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Pattaya & Thailand’s HEADLINE NEWS from Tremendous 103fm (11 November 2022)

The warning is out that a British nostril is being efficiently broken-down at Thai airports to sniff out unlawful goods in luggage. The beagle, first and essential a hunting canines, however with the ideal sense of smell among canines is in traditional exercise and THIS WEEK chanced on SMOKED BATS being smuggled into Thailand from China. Alongside with smoked ham, the bats were held and the bags owner changed into being sought. Beagles now are given fleshy reign of bags sorting areas and like resulted in loads of arrests.

A drunken American on a flight from BKK to Singapore changed into nabbed on arrival there after behaving in an unruly manner. The entitled youth had been denied more alcohol throughout his meal and later stood traumatic water from airline workers, swearing and berating them. The scruffy depraved brat form, bleached blonde and attempting more fancy a Kevin and Perry form than an grownup changed into given his water, after calling workers idiots and dangerous to push them over, upright earlier than Singaporean police boarded and arrested him.

Warrants had been issued for 2 Non-Thais all for a national Ponzi draw inspiring International substitute. A Hungarian and a Singaporean, along with over a dozen Thais are on the mandatory list after being named in statements given by others, now in custody.

The daughter of exiled extinct PM Shinawatra has told the media she is with minute one BUT will continue to work internal opposition birthday celebration Pheu Thai and, she claims, will kind a dent on the least in the following commonplace election early subsequent three hundred and sixty five days.

A lobby community of medical examiners and politicians has petitioned the courts for a ban on the utilization of Marijuana right here for all however medical exercise. With unruffled no new licensed pointers in space to reasonable or adjust consumption, because the weed changed into removed from the list of unlawful substances.

A 32 three hundred and sixty five days faded has filed charges in opposition to her extinct employers who, she claims , compelled her into loads of nights of triple nocturnal adventures in substitute for writing off a debt SHE constructed up along with her FEMALE employer, with whom she had had an affair. Half 1,000,000 is the said loan quantity, however in accordance to her assertion, when the girl’s husband chanced on out, he threatened her with appropriate action UNLESS she duly executed as required. She had on the foundation succumbed to their wishes however later tried to leave simplest to be threatened once more. There would possibly maybe seemingly furthermore very neatly be plenty more to this claim, however it completely’s no doubt grabbing media consideration.

Thailand’s banking machine is to explain maximum time limits for online outages affecting online banking and cellular phone apps issued by excessive avenue banks right here. As neatly as to inflicting delays in payments, possibilities are left pissed off and embarrassed when looking out for to pay in stores, simplest to fail as a result of SYSTEM OUTAGES.

Amid new arrivals from Russia, one who WON’T be stepping off a plane right here is comrade Putin. On the commence promising to aid the APEC summit subsequent week, he has pulled out of the assembly and been replaced by a subordinate. Most by no draw expected him to leave his beleaguered explain, as he micro manages the dwindling invasion of Ukraine however, as reported, on the foundation his office HAD licensed the invitation.

Or not it’s now been clarified that the gold shop thief, who netted over 1,000,000 baht of the yellow stuff is NOT a foreigner however a Thai, this as CCTV is being analysed by police following the armed holdup of a gold shop on the Gigantic C mall on the Sukhumvit. He flashed a fragment of paper at workers traumatic their wares, they were shocked, so he cleared two trays of gold earlier than fleeing the scene. He has already been noticed on tape dumping all however the indispensable stuff, along with an air pistol and clothing which, no query, will offer DNA as evidence.

Police are investigating claims that a gang of local unruly younger americans attempted to pressure their draw real into a closing nightclub on Walking Avenue this week. Said to love spat at security guards earlier than a fight broke out, seeing 4 workers injured. CCTV from the avenue is snatch to seem at them arrested over the weekend.

For your video entertainment we’ve got added an interview with local barkeeper Phil EGG Ross this week, discussing the return to semi-normality right here after the covid technology. And by the weekend, a second with Gloria Jones, journal owner, and native industry woman. Successfully price a listen as every focus on about the manner forward for industry right here.

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  • November 11, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    I changed into there these dogs can’t score shit thank god 😂

  • November 11, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    I hope the unruly passenger changed into prosecuted to the plump extent conceivable. And averted from coming into Thailand or shall be promptly expelled. Entitled brats from The USA or in other locations aren't wanted, any place. I do know loads of locations where that idiot would have ended up with an excellent deserved bootprint on his face.

  • November 11, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    Smoked Bats? Now to no longer disparage Our pleasing Beagle nonetheless I will scent smoked bats interior any pack or suitcase. They’ve that crawl smoked bat scent. Very nutritious. Up to now as the rowdy American , as a fellow American I’m extremely inclined to put in force/counsel simply conduct on him. If He changed into no longer American , I will also also counsel/put in force. If He is in his absorb Country , I will intervene at closing resort. I have some simply tales from loads of foreign lands. I’m no longer supreme nonetheless My father taught Me the which methodology of humility. Big Knowledge channel…

  • November 12, 2022 at 3:31 am

    wearing these face masks are a excuse for these shame plump criminals to conceal on the help of!

  • November 12, 2022 at 8:41 am

    How great are the large Pharma firms paying these twats to keep in touch out against pot?

  • November 12, 2022 at 9:47 am

    I’m stunned the vulgar American wasn’t wearing a crimson MAGA hat.

  • November 18, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    :04 how a pair of ban on that substance that’s giving other folks blood clots and heart assaults…


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