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Pattaya Walking Boulevard ★ Loy Krathong + Fireworks 🇹🇭

The Loy Krathong competition is famed yearly staunch by diagram of Thailand and Laos, on the full moon of the twelfth month of the Thai lunar calendar. This assuredly falls in the month of November.

It involves the making of floating baskets from the bark of a banana tree, embellished with vegetation, incense and candles, which may possibly possibly be then floated onto a river, pond or the ocean. A coin is gradually incorporated as an offering to the water spirits.

Loy Krathong coincides with the Yi Peng competition, the put sky lanterns, or khom loi, made of rice paper and bamboo and lit and sent into the sky. In contemporary years the federal government has cracked down on using the lanterns attributable to fireplace hazard and the hazard to passing airplane, though the notice is restful overall staunch by diagram of Thailand.

On Walking Boulevard, to boot to the the relaxation of Pattaya, of us dress in frail apparel to possess a great time the night, to boot to adorning their homes, gardens, temples and locations of work.

Pattaya Walking Boulevard ★ Loy Krathong + Fireworks – https://youtu.be/I1KI9ltwWzY

Pattaya Walking Boulevard ★ Halloween 2015 – https://youtu.be/2MSZ5cdpaNc

Pattaya Walking Boulevard ★ 2015 – https://youtu.be/O_Otp0z4b_Q


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