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Pattaya Walking Street – November 2016

Pattaya Walking Street, Thailand – November 2016

A walk around at Walking Street, Pattaya on a night in November 2016. This video starts with a preview of an upcoming Vlog for a change…

Notable parts of this video are:

0:04 Upcoming Pattaya Vlog Preview
2:37 Soi 8, catching a 10 baht bus ride along beach road to Walking Street
3:05 Start of Walking Street
5:26 Rock Street Live music bar
5:47 Skyfall Agogo
7:08 Simon Beer bar complex
7:49 V20 Ice bar
8:48 Moon Club
9:33 Palace Agogo
10:18 Crazy House Agogo Pattaya
10:53 Soi BJ entrance lacking establishments
11:54 The newly opened ‘Pheromone’ Agogo bar
12:39 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality games
13:57 End credits pole dancer from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong

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Additional notes:

The start of the video is a preview of an upcoming vlog. I was staying at the Red Planet hotel and had a few beers on Soi 6, 7 and 8 before heading to Walking Street.

Walking Street Live music venues now enclosed.

Now many of the live music bars on Walking street have glass windows instead of being totally open like before. This is in part due to the toning down of the music due to the October passing of Thailand’s king. It’s not as loud now and these live music bars being more closed than before are not as inviting to enter (I didn’t stop by one at all for a drink on this visit).

Uncertain times, empty Walking Street establishments.

With the upcoming high season (December – February) normally every inch of Walking Street is already geared up and ready to go. Not so this year, with a few prime locations still sitting empty. Possibly due to uncertainty for the future and rumours of a massive redevelopment of the entire beach side of Walking Street.

Skyfall gogo bar

Still the most attractive facade of any Pattaya bar in my opinion, and with around 100 attractive ladies inside on any given night it’s no wonder why this bar is doing well. Drinks were up to 160 baht for a whiskey and coke when I visited and it was always hard to get a good seat. Skyfall is a must visit if only to nurse a drink and perv at all the eye candy 😉

Palace Agogo

Almost every night they have balloons outside giving notice of a themed party. One night it was sexy maids, another it was naughty nurses. It is an excellent bar to visit and their lineup is always above average for the area. One of the best things about Palace Agogo is it’s bright inside, and the tables are close to the stage so you get a very good view from almost every seat.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality games

These are popular but I’ve never seen anyone as terrified as the girl screaming just after the Linda ladyboy bar. The girl later on was much more cool but unfortunately I couldn’t linger as I had to beat the midnight happy hour at Insomnia on this night.

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