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Pattaya Walking Street – July 2018

Pattaya Walking Street – July 2018

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A video of a stroll up Walking Street, Pattaya. I arrived around 11pm and had a look at some of the many changes of bars from the last few months…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Start of Walking Street
0:51 Tourist Police checkpoint
1:55 Taboo bar
2:31 Skyfall bar
2:58 Rock Street live music bar
3:28 Bliss Agogo
4:13 Mandarin Agogo
4:52 Panda Agogo (new)
5:17 Simon Beer bar complex
5:44 Girl from Miami Club with impossibly tight shorts
6:35 Stars Club (new)
6:57 Fahrenheit Agogo
8:05 Iron Club
9:37 Eden Agogo (new)
11:11 Nui’s Club 2 & Glass House Agogo
12:57 Lucifer Disco and Muzzik cafe
13:20 Palace Agogo
13:47 Atlantis Agogo (new)
14:35 Tantra Agogo
15:39 Bypass Agogo – girls trying to snag some overpaying Asian customers
17:28 Baccara Agogo
19:22 Galaxy Gentleman’s club & Pier Disco
20:10 LB freelancers
23:03 Living Dolls Agogo
23:28 ‘Lady in Red’ 🙂
23:53 African freelancer bar
24:51 ibar and insomnia, the most popular freelancer clubs in Pattaya
25:06 Hot Tuna rock bar & a nice Gary Moore cover
26:01 Outro

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Outro song
Termite Infested White Picket Fence – Tomove

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