop track as you have to possibly additionally check the evening is progressing in folk are displaying up [Music] come by collectively has true started and I could additionally want to lift myself attend up in there although I’m indignant couple more days sooner than the come by collectively which is on December 11 I’m gonna retain you in the loop for that at the least guys thanks for staring at [Music]

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