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Pattaya Thailand – She stated: You are dilapidated but comely – Vlog 60

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Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Thailand, this video parts comic reports and avenue scenes from these cities.

0: 00 Droll yarn: A foreigner living in Thailand is talking to his Thai lady friend about a gift for her
1: 23 Droll yarn: A retired man in Pattaya and his Thai lady friend are discussing Thai drinks
2: 29 Pattaya avenue scenes
3: 38 Gentle girl is tranquil in switch
4: 01 Pattaya currently
5: 14 Thai girl getting money at the ATM
5: 49 Pattaya currently
6: 43 To every his have
7: 31 Walking around Pattaya
8: 12 A elated couple having breakfast within the cafe
8: 55 Pattaya seaside
9: 41 Droll yarn: A thai girl asking her international boyfriend what he can attain for her
11: 09 Thai therapeutic massage girls smiling at the digicam
12: 04 Thai girls attempting to build up avenue food
12: 31 Selfie on the seaside avenue
14: 20 Moto taxi in Pattaya
15: 40 Jubilant couples in Pattaya
16: 29 Vacationers are elated in Pattaya
17: 26 Pattaya seaside strolling
17: 54 Droll yarn: A thai girl tantalizing her foriegn boyfriend to shuttle to Phuket
19: 47 Pattaya avenue food
20: 48 Thai girl drinking juice thru a straw
21: 33 Boulevard distributors in Pattaya
22: 46 Thai girls strolling down Pattaya streets
23: 53 Vacationers strolling thru seaside avenue
24: 47 Pattaya streets are consistently sparkling
26: 11 Droll yarn: A vacationer travelling to Thailand is talking to his Thai lady friend about outing to Thailand islands
28: 11 Pattaya Thailand, a lof of elated couples
29: 42 7-Eleven Thailand
31: 13 Pattaya therapeutic massage retail outlets are open
32: 48 What avenue in Pattaya is extra healthy?
34: 18 Thai girls having dinner within the restaurant
35: 49 The establish to exhaust in Pattaya?
36: 24 Thai girls drinking Thai avenue food
37: 29 Thai girls selling Thai desserts
38: 08 Pattaya avenue grocery store
39: 10 Walking around Pattaya streets
40: 16 Pattaya baht bus

Right here’s the Thailand shuttle vlog 60, most modern edited in 2022

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4 thoughts on “Pattaya Thailand – She stated: You are dilapidated but comely – Vlog 60

  • October 14, 2022 at 1:03 am

    Painfully unfunny. Stalking folk love this ought to be criminalised.You would possibly well well furthermore be enthusiastic to create our that every person Thais are prostitutes. The most important lady isn't even Thai – she's Korean and they're married – nonetheless you're such a money grubbing weasel exiguous particulars love that don't topic gorgeous ?


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